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The Bitches of Enchantment: A Dark Princess Fairy Tale

When last we left our fierce princesses–rulers of the United Kingdom of Enchantment, they had found themselves in grave peril. Facing an unseen enemy, an unknown nemesis. Dare I say, a villain. Not one of mine, of course. No, whoever was behind the spell that stole the memories of my princesses, was far darker than any my imagination had ever conceived. This villain–villains?–was far more cruel than a stepmother, more heartless than a greedy queen, more diabolically patient than a wicked witch. Whoever had cast the spell had a sinister power the likes of which I had never seen in my homeland.
But if you live long enough, as I have, you hear whispers on the wind of such darkness. Soulless creatures who will stop at nothing to destroy anything–or anyone–who blocks their crooked path. I have heard of such villains. Others have written about them. They exist in the shadows until some thread of their own story unravels, and they seek out a new narrative.
Not that I know who is behind the undoing of my heroines. If I did, I would have given them the tools to fight the evil. I would have written them their happy endings. Alas, I know not what will become of them now in this strange new world. I know only that between them, they are more powerful than they ever realized. And that the one destined to save them all need only to remain steadfast and strong to rise to victory. Then maybe–just maybe–this won’t be the end of their tale.
However, the powerful clap of hoof beats, the drumming of soldiers approaching, and the smell of treachery in the air surrounding my tiny cottage as I write this, tells me that it could be the end of mine.
~Jacob Grimm
The Scribe

The Battle of Hastings

Harriet Harvey Wood’s original and fascinating book shows that, rather than bringing culture and enlightenment to England, the Normans’ aggressive and illegal invasion destroyed a long-established and highly-developed civilization which was far ahead of other European peoples in its political institutions, art and literature. It explores the background and lead-up to the invasion and the motives of the leading players, the state of warfare in England and Normandy in 1066, and the battle itself. By all the laws of probability, King Harold ought to have won the battle of Hastings without difficulty and to have enjoyed a peaceful and enlightened reign. That he did not was largely a matter of sheer bad luck. The result could just as easily have gone the other way. This gripping and highly-readable book shows how he came to be defeated, and what England lost as a result of his defeat and death.

The Bachman Books

Four of Richard Bachman’s eerie works are gathered here in a posthumous edition. They are Rage, a story of stunning psychological horror about an “estra” ordinary high school student; “The Long Walk”, a contest with death; “Roadwork, a strange variation on the theme of “Home Sweet Home”; and “The Running Man”, where you bet your life–literally.

The Ascent of Money

Bread, cash, dosh, dough, loot. Call if what you like, it matters now more than ever. In *The Ascent of Money* , Niall Ferguson shows that financial history is the back-story to all history. From the banking dynasty who funded the Italian Renaissance to the stock market bubble that caused the French Revolution, this is the story of booms and busts as it’s never been told before. With the world in the grip of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression, there’s never been a better time to understand the ascent – and descent – of money. ‘Beautifully written … Breathtakingly clever’ *Sunday Telegraph* ‘A lucid and racy account of financial history’ *New Statesman* ‘A fine, readable and entertaining history’ Dominic Sandbrook, *Daily Telegraph* , Books of the Year ‘The tales he tells of boom and bust, of triumph and disaster, of bubbles that inflate … are the very essence of financial history’ Bill Emmott, *Financial Times* ‘An often enlightening and enjoyable tour through the underside of great events, a lesson in how the most successful great powers have always been underpinned by smart money’ Robert Skidelsky, *New York* *Review of Books*

The Apprentice Sorcerer

The life of one young man is unexpectedly changed, when selected by one of the Caldronian Guild Masters to become an apprentice. However, leaving his miserable life behind for the privileged one at the guild, is not without its own complications. With the country of Caldronia under attack from i’s neighbour, it falls upon the young apprentices of the guild to come to its defence. Those able to wield magic are prized greatest of all, and as the nation struggles against the relentless enemy, even those with minimal experience are forced into the action. YA Fantasy Fiction UK English

The Apothecary’s Curse

This Bram Stoker Award-nominated urban fantasy mixes alchemy and genetics as a gentleman physician and a brilliant apothecary try to prevent a pharmaceutical company from exploiting the book that made them immortal centuries ago.
In Victorian London, the fates of physician Simon Bell and apothecary Gaelan Erceldoune entwine when Simon gives his wife an elixir created by Gaelan from an ancient manuscript. Meant to cure her cancer, it kills her. Suicidal, Simon swallows the remainder—only to find he cannot die.
Five years later, hearing rumors of a Bedlam inmate with regenerative powers like his own, Simon is shocked to discover it’s Gaelan. The two men conceal their immortality, but the only hope of reversing their condition rests with Gaelan’s missing manuscript.
When modern-day pharmaceutical company Transdiff Genomics unearths diaries describing the torture of Bedlam inmates, the company’s scientists suspect a link between Gaelan and an unnamed inmate. Gaelan and Genomics geneticist Anne Shawe are powerfully drawn to each other, and her family connection to his manuscript leads to a stunning revelation. Will it bring ruin or redemption?

