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Sacred Fire

The final title in the historical Kingpriest trilogy. This titles completes the exploration of a key part of **Dragonlance** history. The era explored in this novel, although referred to frequently throughout many **Dragonlance** novels, is being finely detailed for the first time. In addition, this title features popular characters that appear throughout the **Dragonlance** Legends trilogy.

Runway Romance

RUNWAY ROMANCE (Book one of the Love in the Air Trilogy) – Little does Jenny Collins know that a near hit-and-run on the airport tarmac will lead to an opportunity to overcome a fear she’s been carrying around for years, the discovery of a culinary delight and an end to her search for Mr. Right.
Together with her flight attendant roommates, Kate and Patricia, the turbulence of love takes flight in Book one of the Love in the Air Trilogy by Merri Hiatt. The second and third books, Love on the Fly and Passion at 30,000 Feet, will be available later in 2013.
LOVE ON THE FLY (Book two of the Love in the Air Trilogy) – The one thing flight attendant Patricia Ruskin doesn’t need is a relationship with a pilot. When David Marshall roars into the parking lot on his Harley and steals the spot she’s been waiting for, she’s ready to read him the riot act. Until she learns he’s at the ice cream shop getting comfort food for his heartbroken teenage daughter.
Can a pilot and flight attendant make a relationship work when they always seem to be flying in opposite directions? In David’s absence, Patricia finds herself fantasizing about the boyfriend of one of her best friends. She shoves her feelings aside only to have them sneak back time and again. Is it possible to love two men at the same time? If so, how will she ever choose when both men send her senses reeling?
PASSION AT 30,000 FEET (Book three of the Love in the Air Trilogy) – COMING SOON!


**Shortlisted for the 2016 David Gemmell Legend Award for Best Novel.** The third in The Faithful and the Fallen series, *Ruin* by John Gwynne continues the gripping battle of good vs evil. The Banished Lands are engulfed in war and chaos. The cunning Queen Rhin has conquered the west and High King Nathair has the cauldron, most powerful of the seven treasures. At his back stands the scheming Calidus and a warband of the Kadoshim, dread demons of the Otherworld. They plan to bring Asroth and his host of the Fallen into the world of flesh, but to do so they need the seven treasures. Nathair has been deceived but now he knows the truth. He has choices to make; choices that will determine the fate of the Banished Lands. Elsewhere the flame of resistance is growing – Queen Edana finds allies in the swamps of Ardan. Maquin is loose in Tenebral, hunted by Lykos and his corsairs. Here he will witness the birth of a rebellion in Nathair’s own realm. Corban has been swept along by the tide of war. He has suffered, lost loved ones, sought only safety from the darkness. But he will run no more. He has seen the face of evil and he has set his will to fight it. The question is, how? With a disparate band gathered about him – his family, friends, giants, fanatical warriors, an angel and a talking crow – he begins the journey to Drassil, the fabled fortress hidden deep in the heart of Forn Forest. For in Drassil lies the spear of Skald, one of the seven treasures, and here it is prophesied that the Bright Star will stand against the Black Sun

Roma sangue e arena. La saga

Al mio segnale, scatenate l’inferno Un grande romanzo storico 41 a.C. Roma sotto il dominio del nuovo spietato imperatore Claudio è un posto pericoloso. Due personaggi straordinari si incrociano: il veterano Lucio Cornelio Macrone e il giovanissimo e straordinario gladiatore Marco Valerio Pavone, destinato a grandi imprese. Il primo riceve l’incarico di addestrare il ragazzo ad affrontare avversari sempre più pericolosi nell’arena, mentre sul trono di Roma si siede Claudio, manovrato dai suoi infidi liberti. E dopo una serie di clamorosi combattimenti contro gladiatori ben più esperti di lui, proprio Pavone sarà chiamato in prima persona a partecipare ai giochi per l’insediamento del nuovo imperatore, scendendo nell’arena e battendosi contro avversari assetati di sangue e bestie feroci. Macrone sarà riuscito a insegnargli tutti i suoi segreti sull’arte della guerra? E il giovane saprà prevalere sui nemici o soccomberà sotto lo sguardo compiaciuto dell’imperatore? Un autore da 200.000 copie in Italia In un libro solo tutta la nuova appassionante saga sull’antica Roma «Il più grande narratore di Roma antica è Simon Scarrow.» Corriere della sera «Una prosa incalzante e una profonda conoscenza della storia antica.» Daily Mail «L’azione è frenetica, la tensione altissima, i dettagli feroci. È storia al massimo grado.» Telegraph «Una storia appassionante di guerra e fanatismo religioso, che vi terrà col fiato sospeso.» Kirkus Reviews Simon ScarrowVive in Inghilterra. È un grande esperto di storia romana. Il centurione, il primo dei suoi romanzi storici pubblicati in Italia, è stato per mesi ai primi posti nelle classifiche inglesi e internazionali. Macrone e Catone sono i protagonisti di: Sotto l’aquila di Roma, Il gladiatore, Roma alla conquista del mondo, La spada di Roma, La legione, Roma o morte, Il pretoriano, La battaglia finale, L’aquila dell’impero, Il sangue dell’impero e La profezia dell’aquila, tutti pubblicati dalla Newton Compton. In ebook sono disponibili i volumi della serie “Roma Arena Saga”: La conquista, La sfida, La spada del gladiatore, La rivincita e Il campione.

