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Warlord’s World

Vaughan Roberts of the almighty Interstellar Patrol was literally riding a roller coaster when he got the appeal to help a damsel in distress. She was a pr incess of Festhold, a planet addicted to soldiery , military adventure and hairy-chested heroics–where unfortunately for the maiden her side was being outfoxed and outsoldiered by a combination of treachery and armed might.

The Best of Cordwainer Smith

“No one ever wrote like Smith, with his special blend of intense myth-making and rich invention!”–Publishers Weekly Cordwainer Smith was one of the original visionaries to think of humanity in terms of thousands of years in the future, spread out across the universe. This brilliant collection, often cited as the first of its kind, explores fundamental questions about ourselves and our treatment of the universe (and other beings) around us and ultimately what it means to be human. In “Scanners Live in Vain” we meet Martel, a human altered to be part machine–a scanner–to be able withstand the trauma space travel has on the body. Despite the stigma placed on him and his kind, he is able to regrasp his humanity to save another. In “The Dead Lady of Clown Town” we get to know the underpeople–animals genetically altered to exist in human form, to better serve their human owners–and meet D’Joan, a dog-woman who will make readers question who is more human: the animals who simply want to be recognized as having the same right to life, or the people who created them to be inferior. In “The Ballad of Lost C’mell” the notion of love being the most important equalizer there is–as first raised in “The Dead Lady of Clown Town”–is put into action when an underperson, C’mell, falls in love with Lord Jestocost. Who is to say her love for him is not as valid as any true-born human? She might be of cat descent, but she is all woman! And in “A Planet Named Shayol” it is an underperson of bull descent, and beings so mutilated and deformed from their original human condition to be now considered demons of a hellish land, who retain and display the most humanity when Mankind commits the most inhumane action of all.


**High seas explorer Dirk Pitt must stop an American millionaire from using impoverished nations for his own personal experiments in this #1 *New York Times*-bestselling action adventure series.**
A routine survey mission over the North Atlantic exposes a missing luxury yacht frozen inside a million-ton mass of ice. The ship had vanished en route to a secret White House rendezvous, making it the responsibility of the National Underwater and Marine Agency to find out what happened. In other words, it’s time for Dirk Pitt to cut his sunny, California vacation short and get back to work.
Of course, when Pitt arrives on the scene and discovers the charred remains of the entire crew, who burned alive but never left their posts, he begins to suspect the tragic loss of the ship to be only the first, deliberate step in a far more sinister plan.

Enchanted Pilgrimage

**A scholar, a goblin, and a gnome, among others, pursue the secrets of a vanished ancient race through a wasteland of dark magic in this enthralling fantasy quest adventure**
On an Earth that is different from ours, the young scholar Mark Cornwall becomes a target of the Inquisition, and specifically its most evil and obsessed agent, Beckett. Damned for asking questions, Mark is forced to escape over the border into the Wastelands, a magical realm that is home to all manner of flesh-devouring monsters. Luckily he will not have to make his journey alone. He is accompanied by a cadre of stalwart companions, including the rafter goblin Oliver, Snively the gnome, and secretive Mary from one of three parallel planes. Somewhere beyond the vengeful, blood-hungry Hellhounds, somewhere past the horrific legacy of the now-destroyed Chaos Beast, the mysteries of the Old Ones are waiting to be revealed—and only those with the courage to seek them will be able to alter the destiny of their worlds.

In *Enchanted Pilgrimage* , Clifford D. Simak ingeniously blends elements of science fiction into a savory fantasy stew. The award-winning Grand Master of science fiction spreads his wings and takes glorious flight into a bold new realm of magic and adventure, demonstrating why he remains one of the most acclaimed storytellers in the literature of the remarkable.

The Temples of Ayocan

Sacred Murder!
Blade’s newest adventure finds him in a bizarre and savage riverland. Its murky waters teem with ferocious man-eating creatures; giant batlike *oranki* dart from the dense jungles, looking for prey. And dead bodies carved with batwing symbols litter the streets of the city of Ayocan.
In Ayocan a religious cult as cruel as the land from which the people spring threatens the peace of this primitive civilization. Intended as their sacrifice, Blade escapes his captors and learns that the renegade priests have erected secret temples in the nearby kingdom of Gonsara. It looks as if Ayocan and Gonsara will soon be embroiled in a deadly struggle for power.
Disguised as a lay servant of this fantastic religious order, Blade plans to infiltrate the temples of Gonsara to find out what is *really* going on. But time is running out, and he and the other lay servants are being fed increasing doses of a drug which turns the into assassins for the cult.