The Alora and the Knightlys Trilogy: Books 1-3

The Alora and the Knightlys Trilogy contains books 1-3 of “The Alora and the Knightlys” series.
Book 1: Alora and the Knightlys
Book 2: Alora and the Dragon Wizard
Book 3: Alora and the Three Kingdoms
Her story begins…
Alora lives on a farm with her mother and step father.
Age: Sixteen seasons.
Wants: More to life than doing chores.
When she finds out that the king is calling for volunteers for his army, she decides she has to go, no matter what.
And so begins her journey. A journey filled with knights, magic, and deception.

The Accidental Familiar

**Halloween with the OOPs crew! Trick or Treat?**
*When the warlock’s away, the familiar will play!*
Desperate to pay the rent, Broadway-star wannabe Poppy McGuillicuddy is in the middle of DJ-ing a Halloween party when a mishap with a cat named Calamity changes her life forever. Suddenly, she’s a familiar—as in, a witch’s familiar. Or in her case, a warlock’s. Even more specifically, a gorgeous warlock…who wants nothing to do with her. Thank God for the ladies from OOPs, who’ve promised their help as Poppy navigates her accidental paranormal powers.
Despite his last familiar leaving him bitter and disillusioned, warlock Rick Delassantos still isn’t heartless. He’s agreed to give Poppy a few days before contacting Familiar Central and demanding she be reassigned elsewhere. But barely a day is all it takes for Poppy to become the target of some seriously bad magic, forcing Rick to keep her close to ensure her safety. Not exactly a hardship, when his new familiar is as sexy as she is sassy.
With help from the Marty, Nina and Wanda, and assorted other OOPs friends, Rick and Poppy learn some important lessons— **fate works in mysterious ways; things aren’t always as they seem; and sometimes the worst evil can be found close to home!**
**A Halloween party gone wrong will keep the OOPs crew putting out one fire after another. Join them this Halloween for a ghoulishly, magic-filled tale!**
*The Accidental Familiar,* Book 14 of the bestselling Accidentally Paranormal series by ***USA Today* bestselling romantic comedy author Dakota Cassidy** is a laugh-out-loud, paranormal romantic comedy, and a great addition to your Halloween reading list.
**Accidentally Paranormal series by Dakota Cassidy**
*Interview With an Accidental*
10\. *Accidentally Aphrodite*
11\. *Accidentally Ever After*
12\. *Bearly Accidental*
13\. *How Nina Got Her Fang Back*
14\. *The Accidental Familiar*
15\. *Then Came Wanda…With a Baby Carriage*
16\. *The Accidental Mermaid*
What readers are saying…
*”Funny and very entertaining! Paranormal must read!”* ~Kathy Pearson
*”OMG! Ms. Cassidy outdid herself with this one! “* ~Lisa
Perfect for fans of Larissa Emerald, Robyn Peterman, and Eve Langlais

Taking Sides

When campaign organizer Trevor Connelly comes to Indianapolis to help local advocates fight their Republican state government’s religious freedom law, she finds that’s not her only challenge. Librarian Gail Moore would rather avoid both politics and romance, but with Trevor, she finds it hard to resist either.

Can two women from different worlds overcome their misgivings and find true love?

Survival of a Species Trilogy

In 2300 CE Beckett Conroy, a young man alienated from his famous scientist father, Dr. Padraig Conroy, has taken up the new vocation of asteroid mining with his uncle’s company. His new boss is Sid Conroy, owner of the Galactic Mining Corporation and the man to whom he had always turned when in need. Beckett’s father, the chief geneticist at the World Genetic Foundation, is on the verge of a huge breakthrough in longevity but the potential discovery is coveted by others who will kill for the prize.
The tragic news of Padraig Conroy’s death brings Beckett, accompanied by his uncle Sid and the corporation’s secretary, Freda, back to Earth for the funeral. They discover Padraig’s death was not an accident and a clue as to the whereabouts of the breakthrough’s secret research is left for Beckett to pursue, should he so desire. The unexpected outcome of the saga has Beckett regretting all the years he spent hating his absentee father as the real nature and ambition of his uncle is revealed. This is a fast-paced, Science Fiction story with loads of action and intrigue.
Beckett Conroy and his wife, Carla have inherited the Galactic Mining Corporation from Beckett’s uncle and are busily mining the asteroid belt when a new project, not related to asteroid mining, is offered the company. Because of the Conroy’s experience with space programs and the immense size of their mother ship, the Andromeda, they are chosen to lead a mission to the Pegasus Constellation of stars in search of an exoplanet which resides in the goldilocks region of the star, 51 Peg.
After a lengthy flight through space Beckett and Carla Conroy arrive at the planet, 51 Peg d, in the Pegasus Constellation. The planet is exquisitely, beautiful and fulfills all the ingredients of a super Earth. The new colony, established by those of the Andromeda’s crew who survived the dangerous journey receive bad news—the return of the warlike aliens, the Crustans, who are out for revenge. The colony prepares to protect its sovereignty.
Beckett, together with the androids, delivers a crushing blow to the Crustan enemy and the second project mission, due from Earth, arrives days later. A problem arises, however in the form of a mutinous individual, who attempts to change the way the colony is governed. The two androids, Lieutenant Sparkle and Happydoo play a pivotal role in the outcome of this egregious scenario and to add to the problem, the Crustans return with an overwhelming force to take their revenge on the colony.
All these pressing events and desperate situations find interesting solutions and make for an exciting read.

