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Princess of Glass

**The enchanting second book in *New York Times* bestselling author Jessica Day George’s Twelve Dancing Princesses series is a Cinderella retelling that will sweep you off your feet!**
Hoping to escape the troubles in her kingdom, Princess Poppy reluctantly agrees to take part in a royal exchange program, where young princes and princesses travel to each other’s countries in the name of better political alliances–and potential marriages. It’s got the makings of a fairy tale–until a hapless servant named Eleanor is tricked by a vengeful fairy godmother into competing with Poppy for the eligible prince. Ballgowns, cinders, and enchanted glass slippers fly in this romantic and action-packed happily-ever-after quest from an author with a flair for embroidering tales in her own delightful way.
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Predator’s Gold

## Het bloedstollende vervolg op *Mortal Engines*!
Nu de grote tractiestad Londen compleet vernietigd is, reizen Tom Natsworthy en Hester Shaw rond in hun luchtschip. Dan wordt hun schip beschoten door gevechtsschepen. Op de vlucht voor de grimmige vliegeniers van de Groene Storm bereiken ze net op tijd de ijsstad Anchorage. Maar Anchorage is niet veilig meer. De stad is verwoest door een plaag en wordt door dieven – of misschien wel geesten – achtervolgd. Om te overleven zet Anchorage koers naar het Dode Continent. Maar die weg is niet zonder gevaar.
In dit adembenemende vervolg op zijn bekroonde en verfilmde *Mortal Engines* dompelt Philip Reeve lezers opnieuw onder in een meedogenloze en angstaanjagend geloofwaardige wereld waarin steden elkaar opeten, verraad heel gewoon is en loyaliteit de enige overlevingskans biedt.


A pair of genetic scientists discover a DNA pattern that may indicate a potential toward telepathy in humans. As they are pondering the immense odds against finding someone with the identical genetic makeup, they discover a farm boy in Iowa who is a virtual match, but doesn’t have the personality–or intelligence–they would expect in a telepath. Locus Poll Award Nominee

Plundered by Pirates 2 – Jailed & Nailed

***Publication Date: February 4, 2015***

*This steamy story is for adults only and deals with intense sexual themes.*

They call me the Sea Witch. 

Three months ago I was taken from my father’s ship after being told to please the entire crew or we’d both be tossed to the sharks. I had other ideas. I made their Pirate Captain mine and now I carry his baby. I run my own ship and I have the respect and love of my men. I think things are going well until the Spanish set a trap and now I have to find a way to save my own life. 

*Swashbuckling excitement and adventure on the high seas!*

Planes, Gliders and Paper Rockets

Do helicopters need more or less energy to stay in the sky than an airplane? What pushes a rocket to leave the atmosphere? Why can airplanes have smaller motors than helicopters?
Help your students learn the answers to these and other questions!
Written for educators, homeschoolers, parents–and kids!–this fully illustrated book provides a fun mix of projects, discussion materials, instructions, and subjects for deeper investigation around the basics of homemade flying objects. With the projects in this book, you can spend more time learning and experimenting, and less time planning and preparing.
Complete with download links to PDF templates that expand your teaching, this is your one-stop manual for learning about, interacting with, and being curious about airflow, gravity, torque, power, ballistics, pressure, and force.
In Make: Planes, Gliders, and Paper Rockets, you’ll make and experiment with:
* Paper catapult helicopter–add an LED light for night launches!
* Pull-string stick helicopter
* Rubber band airplane
* Simple sled kite
* 25-cent quick-build kite
* Air rockets with a parachute or a glider
* Foam air rocket
* Rocket stands
* Bounce rocket
* Low- and high-pressure rocket launchers


### Product Description
Phthor is the sequel to Chthon, less intricately structured and less complicated in plot, but still quite dark and ugly in theme and detail. Rather than flashbacks and flashforwards, it has a Y outline, with the stem the initial story and the ends alternate futures, neither of which is acceptable to Aton’s son Arlo. Arlo has his own encounter with a Minionette, and naturally destruction is upon him and all with whom he associates. Write/editor Charles Platt was so impressed with the chthonic setting that he wrote two additional sequels, Plasm and Soma, which are even darker and grimmer.
### About the Author
Piers Anthony is the acclaimed author of more than 100 novels and short story collections. His works include the Xanth series, the Mode series, Chthon and Total Recall.

