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Stone Mothers: A Novel

“Utterly engaging, terrifying, and unputdownable, this novel will haunt
readers and have them wanting more from Kelly.” — _Booklist_ , Starred Review
* * *
**Erin Kelly, the masterful author of _He Said/She Said_ , delivers another
intense, irresistible novel of psychological suspense. **
You can’t keep **the secret.**
**_*You can’t tell_ *the truth.**
**_*You can’t escape_ *the past**…
Marianne was seventeen when she fled her home in Nusstead – leaving behind her
family, her boyfriend, Jesse, and the body they buried. Now, thirty years
later, forced to return to in order to help care for her sick mother, she can
feel the past closing around her. And Jesse, who never forgave her for leaving
in the first place, is finally threatening to expose the truth.
Marianne will do anything to protect the life she’s built, the husband and
daughter who must never know what happened all those years ago. Even if it
means turning to her worst enemy for help… But Marianne may not know the
whole story – and she isn’t the only one with secrets they’d kill to keep.
### Review
Advance praise for _Stone Mothers_
“The incomparable Erin Kelly has written another captivating, cleverly
constructed contemporary novel.” **― Paula Hawkins**
“A great read… a twisty, layered, nuanced story, filled with complexity and
― **Ruth Ware**
“A beautifully dark, Gothic story of characters haunted by their past:
poignant and tragic, full of unexpected shifts and twists, addictively scary
and thrillingly audacious.” ― **Nicci French**
“It is rare when exquisite plotting and damn fine writing come together, but
Erin does it every time, seamlessly. _Stone Mothers_ is an absorbing, humane
and intriguing story that will have readers enthralled.” ― **Liz Nugent**
“Gripping, moving, impossible to put down and fiendishly readable…. She’s
done it again.” ― **Laura Marshall**
Praise for _He Said/She Said_
“It’s a tribute to Kelly’s sleight of storytelling hand that the disclosures
are incremental but relentless in their chilling effect. Here, as in her other
mind-blowing works, she concerns herself as much with her characters’
emotional baggage as with precise, engaging plotting and adrenaline-bursting
twists. Just don’t get too complacent when reading Kelly: She’s always got
extra cards up her sleeves.” ― **_The Boston Globe_**
“A tour de force – a gripping, twisting, furiously clever read that asks all
the right questions, and keeps you guessing until the very end. I loved it.” ―
**Ruth Ware**
“Haunting. Mesmerizing. Unforgettable.” ― **Gillian Flynn**
“He Said/She Said” is a thriller to savor, and should be one of the highlights
of the summer.” ― **_Associated Press_ **
“This first-rate psychological thriller and deft exploration of the delicate
dance of marriage and the secrets people keep works on multiple levels, and
the passages about the early days of Laura and Kit’s relationship―filled with
the gossamer promise of new love―make what’s in store for them even more
harrowing. A stunning conclusion will take more than a few days to fade from
memory.” ― **_Kirkus_ , Starred Review**
### About the Author
Erin Kelly is best known for her bestselling debut novel, _The Poison Tree_ ,
which was a major ITV drama and longlisted for the John Creasy Dagger Award.
She is the author of several acclaimed stand-alone psychological thrillers and
in 2013 was chosen to write the official novel of the Bafta-winning
_Broadchurch_. Her work has been translated into seventeen languages. Erin has
been a freelance journalist since 1998, and also teaches creative writing. She
lives in London with her family.

The Stone Monkey

The follow-up to Jeffery Deaver’s massive bestseller *The Bone Collector* (now a feature film starring Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington) *The Stone Monkey* is a “simply outstanding” ( *San Jose Mercury News* ) addition to the Lincoln Rhyme series! First introduced in the spine-chilling novel *The Bone Collector,* Lincoln Rhyme dazzled readers with unparalleled forensic sleuthing—all done from the confines of a wheelchair. A famed criminologist, paralyzed from the neck down, Rhyme compensates for his physical disability with his brains—and the arms and legs of his brilliant and beautiful protégée, Amelia Sachs. It is Amelia who “walks the grid” for Rhyme, acting as his eyes and ears for the famously dangerous and difficult cases chronicled in Jeffery Deaver’s bestselling novels *The Bone Collector, The Coffin Dancer,* and *The Empty Chair.* Now the awe-inspiring duo returns in *The Stone Monkey.* Recruited to help the FBI and the Immigration and Naturalization Service perform the nearly impossible, Lincoln and Amelia manage to track down a cargo ship headed for New York City and carrying two dozen illegal Chinese immigrants, as well as the notorious human smuggler and killer known as “the Ghost.” But when the Ghost’s capture goes disastrously wrong, Lincoln and Amelia find themselves in a race against time: to stop the Ghost before he can track down and murder the two surviving families who have escaped from the ship and vanished deep into the labyrinthine world of New York City’s Chinatown.

