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France, 1861. When an epidemic threatens to wipe out the silk trade in France, Herve Joncour, a young silk breeder, has to travel overland to distant Japan, out of bounds to foreigners, to smuggle out healthy silkworms. In the course of his secret negotiations with the local baron, Joncour’s attention is arrested by the man’s concubine, a girl who does not have oriental eyes. Although they are unable to exchange so much as a word, love blossoms between them, a love that is conveyed in a number of recondite messages. How their secret affair develops is told in this remarkable love story. As haunting as a strain of passionate music, Silk is an enchantment, an exquisite narrative and a stylistic tour de force.

Silent Bells: Homeward IX

Jan and Julianna, along with all of Jan’s Móndyalítko family, return to Chemestúk keep to prepare for a joyous day–their wedding. Julianna could not be happier, for Jan has altered completely; no longer the shallow “breaker of hearts,” he now belongs solely to her. Yet even as flowers are arranged and the wedding feast is prepared, Jan’s past catches up to him.
The night before the wedding, another woman unexpectedly arrives at the keep and brings devastating repercussions that rapidly spin out of control. To Julianna’s shock, she is soon fighting not only for Jan’s life but her certainty that she can trust him with her heart. Is he really the man she believed him to be?
Not only does his life hang in the balance but their future life together as well.
**About “Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga”…**
No knowledge of the Noble Dead Saga or related works is necessary to read and enjoy these stories. They are written for fantasy enthusiasts in general and not just our established readership. Readers new to this world can step into it through any of these short works.
Tales are organized into “collections” where all stories therein share a theme and/or premise. When one or more link together, subsequent stories will mention “sequel to…” on their covers to guide you. Even so, each is self-contained enough to be your first adventure into this world.
—Barb & J.C. Hendee

Sigmund Freud

On connaît l’intérêt passionné du romancier Stefan Zweig pour les zones inexplorées et obscures de l’esprit humain. on connaît aussi l’indéfectible et révérencieuse amitié qu’il voua toute sa vie au père de la psychanalyse ?
Zweig prononça l’éloge funèbre de Freud en 1939. résolument conçu comme une apologie, cet essai, publié en France pour la première fois en 1932 dans le recueil La Guérison par l’esprit, était destiné à prouver aux yeux du monde la valeur et la portée de l’œuvre de Freud. tout en donnant au lecteur contemporain les clés essentielles sur l’homme et sa théorie, il se double aussi d’une réflexion fondamentale sur les pouvoirs de la pensée et restitue admirablement l’esprit d”une époque, ses réticences, ses doutes et ses espoirs. Ce volume contient l?oraison funèbre «Sur le cercueil de Sigmund Freud.»

Shady Lady

*I’d spent my whole life settling, trying not to attract attention, and generally doing whatever it took to keep other people happy. I didn’t want to do that again. Not when I was finally comfortable in my own skin. Sure, there were certain challenges, like a drug lord who wanted me dead, and the fact that I owed a demon a debt that he could call due at any moment. But everybody’s got problems, right?*
Whenever Corine Solomon touches an object, she immediately knows its history. But her own future concerns her more and more. Now back in Mexico, she’s running her pawnshop and trying to get a handle on her strange new powers, for she might need them. And soon.

Then former ally Kel Ferguson walks through her door. Heavily muscled and tattooed, Kel looks like a convict but calls himself a holy warrior. This time, he carries a warning for Corine: the Montoya cartel is coming for her–but they don’t just pack automatic weapons. The Montoyas use warlocks, shamans, voodoo priests–anything to terminate trouble. And Corine has become enemy number one…
### From Publishers Weekly
Violent revenge threatens a demon-touched amateur witch in the solid third Corine Solomon adventure (after 2010’s Hell Fire). Corine is ready to return to her normal life as a pawnshop owner, but when Kel Ferguson, Hand of God, arrives just in time to save her from touching an item hexed to kill her, she discovers that a drug cartel boss is out for her blood. Corine, Kel, and Corine’s teen ward, Shannon, dodge enemies from Mexico City to Laredo, Tex.—with an even more dangerous side trip to Peru—while striking bargains with red witches, a rival cartel, demons, and their own consciences. Corine’s inner turmoil over using dark powers to survive is compelling, as is her attraction to the strong and appealing Kel (even though he’s love interest #3). Aguirre has a gift for creating strong characters who keep her readers coming back for more. (Apr.)
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### Review
I can’t wait to see what [Ann Aguirre] comes up with next.”
****—NYT Bestselling author Patricia Briggs


Practer Fine, an adventurous young blacksmith, is given the task of finding the source of the unimaginable evil of Shadowkeep, a mysterious castle, and freeing his land from its enchantment, in a fantasy adventure based on the computer game “Shadowkeep”

