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The Deal

Stuck in a dream from which he cannot wake, Adrian Ward has to learn to live with the fact that he made a deal with the Devil. Sure, he did it with good intentions and saved his dying father. But his intentions mean very little on the face of killing an innocent girl. The Devil doesn’t ask; he simply takes. And Adrian can do nothing but give.
A year into the nightmare and the girl Adrian is supposed to kill gives him the strength he needs to send the Devil to…well, to hell. Unfortunately, he won’t go down without a fight.
Eae Morningstar has been on Earth for thousands of years doing the job that was appointed to him on the day his brother got kicked out of Heaven: release souls from the Devil’s possession. But Eae cannot do his job properly without a human to help him. Such a human, one strong enough to break out of a deal with the Devil all by himself, is very hard to find.
Now, after a century of searching for a human helper and failing miserably, Eae’s fate might finally smile upon him.


They ask me what it’s like to live with the people I’ve hunted down for years, under one roof. They ask me if the guilt lets me sleep at night. They ask me how the hateful, fearful stares make me feel.
*Powerful* , is what I say, because I know no other way of being. And I might be breaking on the inside, but I will never let them see.
My family is with me. I vowed to protect them and all the other innocent beings from the Council’s wrath. Now, I need to do whatever it takes to succeed, even if it means being a villain for the rest of my life.


Four years ago, I was just an ordinary teenager living an ordinary life. Until someone hid a secret in my mind without my knowledge. And the people who weren’t supposed to, found out…
Today, I am the best assassin the supernatural world has ever seen.
In a world where people turn into animals at will and others levitate things with their minds, it sucks to not have any magic in your veins. But I didn’t need magic to be a fighter. I didn’t need to float shit on air to learn how to use a dagger. I did the best I could with what I had, and I’m damn good at it, too.
When I finally made it inside the lair of the Red Rebels themselves—supernaturals I fought against every single day—the white lies that knitted my reality for so long began to untie.
My whole world is about to fall apart all over again, and I’m as ready for it as I was the first time…


* If hatred was water, all land would drown in mine.*
When my King allows me to go to land to retrieve our stolen treasure, I think I’m as ready as it gets. I know enough about humans. I know enough about land. I hate both with a passion.
But nothing could have prepared me for what the outside world has in store for me, and I’m not even talking about having those weird, abnormal body parts called legs. Humans are not the same creatures I learned about all my life. Land isn’t anything like I thought it would be. Even my dreams are no longer my own.
We call ourselves Mere but you might know us as mermaids. Our one sacred rule is pretty simple: never reveal our existence to the human world. Not that hard a rule to follow, but someone must have thought so because our secret, as it turns out, is no secret among humans. Something big is brewing, and I somehow find myself in the middle of it all.
And the worst part? I am not half the Mere I always thought I was.

Storm Witch

My name is Scarlet Jones, and I’m a witch…of *some* kind. Probably.
I grew up in a family full of strong Blood witches, in which my strange magic never belonged. I thought I was the only one of my kind out there, a true freak of nature, and I liked it that way. I lived on my own, learning to hunt these creatures nobody seemed to know anything about, a bunch of mindless thingies who were in the habit of sucking my magic dry wherever they found me. I even set up a party for them, just so I could teach them some manners.
But my plan went to hell when four strangers crashed the party, people who apparently were like me. Just like that, I no longer felt like a special little flower. With four unconscious bodies at my feet and no idea what was going on, I thought that was the worst it was going to get. Boy, was I wrong…
The rest of my life is only just beginning, and by the looks of it, it is **not** going to be a smooth ride.
**Disclaimer* This series takes place in the same world as the Winter Wayne and Victoria Brigham series, now completed:* **
***Winter Wayne Series:***
*Bone Witch*
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***Scarlet Jones Series:***
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***Victoria Brigham Series:***
Wolf Witch
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Wolf Unleashed
Wolf’s Rise
*Each of these series stands alone, but if you’re looking to follow the exact timeline of events, you can begin with Winter Wayne.*

