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Lord Jim, a Tale

The perplexing, ambiguous problem of lost honor and guilt, expiation and heroism. The title character is a man haunted by guilt over an act of cowardice. He becomes an agent at an isolated East Indian trading post. There his feelings of inadequacy and responsibility are played out to their logical and inevitable end.

Lord Jim

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad
This compact novel, completed in 1900, as with so many of the great novels of the time, is at its baseline a book of the sea. An English boy in a simple town has dreams bigger than the outdoors and embarks at an early age into the sailor’s life. The waters he travels reward him with the ability to explore the human spirit, while Joseph Conrad launches the story into both an exercise of his technical prowess and a delicately crafted picture of a character who reaches the status of a literary hero.

Lord edgware dies

Actress Jane Wilkinson approaches Hercule Poirot and pleads with him to speak to her husband, Lord Edgware, who is refusing to divorce her. The next morning Lord Edgware is found murdered and witnesses tell Poirot that Jane Wilkinson was the last person to see him alive. However, Jane was at a dinner party miles away at the time with twelve other guests who will testify to her being there. When two murders are committed, including that of famous impersonator Carlotta Adams, Poirot finds himself in the midst of one his most perplexing cases. ‘To sit back and be led through… by the most seductive and elegant of tones is pure joy’ Spectator

The whole case is a triumph of Poirot’s special qualities. Times Literary Supplement

Look to Windward

The Twin Novae battle had been one of the last of the Idiran war, one of the most horrific. Desperate to avert defeat, the Idirans had induced not one but two suns to explode, snuffing out worlds & biospheres teeming with sentient life. They were attacks of incredible proportion–gigadeathcrimes. But the war ended & life went on. Now, 800 years later, light from the 1st explosion is about to reach the Masaq’ Orbital, home to the Culture’s most adventurous & decadent souls. There it will fall upon Masaq’s 50 billion inhabitants, gathered to commemorate the deaths of the innocent & to reflect, if only for a moment, on what some call the Culture’s own complicity in the terrible event. Also journeying to Masaq’ is Major Quilan, an emissary from the war-ravaged world of Chel. In the aftermath of the conflict that split his world apart, most believe he has come to Masaq’ to bring home Chel’s most brilliant star & self-exiled dissident, the honored Composer Ziller. Ziller claims he will do anything to avoid a meeting with Quilan, who he suspects has come to murder him. But the Major’s true assignment will have far greater consequences than the death of a mere political dissident, as part of a conspiracy more ambitious than even he can know–a mission his superiors have buried so deeply in his mind that even he can’t remember it.
Hailed by SFX magazine as “an excellent hopping-on point if you’ve never read a Banks SF novel before,” *Look to Windward* is an awe-inspiring immersion into the wildly original, vividly realized civilization Banks calls the Culture.

The Longest Day

A Stand-Alone Novel Set In The Ark Royal Universe!

The first major alien offensive against Earth has been blunted, winning humanity time to deploy new weapons and prepare new tactics as Earth’s space navies prepare to take the offensive. But the enigmatic aliens have plans of their own – a full-scale attack on Earth that will either win the war in a single stroke or lose it.

The stakes have never been so high. The fate of humanity itself is in the balance. And, as battle rages across the solar system, as humanity finds its back pushed firmly against the war, millions of people – military and civilian – struggle for survival, knowing that victory will come with a very high price …

… And defeat will be the end of everything humanity holds dear.


The Long Hard Road Out of Hell

One doesn’t usually think of rock stars as insightful, but, against all odds, glam-trash superstar Marilyn Manson has written a book that is actually an intelligent look at growing up. This autobiographical bildungsroman brings out the creepiest aspects of childhood, conveying the terror and fascination that young Marilyn (then called Brian) felt when looking through his grandfather’s pornography, getting his first French kiss, and being taunted by the girls he wanted to “date.” Manson has the benefit of having grown up as an outcast and loser and then having become a star without forgetting what he went through. This gives him an incredibly broad perspective, which he brings to bear on his ordinary life in order to convey the more potent and frightening moments that shaped him into the pale-skinned weirdo that the Christian Right loves to hate. Best of all, Manson is shockingly honest, and portrays himself as occasionally stupid, self-centered, over-sensitive, ignoble, and, mostly, highly fallible and human. It’s a long way from the auto-hagiographies that other stars have written, and it’s easily one of the best reads in celebrity bio.

By turns moving, funny, appalling, and disturbing…There has never been anything like it. — Rolling Stone Unimaginably perverse and demented. — Newsweek Fascinating, sleazy account of his coming of age and ascent into damnation. — Us Makes Madonna’s infamous Sex seem downright wholesome by comparison. — Elle If the Marquis De Sade had a son in a hard-rock band who wrote a book, this would be the book. — Christian Science Monitor Repulsive…well-written and uncommonly addictive. — Chicago Sun-Times Nothing short of captivating in all its intentional, over-the-top bad taste. — Edge Amusing…lots of sex, bondage, drugs, intrigue, and mental decay. — Village Voice Clipped, colorful prose that fits the author’s larger-than-life personality like a pair of rubber shorts. — Paper

A Long Hard Road Out of Hell

The best-selling autobiography of America’s most controversial celebrity icon, Marilyn Manson (with a bonus chapter not in the hardcover).

