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Python for the Busy Java Developer

Are you a seasoned Java developer who wishes to learn Python? Perhaps you’ve just joined a project where a chunk of system integration code is written in Python. Or maybe you need to implement a report generation module in the next sprint and your colleague mentioned that Python would be the perfect tool for the job. In any case, if you are in a situation where you have to pick up the Python programming language overnight, this book is just for you!
Hit the ground running and gain a fast-paced overview of what the Python language is all about, the syntax that it uses and the ecosystem of libraries and tools that surround the language. This concise book doesn’t spend time on details from an introductory programming course or document every single Python feature. Instead, *Python for the Busy Java Developer* is designed for experienced Java developers to obtain sufficient familiarity with the language and dive into coding, quickly.
**What You’ll Learn**
* Discover the fundamentals of the core Python language and how they compare to Java
* Understand Python syntax and the differences between Python 2.x and 3.x
* Explore the Python ecosystem, its standard libraries, and how to implement them
**Who This Book Is For**
Working programmers who are comfortable with Java or another object-oriented programming language such as C#

Python for Data Science For Dummies

Unleash the power of Python for your data analysis projects with For Dummies!

Python is the preferred programming language for data scientists and combines the best features of Matlab, Mathematica, and R into libraries specific to data analysis and visualization. Python for Data Science For Dummies shows you how to take advantage of Python programming to acquire, organize, process, and analyze large amounts of information and use basic statistics concepts to identify trends and patterns. You’ll get familiar with the Python development environment, manipulate data, design compelling visualizations, and solve scientific computing challenges as you work your way through this user-friendly guide.

* Covers the fundamentals of Python data analysis programming and statistics to help you build a solid foundation in data science concepts like probability, random distributions, hypothesis testing, and regression models

* Explains objects, functions, modules, and libraries and their role in data analysis

* Walks you through some of the most widely-used libraries, including NumPy, SciPy, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, and MatPlobLib

Whether you’re new to data analysis or just new to Python, Python for Data Science For Dummies is your practical guide to getting a grip on data overload and doing interesting things with the oodles of information you uncover.

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Python for Data Mining Quick Syntax Reference

​Learn how to use Python and its structures, how to install Python, and which tools are best suited for data analyst work. This book provides you with a handy reference and tutorial on topics ranging from basic Python concepts through to data mining, manipulating and importing datasets, and data analysis.

*Python for Data Mining Quick Syntax Reference *covers each concept concisely, with many illustrative examples. You’ll be introduced to several data mining packages, with examples of how to use each of them.

The first part covers core Python including objects, lists, functions, modules, and error handling. The second part covers Python’s most important data mining packages: NumPy and SciPy for mathematical functions and random data generation, pandas for dataframe management and data import, Matplotlib for drawing charts, and scikitlearn for machine learning.

What You’ll Learn


Install Python and choose a development environment

Understand the basic concepts of object-oriented programming

Import, open, and edit files

Review the differences between Python 2.x and 3.x

Who This Book Is For

Programmers new to Python’s data mining packages or with experience in other languages, who want a quick guide to Pythonic tools and techniques.

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Python Continuous Integration and Delivery

Gain the techniques and tools that enable a smooth and efficient software development process in this quick and practical guide on Python continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD). Based on example applications, this book introduces various kinds of testing and shows you how to set up automated systems that run these tests, and install applications in different environments in controlled ways. Python Continuous Integration and Delivery tackles the technical problems related to software development that are typically glossed over in pure programming texts.

After reading this book, you’ll see that in today’s fast-moving world, no software project can afford to go through development, then an integration phase of unpredictable length and complexity, and finally be shipped to the customer — just to find out that the resulting application didn’t quite fill their need. Instead, you’ll discover that practicing continuous integration and continuous delivery reduces the risks by keeping changes small and automating otherwise painful processes.

What You Will Learn


Carry out various kinds of testing, including unit testing and continuous integration testing, of your Python code using Jenkins

Build packages and manage repositories

Incorporate Ansible and Go for automated packaging and other deployments

Manage more complex and robust deployments

Who This Book Is For

Python programmers and operating staff that work with Python applications.

