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Blood Sense

Saxom is dead. The vampires know this. Anthony Hancock, Director of the Joint NSA/Homeland Security Department, knows it as well. Tony and the vampires are now on the hunt for Saxom’s brood, all of whom are determined to avenge their sire’s death. Neither Tony nor the vampires are aware of the other’s efforts to search out these rogues, who may number in the hundreds at the very least. Tony holds information the vampires don’t—he knows that Xenides, Saxom’s eldest vampire child, has allied with terrorists (both foreign and domestic). Tony also neglects to provide vital information to Wlodek when he requests Lissa’s help. While struggling to recover from a near-fatal bout with the sun, Lissa fails to understand why Wlodek willingly sends her away on assignment so quickly. With very little information provided to her, Lissa is forced to face an enemy more deadly than anyone can imagine and unravel a plot that could kill millions.

Blood Reunion

“My love, the child almost died.” Lissa looked up in surprise at Roff’s words. His wings rustled after he spoke – he normally didn’t involve himself in the politics of Le-Ath Veronis. Not to this extent, anyway.
“I know, honey. And now two other children are likely to die as a result. Yes, I know they did this, but I’m not convinced we have all the ones involved in the crime.”
Toff’s life is in danger – someone from the Green Fae village wants him dead. In fact, the entire Fae community has begun to grumble as Kifirin’s judgment looms. With only a few exceptions, the Fae focus their anger (and the blame) on Toff, who fails to understand why everyone now seems to be against him.

Blood Redemption

“Radomir handled the meeting, because Gavin wanted to kill Norian Keef. Norian sat inside Gavin’s office at the palace, nervously tapping a foot. That in itself irritated Gavin to the point of red-eyed, lengthy-fanged murder. Radomir worked to calm Norian while Gavin looked on, mentally considering the many, painful ways Norian might meet his end.”
Assignments are handed out at the end of every Conclave, and Lissa has been given the assignment to act as Liaison for the ASD (Alliance Security Detail)—the Founder and Twenty Charter Members of the Reth Alliance have made that decision. As Lissa says, “you don’t show up for the meeting, you get the assignment.” She doesn’t realize, at first, that the Founder intends her position to be hands-on.
Norian Keef, Director of the ASD, is hot on the trail of Solar Red, which is working its way into the Alliance, posing as legitimate religions and offering payouts to kings and governors to slip past Alliance rules. Solar Red has hired Black Mist to kill Lissa, but Black Mist has its own agenda where Lissa is concerned.
Viregruz, Black Mist’s founder, has a personal vendetta against Lissa and will stop at nothing to eliminate the Vampire Queen. All it will take, in his estimation, is a few unguarded words to one of the spies placed on Le-Ath Veronis…..

Blood Rebellion

“I believe you have visitors,” Giff said, setting the coronet on its velvet stand.
“I know.” I rubbed my forehead where the pale line showed from wearing the gold band. “People waiting on me and I have hat lines.”
Lissa expected her life as Queen of Le-Ath Veronis to run smoothly. At least for a little while. Reality has a way of intruding on even the most idyllic of circumstances. Complications arise in the form of creatures created by the Ra’Ak; creatures who now seem bent on destroying the universe, one planet at a time. The former Ra’Ak and Elemaiya who were left on Kifirin are determined to rebel; vampires are clamoring for entertainment and other distractions on Le-Ath Veronis and family that Lissa never suspected she had show up – some of them in the most unexpected of ways. Lissa is forced to juggle the difficulties in her life while dealing with the ugliest of betrayals.

Blood Queen

“Thousands of Copper Ra’Ak fought throughout Veshtul, killing many as they lashed out or crushing others as they crawled along. Screaming Comesuli ran before them, desperate to escape the deadly creatures. In the distance, a dragon’s roar sounded as he fought off one of the monsters. Three other dragons fought beside him; I saw them as they charged their prey – a black dragon, a silver dragon and a gold dragon. Others were fighting Ra’Ak as well; a black gryphon fought alongside a huge snow leopard. Giant birds swept the sky, screaming in anger as Ra’Ak leapt at them, attempting to sink rows of deadly teeth into feathered flesh.”
Lissa has been transported 300 years into the future to save the High Demon world and the Saa Thalarr. But what she doesn’t understand is that they aren’t the only things she is meant to protect. The balance – and survival of all worlds – rests in her hands.

