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A World of Vampires: Volume 2

Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they souls that can be redeemed. These are the stories they must tell. This is the collection of novellas 5-8 of A World of Vampires Series: Asanbosam, Lilith, Peuchen, and Aufhocker.Asanbosam: It’s the 1930s and Maryanne is accompanying her Oxford research professor to the Akan Empire to do anthropology field research, but little did she know the consequences of stepping into the jungle at night. Lilith: Robin Bennet has joined the King’s Crusade to reclaim the Holy Land in 1191 and forget his past, that is until he runs into an old legend from the dawn of time, a legend filled with more darkness than he could ever imagine.Peuchen: Apachita was once a powerful machi in the 1500s, that was until the strangers crossed the ocean and came into her land and she must decide at what lengths she will go to save her people. Aufhocker: The Berlin Wall is up and Ade must choose between staying in East Berlin in 1965 with his mother, or taking a position with Herr Schmidt, an old family friend, as an apprentice tailor in order to be able to support his family. However, he finds that maybe this opportunity was just a little too good to be t

A World of Vampires Volume 1

Vampires around the world are coming forth to remind humans they are not romantic fantasies to be sought, nor are they souls that can be redeemed. These are the stories they must tell.
This is the collection of the first four novellas of A World of Vampires Series: Hooh-Strah-Dooh, Baobhan Sith, Strigoi, and Jiangshi.
Hooh-Strah-Dooh: Anne Fitzgerald gives the tale of her involvement with the Irish gangs in the 1930s and how her life is full of love, loss, and abuse as she is forced to turn into the Wyandot’s vampire, the hooh-strah-dooh.
Baobhan Sith: Captain Henry Williams had everything he wanted back home in England, the woman of his dreams waiting for him, all he had to do was make it home after the war. But as he travels through the Highlands, he finds that fate has another plan for him.
Strigoi: Amalia loved living as a traveler through the country of Romania, listening to the music of the night, until she found out the evil that was behind the music. Now she must decide to save her own skin, or bring forth the most evil strigoi ever to roam the world.
Jiangshi: Hui Zhang was given a chance to follow his dreams in San Francisco and he took it, but was the money worth the price he paid? Especially when the evil he had done haunts him and his family?

A Wizard in War

The medieval planet of Maltroit seems to be repeating Earth’s bloody history in the worst possible manner: endless feudal warfare, at the expense of peasants just trying to survive. It’s up to the Rogue Wizard to give the downtrodden a crash course in revolution, and set in motion a plan for the common soldiers to take back power and end the bloodshed.
Disguising himself as a mercenary soldier, teaching nobles the rudiments of democracy and schooling peasants in the basics of radical politics, before you can say “Magna Carta,” the Rogue Wizard has bent the course of history and set the planet on a course toward peace and democracy.

A Wizard in the Way

Under the nom de guerre of Gar Pike, renegade psychic wizard Magnus D’Armand travels the stars fighting injustice and oppression, like his father, Rod Gallowglass, the Warlock in Spite of Himself. But unlike his famous father, Magnus refuses to play by the rules, sowing the seeds of freedom and revolution throughout the galaxy.
*A Wizard in the Way*
When his longtime traveling companion settled down and got married, Gar Pike—the Rogue Wizard—had thought it would be even better to work alone: no distractions, no disagreements, no one to care about but himself. But he wasn’t alone for long. He recently managed to saddle himself with a new companion: Alea, a young woman with a certain amount of psychic ability and a heavy dose of attitude to boot. The funny thing is, he’s beginning to like having her around—particularly when they land on the planet of Oldeira.
The problems Gar and Alea encounter on Oldeira include not only the tyrannical Wizard Lords who rule the provinces, but also the attitude that has been beaten and bred into their serfs. To complicate matters, Gar and Alea adopt two desperate peasants who are perfect examples of the mind-set of the entire lower class. How to raise morale and shape these people into a force that will overcome their oppressors while not getting caught or killed themselves—these are all questions that Gar and Alea must answer fast. And the only way to do it is: *The Way.*

A Wizard in Peace

Interstellar liberator Magnus Gallowglass, the renegade psychic wizard, travels the stars fighting injustice and oppression. But this time the Rogue Wizard may have encountered a tyrant even he can’t overthrow: a stern Protector whose oppressive regime makes Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth look like a Sunday-school picnic. For hundreds of years, this lost colony planet has preserved order by dictating every detail of its citizens’ lives – where they live, what they think, even whom they may love and marry. Any dissent is punished with the torturer’s rack. So successful is this brutal system that Magnus is hard-pressed to find anyone willing to oppose it – until he recruits a pair of star-crossed lovers to lead the revolution, and reeducates a band of deluded would-be aristocrats to become the planet’s new rulers.
Here is Christopher Stasheff in top form: swashbuckling, stylish, and slightly subversive adventure from the author of the bestselling “Warlock” chronicles.