The Golden Steed

Leaving a trail of dead and maimed men behind him, Blade again mounted the magnificent golden steed and rode toward the town ahead. But unknown to him, they were awaiting him, to honor and adore him. And to provide him with perhaps the greatest challenge of his life.
It had been written in the most holy of books that he who comes to Pendar riding the Golden Horse would be the Father of Pendar. The Messiah. And so it was that he was welcomed as the great and holy Pendaroth–the savior with ten times the strength of a man…a being with great and terrible power.
And so it was, also, that he made the decision to *become* the Pendaroth. And in so doing, to protect the great walls of Vilesh from the mighty siege machines that would destroy it. And from any soldiers who would dare to attack the walled city.
This, Richard Blade swore by his honor as a warrior, the thing most sacred to him.


### Product Description
Phthor is the sequel to Chthon, less intricately structured and less complicated in plot, but still quite dark and ugly in theme and detail. Rather than flashbacks and flashforwards, it has a Y outline, with the stem the initial story and the ends alternate futures, neither of which is acceptable to Aton’s son Arlo. Arlo has his own encounter with a Minionette, and naturally destruction is upon him and all with whom he associates. Write/editor Charles Platt was so impressed with the chthonic setting that he wrote two additional sequels, Plasm and Soma, which are even darker and grimmer.
### About the Author
Piers Anthony is the acclaimed author of more than 100 novels and short story collections. His works include the Xanth series, the Mode series, Chthon and Total Recall.

Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case

The house guests at Styles seemed perfectly pleasant to Captain Hastings – there was his own daughter Judith, an inoffensive ornithologist called Norton, dashing Mr Allerton, brittle Miss Cole, Doctor Franklin and his fragile wife Barbara, Nurse Craven, Colonel Luttrell and his charming wife Daisy, and the charismatic Boyd-Carrington. So Hastings was shocked when Poirot declared that one of them was a five-times murderer. True, that ageing detective was crippled with arthritis, but had his deductive instincts finally deserted him?

Liberazione animale

Diventato nel corso degli anni il manifesto del movimento ambientalista, il testo affronta la scottante questione dei rapporti che l’uomo ha con gli altri esseri viventi, mostrando come sia errato stabilire una graduatoria tra due esseri viventi che hanno la medesima capacita di provare dolore. Liberazione animale rimane ancora oggi un libro rivoluzionario per le sue posizioni sulla sperimentazione animale, i processi dell’allevamento e la scelta di un’alimentazione vegetariana


Una nave exploradora que se acerca a un nuevo planeta sufre un accidente del cual finalmente solo se salva un explorador que irá a parar al planeta. Presa del pánico, se decide en un principio a suicidarse, pero poco a poco irá disfrutando del nuevo mundo en su tarea por encontrar vida y un sentido a su evolución, siempre con la dificultad de hacerlo todo en soledad. Rara vez los premios literarios sirven para otra cosa sino para confirmar a los autores consagrados. En este caso, por el contrario, asistimos a una verdadera revelación. Un novel autor inglés produjo una auténtica obra maestra, tras acumular sobre su tema todas las dificultades imaginables: un Robinson del espacio, totalmente solitario y varado en un planeta inhóspito cien por cien. ¿Qué resultado se puede sacar de semejante fábula? Una emoción tremenda, casi insoportable; una versión moderna del mito de Sísifo, del hombre en lucha con la inmensidad del Cosmos, ciega y sorda; una lección moral de fuerza extraordinaria. No es habitual que la ciencia-ficción alcance tal profundidad, conservando al mismo tiempo los ingredientes que hacen el encanto de la novela de aventura… y de su forma moderna, que es la novela de anticipación.

El misterio de Salem’s Lot

Veinte años atrás, por una apuesta infantil, Ben Mears entró en la casa de los Marsten. Y lo que vio entonces aún recorre sus pesadillas. Ahora, como escritor consagrado, vuelve a Salem’s Lot para exorcizar sus fantasmas.
Salem’s Lot es un pueblo tranquilo y adormilado donde nunca pasa nada…, excepto la antigua tragedia de la casa de los Marsten. Y el perro muerto colgado de la verja del cementerio. Y el misterioso hombre que se instaló en la casa de los Marsten. Y los niños que desaparecen, los animales que mueren desangrados… Y la espantosa presencia de *Ellos* , quienesquiera que sean *Ellos*.

