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Exodus: Book 1 of The Omega Protocol Chronicles: Volume 1

In 2017, the course of human history was forever altered. A cataclysmic event, which would come to be known simply as The Infection, swept across the globe. The world population was decimated and civilization as it was known came to an end. All Malcolm Evans wants is to find his sister and her kids and get them some place safe. As an ex-CIA agent, he finds himself in the role of leader of a ragtag group of survivors heading to a promised sanctuary in the Great Lakes. Veronica Alpert spent her childhood preparing for the end of the world, thanks to her paranoid survivalist father. Little did she know that decades later, her father’s eccentricities would prepare her and her siblings to survive in this new world…especially when tragic circumstances tear the family apart. Jackson Webber had always been seen as no good white trash. Good people crossed the road when they saw him coming. So, how he ended up saddled with the care of two orphaned girls, he had no damn clue. Last things these little girls need is a screw-up like him looking out for them. Course, at the end of the world, it ain’t like they got many other choices. **


With androids in control of Earth, and humans relegated to colonies on Mars and the outer planets, tensions are rising, and war looks inevitable. Looking for a way to escape the looming conflict, Alexander and Catalina de Leon board the Liberty with 70,000 other colonists on a voyage to Proxima Centauri, but it’s going to take them nine years to reach their destination, and a lot can happen in that time. As the trip progresses, everything that can happen does, and what was meant to be a monotonous voyage becomes a fight for survival against mysterious forces that threaten not only the passengers and crew, but the entire human race.


**From Bernard Cornwell. the creator of the No. 1 bestselling *Sharpe* novels. Arthur seeks peace, with the aid of his sword *Excaliber* . . .** After rebellions and betrayals by those he believed loved him most, Arthur looks at his most weak. His Saxon enemies decide to strike before he regains his strength, plunging Britain into war. It will require all Arthur’s leadership and military cunning to win this last battle. But in this final struggle of the warlord, the intrigues of Mordred, now the adult heir to the throne of Britain, and the dark magic of the priestess Nimue could conspire to bring about Arthur’s downfall. Even his trusty blade *Excaliber* may not be sharp enough to save him . . . Bernard Cornwell concludes *The Warlord Chronicles* , bringing the Arthurian legend to thrilling new life. **’A powerful and dramatic retelling of the Arthurian legend’ Sharon Penman** **’Of all the books I have written these are my favourites’ Bernard Cornwell**

The evolution of beauty

A major reimagining of how evolutionary forces work, revealing how mating preferences—what Darwin termed “the taste for the beautiful”—create the extraordinary range of ornament in the animal world. **
In the great halls of science, dogma holds that Darwin’s theory of natural selection explains every branch on the tree of life: which species thrive, which wither away to extinction, and what features each evolves. But can adaptation by natural selection really account for everything we see in nature?
     Yale University ornithologist Richard Prum—reviving Darwin’s own views—thinks not. Deep in tropical jungles around the world are birds with a dizzying array of appearances and mating displays: Club-winged Manakins who sing with their wings, Great Argus Pheasants who dazzle prospective mates with a four-foot-wide cone of feathers covered in golden 3D spheres, Red-capped Manakins who moonwalk. In thirty years of fieldwork, Prum has seen numerous display traits that seem disconnected from, if not outright contrary to, selection for individual survival. To explain this, he dusts off Darwin’s long-neglected theory of sexual selection in which the act of choosing a mate for purely aesthetic reasons—for the mere pleasure of it—is an independent engine of evolutionary change.
    Mate choice can drive ornamental traits from the constraints of adaptive evolution, allowing them to grow ever more elaborate. It also sets the stakes for sexual conflict, in which the sexual autonomy of the female evolves in response to male sexual control. Most crucially, this framework provides important insights into the evolution of human sexuality, particularly the ways in which female preferences have changed male bodies, and even maleness itself, through evolutionary time.
*The Evolution of Beauty* presents a unique scientific vision for how nature’s splendor contributes to a more complete understanding of evolution and of ourselves. **

Etched in Bone

*Anne Bishop returns to her world of the Others, as humans struggle to survive in the shadow of shapeshifters and vampires far more powerful than themselves…* *
* * *
After a human uprising was brutally put down by the Elders—a primitive and lethal form of the Others—the few cities left under human control are far-flung. And the people within them now know to fear the no-man’s-land beyond their borders—and the darkness…

As some communities struggle to rebuild, Lakeside Courtyard has emerged relatively unscathed, though Simon Wolfgard, its wolf shifter leader, and blood prophet Meg Corbyn must work with the human pack to maintain the fragile peace. But all their efforts are threatened when Lieutenant Montgomery’s shady brother arrives, looking for a free ride and easy pickings.

