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All the Way

Stubborn food critic Miranda Storme has reached her limit with infuriating restaurateur Gavin Luciano. Nicknaming her Red was just the tip of the iceberg—and not because her pulse races every time he uses it. She’d rather poke her eye out with a fork than let him know he affects her. Now he’s trying to charm a good review out of her? Last. Straw. Gavin can have any woman he wants, but he only wants Red. The problem? He’s spent a good amount of time convincing her he’s a horse’s ass. Her words. Risking upsetting the feisty critic further could ruin his family’s business, but sometimes, when you know you’ve met your match, there’s nothing left to do but play dirty and go all the way…

All the Gates of Hell

“Legal Assistant Jin Lee Hannigan thought she had problems enough as a single woman in rundown Medias, Mississippi. That was before Jin meets a homeless man on Pepper Street who just happens to be the King of Hell, and learns that she’s really the mortal incarnation of Guan Shi Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy, charged with the rescue of unfortunates trapped in the various — and nasty — hells scattered around the cosmos. That doesn’t even turn out to be her biggest problem. It seems that the Goddess of Mercy is on the run and in hiding, which is why she incarnated as a human in the first place. Hiding from what?
But why would anyone fear love? Jin already knows that love is powerful, but what she has to learn, and fast, is that the wrong kind of love is also potentially the most destructive force in all the universe and–even more important–how to stop it.”

Alien Sex Cove

WARNING: Adult, 18+ ONLY!
No sooner than her return to the gray’s ship, Sidney materializes on a planet. A trio of new species has contracted her for sex and breeding. As events unfold, Sidney finds she may be at an advantage when the gray’s ship is attacked.
Will Sidney die or will she escape to finally find peace? Find out in the final installment of the Sex Slave Series!

Age of Context

Age of Context : Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy by Robert Scoble, Shel Israel
In 2006, co-authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel wrote Naked Conversations, a book that persuaded businesses to embrace what we now call social media. Six years later they have teamed up again to report that social media is but one of five converging forces that promise to change virtually every aspect of our lives.
You know these other forces already: mobile, data, sensors and location-based technology. Combined with social media they form a new generation of personalized technology that knows us better than our closest friends. Armed with that knowledge our personal devices can anticipate what we’ll need next and serve us better than a butler or an executive assistant.
The resulting convergent superforce is so powerful that it is ushering in a era the authors call the Age of Context. In this new era, our devices know when to wake us up early because it snowed last night; they contact the people we are supposed to meet with to warn them we’re running late. They even find content worth watching on television. They also promise to cure cancer and make it harder for terrorists to do their damage. Astoundingly, in the coming age you may only receive ads you want to see.
Scoble and Israel have spent more than a year researching this book. They report what they have learned from interviewing more than a hundred pioneers of the new technology and by examining hundreds of contextual products.
What does it all mean? How will it change society in the future? The authors are unabashed tech enthusiasts, but as they write, an elephant sits in the living room of our book and it is called privacy.
We are entering a time when our technology serves us best because it watches us; collecting data on what we do, who we speak with, what we look at. There is no doubt about it: Big Data is watching you.
The time to lament the loss of privacy is over. The authors argue that the time is right to demand options that enable people to reclaim some portions of that privacy.

Agave Kiss

*Chance was gone; he’d sacrificed himself so Shannon and I could escape Sheol. But we’d succeeded in raising him on Shan’s spirit radio, which meant his soul wasn’t wholly destroyed by the demon gate…*
Once Corine Solomon only had the touch—the ability to read an object’s past by handling it. Then she inherited her mother’s magick, and that ended up being a hell of a burden. But if Corine can wrestle a demon queen and win, she can bring back her lover Chance after he’s made the ultimate sacrifice. Can’t she? All Corine knows is that she can’t leave Chance behind if there’s anything she can do about it.
But the clock is ticking—and she still has to deal with debt-collecting demons and a maniacal archangel who’s running a recruitment drive. The stakes have never been so high…and this time it’s truly Corine’s last chance to save the love of her life.


Per via del suo lavoro di risvegliante, Anita Blake ha spesso a che fare, con i non-morti e sa benissimo che non sono affatto come gli zombie che si vedono al cinema… almeno non lo sono mai stati. Dalla telefonata che Micah riceve dalla madre, sembra invece che in Colorado sia improvvisamente comparsa un’orda di creature assetate di sangue, che trasformano tutti coloro che mordono in mostri simili a loro, compreso il padre di Micah. Determinata a fermare l’epidemia e a salvare mr Callahan, la sterminatrice si precipita sul posto. Ma le bastano pochi giorni per rendersi conto che questi zombie sono molto più pericolosi di quanto pensasse. Incredibilmente veloci e forti come vampiri, non temono nulla, né il fuoco né la luce del giorno. Eppure Anita deve trovare un modo per fermarli, prima che annientino le persone che ama…