Sugah & Spice

Sugah and Spice is a book about love, loyalty, hatred, revenge and hidden identity. Sugah Payne is searching for financial freedom when she becomes intertwined with a mysterious organization of successful young people and falls head over heels in love with the group’s leader. No one in the business is allowed to use his or her birth name, so a new identity is formed. As secrets are discovered, a world of deception unfolds. Sugah’s life is opened to a past she knew nothing about, thanks to her mother and father. No one can be trusted and Sugah finds herself in comprising positions, which leads to sex, deception and murder. As other members of the organization keep the skeletons in their closets hidden, more lives are put in jeopardy.


Almost one year ago, Alice TodHunter Moon left her PathFinder village to become Apprentice to ExtraOrdinary Wizard Septimus Heap. The Castle still fills Tod with wonder—it’s hard to believe all that Magyk comes from the great block of lapis lazuli beneath the Wizard Tower.
But in faraway lands, the brilliant blue stone is crumbling to dust. Soon the destruction will spread to the Castle and the Wizard Tower will lose its Magyk and come tumbling down. It seems that the Orm Egg that Tod rescued from the evil sorcerer Oraton-Marr was the Keystone holding the Enchantment of the lapis lazuli in place. But the Egg has hatched now, and the Keystone is no more.
Somehow, from somewhere, another Keystone must be found—but how?
Despite the intrigues of the witch Marissa and the Red Queen, both of whom have their own plans to take over the Castle, Tod sets off on a hazardous journey to find a new Keystone. She has yet to discover that Aunt Mitza has murderous plans in store.
This final installment of the TodHunter Moon trilogy celebrates how hard work, selflessness, and the courage to be who you are can create a harmony that spans the seas and stars.

Star Force: The Admiral

Beginning his 2000+ year life as a teenage founder of the Star Force military, Paul-024 has been on the front lines throughout the growth of Earth’s planetary defense force from inception through both the Skarron and lizard wars. Then when the V’kit’no’sat returned and began annihilating Earth’s interstellar empire starting with its capitol, Paul was there fighting a stalling retreat while Star Force evacuated as many people as possible, losing system after system as they were pushed further out into the galactic rim. The result has been an ever growing Devastation Zone where the V’kit’no’sat patrol the destroyed territory to keep Star Force out and a front line that they continually keep plucking systems from…but a change is coming, and as Star Force’s technology and strength continue to rise almost to parity with the enemy Dinosaur empire the V’kit’no’sat are taking notice. The fragments of the rogue Human civilization they thought they’d mostly destroyed are going to be tolerated no longer, with a major push coming that Paul and the other trailblazers must stop…else the eventual fall of Star Force will soon follow. — *This standalone book occurs concurrently with Wayward Trilogy book #3, Persistent Ravage.* **

Star Force: Persistent Ravage

Stranded on a jungle world, Esna and the other evacuees fight both the V’kit’no’sat and the heavy gravity to survive, but she finds her pathetic lack of strength and stamina slowing the others down. Knowing she is responsible for their deaths, Esna is hauled along as the enemy picks them off one after another while the Star Force personnel refuse to leave her behind. ‘Persistent Ravage’ is the 3rd book in the Wayward Trilogy and part of the Star Force universe.

Star Force: Mak’to’ran Series (1-5)

Civil War looms on the horizon for the galactic dinosaur empire and one lone T-rex bears the mark of treason to rally the loyal and reunify the races…Beginning the Star Force Phase 2 timeline, the Mak’to’ran serial details the defeated V’kit’no’sat fleet commander’s days following the attack on Earth and the fallout within the Dinosaur empire that results from it. For as bad as the treason regarding the Humans and the bastardized Hadarak is, and the implications that one of the two founding V’kit’no’sat races are behind it, a much larger rift within the empire is being exposed that has the potential to do what neither the Zak’de’ron culling nor the Rit’ko’sor rebellion accomplished.A full Dinosaur civil war.

Star Force: Mak’to’ran Series (1-5)

Civil War looms on the horizon for the galactic dinosaur empire and one lone T-rex bears the mark of treason to rally the loyal and reunify the races…Beginning the Star Force Phase 2 timeline, the Mak’to’ran serial details the defeated V’kit’no’sat fleet commander’s days following the attack on Earth and the fallout within the Dinosaur empire that results from it. For as bad as the treason regarding the Humans and the bastardized Hadarak is, and the implications that one of the two founding V’kit’no’sat races are behind it, a much larger rift within the empire is being exposed that has the potential to do what neither the Zak’de’ron culling nor the Rit’ko’sor rebellion accomplished.A full Dinosaur civil war.