With the humans on guard against one of their own, tensions rise, drawing the attention of the Elders, who are curious about the effect such an insignificant predator can have on a pack. But Meg knows the dangers, for she has seen in the cards how it will all end—with her standing beside a grave… **

The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook

**This authorized collection of 75 simplified Indian classics for the
immensely popular electric pressure cooker, the Instant Pot, is a beautifully
photographed, easy-to-follow source for flavorful weekday meals.**
_The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook_ is your source for quick,
flavorful Indian favorites and contemporary weekday meals. With 75 well-tested
recipes authorized by Instant Pot covering every meal of the day, this is a
go-to resource for classic chicken, lamb, and vegetarian curries; daals,
soups, and seafood like fennel and saffron spiced mussels; breakfast delights
like spicy frittata and ginger almond oatmeal; and sweet treats like rose milk
cake and fig and walnut halwa.


Danny wasn’t a bad kid at heart, but the government put Danny in prison for a long list of crimes, with no end to his sentence. He had to get back to his girl. He had to get back to Laurie. Watched over at all times by a Big Brother-like sentient computer, there was no way out of the escape-proof prison except to… Escape!
“Escape! … has generated more mail from readers than any other single story I have ever written.”
\- Ben Bova
“I think this was the only book I read in one sitting.”
\- Goodreads.com

Erotic Comics: A Graphic History From Tijuana Bibles to Underground Comix

This international survey of erotic comics chronicles a groundbreaking form of sexual expression up to 1970, the years when mainstream culture spurned explicit eroticism. In the 1930s, American “Tijuana Bibles,” little pornographic comic books that parodied popular comics and comic strips, were widely available. World War II gave a boost to erotic comics, especially illustrated pin-ups. This set the stage for men’s magazines such as *Playboy*, which included racy cartoons from the beginning, and fetish comics. The flowering of the counterculture in the next decade gave rise to underground comics, whose acknowledged master was Robert Crumb. A parallel development occurred in Europe, where erotic comics like *Barbarella* were suddenly the rage. *Erotic Comics* tells this story with hundreds of illustrations, informative text, and insights from key artists, writers, and publishers. It’s sexy, artistic, entertaining, intriguing, and informative.

Enlisting Her Heart

Warning: For Mature Adult Audiences. Contains language and actions some may deem offensive. Sexually explicit content. Menage – MFM
In book four of Breaking Protocol:
The troops finally land a vacation in a tropical paradise for some much needed R&R and a honeymoon celebration. With time to unwind, Zane ‘Hulk’ Monroe moves in on the one little redhead that’s been on his mind since she arrived at the ranch—Violet Larose. He’d been keeping her at a distance, but with their mission at a standstill and the warm sun, soft sand, and flowing drinks, what better time than the present?
Nick ‘Kodiak’ Hughes has enjoyed the playful flirting with Violet, but wants more. A lot more. He knows Hulk has a thing for her that she returns, but doesn’t think that should stop him from moving in. What’s not to like about a good ménage relationship, right? Normally, the woman would be the one to need some extra convincing and persuasion, but not in this case. He’s up against not only one of the most stubborn soldiers he’d ever met, but one that is suffering from extreme PTSD and in denial.
With the enemy hunting on their territory and endangering the family they hold so dear, the unit must lay it all on the line to protect them. With the mission down to the wire and the victory in sight, can they figure out who is friend, and who is foe?
This book contains real problems that real soldiers deal with on a daily basis. Join the men in a journey of love, action, and a family pulling together to help their soldiers regain control of their lives as they take on the world in order to protect their country and defend their freedom. Sweet romance, hot ménage sex that will curl your toes, and a bunch of soldiers who will steal your heart and leave you wanting more awaits you!

Enemy of God

**From Bernard Cornwell, the creator of the No. 1 bestselling *Sharpe* novels. Arthur has brought a fragile peace to Britain – but it cannot last . . .** Uniting the restive British kingdoms behind him, Arthur believes he can now hold back the Saxons threatening the country. Meanwhile, Merlin sets out on a quest to uncover the sacred Treasures of Britain, hoping they will prove decisive in the coming battle. But in a country where the cult of the Christians is spreading, Merlin’s quest is divisive. And the ambitions of the rival warlord Lancelot threaten the delicate peace. Could even those closest to Arthur be moved to betray him? **In the second book of the Warlord Chronicles, Bernard Cornwell brilliantly retells the Arthurian legend, combining myth, history and thrilling battlefield action.** **’Wonderful and haunting’ People Magazine** **’Of all the books I have written these are my favourites’ Bernard Cornwell**

The End of Magic

**In the third in the “spellbinding” (Seanan McGuire) series from the author of the Calliope Reaper-Jones novels, magic has been loosed upon the world—and the consequences could destroy all of humanity, magical and non-magical alike…**
Lyse MacAllister used to be like everyone else—blissfully ignorant of magic, of the dire battles being fought in shadows and secrecy. But that was before her great-aunt Eleanora died, leaving her in control of the Echo Park coven; before she found herself in the middle of the witches’ clash with the anti-magic zealots known as The Flood; before her blood sisters lost their faith in her.