Storm Secrets

**Who would have thought that I, Scarlet Jones, the first ever Storm witch of the world, would one day work for *the* ECU?
I sure as hell didn’t, but here we are. **
When Jane Dunham came to the monastery to look for her sister Elisa, she had a parting gift for us: a horde of demons who came into our home and killed without mercy. It put an end to our illusion of safety pretty quickly.
On that same night, my father came to see me. I was ready to start running on all fours from him, but then he offered me a deal: If I agreed to work with the ECU and help them hunt and kill demons, they were going to give me what I wanted the most: they would set my people free. A no-brainer. I said yes.
Before I knew it, I had an office, a team of five, a Captain I’d officially named “Asshole”, and unlimited resources to hunt down demons, while the rest of the Storm witches were finally free to live as they deserved.
The dream life, right?
Could have been, but mistakes of the past always find a way to come back and bite you in the ass. Mine are about to cost me much more than I could have ever imagined.
And this is just the beginning of my troubles…

Storm Power

Continue to read Scarlet’s story to find out what happens next!
The demons are after us. The ECU is after us. What are the odds that we’ll ever stop them from hunting us down?
Very low.
Good thing I’m all up for impossible challenges.
When the demons came into the ECU’s “research” facility where we were being held prisoner, the strange dragon attached to my hand came to life, giving me a way to end those suckers for good. We might have made it out alive, but a lot of witches like us didn’t. Instead, they were kidnapped by the demons.
We can sugar-coat it all day long, but we all know it was my fault. I brought those demons to the facility. Now, I have to set the people they took free.
With a Hedge witch by my side, whose name is on the ECU’s most-wanted list right under mine, I plan to claw my way through those demons until every last one of them is dead, and until the ECU stops trying to wipe us off the face of the earth.
It’s time the whole world knew that we’re the new witches in town, and we’re here to stay.
Another good thing is that pretty much nothing went as planned, or this story would have been boring as hell.

Storm Legacy

**There is a Spellmaker. He’s alive and in hiding.
And we’re going to find him.**
The Carnival of Light didn’t exactly go the way the ECU had imagined. We ended up putting the best show in the world for them, right in front of everyone.
Hiding away in an abandoned monastery while all our enemies knew where we were sounded much better as an *idea*. Now that we were actually living there, all Storm witches who’d come to meet us at the Carnival, it was a whole other story. We’d gotten every person on the ECU hit-list under one roof, and we had no means to protect them. Yet.
Finding the Spellmaker kid is our top priority. Without spells, we don’t have much hope to make our place in the world. But finding him isn’t going to be easy, not while hiding from the demons, the ECU, and a brand new enemy who–surprise, surprise!–wants the dragon attached to my hand.
But we’re a determined bunch. One way or another, we’re going to find the Spellmaker. I’m just not sure if we’re ready for what we find when we get there.
Once again, this journey of us, of Storm witches against an entire world, shows me that nothing, absolutely *nothing* is ever what it seems…


**Nothing is what it seems…not even me. **

Preparing for war, especially against supernaturals like those of the Council, means getting your hands dirty, *if *you want to win. Everybody knows that I am no stranger to games and deception. I’m not afraid to lie, or cheat, or manipulate. Unfortunately, as days pass and deep, dark secrets come to light, I’m realising that my best just might not be enough.

Giving up is not an option. That means that I’m going to have to sin heavier than ever…


*Power makes you blind,* they say. What a load of bullshit. Power didn’t make me blind. It turned me into a monster.
Well, it turned me into a *bigger* monster.
Samayan, head of the Council supernaturals, asshole extraordinaire, has made it his life’s mission to show me just how strong he has become. I’d lie if I say I’m not scared. And when the one thing that could help me defeat him disappears right from under my nose, I feel like a complete failure.
Running away from problems only to fall right into bigger ones is just the beginning. I’ll either die a murderer, or live long enough to be a savior by the time all of this is over.

Nova Unchained

Excerpt from **Luke & Nova Vs. The World**
*Dear Diary,
We were one hour away from fulfilling our fifteen-year-old dream. One hour.
But then, they came. They killed. They took a part of my soul prisoner by putting Luke into a coma.
Remember how, every time one of us gets in trouble with The World, the other comes to the rescue?
Well, this time, Luke isn’t going to be there to fend off the bullies and the psychos who think my body is theirs to take. This time, Luke isn’t going to be there to wrap his arms around me while his father – my uncle – beats us bloody. This time, Luke isn’t going to be there… period.
For the first time in my life, I’m going to be alone. I’m going to have to fight against The World all by myself.
But mark my words, dear diary: I’m going to win.
– Nova Vaughn*
I used to be just a Mississippi girl with a dream bigger than the universe. I had no idea about the dangerous creatures that lurk in the darkest corners of the streets, until I come face to face with one.
When my cousin Luke gets poisoned by a demonic vampire and falls into a coma, the Senior Order of Magic gives me a chance to both avenge him, and bring him back. I don’t think twice. I take it.
But I had no idea that I’d have to sell my soul and become something else in order to save Luke.
And when I do, something tells me that it’s going to be too late to save myself.