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pytest Quick Start Guide

pytest Quick Start Guide: Write better Python code with simple and maintainable tests by Bruno Oliveira
**Learn the pytest way to write simple tests which can also be used to write complex tests**
Key Features
* Become proficient with pytest from day one by solving real-world testing problems
* Use pytest to write tests more efficiently
* Scale from simple to complex and functional testing
Book Description
Python’s standard unittest module is based on the xUnit family of frameworks, which has its origins in Smalltalk and Java, and tends to be verbose to use and not easily extensible.The pytest framework on the other hand is very simple to get started, but powerful enough to cover complex testing integration scenarios, being considered by many the true Pythonic approach to testing in Python.
In this book, you will learn how to get started right away and get the most out of pytest in your daily workflow, exploring powerful mechanisms and plugins to facilitate many common testing tasks. You will also see how to use pytest in existing unittest-based test suites and will learn some tricks to make the jump to a pytest-style test suite quickly and easily.
What you will learn
* Write and run simple and complex tests
* Organize tests in fles and directories
* Find out how to be more productive on the command line
* Markers and how to skip, xfail and parametrize tests
* Explore fxtures and techniques to use them effectively, such as tmpdir, pytestconfg, and monkeypatch
* Convert unittest suites to pytest using little-known techniques
* Use third-party plugins
Who this book is for
This book is for Python programmers that want to learn more about testing. This book is also for QA testers, and those who already benefit from programming with tests daily but want to improve their existing testing tools.

Pyspark Cookbook

Combine the power of Apache Spark and Python to build effective big data applications Key Features Perform effective data processing, machine learning, and analytics using PySpark Overcome challenges in developing and deploying Spark solutions using Python Explore recipes for efficiently combining Python and Apache Spark to process data Book DescriptionApache Spark is an open source framework for efficient cluster computing with a strong interface for data parallelism and fault tolerance. The PySpark Cookbook presents effective and time-saving recipes for leveraging the power of Python and putting it to use in the Spark ecosystem. You’ll start by learning the Apache Spark architecture and how to set up a Python environment for Spark. You’ll then get familiar with the modules available in PySpark and start using them effortlessly. In addition to this, you’ll discover how to abstract data with RDDs and DataFrames, and understand the streaming capabilities of PySpark. You’ll then move on to using ML and MLlib in order to solve any problems related to the machine learning capabilities of PySpark and use GraphFrames to solve graph-processing problems. Finally, you will explore how to deploy your applications to the cloud using the spark-submit command. By the end of this book, you will be able to use the Python API for Apache Spark to solve any problems associated with building data-intensive applications. What you will learn Configure a local instance of PySpark in a virtual environment Install and configure Jupyter in local and multi-node environments Create DataFrames from JSON and a dictionary using pyspark.sql Explore regression and clustering models available in the ML module Use DataFrames to transform data used for modeling Connect to PubNub and perform aggregations on streams Who this book is forThe PySpark Cookbook is for you if you are a Python developer looking for hands-on recipes for using the Apache Spark 2.x ecosystem in the best possible way. A thorough understanding of Python (and some familiarity with Spark) will help you get the best out of the book.


SUMMARY: It’s bad enough being new on the job, but Teppic hasn’t a clue as to what a pharaoh is supposed to do. After all, he’s been trained at Ankh-Morpork’s famed assassins’ school, across the sea from the Kingdom of the Sun.First, there’s the monumental task of building a suitable resting place for Dad — a pyramid to end all pyramids. Then there are the myriad administrative duties, such as dealing with mad priests, sacred crocodiles, and marching mummies. And to top it all off, the adolescent pharaoh discovers deceit, betrayal — not to mention aheadstrong handmaiden — at the heart of his realm.


EDITORIAL REVIEW: ***The Manchurian Candidate* meets *South Park*—Chuck Palahniuk’s finest novel since the generation-defining *Fight Club*.***“Begins here first account of operative me, agent number 67 on arrival Midwestern American airport greater _____ area. Flight _____. Date _____. Priority mission top success to complete. Code name: Operation Havoc.”*Thus speaks Pygmy, one of a handful of young adults from a totalitarian state sent to the United States, disguised as exchange students, to live with typical American families and blend in, all the while planning an unspecified act of massive terrorism. Palahniuk depicts Midwestern life through the eyes of this thoroughly indoctrinated little killer, who hates us with a passion, in this cunning double-edged satire of an American xenophobia that might, in fact, be completely justified. For Pygmy and his fellow operatives are cooking up something big, something truly awful, that will bring this big dumb country and its fat dumb inhabitants to their knees.It’s a comedy. And a romance.