A Wizard in Mind

Magnus D’Armand, the renegade son of Rod Gallowglass, Warlock of Gramarye, has set out to prove himself twice the hero and liberator his father ever was. However, Magnus has inherited not only his father’s awesome psychic gifts, but his uncanny knack for getting into trouble as well.
Bored and in search of excitement, Magnus D’Armand has asked his sentient starship to find him a world in need of revolution. But on the lost colony world of Petrach, he finds far more than he’s bargained for. Not only is the merchant city of Pirogia’s fledgling republic about to be wiped off the map by an alliance of nobles determined to maintain aristocratic rule, but the lords are backed by shadowy and powerful off-world organizations interfering with the planet for their own self-serving reasons. Even the Rogue Wizard will need a miracle to keep Pirogia alive and free against such odds!

A Wizard in Midgard

Gar Pike, a.k.a. renegade psychic wizard Magnus D’Armand, finds himself on the distant planet Siegfried amid a lost colongy modeled after medieval Scandinavia from Old Earth, complete with the Norse pantheon, dwarves, and even giants.
But the three human races have hated each other since the dawn of time, and the planet is beleaguered by racism and prejudice. Giants, dwarves, and humans have waged constant war with each other for as long as anyone can remember.
It’s a tough nut to crack, even for an experienced psychic liberator. Can Gar unify the peoples of Siegfried, teach them to tolerate and live with one another in peace? And, most importantly, can he teach the lonely girl Alea to live with and – dare he hope – love him?

A Wizard in Chaos

Magnus D’Armand, the Rogue Wizard, travels the stars fighting injustice and oppression, sowing the seeds of freedom and revolution throughout the galaxy.
But on the planet Durvie, he may have met his match: a lost colony founded by idealistic anarchists, whose civilization has long since crumbled into utter chaos. Dozens of greedy warlords, ruling through fear and violence, wage never-ending petty wars over land and loot while the common folk struggle just to survive.
Over the centuries, the history and knowledge of the original colonists has been forgotten, and the people have reverted to a medieval state. With no central government to overthrow, it seems impossible for Magnus to restore peace and order – until he discovers the hidden knowledge harbored by the Fair Folk within the countryside’s Hollow Hills.

A Wizard in Bedlam

The revolutionary DeCade died generations ago, leading the last great revolt of the planet Melange’s churls against their despotic feudal masters. His staff and bones were broken and lost; only his songs remain.
The churl Dulain joined the Resistance in his youth – an exile Resistance, devoted to readying the churls for their next great attempt at freedom. Now that moment finally nears. Back on Melange for the first time in years, Dulain must now hasten that revolt… or die.
The Giant Gar is the mysterious stranger whom no one knows, a power greater than he seems. More powerful, perhaps, than churls, masters, or even the Resistance…
This ebook edition contains new cover art by Ashley Cser, and an introduction by the author!

A Wizard in Absentia

His father’s a warlock; his mother, a witch; together, they’re the most powerful wizards in the world–or so it seems on the planet Gramarye, where modern technology is the ultimate “magic.” Now their son Magnus Gallowglass, tired of standing in his parents’ shadow, is leaving home – in a starship driven by the brain of the robo-horse Fess – in search of fame and fortune. It’s one small step for science – one giant leap for wizardry!
But for someone raised on a medieval planet, the modern world is a strange and confusing place, full of treacherous people and unexpected dangers. Is Magnus well on his way to creating his own legend? Or destined for trouble, failure, and an early grave?

