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Il cavaliere del Sole Nero

Le Creature del Buio avevano derubato il potere alla maga ma un adepto, un guerriero e un apprendista che l’amava, erano pronti a condurla fino nelle terre più remote e ostili di Erna per restituirglielo.

H.P. Lovecraft. Contro il mondo, contro la vita

Howard Phillips Lovecratt, il più grande autore di letteratura fantastica del Novecento, è l’oggetto e insieme il soggetto di questo testo scritto da Michel Houellebecq “come se si trattasse del mio primo romanzo”. Fondendo in un sapiente collage elementi biografici e analisi del testo, apparati critici e aneddotica, saggio e racconto, l’autore più trasgressivo del panorama letterario francese ha saputo offrire un tributo viscerale e appassionato all’autore che più ama, e soprattutto alla creatura più amata, quella “letteratura del sogno” di cui H.P. Lovecraft fu esponente a tutt’oggi insuperato.

Warlock and Son

**WHEN YOUR FATHER’S A HIGH-TECH WARLOCK, THERE’S ONLY ONE WAY TO GROW UP – THE HARD WAY.** Even the son of a warlock gets restless sometimes. And when Magnus sets off to see the world, his father, Rod Gallowglass, and the robot horse, Fess, can’t resist trailing behind. Someone’s got to protect young Magnus from spellbinding witches, enchanted maidens, and jealous husbands. But despite his dad’s best intentions, when Magnus is faced with the worst dangers and responsibilities of growing up, he’s on his own.

The Samurai Wizard

TERROR IN TOKYO! Tokyo, Japan, the twenty-third century: a thriving metropolis powered by a blend of technology and magic. But some inhuman entity is murdering women inthe Land of the Rising Sun, and Inspector Akiro Katayama, sorcerer agent in charge of crimes involving magic, has just one clue to work with–a dragon’s scale. Enlisting the aid of Japan’s greatest wizard and a streetwise homicide detective, Katayama tries desperately to solve the case–but he has no idea of the awesome power he is dealing with. The only ones who understand the threat are four people who have been chosen by an ancient spell to stop it… Wyrdrune, a bumbling young warlock; Kira, a beautiful cat burglar; Billy Slade, an English punk possessed by the spirit of Merlin; and the immortal Modred, son of the legendary King Arthur. Only they know the identity of the beautiful necromancer behind the killings–but can they stop her before she unleashes the most deadly spell of all?

The Rainbow Abyss

When Rhion the banker’s son met the Master Wizard Jaldis, Jaldis said, “Come.” Rhion came, leaving everything behind to answer the call in his blood. And through long years of drudgery and persecution, he had no regrets. Thus he became a wizard.
A noble burned out Jaldis’ eyes to please some god; Rhion made magic glasses so he could see. Together, they opened the dark well to the Abyss between universes, and a cry for help came from a world that had lost all magic. Could that happen to their world? Though forced to flee again, Jaldis was determined to reach that world through the Abyss, to help and to find how the magic was lost.
Rhion had nightmares over that. Jaldis was blind without magic. Rhion could not let him go alone. Yet the Abyss terrorized Rhion. Guided only by a voice without magic, they might land on the wrong world or drift forever in the hell of the void. And how could they ever return?
The idea made Rhion shudder to the depths of his soul. Yet he was sure that someday the nightmare must come true!

The Other Sinbad

First there was Sinbad the sailor, famous for his seven voyages, and for the lavish dinner parties he would hold upon his return, such feasts often lasting a month or more. Then there was Sinbad the porter, a man of humbler origins, with ambitions beyond his means and a yearning to be an accountant.
But Sinbad the sailor had financial problems which explains why he had to keep putting out to sea even though each experience was worse than the last. And he was never completely honest in his accounts of his adventures, omitting embarrassing incidents and ever-so-slightly exaggerating the importance of others. All of which, of course, would return to haunt him in later years.
Sinbad the porter’s ambitions served him in good stead when he set out on an eight and final voyage, attempting to correct the errors his namesake had caused in earlier journeys, not to mention restoring the sailor to his original size.
He would have thought twice if he had known he would encounter the dangerously greedy two-headed cyclops, the lecherous pirate queen of the apes, the valley of the talking figs, Sam Ifrit and his All-Genie Orchestra, not to mention the dread Izzat, the fabled form from which even the giant Rukh flies in fear, and the perplexing problem of He-Who-Must-Be-Ignored…

The Garden of Rama

In the year 2130 a mysterious spaceship, Rama, arrived in the solar system. It was huge – big enough to contain a city and a sea – and empty, apparently abandoned. By the time Rama departed for its next, unknown, destination many wonders had been uncovered, but few mysteries solved. Only one thing was clear: everything the enigmatic builders of Rama did, they did in threes. Eighty years later the second alien craft arrived in the solar system. This time, Earth had been waiting. But all the years of preparation were not enough to unlock the Raman enigma. Now Rama II is on its way out of the solar system. Aboard it are three humans, two men and a woman, left behind when the expedition departed. Ahead of them lies the unknown, a voyage no human has ever experienced. And at the end of it – and who could tell how many years away that might be? – may lie the truth about Rama…