In his twenty-nine years, rock idol Manson has experienced more than most people have (or would want to) in a lifetime. Now, in his shocking and candid memoir, he takes readers from backstage to gaol cells, from recording studios to emergency rooms, from the pit of despair to the top of the charts, and recounts his metamorphosis from a frightened Christian schoolboy into the most feared and revered music superstar in the country. Illustrated with dozens of exclusive photographs and featuring a behind-the-scenes account of his headline-grabbing Dead to the World tour.


Long Hard Ride

Channing Kinkaid itches for a wild western adventure with an untamed man. Enter Colby McKay, bull rider, saddle bronc buster and calf roper. He knows he’s found a woman who’s up to the challenge of cutting loose. Intrigued by Channing’s bold proposition to “horse around” on the road, Colby proposes sexual escapades not only in his bed, but in those of his two rodeo traveling partners. Can Channing give up total control? Especially when not all is as it seems with the sexy trio?
*Rough Riders- Book 1*

Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

Beloved, bumbling Detective Dirk Gently returns in this standalone novel from Douglas Adams, the legendary author of one of the most beloved science fiction novels of all time, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

When a check-in desk at London’s Heathrow Airport disappears in a ball of orange flame, the event is said to be an act of God. But which god? wonders holistic detective Dirk Gently. And how is this connected to Dirk’s battle with his cleaning lady over his filthy refrigerator…or to the murder of his latest client? Or are these events just another stretch of coincidences in the life of the world’s most off-kilter private investigator?

Douglas Adams, “one of England’s top exporters of irreverence” (Chicago Tribune), continues the implausible adventures of supersleuth Dirk Gently in his quest to solve the mysteries of the universe.


Lonesome Dove

Leggenda e realtà, eroi e fuorilegge, indiani e pionieri, un’odissea attraverso le Grandi Pianure e la morte come sola compagna di viaggio, la malinconia di un’epoca al tramonto e l’eccitazione di una cavalcata selvaggia. L’avventura che non finirà mai: questo è il West. In uno sputo di paese al confine fra il Texas e il Messico, Augustus McCrae e Woodrow Call, due dei piú grandi e scapestrati ranger che il West abbia conosciuto, hanno cambiato vita: convertiti al commercio di bestiame, ammazzano il tempo come possono. Augustus beve whiskey sotto il portico e gioca a carte al Dry Bean, mentre Call lavora sodo dall’alba al tramonto e continua a dare ordini a Pea Eye, Deets e al giovane Newt. La guerra civile è finita da un pezzo e la sera, sul Rio Grande, non si incontrano né Comanche né banditi messicani, ma solo armadilli e capre spelacchiate. L’equilibrio si spezza quando, dopo una lunga assenza, torna in cerca d’aiuto un vecchio compagno d’armi, il seducente e irresponsabile Jake Spoon, che descrive agli amici i pascoli lussureggianti del Montana e cosí dà fuoco alla miccia dell’irrequietezza di Call: raduneranno una mandria di bovini, li guideranno fin lassú e saranno i primi a fondare un ranch oltre lo Yellowstone. È l’inizio di un’epica avventura attraverso le Grandi Pianure, che coinvolgerà una squadra di cowboy giovani e maturi, oltre a un folto gruppo di prostitute, cacciatori di bisonti, indiani crudeli o derelitti, trapper, sceriffi e giocatori d’azzardo: decine di piccole storie che s’intrecciano tra loro ed escono dall’ombra della grande Storia americana. Lonesome Dove è un libro leggendario, il vero grande classico della letteratura western, l’opera che raggiunge il culmine di un genere e allo stesso tempo chiude un’epoca. Non a caso c’è il cinema all’origine del romanzo: all’inizio degli anni Settanta, Peter Bogdanovich vuole girare un film in omaggio al suo maestro John Ford, con John Wayne, James Stewart e Henry Fonda nelle parti principali. McMurtry scrive il copione: nasce cosí il primo abbozzo di Lonesome Dove, sebbene con un altro titolo. Alla fine il progetto non giungerà in porto, ma quella storia continua a ronzare nella testa di McMurtry per piú di dieci anni, finché non decide di scriverci un romanzo. Lonesome Dove negli Stati Uniti è subito salutato come un capolavoro e vince il Pulitzer nel 1986. In seguito verrà adattato in una mini-serie televisiva, con Robert Duvall e Tommy Lee Jones, che ottiene un grandissimo successo e segna l’inizio del revival western al cinema, culminato con Balla coi lupi e Gli spietati. Da tempo irreperibile sul mercato italiano, Lonesome Dove torna ora in libreria in una nuova traduzione.

Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour

Packed with over 150 amazing coffee experiences in 37 countries, from its birthplace in East Africa, to modern-day Cuba, the United States, Australia and the UK, this follow-up to our hugely popular Global Beer Tour features legendary espresso bars, plantation tours, urban roasteries and must-visit cafes. Inside this definitive guide to coffee tasting around the world, you’ll discover exactly where to go and what to try, plus illustrated spreads on roasting coffee, cocktails, brewing techniques and more. The places you’ll learn about in Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour and visit aren’t just cafes – they’re meccas for coffee lovers, offering insight into the local culture and the history, personalities, passion and creativity behind each coffee. Discover each country’s top five, must-drink coffees Learn how to order a coffee in the local language Explore each area with our itinerary of local things to do Find coffee classes and learn about roasting and brewing Packed with photos of coffee houses the world over About Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a leading travel media company and the world’s number one travel guidebook brand, providing both inspiring and trustworthy information for every kind of traveller since 1973. Over the past four decades, we’ve printed over 145 million guidebooks and grown a dedicated, passionate global community of travellers. You’ll also find our content online, on mobile, video and in 14 languages, 12 international magazines, armchair and lifestyle books, ebooks, and more.

This book has so much more information than my brain could ever hold. It’s an amazing resource for the average millennial traveler! … When you hold this book in your hands, you can feel the amazing love that went into creating this guide. The pages are a crisp white and the design elements were well thought out. The book itself is a good size, and smaller than your average gigantic coffee table book; it’s the perfect topper for all your other coffee table books! … I am literally over-the-moon with Lonely Planet’s Global Coffee Tour. If you like to travel and drink coffee, then this book needs to be on your shelf, stat! — (05/01/2018) It’s easy enough to find a dining guide for almost any place on the planet. Tracking down sublime cups of coffee, however, can be trickier. Lonely Planet has lovers of java in mind with their recent release…This handsome, 272-page book romps through some of the most unique and essential places to drink coffee in 37 countries, from the fresco-covered Caff Florian in Venice (where Casanova was once a regular) to Tomoca Coffee roastery and cafe in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to an ivy-covered house in Sapporo, Japan, called Morihico. — (06/01/2018) Let Lonely Planet navigate your caffeinated journey to the best caf s and coffee scenes the world over. –Sarah Allen, Editor, Barista Magazine (05/01/2018)

Lonely Planet Paris

*Lonely Planet: The world’s leading travel guide publisher*
**Lonely Planet Paris City Guide **is your passport to all the most relevant and up-to-date advice on what to see, what to skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Blend in with the Parisians among the chestnut groves of Jardin du Luxembourg, ride the funicular up to the white-domed majesty of the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, or have a romantic rendezvous with French art at the Musee Rodin; all with your trusted travel companion. Get to the heart of Paris and begin your journey now!
**Inside Lonely Planet Paris City Guide:**
* **Full-colour **maps and images throughout
* **Highlights** **and itineraries** show you the simplest way to tailor your trip to your own personal needs and interests
* **Insider tips** save you time and money and help you get around like a local, avoiding crowds and trouble spots
* **Essential info** **at your fingertips** – including hours of operation, phone numbers, websites, transit tips, and prices
* **Honest reviews** **for all budgets** – including eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, going out, shopping, and hidden gems that most guidebooks miss
* **Cultural insights **give you a richer and more rewarding travel experience – including customs, history, art, architecture, politics, fashion, literature, cinema, and music
* **Free, convenient pull-out** **Paris map** (included in print version), plus over 35 colour neighbourhood maps
* **Useful features** – including **Travel with Children, Month-by-Month** (annual festival calendar), and **Day Trips**
* **Coverage** of Eiffel Tower, Western Paris, Champs-Elysees, Grands Boulevards, Louvre, Les Halles, Montmartre, Northern Paris, Le Marais, Menilmontant, Bastille, Eastern Paris, The Islands, Latin Quarter, St-Germain, Les Invalides, Montparnasse, Southern Paris, Day Trips from Paris, and more
**The Perfect Choice:** **Lonely Planet Paris City Guide,** our most comprehensive guide to Paris, is perfect for those planning to both explore the top sights and take the road less travelled.
* Looking for just the highlights of Paris? Check out **Lonely Planet’s Discover Paris,** a photo-rich guide to the city’s most popular attractions, or **Lonely Planet’s Pocket Paris,** a handy-sized guide focused on the can’t-miss sights for a quick trip.
* Looking for more extensive coverage? Check out **Lonely Planet’s France **guide for a comprehensive look at all the country has to offer, or **Lonely Planet’s Discover France, **a photo-rich guide to the most popular attractions in the country.
**Authors:** Written and researched by Lonely Planet, Catherine Le Nevez, Christopher Pitts, and Nicola Williams.
**About Lonely Planet: **Started in 1973, Lonely Planet has become the world’s leading travel guide publisher with guidebooks to every destination on the planet, as well as an award-winning website, a suite of mobile and digital travel products, and a dedicated traveller community. Lonely Planet’s mission is to enable curious travellers to experience the world and to truly get to the heart of the places they find themselves in.
*TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards 2012 and 2013 winner in Favorite Travel Guide category*
*’Lonely Planet guides are, quite simply, like no other.’ – New York Times*
*’Lonely Planet. It’s on everyone’s bookshelves; it’s in every traveller’s hands. It’s on mobile phones. It’s on the Internet. It’s everywhere, and it’s telling entire generations of people how to travel the world.’ – Fairfax Media (Australia) *