As The Flood begins turning humans across the globe against the witches, Lyse must find a way to regain the trust of her former magical family and once again unify them. Because the final battle between good and evil is looming—and if the witches don’t stand together, all of humankind could be lost… **

The Enchanter Completed

TODAY’S TOP WRITERS PAY TRIBUTE TO A MASTERFor seven decades, L. Sprague de Camp was a giant in both science fiction and fantasy, renowned for his fast-moving action-adventure tales filled with genial humorous touches and backed up with a profound knowledge of history and science. He was also renowned for his popular (and meticulously researched) novels of historical fiction, and his authoritative non-fiction books in many fields.Now, Hugo Award-winner and best-selling author Harry Turtledove has gathered together today’s top writers and invited them to write stories in the same humorous adventure vein which de Camp practically invented.On board are Poul Anderson, Frederik Pohl, David Drake, Judith Tarr, Esther M. Friesner, Lawrence Watt-Evans, S.M. Stirling, Michael F. Flynn, Harry Turtledove himself, and more, including a personal remembrance of de Camp by Robert Silverberg. The result is a volume worthy of the Grand Master himself, and certain to enchant the reader¾completely.At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).The Masters Praise a Fellow Master:”Consistently humorous . . . he fills his stage with such authentic detail that empathy is built and never broken.” ¾Robert A. Heinlein”[De Camp is the epitome of science fiction in all possible ways.” ¾Isaac Asimov”He was an extraordinary writer, a pillar of our field . . . de Camp was one of the shapers of modern science fiction . . . [and] a superb storyteller.” ¾Robert Silverberg

Empire of the Eagle

The young Roman soldier Quintus shares the dream of every man in the Imperial army; to grow old and honorable in its service, to earn his wooden sword and land at life’s end. But Quintus is also driven by a stronger need – he longs to reclaim his family’s honor that was torn asunder, caught in the bloody arena of Rome’s politics. But dreams can turn to dust on the tides of battle, and when his commander Crassus and his legions are defeated at Carrhae (with the might of Rome in disgrace and the golden Eagles – Rome’s most honored symbol of power – captured), Quintus is left with little hope, either for his family’s salvation…or a lengthy survival. As the struggling remnants of the Roman army are sold as slaves, Quintus (and the Eagles) are destined to go East – forever east as token pawns, tribute to the distant Han Emperor in the far off Land of Gold. Quintus will do as a Roman must – his honor gone, he will follow the Eagle…and strive to somehow recapture the honor that Rome has lost. And so onto the East, out of the logic and honor that is Rome…and into the mists of legend. To see visions of wonder unknown to any Roman. And learn that the Eagle has a power and magic all its own.


In this long-awaited new novel in The Halfblood Chronicles, fantasy greats Norton and Lackey tell the enthralling story of the reclusive elvenlord Kyrtian, who emerges as a hero in a world torn by politics and war. When his cousin, Aelmarkin, tries to prove that Kyrtian is unfit to run his estate, the plan backfires, and soon Kyrtian, who doesn’t share the venal, greedy nature of his cousin, finds himself with more power than he ever wanted.
Like his father before him, Kyrtian has always treated the humans on his estate like servants, instead of enslaving them as other elvenlords do. His father’s legacy also leads Kyrtian to learn ancient military skills long since lost to elvenkind through the carelessness of the elvenlords. Kyrtian’s rediscovered knowledge piques the interest of the current elvenlords, and soon Kyrtian finds himself appointed the new commander of the army, to the relief of his ruling peers.
For the sons of the most powerful elvenlords, the Young Lords, have rebelled against their fathers and are waging war. But by taking advantage of both the privileges of his new command and the help of some unexpected new friends, Kyrtian finally gains the resources to embark on his own, personal quest–resuming his father’s search for the Great Portal, the magical doorway through which the original elvenlords entered this world.
As war rages between some sons and fathers, Kyrtian searches desperately for his own lost father, hoping to uncover not only the mystery of his disappearance, but also the secret behind the origin of elvenkind.

The Elvenbane

ELVENBANE: THE PROPHECY IS ABOUT TO BE FULFILLED There will come a child. One born of human mother but fathered by the demons, possessed of magic more powerful than the elven lords! The child shall be hunted before its birth, yet shall escape the hunt and will rise up against the masters and cast them into the lowest hell… The world is run by the elvenlords. Powerful, proud and secure in their dominion they keep legions of human slaves for work and take their pleasure in elven or human concubines. The breeding of halfbreeds is strictly forbidden. Then Serina Daeth – the favoured human concubine of elven overlord Dryan – finds herself pregnant. Forced to flee into the desert, Serina dreams – as she dies – of a midwife delivering her baby, Shana; the midwife is in fact the shapechanging dragon-shaman Alara. But Shana is no ordinary child: raised by the dragons, she is destined to become the Elvenbane.

Eight Little Letters: P. S. I Love You

Dedicated to the servicemen and women and their families , who sacrifice so much that we may enjoy our freedom.
When her Navy Seal husband is declared MIA, Faith finds herself holding the eight little letters he had written before he disappeared. Each letter holds the key to a cherished memory of his love (and the feel of his strict hand against her bottom). Hope grows within her as she is reminded to trust in the season of miracles, and she embraces his written promise of a Happy Ever After holiday season.