Fuori registro

Tra tutti i ripetenti, l’insegnante è il più ripetente di tutti. Gli studenti, come sassi di una fionda, fanno un po’ di giri e poi finiscono via. L’insegnante resta, anno scolastico dietro anno scolastico, imbambolato dalla giostra su cui è salito a sei senza sapere che non ne sarebbe sceso più. Un insegnate pluriripetente racconta qualche giro sulla ‘giostra scuola’. Ne vengono invenzioni buffe praticamente vere. Un’allieva che cambia continuamente nome per confondere il suo insegnante. Un amore infantile nato tra “Pianto antico” e “Chiccolino dove vai”. Un docente svampito braccato dai fantasmi senza nome dei suoi studenti. Un corso interdisciplinare più attento al Moro di Venezia che a un giovane studente nigeriano. Una fuga attraverso aule e corridoi di un insegnate che non vuole pianificare il suo lavoro. Il Novellino di un’istituzione – la scuola media superiore – freneticamente immobile.

A Bad Spell in Yurt

The ebook version of “A Bad Spell in Yurt” is the special twentieth-anniversary edition of this cult classic. The tiny kingdom of Yurt is the perfect place–or so it seems–for someone who barely managed to graduate from the wizards’ school, especially after all that embarrassment with the frogs. But Daimbert, newly hired Royal Wizard of Yurt, senses an evil spell at work. But who could be responsible? The beautiful young queen? Her flighty aunt? The dour chaplain? The old, retired Royal Wizard, who seems to know more than he’s saying? Or someone from out of the castle’s past? Daimbert quickly realizes that finding out and saving his kingdom may take all the magic he never learned properly in the first place, with his life the price of failure–good thing he knows how to improvise!

A Bad Day for Ali Baba

Hark, favored ones, to the tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, whose quest for treasure led from an enchanted cavern to the Palace of Beautiful Women. Ah, I thought that would get your attention…

Memorias de una vaca

Dice La Vache qui Rit que en este mundo no hay cosa más tonta que una vaca tonta. Y toda la vida de Mo consiste en demostrar a su amiga que ella, desde luego, a pesar de ser vaca -y no caballo brioso-, no tiene ni un pelo de tonta. ¡Ni uno! Es una vaca notablemente Omega, y nada Alfa. Y tiene una voz interior, y una determinada manera de entender la vida, y…, ¡muchas, muchas ganas de vivir!

Sharpe’s Waterloo

JUNE 1815: THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON, THE PRINCE OF ORANGE, AND NAPOLEON WILL MEET ON THE BATTLEFIELD AND DECIDE THE FATE OF EUROPE With the emperor Napoleon at its head, an enormous French army is marching toward Brussels. The British and their allies are also converging on Brussels–in preparation for a grand society ball. It is up to Richard Sharpe to convince the Prince of Orange, the inexperienced commander of Wellington’s Dutch troops, to act before it is too late. But Sharpe’s warning cannot stop the tide of battle, and the British suffer heavy losses on the road to Waterloo. Wellington has few reserves of men and ammunition; the Prussian army has not arrived; and the French advance wields tremendous firepower and determination. Victory seems impossible.


Panoramic, sweeping, monumental, haunting: a story of four families which spans the centuries of Russia from Edward Rutherford, the author of *Paris, London* and *New York*. In this vast and gorgeous tapestry of a novel, serf and master, Cossack and tsar, priest and Jew are brought together in a family saga which unrolls through centuries of history to reveal that most impenetrable and mysterious of lands – Russia. Through the life of a little town east of Moscow in the Russian heartland, Edward Rutherfurd creates a sweeping family saga from the baffling contradictions of Russia’s culture and her peoples – bleak yet exotic, brutal but romantic, land of ritual yet riddled with superstitious fears. From Russia’s dawn and the cruel Tatar invasions to Ivan the Terrible and the wild Cossacks, from Peter, Catherine and the days of War and Peace to the drama of the Revolution and the extraordinary events of today – here is Russia’s story in a spellbinding novel – history recreated with breathtaking detail and passion.

The power of myth

SUMMARY: Finally available in a popularly priced, non-illustrated, smaller-format edition, which is ideal for the college market and general reader alike, this extraordinary best-seller is a brilliant evocation of the noted scholar’s teachings on mythology.

The Forge

Raj Whitehall was a young noble of the Civil Government, the last remnant of galactic civilization on the planet Bellevue. Possessed of an unparalleled strategic genius, Raj dreamed of leading his people’s armies to victory against the barbarians who threatened to engulf them. Yet it was not exterior enemies who were Raj’s greatest challenge, but the Civil Government itself. Its bureaucrats had become corrupt extortionists. The ranks of its armies were filled with barbarian mercenaries ready to turn on the paymasters they despised. Those at the highest levels sank their knives into each other’s backs even as the barbarians closed in. And the Governor himself, the man to whom Raj was sworn and given absolute loyalty, nourished a paranoid envy and mistrust that grew with every victory Ray won… Luckily for Bellevue, Raj had a hidden asset beyond the worship of his troops and his own genius for war. Raj was possessed of–or possessed by–a “guardian angel” that guided him inexorably toward the goal of planetary dominion. But could even a battle computer of the Galactic Age be enough to counter the fury of Raj’s enemies…and the treachery of his “friends”?