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Two Down

Two Down: A New Crossword Mystery with Puzzles Included by Nero Blanc
In this brain-teasing follow-up to the smash-hit debut, **The Crossword Murder**, P.I. Rosco Polycrates returns to discover that–up, down, or across–S.O.S. spells danger…
When a famous Hollywood actress and her friend set sail off the coast of Nantucket Island–and never return, it sounds like foul play to P.I. Rosco Polycrates and his paramour/crossword editor Belle Graham. They are sharpening their pencils and their minds to solve this case. But the truth is not so easily spelled out, and it will take all their sleuthing skills to fill in the missing blanks.
Praise for **Nero Blanc’s The Crossword Murder**:
“A puzzle lover’s delight…a touch of suspense, a pinch of romance, and a whole lot of clever word clues…sure to appeal to crossword addicts and cozy lovers alike. What’s a three-letter word for this book? F-U-N.” –**Earlene Fowler**
“Evoe! At last puzzle fans have their revenge…super sleuthing and solving for puzzle lovers and mystery fans.” –**Charles Preston**, Puzzle Editor, **USA Today**
“Adroit word play and high society intrigueEan enjoyable, complex solution and likable protagonists…Clever.” –**Publishers Weekly**

Death on the Diagonal

“Belle’s P.I. hubby Rosco is investigating the fire of the insurance company. The blaze is being blamed on the barn manager, a hard drinker who was sober enough to rescue the horses before falling debris – or something else – knocked him into a coma. And as Rosco searches for a needle in a haystack of clues, Belle is guessing that someone in the quarrelsome Collin’s clan already knows the answers.”–BOOK JACKET.