Penny Dreadful Multipack Vol. 1

**Penny Dreadful Multipack VOLUME 6 – LIFE IN THE CITY released 11/07**
Three epic PENNY BLOOD CLASSICS remastered for Kindle with original art, essays, free audio recordings and detailed annotations: **Wagner The Wehr-Wolf, Varney The Vampire** and **The Mysteries of London.**
Published in 1847, **Wagner** is one of the first werewolf novels in English Literature. It is set in the sixteenth century and begins with a recently abandoned old man waiting in vain for his granddaughter to return and care for him as a storm rages in the ancient forest surrounding his isolated cottage. To his surprise, a stranger appears and offers him something he cannot refuse: beauty and youth. But it comes with a price as he must also suffer the curse of the werewolf. Love, violence, and intrigue are all weaved around Fernand Wagner as he struggles to balance being a human and a murderous animal. As things become more out of hand and uncontrollable, the secret he has been trying to hide may just have to come forth and be faced by all involved, including his beloved Nisida.
One of the earliest penny dreadfuls, **Varney** is the original vampire story and it was wildly popular with Victorian readers, remaining the Number One serial for two years. It appeared in eight part installments every month between 1845-7. The full version collected here clocks in at an epic 667,000 words. This hugely influential work continues to enthrall and is presented here in electronic book form for the first time with its original illustrations.
Largely forgotten now, **The Mysteries of London** was one of the biggest selling novels in mid-Victorian England, outselling contemporaneous works from Dickens and Thackeray. The first series was published in weekly installments from 1844-46, priced at a penny each. George W. M. Reynolds wrote the first two series of this long-running narrative of life in the seedy underbelly of mid-nineteenth-century London. Thomas Miller wrote the third series and Edward L. Blanchard wrote the fourth series of this immensely popular title.
*Over 150 period illustrations.
* Annotated with two original essays “What is a Penny Dreadful?” and “Who was George W. M. Reynolds?”
*Links to free, full-length audio recordings of **Varney the Vampire** and **Mysteries of London**.
* Total page count: 3, 376
All three pulp classics for one unbeatable low price!
*An individual, active Table of Contents for each book accessible from the Kindle “go to” feature.
* Perfect formatting in rich text compatible with Kindle’s Text-to-Speech features.

Paying for It

Gus Dury once had a high-flying career as a journalist and a wife he adored. But now he is living on the edge, a drink away from Edinburgh’s down-and-outs, drifting from bar to bar, trying not to sign divorce papers. But the road takes an unexpected turn when a friend asks him to investigate the brutal torture and killing of his son, and Gus becomes embroiled in a much bigger story of political corruption and illegal people-trafficking. Seedy doss- houses, bleak wastelands and sudden violence contrast with the cobbled streets and cool bistros of fashionable Edinburgh, as the puzzle unravels to a truly shocking ending.

Pandora’s Legions


The Centran Empire was both benevolent and complacent. Benevolent, even as it overwhelmed every new inhabited planet it encountered with its military might—but once the planet was pacified, its inhabitants were uplifted to Centran standards of living and the benefits of membership in the Empire. Complacent, because the Empire had long been expanding without encountering more than minor obstacles. And then they came across Pandora’s Planet, that is, Earth….

In spite of the Centran superiority in technology, the conquest of Earth took over three months, when the invaders were used to wrapping things up in less than two weeks. But “conquest” might be too optimistic a term to use, since the locals were still waging guerrilla warfare and sabotage, and the Centrans were hanging on by their equivalent of fingernails. And then the Centran scientists tested a group of humans and found that the humans were more intelligent than the Centrans.

One Centran leader had an idea that might save the Centrans from being ignominiously kicked off the planet again. Since the humans were good at war, why not put together teams of humans to go out to the fringes of Centran space and handle planets that were proving difficult The teams performed magnificently—but back in the heart of the Empire, humans and their weird new ideas were spreading like wildfire, and if something weren’t done soon, the humans would end up running the former Centran Empire….

At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).