Bone Witch

My name is Winter Wayne, and I’m a Bone witch – minus the magic.
I used to work in the only place in Manhattan that had use for a witch with very little magic – like me – until my boss kicked me out over a job gone bad (not my fault, I swear). Pure boredom and the lack of company got to my head fast. I was so desperate, I took a delivery job from a complete stranger. It was supposed to be an easy job, clean and simple. It was anything but.
Now, there’s a price on my head, and my own coworkers are hunting me down. My mad fighting skills alone aren’t going to be enough to keep me alive. Looks like the time has come to dig out my mother’s bones and complete the ritual that will finally ignite the magic in my bones – if I even make it that far.
She never wanted me to be part of the paranormal world, but she made sure I was prepared for it anyway. I’m finally about to find out why.

Bone Spell

**What do you do when the villain in your story just *won’t stay dead*? Better yet, what if you’re the only one who can see her for who she truly is?**
I was ready for life to settle down for a while after the end of the war that Galladar-the-fairy brought to Earth. Unfortunately, destiny had other plans in store for me. 
When a ten-year-old boy pops up in the backseat of my car and tells me he *saw* himself coming to me in a vision, things slowly begin to go to hell. Everybody wants him and nobody knows why. As if that wasn’t enough, my sworn enemy, the Hedge witch Jane Dunham, will stop at nothing to get the kid, and she wants to *destroy my entire world from the inside out* while at it–her words, not mine. 
And she’s found the perfect way to do it.
I never knew much about my father, aside from what my mother told me. I never cared to ask, either, until that Hedge witch got the idea into my head. Now, there’s no stopping old secrets from coming out, and when they do, killing Jane Dunham isn’t going to be the hardest thing I’ll have to deal with.
But when everything is said and done, who knows? Maybe I’ll finally get my rooftop date with Julian Walker.

Bone Prison

**I made a deal with the devil. Turns out, my soul wasn’t the only thing she was after. **
Jane Dunham promised me she was going to help me find my father in the magical prison my grandparents put him in. In return, I let her live.
Now, as I chase after her, I have to continue to lie to the people that matter the most to me. When I do find her, I’m not the only one, and the fairy with a voice that makes imaginary spiders crawl up my skin makes me do something even worse than selling my soul.
Stuck with my sworn enemy in one head, finding my father is no longer an issue. What comes after might just make me regret having let Jane live.
But by then, as is the case with most bad decisions, it will be too late…

Bone Magic

**I thought I’d never see Julian Walker again.
*Never* came much sooner than I expected. **
After killing the Hedge witches that wreaked havoc among covens for decades, I thought people were finally going to learn how to see past the physical. I thought they’d begin to trust me. I was wrong.
I didn’t expect things to go from bad to worse so fast, until I found Julian Walker on the floor of my office, barely even breathing.
He tells me he needs me. He tells me that I’m the only one who can stop the fairy who had destroyed the fairy realm and its Courts. Who’d killed thousands of innocent people. Who was going to come to Earth next.
Going back to the fairy realm was not something I ever thought I’d do again, but I’d been wrong about a lot of things before. And as it turns out, I’m willing to put my life on the line easily for the man that owns my heart.
Besides, I always wanted to see what a *real dragon* looks like.

Bone Fairy

**Caught between a death sentence at home, and a threat of war made by my own father in the fairy realm, the future isn’t looking very good for me.**
Being accused of treason against the paranormal community on Earth, and getting dragged out of my apartment by ECU soldiers was nothing short of what I deserved. It’s why I let them have their way with me, until five masked witches manage to kidnapped me right in front of the soldiers.
They claim I stole a dragon weapon from them together with Jane Dunham, and now they want me to find it. In return, they’ll offer me a trial with the ECU, a chance to clear my name and get rid of the death sentence looming over me like an angry cloud. It was all I could have asked for, and I was mere *hours* from getting my freedom back, when the commander of the Unseelie army comes to find me with some very bad news.
Now, I have a choice to make: save myself, or try to stop my father from killing half the Court and ruining the peace treaty with Earth.
There’s a reason why I decided to star working on my own when Finn fired me from his Agency. Somehow, along the way, I forgot all about it, but the time has come to remember who I want to spend the rest of my life fighting for.