Rogue Moon

Rogue Moon is a short sf novel by Algis Budrys, published in 1960. It was a 1961 Hugo Award nominee, losing to Walter M. Miller’s [A Canticle for Leibowitz](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/164154.A_Canticle_for_Leibowitz “A Canticle for Leibowitz”). A novella-length version of the story was included in the anthology The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume 2, edited by Ben Bova.
Before 1969, every science fiction writer wrote his or her own version of the first Moon landing. Few carry the horror of Budrys’ unsettling story.
During all recorded history, the Moon has hovered above our heads, a timeless symbol for lovers’ ecstasy. Goddesses & Gibson Girls have tripped the light fantastic of her beams while sonneteers & scientists have scanned her changing phases.
Now humans had actually reached the Moon, & on it the explorers found a structure, a formation so terrible & incomprehensible that it couldn’t even be described in human terms. It was a thing that devoured people; that killed them again & again in torturous, unfathomable ways.
Earthbound are the only two men who could probe the thing: Al Barker, a reckless thrill-seeker, whose loving mistress was death, & Dr. Edward Hawks, a scientific murderer, whose greatest mission was rebirth.

Rocking the Pink

In 2008, just as Laura Roppé was poised to burst onto the music scene, her doctor called her with news that left her spinning-she had been diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of breast cancer. Just days earlier, she had signed a dream-come-true contract with a record label; now, she wasn’t even sure how much longer she had to live. Never one to back down to a challenge, however, Roppé gathered her courage, took stock of her priorities, and made a decision: *Cancer may take my hair,* she told herself, *but that’s all it’s getting.* More than a cancer journey, *Rocking the Pink* is a quirky, charming, and poignant ode to love, friendship, and music. Roppé is unflinchingly honest and unfailingly funny as she tells the story of her odyssey: from childhood dreamer and giddy valet parker to the Hollywood stars to disillusioned lawyer, wife, and mother; from budding songwriter and late-blooming recording artist to determined cancer survivor. Full of raw emotion and humor that will make you laugh through your tears, *Rocking the Pink* is a chronicle of discovering one’s true self through life’s difficult circumstances-and a testament to the hang-in-tough, take-no-prisoners attitude it takes to kick cancer’s butt.

Robur the Conqueror

The story begins with strange lights and sounds, including blaring trumpet music, reported in the skies all over the world. The events are capped by the mysterious appearance of black flags with gold suns atop tall historic landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, and the Eiffel Tower in Paris. These events are all the work of the mysterious Robur,, a brilliant inventor who intrudes on a meeting of a flight-enthusiast’s club called the Weldon Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Members of the Weldon Institute are all firm believers that mankind shall master the skies using “lighter than air” craft, and that “heavier than air” craft such as airplanes and helicopters would be unfeasible. The institute has been constructing a giant dirigible called the Go-ahead, and are having a heated discussion of where to place its propeller (in front to pull it, or behind to push it) when Robur appears at the meeting and is admitted to speak to them. He chastises the group for being balloon-boosters when “heavier than air” flying apparatuses are the future. When asked if Robur himself has “made conquest of the air,” he states that he has, leading to him accepting the title “Robur the Conqueror.” During his short time at the Weldon Institute Robur so incites the members, that they chase him outside. Just as they are about to attack him, Robur appears to vanish into the mob, but he has actually been borne away by a flying machine… (Excerpt from Wikipedia)


So perché sono stata presa.
Quanto cambia le cose questo? Non so dirlo. Ho ancora un debole per Jeremy, quando è Jeremy. Ma quando è Stonehart? Beh, in quel momento si sprigiona tutto il mio odio.
Devo diventare fredda, indifferente, e distaccarmi emotivamente per prendere la giusta decisione su cosa fare dopo. Jeremy rende difficile il distacco. Stonehart lo rende facile.
Quale lato di lui otterrò? Non lo so. Solo una cosa è certa: in questo momento, sto giocando la partita della mia vita… contro il miglior giocatore del mondo.
Vedremo chi cede per primo.