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers

Since Lightroom 1.0 first launched, Scott’s Kelby’s *The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Book for Digital Photographers*has been the world’s #1 best-selling Lightroom book (it has been translated into a dozen different languages), and in this latest version for Lightroom 5, Scott uses his same award-winning, step-by-step, plain-English style and layout to make learning Lightroom easy and fun.
Scott doesn’t just show you which sliders do what (every Lightroom book will do that). Instead, by using the following three simple, yet brilliant, techniques that make it just an incredible learning tool, this book shows you how to create your own photography workflow using Lightroom:
* Throughout the book, Scott shares his own personal settings and studiotested techniques. Each year he trains thousands of Lightroom users at his live seminars and through that he’s learned what really works, what doesn’t, and he tells you flat out which techniques work best, which to avoid, and why.
* The entire book is laid out in a real workflow order with everything step by step, so you can begin using Lightroom like a pro from the start.
* What really sets this book apart is the last chapter. This is where Scott dramatically answers his #1 most-asked Lightroom question, which is: “Exactly what order am I supposed to do things in, and where does Photoshop fit in?” You’ll see Scott’s entire start-to-finish Lightroom 5 workflow and learn how to incorporate it into your own workflow.
* Plus, this book includes a downloadable collection of some of the hottest Lightroom Develop module presets to give you a bunch of amazing effects with just one click!
Scott knows first-hand the challenges today’s digital photographers are facing, and what they want to learn next to make their workflow faster, easier, and more fun. He has incorporated all of that into this major update for Lightroom 5.
It’s the first and only book to bring the whole process together in such a clear, concise, and visual way. Plus, the book includes a special chapter on integrating Adobe Photoshop seamlessly right into your workflow, and you’ll also learn some of Scott’s latest Photoshop portrait retouching techniques and special effects, which take this book to a whole new level. There is no faster, more straight-to-the-point, or more fun way to learn Lightroom than with this groundbreaking book.

70 Top Green Smoothie Recipe Book

”70 Top Green Smoothie Recipe Book” is a text that gets right to the point. The reader gets to learn what smoothies are, the equipment required to make them as well as the best fruits and vegetables that can be used to make vegetables. The text of course also has some great smoothie recipes in the last set of chapters. The smoothie is becoming an increasingly popular drink of choice and as such many persons are a looking for great recipes that they can prepare in their own homes. Of course there are many stores available nowadays where one can get a smoothie of choice but nothing tastes better than a smoothie that is prepared at home. The ingredients are things that would normally be purchased and the equipment required is something that you would already have in the home. The aim that the author has is to let persons know a bit of information about smoothies and also to provide some great smoothie recipes as well.

(source: Bol.com)

21st Century Robot

When companies develop a new technology, do they ask how it might affect the people who will actually use it? That, more or less, sums up Brian David Johnson’s duties as Intel’s futurist-in-residence. In this fascinating book, Johnson provides a collection of science fiction prototyping stories that attempt to answer the question. These stories focus on the same theme: scientists and thinkers exploring personal robotics as a new form of artificial intelligence. This isn’t fanciful speculation. Johnson’s stories are based on Intel’s futurecasting research, which uses ethnographic field studies, technology research, trend data, and science fiction to develop a pragmatic vision of consumers and computing. Nebulous Mechanisms presents science fiction designed to bring about science fact. Get real insight into technology and the future with this book. It will open your eyes.
(source: Bol.com)

Zona prohibida

La Daia i la seva germana bessona, l’Inge, estan internes en una escola isolada al mig de les muntanyes amb un centenar de noies més sense tenir contacte amb cap adult. L’escola, totalment automatitzada i amb professors que no són reals sinó hologrames, oculta a les noies durant anys per procurar que siguin la primera generació d’humans que sobreviuen als efectes d’una gran pandèmia. Inesperadament, una catàstrofe natural inutilitza l’escola i obliga a les noies a marxar i buscar refugi seguint un missatge d’emergència comunicat per les màquines. És el moment d’enfrontar-se al món real, al món després de la pandèmia, on la violència és una forma de vida i res és el que sembla.