Compendio de la historia de la Revolución francesa

La obra de Soboul constituye ya un mito en la historiografía sobre la Revolución francesa. Siguiendo la línea de Jaurès, Sagnac, Mathiez y Georges Lefebvre, Albert Soboul utiliza conceptos y métodos de carácter dialéctico que le sirven para aclarar el fondo socioeconómico del movimiento revolucionario. El papel de los nobles y la aristocracia en general, el movimiento campesino en las zonas rurales, el levantamiento del pueblo en las ciudades y la imposición definitiva de la burguesía como clase social en predominio son fenómenos descritos y analizados a lo largo de estas páginas con una precisión y una claridad que nos parece estar viendo las secuencias casi cinematográficamente. Se ha dicho que la obra de Soboul es una historia socialista de la Revolución francesa; más bien diríamos nosotros que es una historia social en la que se iluminan zonas oscuras de la Revolución, a la luz del examen de las relaciones de producción y de las luchas de clases, del nuevo desarrollo de la agricultura y de las industrias manufactureras, etc. Este enfoque, predominantemente social, permite dar a la Revolución todo su relieve histórico en el progreso de la humanidad, a través del cual vemos el paso de una sociedad de carácter y organización feudal a otra de índole fundamentalmente burguesa. El libro termina con un capítulo importante sobre la Francia contemporánea y el modo como en ellas repercute todavía la influencia de la Revolución en sus estructuras sociales y políticas, con todas sus consecuencias. En suma, se trata de una obra que habrá de gozar del interés no sólo de los estudiosos del pasado, sino de aquellos a quienes preocupa el presente y el porvenir, puesto que en el estudio vivo de aquél podemos vislumbrar la dirección del futuro histórico de la humanidad.

Il Caso Sbagliato

Fino a qualche tempo fa, Milton Chester Milodragovitch terzo, Milo per gli amici e anche per i nemici, non se la passava poi male. Tallonare coniugi infedeli gli rendeva quanto bastava a pagarsi da bere al Mahoney’s, il suo bar preferito.
Poi la legge sul divorzio è cambiata, lasciarsi è diventato facile, e Milo si è ritrovato a ingannare la noia guardando le montagne dalla finestra del suo ufficio. Finché, naturalmente, non bussa alla sua porta una donna.
Helen Duffy, goffa e bellissima. Suo fratello è scomparso. Un bravo ragazzo, uno studente modello che non farebbe male a una mosca. Milo non crede ai bravi ragazzi, però comincia a indagare. Per portarsi a letto Helen; senza immaginare che l’indagine sul fratello sarà tutto fuorché routine.
Fra drink e anfetamine, criminali dilettanti e professionisti, Milo dovrà scavare nel fango per portare alla luce radici e ragioni dello spaccio di droga, della corruzione sempre più capillare, di una città che pare senza speranza e senza redenzione.
«Dopo la scomparsa di Edward Bunker, l’America perde con James Crumley l’ultimo ribelle della sua letteratura, uno dei suoi scrittori di maggior talento e più stimati dai colleghi. Un gigante come Ray Bradbury battezzò “Crumley” il protagonista di tre suoi libri; Neal Stephenson ha detto che *L’ultimo vero bacio* è il Grande Romanzo Americano; Elmore Leonard, Dennis Lehane, Joe Lansdale, Pete Dexter lo leggono e rileggono».
Matteo Persivale, «Corriere della Sera»

I deportati

Uno squarcio di luce, un attimo di consapevolezza illuminano la mente di Aaron Caldwell… qualcuno lo sta aiutando a ricordare, qualcuno sta riportando in efficienza la sua memoria ottenebrata Ma perché proprio lui, un deportato? La risposta sta in quell’uccello di fuoco posatosi nella spianata? Forse si… gli Dei, finalmente, si manifestano.

Fuga dal labirinto

Caldor, un dominio medioevale e primitivo dove regna l’intrigo e il delitto e sopra tutti la presenza opprimente dei Cyclan.
Folgone, il pianeta della gara, un mondo sotterraneo di una bellezza mostruosa!
Il premio della vittoria: ricchezza, potere e una vita piacevole. Naturalmente a Dumarest conveniva partecipare a questa gara, per cercare di assicurare al vecchio signore di Caldor un posto di eterna gloria.
La realtà della ricompensa non era così semplice! Il benessere era limitato dalle ristrettezze economiche del pianeta feudale. La potenza consisteva nel privilegio di camminare in bilico tra l’assassinio e la guerra. La promessa di una vita di piacere era l’amore di una psicopatica telepatica!