Riccardin dal ciuffo

“…in quella guerra sanguinosa e piena di pericoli che è l’amore a volte è possibile anche assaporare un trionfo.” Due esistenze sembrano condannate alla solitudine, fin quando per caso il destino non le farà incontrare: il famoso ornitologo Deodato ha un aspetto repellente ma è provvisto di un’intelligenza fuori dal comune. Altea, al contrario, stupisce chiunque per la sua incantevole bellezza, che però sembra unirsi a un ingegno limitato e a una totale mancanza di interessi… Amélie Nothomb gioca ancora una volta con la fiaba popolare, come già in Attentato e Barbablù, offrendo al lettore un romanzo sui misteri dell’amore e della natura umana.

Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies

CHEER the hapless heroism of Captain Crusader! JEER… the wanton wickedness of Antoinette, Mistress of Evil! FEAR the animated assault of the fearsome fluffy bunnies! A terrible change has come to the Cineverse. In all its many movie worlds, bad guys win, good guys perish, and boy doesn’t even get girl. Only Captain Crusader (until recently plain old Roger Gordon) can put things right — but the Captain has problems of his own. His sweetheart has been abducted by an amorous slime monster. His mother’s been transformed into a whip-cracking archvillainess. And his faithful sidekicks are stranded amidst the swords and sandals of an Italian gladiator flick. What’s a superhero to do? From the accelerating excitement of a cop-movie car chase to the fiendish heart of the Citadel of Dread, Roger must survive to the last act — or else the Forces of Darkness will meddle with movies better left unmade!


Mi sono fatta strada nel cuore di Jeremy, proprio come mi ero ripromessa.
Ma mentre prima volevo arrivarci per colpirlo… ora, non ne sono più così sicura.
La mia vita è ancora condizionata dai segreti. Segreti che non posso rivelare a nessun altro essere vivente.
Fey e Robin vogliono sapere. Vogliono sapere cosa mi sta succedendo.
Devo dir loro di no. Devo allontanarli perché solo Jeremy può unirsi a me in questo viaggio.
Lui c’è sempre. Lui è la mia unica costante. Le nostre vite sono irrevocabilmente intrecciate.
Non mi lascerà andare.
Desidero la pace. Ma voglio che sia reale, non la semplice quiete prima della tempesta.
Posso raggiungerla con Jeremy Stonehart?
È una strada impervia, ma in questo momento… sono disposta a provare.

Raising Dragons

A boy learns of his dragon past; a girl has known hers for years. They combine their faith, courage, and love to overcome an evil slayer who seeks to bring an end to dragon heritage, forever.
The kids at school call Billy “Dragon Breath” for good reason. His breath is bad! It isn’t the normal, morning-mouth bad; it’s the hot-as-fire, “don’t-you-dare-get-near-me” bad. Trouble erupts when his hot breath sets off the fire sprinklers in the boys’ restroom in school, and his parents learn that they’ve kept their secret for too long.
Billy finally discovers the secret. His father was once a dragon! Now that’s a piece of news a guy doesn’t deal with every day! Billy feels betrayed, alien, lost. When the dragon slayer traps him on a cold mountaintop in West Virginia, Billy learns to battle with weapons of steel and spirit while relying on a power he doesn’t understand, a power that helps him learn to trust again.
Bonnie, an orphan, tries to find a home, someone to love her, even though she feels like a freak because of a body feature that she calls a deformity. But this unusual feature becomes a life-saving attribute as she discovers that her love for others and her faith in a creator hold the answers she’s looking for.


On board the moletrain Medes, Sham Yes ap Soorap watches in awe as he witnesses his first moldywarpe hunt: the giant mole bursting from the earth, the harpoonists targeting their prey, the battle resulting in one’s death and the other’s glory. But no matter how spectacular it is, Sham can’t shake the sense that there is more to life than traveling the endless rails of the railsea — even if his captain can think only of the hunt for the ivory-coloured mole she’s been chasing since it took her arm all those years ago. When they come across a wrecked train, at first it’s a welcome distraction. But what Sham finds in the derelict — a series of pictures hinting at something, somewhere, that should be impossible — leads to considerably more than he’d bargained for. Soon he’s hunted on all sides, by pirates, trainsfolk, monsters and salvage-scrabblers. And it might not be just Sham’s life that’s about to change. It could be the whole of the railsea.