Blood Passage

“The sight of three naked, bloody men wandering into the clearing with moonlight clouding their eyes would probably send anyone else running for their life. I just sighed and watched them walk toward me.”
As the first female vampire successfully turned in 700 years, Lissa finds herself in demand by the Vampire Aristocracy. Forced into an unexpected engagement as a result, Lissa feels trapped and stifled as she continues training with her surrogate sire. When a request comes from the Grand Master of the werewolves, Weldon Harper, Lissa leaps at the opportunity to work as his bodyguard once more.
Wlodek, Head of the Vampire Council, in an effort to solidify vampire/werewolf relations, allows Lissa to provide protection for the Grand Master during his yearly travels across the U.S. The only vampire ever named Pack, Lissa is permitted to work with the Grand Master without supervision from others of her kind.
Things become complicated and then downright deadly as old enemies reemerge. Intent on exacting revenge for a failed coup against the Grand Master, rogue werewolves join with new and perilous allies. Now, Lissa must find a way not only to keep the werewolf race alive, but the vampires as well.

Blood Finale

“We have won, brother. The Three are no more and those who remain have clearly reached a stalemate in combatting the General and his army. All that is left for us to do is take everything and let chaos rule. I only wait for Calhoun to return so we might continue our search for Kiarra. A promise was made to us and I will see it fulfilled.”* * *The countdown for the final battle begins.

Blood Domination

“To whom are you taking her?” Merrill asked, uncharacteristically curious.
“Dragon,” Griffin grinned. I stared at Griffin, my mouth surely open in surprise. Dragon? There was somebody named Dragon? That didn’t sound promising. Who named their kid Dragon?
Xenides has witnessed Lissa’s talents first-hand, and now he is desperate to find her. After all, under his compulsion, Lissa can topple governments and bring any race to its knees.
Wlodek understands Xenides’ motives all too well. As a result, he looks to hide Lissa in perhaps the most unusual place of all….

Block Trace Analysis and Storage System Optimization

Understand the fundamental factors of data storage system performance and master an essential analytical skill using block trace via applications such as MATLAB and Python tools. You will increase your productivity and learn the best techniques for doing specific tasks (such as analyzing the IO pattern in a quantitative way, identifying the storage system bottleneck, and designing the cache policy).
In the new era of IoT, big data, and cloud systems, better performance and higher density of storage systems has become crucial. To increase data storage density, new techniques have evolved and hybrid and parallel access techniques–together with specially designed IO scheduling and data migration algorithms–are being deployed to develop high-performance data storage solutions. Among the various storage system performance analysis techniques, IO event trace analysis (block-level trace analysis particularly) is one of the most common approaches for system optimization and design. However, the task of completing a systematic survey is challenging and very few works on this topic exist.
*Block Trace Analysis and Storage System Optimization* brings together theoretical analysis (such as IO qualitative properties and quantitative metrics) and practical tools (such as trace parsing, analysis, and results reporting perspectives). The book provides content on block-level trace analysis techniques, and includes case studies to illustrate how these techniques and tools can be applied in real applications (such as SSHD, RAID, Hadoop, and Ceph systems).
**What You’ll Learn**
Understand the fundamental factors of data storage system performance
Master an essential analytical skill using block trace via various applications
Distinguish how the IO pattern differs in the block level from the file level
Know how the sequential HDFS request becomes “fragmented” in final storage devices
Perform trace analysis tasks with a tool based on the MATLAB and Python platforms
**Who This Book Is For**
IT professionals interested in storage system performance optimization: network administrators, data storage managers, data storage engineers, storage network engineers, systems engineers

Blind Fire

IN THE WAR OF TOMORROW, THERE’LL BE NO SURVIVORS!The death-filled battleground known as The Zone is growing larger by the day. Soviet T84s and quad-barrelled flak-wagons advance through the German countryside spewing lethal chemicals and tactical nuclear weapons, leaving a living hell in their wake. The Third Battle of Frankfurt has begun in a savage frenzy of blood and fire as superpowers use superweapons to fight for control of Western Europe.American Major Revell and British Sergeant Hyde of the joint NATO strike force have their orders: delay the Communist column. But Revell will be damned if he’ll risk the lives of his men just to buy a few lousy minutes. He’ll do more than delay the column—he’ll destroy it! Only a madman would take on Shilka anti-aircraft tanks with some outdated mines and a few Dragon rocket launchers. But insanity is a way of life amid the carnage and chaos of… THE ZONE.