Pygmalion and three other plays

SUMMARY: Pygmalion and Three Other Plays, by George Bernard Shaw, is part of the Barnes & Noble Classics series, which offers quality editions at affordable prices to the student and the general reader, including new scholarship, thoughtful design, and pages of carefully crafted extras. Here are some of the remarkable features of Barnes & Noble Classics: New introductions commissioned from today’s top writers and scholars Biographies of the authors Chronologies of contemporary historical, biographical, and cultural events Footnotes and endnotes Selective discussions of imitations, parodies, poems, books, plays, paintings, operas, statuary, and films inspired by the work Comments by other famous authors Study questions to challenge the reader’s viewpoints and expectations Bibliographies for further reading Indices & Glossaries, when appropriateAll editions are beautifully designed and are printed to superior specifications; some include illustrations of historical interest. Barnes & Noble Classics pulls together a constellation of influences—biographical, historical, and literary—to enrich each reader’s understanding of these enduring works. Hailed as “a Tolstoy with jokes” by one critic, George Bernard Shaw was the most significant British playwright since the seventeenth century. Pygmalion persists as his best-loved play, one made into both a classic film—which won Shaw an Academy Award for best screenplay—and the perennially popular musical My Fair Lady. Pygmalion follows the adventures of phonetics professor Henry Higgins as he attempts to transform cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle into a refined lady. The scene in which Eliza appears in high society with the correct accent but no notion of polite conversation is considered one of the funniest in English drama. Like most of Shaw’s work, Pygmalion wins over audiences with wit, a taut morality, and an innate understanding of human relationships. This volume also includes Major Barbara, which attacks both capitalism and charitable organizations, The Doctor’s Dilemma, a keen-eyed examination of medical morals and malpractice, and Heartbreak House, which exposes the spiritual bankruptcy of the generation responsible for the bloodshed of World War I.John A. Bertolini is Ellis Professor of the Liberal Arts at Middlebury College, where he teaches dramatic literature, Shakespeare, and film. He has written The Playwrighting Self of Bernard Shaw and articles on Hitchcock, and British and American dramatists. Bertolini also wrote the introduction and notes to the Barnes & Noble Classics edition of Shaw’s Man and Superman and Three Other Plays.

PVC and Pipe Engineer

Build a bunkbed in the morning and a water blaster in the afternoon, with PVC and Pipe Engineer, even advanced projects are easy with the right know-how! PVC and iron pipes used to be hidden deep inside the crawlspaces in your house, serving purely utilitarian needs. But not anymore! DIY with PVC and iron piping has caught on with homeowners and earned a place in every room of the house (and the backyard too)! The 18 projects in PVC and Pipe Engineer range from wine racks to bedframes, showerheads to bike trailers. Best of all, they can all be made with parts you’ll find at your local hardware store. You’ll be surprised at how easily even advanced projects go together once you learn the basics of cutting and joining iron pipe and PVC. Whether you’re building a super-powered water blaster, a minimalist modern chandelier, or even a simple candle holder, the illustrated how-to steps in PVC and Pipe Engineer will show even first-time DIY-ers how to build projects they’re proud of.
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Puzzles of the Black Widowers

La vicenda di Asimov e dei Vedovi Neri è la storia di un amore lungamente coltivato tra un autore e la sua creazione letteraria. Dal loro concepimento negli anni Settanta fino alla morte, Asimov non smise mai di scrivere i suoi racconti dei Vedovi Neri. Come Maigret per Georges Simenon, Sherlock Holmes per Conan Doyle o Miss Marple per Agatha Christie, i Vedovi Neri – questi sei distinti signori che, assistiti dal cameriere Henry, si riuniscono a cena una volta al mese per dedicarsi con tutto il loro ingegno e la loro cultura alla risoluzione di un enigma – sono il personaggio (collettivo) che permette alla fantasia dello scrittore di confrontarsi con le sue piccole o grandi ossessioni. Spaziando tra la matematica e la musica, la storia e l’astronomia, la letteratura e la chimica, le tessere del puzzle si ricompongono inesorabilmente fino allo scioglimento del rebus, allo stesso tempo piegando la trama classica del giallo in un gioco continuo e imprevedibile di erudizione che rappresenta l’essenza del divertissement letterario secondo Asimov.