Quicksilver’s Knight

“DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Boston” will lead you straight to the best attractions Boston has to offer, with over 500 detailed maps, illustrations, and color photographs. You’ll find detailed background information on the best things to do in Boston, from visiting the historical Harvard University to taking one of many historical walks to watching a Red sox Game. This bestselling travel guide is packed with beautiful cutaways and floor plans of all of Boston’s major sights, 3D aerial views of its most interesting districts, and now a new pullout map with detailed sheet maps and useful transportation information. Features include everything from a section on Four Great Days Out in Boston to where to go for a beer at the end of the day, with enlarged and enhanced Street Finder mapping throughout. “DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Boston” is fully updated and expanded with dozens of reviews for hotels in Boston, recommended restaurants, and tips for shopping and entertainment. Don’t miss a thing on your vacation with the “DK Eyewitness Travel” guidebook to Boston. HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE: Packed with photographs, illustrations, and maps Cutaways and floor plans of all the major sights 3D aerial views of the city’s most interesting districts Huge selection of hotels, restaurants, stores, and entertainment venues Specially devised walking tours Now includes a new durable, oversized pullout map with useful transportation information, a distance chart, a street and sight index, and practical information for getting around the city.

Quello che rimane

«La prima volta che ho letto Quello che rimane me ne sono immediatamente innamorato… mi è subito sembrato assolutamente superiore a qualsiasi romanzo di scrittori come John Updike, Philip Roth e Saul Bellow, contemporanei a Paula Fox. A più di dieci anni di distanza, e dopo averlo letto ormai decine di volte, lo amo ancora di più».
Jonathan Franzen
New York, fine anni Sessanta. Otto e Sophie Bentwood sono una tranquilla coppia di mezza età della borghesia americana. Un pomeriggio, mentre sono nel salotto di casa, fa l’ingresso nella loro vita un gatto randagio al quale Sophie, contro il parere del marito, dà del latte. Da questa scena iniziale, e dalla apparentemente trascurabile ferita inferta dal gatto a Sophie, si dipana quella che pagina dopo pagina, minuto dopo minuto, diventerà per i Bentwood una sorta di piccola e misteriosa tragedia che metterà in discussione il senso stesso del loro matrimonio e dell’intera loro vita. Come scrive nell’introduzione Jonathan Franzen, al quale si deve la riscoperta in America del grandissimo talento narrativo e stilistico di Paula Fox, a una prima lettura Quello che rimane è un romanzo di suspense, che però si trasforma in altro a ogni successiva lettura, riuscendo sempre a sorprendere il lettore e a catturarlo in uno straordinario meccanismo letterario che si svolge nell’arco di un weekend e che include un tragicomico party, la degenerazione della ferita di Sophie e il litigio tra Otto e il suo vecchio socio d’affari. Quello che rimane, originariamente pubblicato in America nel 1971 con il titolo Desperate Characters e dimenticato per anni, è oggi finalmente considerato uno dei capolavori assoluti della narrativa americana degli ultimi decenni: la riscoperta di Paula Fox è diventato un clamoroso caso editoriale non solo in America ma anche in Europa (in Germania Quello che rimane è stato a lungo nelle classifiche dei bestseller) e scrittori come David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Lethem e lo stesso Jonathan Franzen hanno riconosciuto esplicitamente in lei una delle grandi voci del Novecento americano. Del romanzo fu realizzata negli Usa una versione cinematografica nel 1971 dal titolo Desperate characters diretta da Frank D. Gilroy con Shirley McLaine.

Quando penso che Beethoven è morto mentre tanti cretini ancora vivono…

Il drammaturgo francese Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, le cui pièces teatrali sono tra le più rappresentate, propone un volume divertente ma che fa anche riflettere. Il volume, corredato da un CD audio, si divide in due parti. La prima parte è un saggio che si apre su una mostra di maschere, durante la quale Schmitt ricorda Beethoven, e di quanto la sua musica lo appassionava quando era adolescente. Ora quei tempi sono finiti e Beethoven si è allontanato. L’autore si domanda perchè. Perchè nella vita degli uomini di oggi non ci sono più quelle passioni travolgenti, quelle emozioni profonde, il romanticisimo, la gioia? Chi è venuto meno? Beethoven oppure noi?
La seconda parte è un racconto dal titolo *Kiki Van Beethoven* , e narra la storia di un’anziana signora che, con la musica, cambia la sua vita e quella delle sue tre amiche.