Vermell com la sang

La Lumikki Andersson té 17 anys, va a una escola d’art i no li agrada ficar-se en assumptes aliens. Però un dia troba a l’institut 500 euros de procedència dubtosa. Això la farà veure’s involucrada, sense desitjar-ho, en meitat d’una operació de bandes russes i estonianes de tràfic de drogues. Comença un joc de persecucions i fugides que acabarà portant-la a la mansió del llegendari criminal conegut com «Ós Polar». Tot, mentre la ciutat pateix l’hivern més fred en dècades. I res no brilla tan vermell contra la blanca neu como la sang…

Una veritat delicada

Al penyal de Gibraltar, la colònia britànica més preuada, té lloc una operació secreta de contraterrorisme amb el nom clau de Vida Salvatge. L’objectiu: capturar i segrestar un important comprador d’armes jihadista. Els responsables: un ambiciós ministre d’Afers Estrangers i un amic íntim seu que es dedica al negoci de la defensa privada. L’operació és tan confidencial que ni tan sols el Toby Bell, el flamant secretari privat del ministre, ha estat convidat a participar-hi. Quan sospita que aquella operació pot ser un desastre, el Toby intenta impedir-la, però immediatament el traslladen a una nova destinació. Tres anys després, Sir Christopher Probyn, un diplomàtic britànic jubilat, el convida a la seva atrotinada casa pairal de Cornualla, i allà el Toby, observat de prop per l’Emily, la filla de Sir Christopher, haurà d’escollir entre ser fidel a la seva consciència o trair el deure contret amb els Serveis Secrets. Ara bé, com pot continuar callat el Toby si l’única cosa que es necessita perquè el mal triomfi és que els homes íntegres no facin res?

Tot un caràcter

La Júlia Ares, una dona enèrgica, extremista i experta en la provocació verbal, té dues filles, una de les quals, la més petita, encara viu amb ella. Entre totes dues hi ha establert un joc d’amor i hostilitat a causa de l’aparent contraposició de dues personalitats ben diferents: casolana, tranquil·la i sempre a la defensiva, la filla;impetuosa, hiperactiva, segura de si mateixa, la mare. I tot i que la filla sempre ha considerat que no ha heretat en absolut l’exuberància, ni el carisma, ni la simpatia atroç de la seva mare, gairebé d’improvís comença a assemblar-s’hi de manera alarmant.

Temps de cendres

En ple Renaixement, en Joan i l’Anna regenten una llibreria que es converteix en el centre de les intrigues de Roma. L’establiment és un símbol del clan català dels Borgia, que governa la ciutat amb mà de ferro, i, per tant, un objectiu a destruir per part de les grans famílies romanes que ordeixen la caiguda del papa Alexandre VI i dels seus ambiciosos fills Joan, Cèsar i Lucrècia. En Joan i l’Anna són feliços malgrat les traïcions, els complots, els adulteris, les guerres i els assassinats que els envolten. Però en Joan de Borgia, un jove que no accepta negatives i en qui el seu pare, el papa, ha delegat tot el seu poder, s’encapritxa de l’Anna. A partir d’aquest moment en Joan i l’Anna s’hauran d’enfrontar, també, al poder dels seus protectors, els Borgia, per salvar el seu amor, la seva família i la seva dignitat. Aquest és l’inici d’una gesta que portarà el llibreter a lluitar al costat del Gran Capità per la conquesta de Nàpols, a convertir-se en frare per enderrocar Savonarola a Florència, a enfrontar-se a la Inquisició i a la pesta a Barcelona, a lluitar contra naus corsàries a la Mediterrània i a participar en les misèries, la glòria i la caiguda d’uns personatges fascinants i únics en la història: els Borgia.

Temps d’innocència

Amb la mirada d’una nena que descobreix el món, Carme Riera evoca l’univers de la seva infantesa, la Mallorca dels anys cinquanta i seixanta, a través de petits retalls de vida i família. Un recull d’estampes que ens conviden a conèixer el padrí Pau i la senyora àvia, la tia Celestina, la casa de Palma, els estius a sa Martineta, les olors del «colmado» de Can Rasca, el descobriment de la lectura, les oliveres màgiques que feien olives dolces o les relacions de la família amb Llorenç Villalonga, Camilo José Cela o Albert Camus. Un seguit d’històries i anècdotes amb què l’autora rememora escenes de quan era petita i que sovint han inspirat les seves novel·les, un recorregut íntim i nostàlgic que retrata una família de la burgesia mallorquina i recrea el paradís perdut de la infantesa, un món que ja no existeix.

Sota el garrofer

Antologia de poemes d’Enric Casasses, extrets de dotze poemaris de la seva trajectòria (de l’any 1992 al 2007). Pinzellades del geni d’aquest rapsode modern de qui la pàgina de la Biblioteca Virtual de Joan Lluís Vives, fa aquesta valoració: “és un dels més interessants innovadors de la creació poètica dels últims anys. Compta amb una producció molt heterogènia i extensa, en la qual ha sabut adaptar a les seues necessitats expressives, de manera original, influències literàries tan dispars com la poesia medieval i el vers lliure. Actualment es troba experimentant amb formes inventades”. Sempre amb el tret propi de l’oralitat, Enric Casasses és un gran coneixedor de les més variades tradicions: de la poesia trobadoresca a la poesia surrealista i el moviment dadà, del Renaixement i el Barroc a la cultura underground i la psicodèlia.