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Kind of Like Life

***Just because it’s happening in your head doesn’t mean it isn’t real…***
All Renee Ward ever wanted out of life was two things: Good friends to share her love of fantasy and fairy tales, and for magic to be real. When her family moves to the quaint coastal town of Waterside, it seems as if her dreams have finally come true. But after a visit from the mysterious Blake Carter, Renee’s new utopian life suddenly turns into a never-ending nightmare.
With the line between fantasy and reality blurred, the teens find themselves the unwilling pawns in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Their very survival now hinges on Renee’s overactive imagination. Unfortunately, that’s also what got them into this mess.

Kilts & Kraken

Magnus, Baron Findlay, longs to bring the wonders of the steam age to his remote island home, but his hands are full fighting the vicious kraken ravaging the coast. When he’s swept to sea during battle and washes up on the shore of an isle in the Hebrides, he is near death.
Struggling to establish herself as one of the first female physicians in Edinburgh, Dr. Geneva MacKay is annoyed when The Order of the Round Table sends her north to care for an injured highlander. To heal him, Geneva escorts the handsome warrior home, just in time to defend the villagers from another onslaught.
As the attacks escalate and they work together to fight off the threat, neither Geneva nor Magnus can resist the overwhelming attraction between them. But as their relationship deepens, a new threat arises—from within the village itself…
37,000 words
Cindy Spencer Pape firmly believes in happily-ever-after. Married for more than twenty-five years to her own, sometimes-kilted hero, she lives in southern Michigan with him and two grown sons, along with an ever-changing menagerie of pets. Award-winning author of more than 40 books, Cindy has been, among other things, a banker, a teacher, and an elected politician, but mostly an environmental educator, though now she is lucky enough to write full-time.

Killing Rocks

### From Publishers Weekly
The insubstantial third entry in the Bloodhound Files (after March 2010’s Death Blows) has vampire NSA chief David Cassius assigning FBI profiler Jace Valchek to hunt down Asher, the crazy, evil shaman who first pulled her into an alternate universe in which vampires, golems, and werewolves outnumber humans 99 to 1. Sent to Las Vegas, this time Jace has to do without her trusty golem sidekick, Charlie, who appears to be drawn into a war for golem rights. Instead, she teams up with the perky shape-changing mage Azura, a stripper and magical Astonisher trained to deceive. There is little development of established characters or furthering of the story arc, but the action crackles as the characters fall in and out of myths while making and breaking alliances and cracking wise. (Jan.)
(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
### Review
“For those who love their heroines with plenty of snark, look no further than displaced FBI agent Jace Valchek. In round three of the Bloodhound Files, Barant sets the stage for major political upheaval and places her feisty heroine in the hot zone. Barant continues to introduce intriguing secondary players who give her world depth and raise the ante. A terrific way to spend your time and money!” — *RT Book Reviews* on *Killing Rocks (4 1/2 stars!)*
“Snappy writing, a page-turning story and fresh world-building make *Dying Bites* a satisfying meal of a book.”—Kelley Armstrong, *New York Times* bestselling author of *Men of the Otherworld* and *The Awakening*
“ *Dying Bites* is wacky, unpredictable, fresh and amazing. I would kill to write as well as D.D. Barant. Seriously.”—Nancy Holder, author of *Pretty Little Devils*
“This engrossing debut adds another captivating protagonist to the urban fantasy ranks…Barant’s well-developed world offers intriguing enhancements to mythology and history. Jace is remarkable, strong-willed and smart, and she sets an unstoppable pace. Look for the Bloodhound Files to go far.”— *Publishers Weekly* (starred review)
“A heroine with plenty of guts, moxie and a sense of the absurd. [A] fresh and original take on urban fantasy…Huge kudos to Barant for spicing things up with a story that expertly integrates detective work, kick-butt action and a wacky sense of humor. Make sure you get in early on the outstanding new Bloodhound Files series.”— *Romantic Times*
“D D Barant builds a strong world and fills it with fascinating characters that will delight and entertain. *Dying Bites* is a well-written urban fantasy with a gripping plot and a heroine who is quite believable with her very human flaws. I’m looking forward to seeing more in this captivating world.”— *Darque Reviews* (starred read)
“Five stars. An exciting new series. It has humor, mystery, and adventure. A great book!”— *Affair de Coeur*
“Barant does an excellent job introducing a whole new world where vampires make up the majority of the population…quick and engrossing…a great new series.”— *The Romance Reader*


The Russian city of Arkhangelsk has fallen, its people held hostage within its walls as the German Confederation employs its Metal Emissaries in a new, more menacing role.
Unaware of the drama in Arkhangelsk, Luise Hanover and Hari Singh hide onboard The Flying Scotsman, making their way north as they race to uncover the secrets of the khronoglyphs, before the slow demons open the passage of time.
Khronos is a Steampunk Adventure set in Europe in the 1850s, full of airships, steam-powered fighting machines, chaos, rubble and dust.
Khronos continues the adventures of Hanover and Singh, linking each of the previous books: Metal Emissary (book 1) and Slow Demons (book 2), while setting the scene for the closing adventure in book 4 (available 2016).