A Wizard and a Warlord

During his last fight for peace and democracy on a forgotten planet, the interplanetary liberator Gar Pike somehow managed to get himself a new traveling companion: Alea, a young with a certain amount of psychic ability – and a heavy dose of attitude to boot.
Now the ship feels like it’s shrinking, and Alea’s always around, asking questions, sticking her nose in, and tensions are rising. But when they finally land on their next target planet, it’s… strange. There doesn’t seem to be *any* government to overthrow, good or bad, yet life still seems to be orderly, peaceful, and happy.
Until a forest outlaw builds an army and starts conquering villages, that is. With no government and no military, there’s nothing and no one to stop him. The locals pray the mythical “Scarlet Company” will, but it’s nowhere to be seen… and may not even exist.
Can Magnus and Alea alone save these peaceful people from brutal conquest? One thing is clear: when a wizard and a warlord square off, you can expect the unexpected.

A Witch’s Feast

“There are new rules governing the country—namely, no magic. But Fiona Forzese has never been good with rules.”As Fiona tries to pick up the pieces of her shattered life, she and Tobias take shelter in a classmate’s Southern mansion. The plan should be simple—finish out junior year in the safety of an old Virginia plantation.But Fiona can’t let things lie. She’s convinced the plantation belongs to a sinister witch-hunting cult. Worse, Tobias is clearly hiding a dark secret of his own. And if he weren’t looking so annoyingly attractive, maybe Fiona could focus on her investigations long enough to figure everything out. As Fiona digs deeper into the Ranulf’s past, she learns a dark truth that shocks her to her core. But it isn’t only the Ranulfs who have something to hide. As the witch-hunting cult closes in, Fiona is forced to choose who she really trusts before she loses everyone she cares about.

A Time of Blood

Defy the darkness. Defend the light.
At the battle of Starstone Lake, Drem and his friends witnessed horrors they’ll never forget. They saw magic warping men into beasts and a demon rise from the dead, creating something new and terrifying. So they flee to warn the Order of the Bright Star. But the demons’ high priestess, Fritha, is determined to hunt them down.
Concealed in Forn Forest, Riv struggles to understand her half-breed heritage. She represents the warrior angels’ biggest secret, one whichcould break their society. So when she’s found by the Ben-Elim’s high captain, he goes in for the kill.
Meanwhile, demonic forces are gathering a mighty war-host, to crush their enemies and rule the world of man. All while the Ben-Elim are fractured and facing betrayal. Like heroes of old, Riv, Drem and the Bright Star’s warriors must battle to save their land. But can the light triumph when the dark is rising?
A Time of Blood (Of Blood and Bone: Book Two) is the spectacular follow-up to A Time of Dread by John Gwynne.
‘Reminded me in the very best way of the sort of fantasy I loved in years gone by. Exciting, well-written, swords and sorcery. Try it on for size’
Mark Lawrence on A Time of Dread
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A Tiger’s Destiny

He’s one beast of a bodyguard…
Kel Cunningham is the only white tiger shifter in the world. Taller, stronger, and faster than almost anyone, he’s the best protection money can buy. Still, his two older brothers have found mates and Kel is ready to find a special someone of his own and settle down. And when his latest job brings him face to face with curvy Sofia, the first woman to make his tiger sit up and growl possessively, he thinks maybe she’s the one. That is, if he can keep her safe and figure out why everyone in the underworld seems to be hunting her.
Sofia doesn’t know what to make of the giant, model-gorgeous man hired to protect her. Kel’s ice blue eyes, blond hair, and tall body stand out wherever he goes, and Sofia doesn’t need to fall for a man that could get her noticed. But she soon sees that Kel is capable of handling anything that comes their way, and that beneath that muscular, sexy chest is one of the kindest hearts she has ever met. She knows she should stay distant, keep her secrets and trust no one. But Kel’s warm, safe arms and searing kisses make her want to break all her rules.
Warning: Contains a shifter who holds his own in car chases, dramatic rescues, and helicopter fights, and will do absolutely anything to protect his mate. This book has heart pounding action, some strong language, sexy scenes with a dominant tiger, and secrets you won’t guess until the very end!
A full romance with NO cliffhanger!
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A Tall Tail

**From the author of *Rule 34* and *Halting State,* a tale of deception, engineering, and the most unlikely rocket propulsion technology imaginable.**
“A Tall Tail” by award-winning science fiction author Charles Stross is a Tor.com Original set in a compelling alternative universe.
At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.