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?

Licensed in over eighty-five languages, *The Purpose Driven Life* is far more than just a book; it is a guide to a spiritual journey. Once you take this journey, you’ll never be the same again.
On your journey you’ll find the answers to three of life’s most important questions:
* The Question of Existence: *Why am I alive?*
* The Question of Significance: *Does my life matter?*
* The Question of Purpose: *What on earth am I here for?*
Living out the purpose you were created for moves you beyond mere survival and success to a life of significance—the life you were meant to live.
Five benefits of knowing your purpose:
1. It will explain the meaning of your life.
2. It will simplify your life.
3. It will focus your life.
4. It will increase your motivation.
5. It will prepare you for eternity.
*This new, expanded edition has been created for a new generation of readers.*

Purity of Heart

“Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing,” by Sören Kierkegaard, is considered a devotional classic. Through irony, dialogue, and parable, Kierkegaard slices through the masks and fascades we construct that delude us into thinking that all is well with our soul. With the skill and precision of a surgeon’s hand, Kierkegaard opens up the true condition of our motivations in life and faith. Kierkegaard is not afraid to stare in the face the dark side of our humanity. In “Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing” we see that only through this brutal honesty can we become our true selves and find healing. Kierkegaard boldly asserts that only by joining with providence and the Great Physician’s hand can we “will one thing”–the good. The good is all that is true, eternal, and authentic. The good is all that comes from God. As with all of Kierkegaard’s works, “Purity of Heart” makes for worthy reading which will provoke and challenge you.

Punch Drunk: A Black MMA Fighter Sexually Dominates a Curious White Couple

Housewife Keri is on her knees in front of this towering, black MMA fighter – and her husband is urging her to do TERRIBLE, WONDERFUL things… *When a submissive white couple meet a dominant black fighter, he delights them both by using them every which way he pleases…*
“African Hardwood” is what the tabloids called **Oliver Adami** – a towering 400lb MMA legend from Kenya.
Over in America for a championship bout, Adami leaves the octagon wanting MORE – and a chance encounter with submissive couple Keri and Ross might give this huge, well-hung African exactly what he has an appetite for.
Seduction, submission and surrender… Willing and wanton, both Keri and Ross strip naked and service this towering black champion – before he throws fertile wife Keri onto a bed, and leaves the moaning wife filled and dripping.
**A full-length novella, *Punch Drunk* is a sizzlingly explicit tale of a submissive wife, a bisexual husband, and a towering black champion who takes his bareback pleasure with both of them. Enjoy!**
**Author’s Note:** An previous version of this story was sold as *Fight Night Threesome* by Simone Scarlet MMA.
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Pulse Revolution

With 150 delicious recipes, you can revolutionize your diet with pulses, the powerful plant-based proteins that are full of heart-healthy benefits.
Discover the power of pulses—lentils, dry peas, beans, and chickpeas—and draw on culinary traditions from around the world to create healthy meals. The 150 vegetarian recipes are nutritious and satisfying, and have flexible options for vegans and meat-eaters.
Try a meat-based twist on the White Bean Coconut Curry, flex the Red Lentil Lasagna for vegan diets, or whip up a batch of Black Bean Brownies that anybody will enjoy. Pulse Revolution has something to offer everyone, from meat-loving omnivores to dairy-free vegans. The book includes: • 150 vegetarian recipes flexed to more than 400 ideas with their vegan and meat-based variations.
• Clear photos of many of the final meals.
• Pulse profiles that highlight the preparation, cooking, and nutrition of each pulse featured in the book.
• A ”Pulse Exchange” feature that gives readers flexible pulse swaps they can use in recipes.
• Wide selection of dishes from breakfast to dinner plus desserts.
• Innovative recipes from around the world support the UN’s 2016 International Year of Pulses.
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The Puffin Book of Horror Stories

EDITORIAL REVIEW: A collection of contemporary and classic horror stories by authors such as Pete Johnson, Robert Westall, Roald Dahl and Stephen King.