Just a Psychic?

Ben has grown up with missing memories of his early childhood.
He has known he was a psychic since his earliest memories, seeing the future and gaining knowledge with his gifts.
Is it possible he isn’t just a psychic?
Ben’s world is about to be turned upside down as he turns twenty one, all is not as it seems.


Grant Archer only wanted to study astrophysics. But the forces of the “New Morality,” the coalition of censorious do-gooders who run 21st-century America, have other plans for him.
To his distress, Grant is torn from his young bride and sent to a research station in orbit around Jupiter, to spy on the scientists who work there. Their work may lead to the discovery of higher life forms in the Jovian system-with implications the New Morality doesn’t like at all.
What Grant’s would-be controllers don’t know is that his loyalty to science may be greater than his desire for a quiet life. But that loyalty will be tested in a mission as dangerous as any ever undertaken-a mission to the middle reaches of Jupiter’s endless atmosphere, a place where hydrogen flows as a liquid, and cyclones larger than planets rage for centuries at a time.
What lurks there is more than anyone has counted on…and stranger than anyone could possibly have imagined.
At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Jennifer Morgue

Bob Howard—a T-shirt – wearing computer geek and field agent for the super-secret British government agency The Laundry—must save the world from eldritch horrors, codenamed Jennifer Morgue, in this fast-paced spy thriller. Bob’s current mission is to stop the evil Ellis Billington from achieving world domination, but he must overcome obstacles including the Gravedust device, which permits communication with the dead; destiny-entanglement protocol; banishment weapons; and Ramona Random, a lethal but beautiful agent for the U.S. counterpart to The Laundry. Billington plans to raise the eldritch horror Jennifer Morgue from the vasty deeps, and communicate with a dead warrior for the purpose of ruling the world. Blending physics and applied mathematics with the practice of summoning and demonology, this spy-meets-horror novel will keep sci-fi fans on the edge of their seats. This volume also includes a bonus story, “Pimpf,” featuring agent Bob Howard in the world of virtual gaming, as well as an afterword entitled “The Golden Age of Spying.”

Java Cookbook

Java continues to grow and evolve, and this cookbook continues to evolve in tandem. With this guide, you’ll get up to speed right away with hundreds of hands-on recipes across a broad range of Java topics. You’ll learn useful techniques for everything from string handling and functional programming to network communication.
Each recipe includes self-contained code solutions that you can freely use, along with a discussion of how and why they work. If you’re familiar with Java basics, this cookbook will bolster your knowledge of the language and its many recent changes, including how to apply them in your day-to-day development. This updated edition covers changes through Java 12 and parts of 13 and 14.
Recipes include:
* Blade, Laravel’s powerful custom templating tool
* Methods for compiling, running, and debugging
* Packaging Java classes and building applications
* Manipulating, comparing, and rearranging text
* Regular expressions for string and pattern matching
* Handling numbers, dates, and times
* Structuring data with collections, arrays, and other types
* Object-oriented and functional programming techniques
* Input/output, directory, and filesystem operations
* Network programming on both client and server
* Processing JSON for data interchange
* Multithreading and concurrency
* Using Java in big data applications
* Interfacing Java with other languages

Jack the Giant-Killer

De Lint at his best. When Jacky’s boyfriend walks out, her life changes more than she could ever imagine. In a fit of angst she chops off her long blond hair then goes out to wander the streets of Ottawa. She’s startled out of her reverie by a faceless gang of bikers attacking a small man whose body disappears, leaving behind only a red cap. The cap shows Jacky an unimaginable side of Ottawa and sets her on an impossible quest to save the good fairies from their evil counterparts.

Luck, magic, and love bring to life a perilous, rollicking adventure involving Jacky, her best friend Kate, nefarious giants, nasty bogans, a trickster, a whimsical wizard, a small hob, and the last of the Swan Princes. Jacky’s daring and quick wit make for an exciting story that is impossible to put down. Cleverly mingling folklore, fairy tale and modern life, the novel points to a fine connection between what is seen and what is not, and the importance of belief, compassion, and loyalty.
This Triskell Press e-book contains a new Afterword by the author.