Finder, healer, student, teacher, lover, pirate—
“My life in Gungl began a moon-turn later, when I was finally able to pull myself out of bed without crushing grief slamming into me and causing me to collapse.
The following day, my plan for revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the man responsible for Siriaa’s destruction, began.”
Siriaa has been destroyed at the command of an enraged criminal. The poison infecting that planet has been flung into the universe, landing upon hapless worlds in its path.
The Orb has dropped Quin onto another world five years in the future, where she is compelled to seek revenge against Vardil Cayetes, the one responsible for Siriaa’s destruction.
From a crumbling, lawless world to one held in the tight fists of a criminal alliance, a disguised Quin searches for her enemy, whose only concern is keeping his life, no matter the cost to others. Quin and another innocent become targets when the enemy learns of the danger they represent.
Will Cayetes succeed in his assassination attempts?
Not even the gods can predict the outcome.


Adapted by MacArthur “Genius” Grant winner Naomi Wallace from the acclaimed 1978 novel by William Wharton, BIRDY tells the story of a man undone by the horrors of World War II and the friend who tries to guide him back to earth. “This is the story of two working-class boyhood friends, the earthy Al and the aptly nicknamed Birdy, who is obsessed with birds: He accumulates and tries to emulate them, talks to them, even has a sort of love affair with one of them, and attempts by various outlandish and often perilous means – including weird wings made mostly of tin – to replicate their flight. Girls, despite Al’s suasions, do not interest Birdy. Now, at the conclusion of World War II, both guys are wounded: Sergeant Al physically, with a shattered jaw for which his face is bandaged; Private Birdy psychically, retreating into the squatting posture of an unfledged bird and espousing an obstinate mutism. Birdy’s medical officer in a Kentucky military hospital, Major White, has Al transferred there, in the hope that he may coax his old chum back to normality. The play shuttles between boyhood adventures and misadventures in which Birdy tries to take wing, and hospital scenes in which he cowers speechless with a haunted stare, while Al, when not being hectored by White, strives desperately to animate his unresponsive friend. The way the play moves backward and forward in time, but turns space into a superimposition comprising both past and present, is quite ingenious and … allows six good actors to strut their wares.” -New York Magazine “Adaptor Naomi Wallace remains faithful to the book’s World War II setting and concentrates on the puzzled homoeroticism of the relationship between the central duo, Al and Birdy. This reaches its peak when the latter – locked in a mental hospital, imagining himself to be a bird – silently demands to be fed avian-style from Al’s mouth, leading to the most disturbing male-to-male kiss many of us are ever likely to see on stage.” -The Financial Times (London)

Beowulf’s Children

“Once upon a long, long time ago, our parents and grandparents left a place called Earth. They traveled across the stars in a ship called Geographic to find paradise.” Camelot is an island paradise for some perhaps, but not for us. There dwell monsters. These huge hulking inhabitants, called Grendels, bring only death and destruction to humankind. That we survived those first battles at all is a miracle. That we came to prosper is, for those who endured those awful times, beyond comprehension. Amazingly enough, Camelot, for most, will come to be the paradise we dreamed of. But a new generation is growing up, ignorant of the Great Grendel Wars. Setting out for the mainland, these rebellious men and women are bent on exploration, ready to fight any Grendels that get in their way, indifferent to their parents’ past. On the mainland called Avalon, however, there are monsters that dwarf the ones their parents fought, and as the young people will learn, monsters also dwell in the human heart. For Avalon does not give up her secrets easily, and some of those mysteries are wicked as sin, blacker than the grave.