Shadow of Freedom

*New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal* and international bestselling **phenomenon David Weber delivers book #18 in the multiple* New York Times* best-selling Honor Harrington series. Honor Harrington’s Royal Manticoran Navy fights space battles alongside planetary rebels as its old rival, the corrupt Solarian League, begins to crumble.
# 18 in the multiply-bestselling Honor Harrington series.
Wrong number? There are two sides to any quarrel . . . unless there are more.
Michelle Henke, Queen Elizabeth of Manticore’s first cousin, Honor Harrington’s best friend, and the commanding officer of Manticore’s Tenth Fleet, is just a bit surprised when a messenger arrives from the Mobius System to inform her that the Mobius Liberation Front is prepared to rise in rebellion against the hated regime President Svein Lombroso. She can understand why *anyone* would want to rebel against someone like Lombroso, but why tell *her* about it? After all, she has problems of her own, like the minor matter of a life-or-death war against the Solarian League.
Michelle has just handed the “invincible” Solarian League Navy the most humiliating, one-sided defeat in its entire almost thousand-year history in defense of the people of the Star Empire’s Talbott Quadrant. But the League is the most powerful star nation in the history of humanity. Its navy is going to be back – and this time with thousands of superdreadnoughts.
Yet she also knows scores of other star systems — some independent, some controlled by puppet regimes, and some simply conquered outright by the Solarian Office of Frontier Security — lie in the League’s grip along its frontier with the Talbott Quadrant. As combat spreads from the initial confrontation, the entire frontier has begun to seethe with unrest, and Michelle sympathizes with the oppressed populations wanting only to be free of their hated masters.
And that puts her in something of a quandary when the messenger from Mobius arrives, because someone’s obviously gotten a wrong number. According to him, the Mobians’ uprising has been carefully planned to coordinate with a powerful outside ally: the Star Empire of Manticore. Only Manticore — and Mike Henke — have never even heard of the Mobius Liberation Front.
It’s a set-up . . . and Michelle knows who’s behind it. The shadowy Mesan Alignment has launched a bold move to destroy Manticore’s reputation as the champion of freedom. And when the RMN *doesn’t* arrive, when the MLF is brutally and bloodily crushed, no independent star system will ever trust Manticore again.
Mike Henke knows she has no orders from her government to assist *any* rebellions or liberation movements, that she has only so many ships, which can be in only so many places at a time . . . and that she can’t possibly justify diverting any of her limited, outnumbered strength to missions of liberation the Star Empire never signed on for.
She knows that . . . and she doesn’t care.
No one is going to send thousands of patriots to their deaths, trusting in Manticoran help that will never come.
Not on Mike Henke’s watch.
**About *Shadow of Freedom* :
** “This entry is just as exciting as Weber’s initial offering. . . .The result is a fast-paced and action-packed story that follows [our characters] as they move from reaction to command of the situation. Weber builds *Shadow of Freedom* to an exciting and unexpected climax.”— *Daily News of Galveston*
**About *Mission of Honor* , #13 in the Honor Harrington series: **
“Weber combines realistic, engaging characters with intelligent technological projection and a deep understanding of military bureaucracy in this long-awaited Honor Harrington novel…Fans of this venerable space opera will rejoice to see Honor back in action.”– *Publishers Weekly*  
“This latest Honor Harrington novel brings the saga to another crucial turning point…Readers may feel confident that they will be Honored many more times and enjoy it every time.”– *Booklist*
**About David Weber and the Honor Harrington series:**
“. . .everything you could want in a heroine …. Excellent … plenty of action.”– *Science Fiction Age*
“Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!”–Anne McCaffrey
“Compelling combat combined with engaging characters for a great space opera adventure.”– *Locus*
“Weber combines realistic, engaging characters with intelligent technological projection . . . Fans of this venerable space opera will rejoice . . .”– *Publishers Weekly* **


Vampire hunter Anita Blake has managed to overcome everything she faces. But this time there’s a monster that even she doesn’t know how to fight…
A remote Florida island is the perfect wedding destination for the upcoming nuptials of Anita’s fellow U.S. Marshal and best friend Edward. For Anita, the vacation is a welcome break, as it’s the first trip she gets to take with wereleopards Micah and Nathaniel. But it’s not all fun and games and bachelor parties…

In this tropical paradise Micah discovers a horrific new form of lycanthropy, one that has afflicted a single family for generations. Believed to be the result of an ancient Greek curse, it turns human bodies into a mass of snakes.

When long-simmering resentment leads to a big blowout within the wedding party, the last thing Anita needs is more drama. But it finds her anyway when women start disappearing from the hotel, and worse—her own friends and lovers are considered the prime suspects….