De Lint has a deceptively casual writing style, but his ability to pull in the reader’s sympathy and suspension of disbelief is entirely artful. This volume is a good place to start if you’re unfamiliar with de Lint’s writing, and just as pleasurable to return to after a few years’ absence.
\- Challenging Destiny

De Lint keeps the pace going full tilt, involving the reader immediately. The backdrop of Ottawa adds a delicious dimension as mortals and sidhe coexist on the streets, the former unable to see that latter among them. The characters are (mostly) likable and lively, and Jacky is a heroine after anyone’s heart. It is a joy to watch her grow from a timid frightened girl into a resourceful hero, and she makes a darn good role model, too.
\- Rambles
Charles de Lint is the modern master of urban fantasy. Folktale, myth, fairy tale, dreams, urban legend—all of it adds up to pure magic in de Lint’s vivid, original world. No one does it better.
— Alice Hoffman
Charles de Lint writes like a magician.  He draws out the strange inside our own world, weaving stories that feel more real than we are when we read them.  He is, simply put, the best.
— Holly Black
To read de Lint is to fall under the spell of a master storyteller, to be reminded of the greatness of life, of the beauty and majesty lurking in shadows and empty doorways.
– Quill and Quire
De Lint is probably the finest contemporary author of fantasy
– Booklist, American Library Association
Unlike most fantasy writers who deal with battles between ultimate good and evil, de Lint concentrates on smaller, very personal conflicts.  Perhaps this is what makes him accessible to the non-fantasy audience as well as the hard-core fans.  Perhaps it’s just damned fine writing.
– Quill & Quire


**The Ranger**
On the island of Galveston, off the coast of southeast Texas, lies a hotel called the Jacaranda. In its single year of operation, two dozen people have died there. The locals say it’s cursed. The Rangers say that’s nonsense, but they know a man who might be willing to investigate. Horatio Korman crosses the water from the mainland, and hopes for the best.
**The Nun**
But the bodies pile up, and a hurricane is brewing up fast. One of the Jacaranda’s guests sees time running out, so she seeks an authority of a different sort: a priest from El Huizache who is good at solving problems and keeping secrets. Eileen Callahan has a problem to solve, and a secret to keep. She crosses her fingers, and sends a message that could save them all.
**The Padre**
Juan Miguel Quintero Rios broke a promise to the Virgin, and so he was punished…but his intentions were pure, so he was also blessed. Now he walks the southwest with second sight and a tattoo across his back: ”Deo, non Fortuna”–By God, not chance. The former gunslinger crosses himself, and makes for the Jacaranda Hotel.
Novella takes place 20 years after the events of Fiddlehead, and will be unrelated to the main arc.

Iron Sunrise

A G2 star doesn’t just explode – not without outside interference. So the survivors of the planet Moscow, which was annihilated in just such an event, have launched a counterattack against the most likely culprit: the neighboring system of New Dresden. But New Dresden wasn’t responsible, and as deadly missiles approach their target, Rachel Mansour, agent for the interests of Old Earth, is assigned to find out who was. Opposing her is an unknown – an unimaginable – enemy. At stake is not only the fate of New Dresden, but also the very order of the universe.” And the one person who knows the identity of that enemy is a disaffected teenager who calls herself Wednesday Shadowmist. But Wednesday has no idea what she knows.

Introduction to Lagrangian Dynamics

This volume provides a short summary of the essentials of Lagrangian dynamics for practicing engineers and students of physics and engineering. It examines a range of phenomena and techniques in a style that is compact and succinct, while remaining comprehensive. The book provides a review of classical mechanics and coverage of critical topics including holonomic and non-holonomic systems, virtual work, the principle of d’Alembert for dynamical systems, the mathematics of conservative forces, the extended Hamilton’s principle, Lagrange’s equations and Lagrangian dynamics, a systematic procedure for generalized forces, quasi-coordinates, and quasi-velocities, Lagrangian dynamics with quasi-coordinates, Professor Ranjan Vepa’s approach and the Hamiltonian formulation. Adopting a step-by-step approach with examples throughout the book, this ready reference completely develops all of the relevant equations and is ideal for practicing mechanical, aeronautical, and civil engineers, physicists, and graduate/upper-level undergraduate students.
* Explains in detail the development of the theory behind Lagrangian dynamics in a practical fashion;
* Discusses virtual work, generalized forces, conservative forces, constraints, Extended Hamilton’s Principle and the Hamiltonian formulation;
* Presents two different approaches to the quasi-velocity method for non-holonomic constraints;
* Reinforces concepts presented with illustrative examples;
* Includes comprehensive coverage of the important topics of classical mechanics.