Becoming a Better Programmer

If you’re passionate about programming and want to get better at it, you’ve come to the right source. Code Craft author Pete Goodliffe presents a collection of useful techniques and approaches to the art and craft of programming that will help boost your career and your well-being.
Goodliffe presents sound advice that he’s learned in 15 years of professional programming. The book’s standalone chapters span the range of a software developer’s life—dealing with code, learning the trade, and improving performance—with no language or industry bias. Whether you’re a seasoned developer, a neophyte professional, or a hobbyist, you’ll find valuable tips in five independent categories:
* Code-level techniques for crafting lines of code, testing, debugging, and coping with complexity
* Practices, approaches, and attitudes: keep it simple, collaborate well, reuse, and create malleable code
* Tactics for learning effectively, behaving ethically, finding challenges, and avoiding stagnation
* Practical ways to complete things: use the right tools, know what “done” looks like, and seek help from colleagues
* Habits for working well with others, and pursuing development as a social activity


**L’autobiografia intima e appassionante della First Lady degli Stati Uniti che ha ispirato il mondo.**
« *L’attesissimo memoir dell’ex first lady USA è già un fenomeno, ancora prima di essere in libreria.* »
**IO Donna**
« *Previsione facile facile: lo leggerete. Perché “Becoming” sarà il libro dell’autunno, e non solo in Italia: ovunque.* »
**D – la Repubblica – Valeria Palermi**
« *Un libro evento atteso con la stessa trepidazione riservata alle rock star.* »
**Donna Moderna – Cristina Sarto**
Con un inserto fotografico
Quando era solo una bambina, per Michelle Robinson l’intero mondo era racchiuso nel South Side di Chicago, dove lei e il fratello Craig condividevano una cameretta nel piccolo appartamento di famiglia e giocavano a rincorrersi al parco. È stato qui che i suoi genitori, Fraser e Marian Robinson, le hanno insegnato a parlare con schiettezza e a non avere paura. Ma ben presto la vita l’ha portata molto lontano, dalle aule di Princeton, dove ha imparato per la prima volta cosa si prova a essere l’unica donna nera in una stanza, fino al grattacielo in cui ha lavorato come potente avvocato d’affari e dove, la mattina di un giorno d’estate, uno studente di giurisprudenza di nome Barack Obama è entrato nel suo ufficio sconvolgendole tutti i piani. In questo libro, per la prima volta, Michelle Obama descrive gli inizi del matrimonio, le difficoltà nel trovare un equilibrio tra la carriera, la famiglia e la rapida ascesa politica del marito. Ci confida le loro discussioni sull’opportunità di correre per la presidenza degli Stati Uniti, e racconta della popolarità vissuta – e delle critiche ricevute – durante la campagna elettorale. Con grazia, senso dell’umorismo e una sincerità non comune, Michelle Obama ci offre il vivido dietro le quinte di una famiglia balzata all’improvviso sotto i riflettori di tutto il mondo e degli otto anni decisivi trascorsi alla Casa Bianca, durante i quali lei ha conosciuto meglio il suo Paese, e il suo Paese ha conosciuto meglio lei.
*Becoming* ci conduce in un viaggio dalle modeste cucine dell’Iowa alle sale da ballo di Buckingham Palace, tra momenti di indicibile dolore e prove di tenace resilienza, e ci svela l’animo di una donna unica e rivoluzionaria che lotta per vivere con autenticità, capace di mettere la sua forza e la sua voce al servizio di alti ideali. Nel raccontare con onestà e coraggio la sua storia, Michelle Obama lancia una sfida a tutti noi: chi siamo davvero e chi vogliamo diventare?
*Dalla prefazione* :
C’è ancora molto che non so dell’America, della vita, di quel che potrebbe riservarci il futuro. Ma conosco me stessa. Mio padre, Fraser, mi ha insegnato a lavorare sodo, ridere spesso e mantenere la parola data. Mia madre, Marian, mi ha mostrato come pensare con la mia testa e far sentire la mia voce. Insieme, nel piccolo appartamento nel South Side di Chicago, mi hanno aiutata a riconoscere il valore della nostra storia, della mia storia, all’interno di quella, più grande, del nostro Paese. Anche se non è bella o perfetta. Anche se è più dura di quanto vorresti che fosse. La tua storia è quello che hai, quello che avrai sempre. Non dimenticarla mai.

Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook

**Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival – *Gems from Wilderness Arts and Recreation Magazine***
This manual covers the following – Clothing-Sleeping Bag-Axe-Saw-Knife-Fire-Shelter-Bush Bed-The Most Edible Boreal Plants and Mushrooms-Cooking-Signal Fires-Current Survival Knowledge-Survival Kits for Pedestrian, Vehicle and Aircraft-Map and Compass-River Crossing-High Altitude Travel-Insects-Bear Safety-Lightning-Quicksand and finally Basic Ropework.
Written and Illustrated by Mors Kochanski