Stennis: Volume 4

Sarah Dayson’s people are settled on Refuge, and the colony she helped found there grows. Her alliance with the natives grows stronger. But as she seeks to bring a renegade crew to justice, another surprise awaits her that requires dramatic steps to ensure the survival of the human race. Follow Sarah as she once again puts herself on the line, pushing the limits of technology and her people to see her mission through. Military space opera on a galactic scale, this is book 4 of the Dark Seas series. 9 books are planned, so expect a bounty of entertainment to follow in the future. **

Starting From Scratch

Meet the Editor… Elisha Reed loved working at her lucrative publishing house. On a daily basis, she wrestled with the literary world’s divas and won. Her sterling reputation was the icing on the cake. Yes, Elisha knew the essential ingredients of life:

Remember the editor is always right

Know how to throw a party in fifteen minutes

Stay positive no matter what….

So when her world spun out of control, she had no choice but to attack life in a different way, using different ingredients. Suddenly with two cranky teenagers to care for and a take-no-prisoners author on her plate, Elisha couldn’t disappear in the bliss of a triple-layer confection…unless she brought out several forks. She decided to start from scratch…and from here on in, it would be a piece of cake!

(source: Bol.com)

Starship Titanic

At the heart of a galaxy of which we know nothing, the greatest, most advanced starship ever known has been built — the Starship Titanic. It is fabulous, beautiful and technologically miraculous. On its maiden voyage it crashes into hyperspace and vanishes.
The first you know of it is when you are sitting at home having a quiet evening in front of the TV and the most fabulous starship in the galaxy crashes into your home. You find your way on board (or not, if you just want to play the two minute version of the game) and are confronted with an interior which resembles a mixture of the Ritz, the Chrysler Building, Tutankhamen’s tomb, and Venice.
The ship is inhabited by traumatized robots, a lobotomized cyberintelligence, a frankly unhinged parrot and, as the ship takes off, taking you deep into unknown interstellar space, you realize that life on board as a third class passenger is going to be tough going. You find yourself in the grip of one of the most powerful forces known to modern man — the desire for a free upgrade.
Your task is to discover what has happened here, to reveal the deep conspiracy that lies behind this catastrophic failure, to repair the ship’s intelligence and guide the ship back home. To do this you will have to gain the trust of the robots, which you do the same way you would with anybody else — by talking to them. State-of-the-art language technology lets you do this.
Strange characters, stunning environments, wild satire, and a series of puzzles of escalating weirdness all add up to… *Starship Titanic* \– The Ship That Cannot Possibly Go Wrong.

StarCraft: Evolution

**An action-packed novel that ushers in a new age of adventure in the critically acclaimed *StarCraft* series from Blizzard Entertainment** Award-winning author Timothy Zahn pens the latest chapter in the stunning *StarCraft* saga, building on the game’s rich legacy to create an unforgettable new story. After nearly a decade of brutal warfare, three mighty factions—the enigmatic protoss, the savage zerg, and the terrans, humanity’s descendants in the sector—have entered a cease-fire, but the peace is tenuous at best. When the sudden restoration of an incinerated planet is brought to light, tensions erupt. Neutrality swings back to hostility, and old enemies are accused of developing biological weapons to reignite the bitter conflict. An expedition of terran and protoss soldiers and researchers is deployed to investigate the mysterious zerg planet and its inhabitants’ intentions. But the lush alien landscape is host to other denizens, creatures shrouded in shadow, and should they be unleashed, they will change the fate of the entire galaxy. **Praise for *StarCraft: Evolution ** *“I couldn’t put the book down. . . . If you love science fiction, solid characters, and great action sequences, you’ll love [* StarCraft: Evolution* ].” **—Cinelinx**   “This one is definitely a fun read.” **— *Analog** *


Timothy was not human – not if by human you mean a man with two arms, two legs, two eyes. Of the first criteria, he had none at all; of the last, only one. And even that one was misplaced. Timothy was born of human stock, of course – but not of woman. He was the product of the artificial wombs, a strictly military venture, and when he was born the technicians shrugged, and consigned him to custodial care. They expected him to die within five years, like most of the freaks. It was in his third year that they discovered Timothy to be something more than human. Cheated of a normal life through his physical deformities, nature developed his brain – and talents that were peculiarly his. Talents that would help him survive in a world made for the normal people – survive, and perhaps even more!

Star Force: Uriti Strike

Changes with the Uriti alter the dynamics of the war against the V’kit’no’sat…and send shockwaves from the galactic rim to Itaru. **
### Sinossi
Changes with the Uriti alter the dynamics of the war against the V’kit’no’sat…and send shockwaves from the galactic rim to Itaru.

Star Force: Return to Earth

Both Mak’to’ran and Star Force return to the Sol/Terraxis System, setting up a summit meeting that will irrevocably alter both civilizations going forward.

Star Force: Endless Crusade

While Star Force begins to defend itself against the V’kit’no’sat, the Skarron Crusade is still in full force, eventually arriving at the border of the advanced Voku Empire and slamming into it with alarming numbers…too many for the superior Voku to stop, turning the secondary war into a contest of attrition while the bulk of the Crusade is directed at the Li’vorkrachnika and others. The full might of the Skarron Empire is now visible to the galaxy as everyone who stands in the way of the 4th Crusade is subsequently overrun by a wealth of military assets beyond reckoning.

Squawk – Beginnings: The Dragon Games Revolution

“The one who rules the dragons is the one who rules the world.”
In the year 2025, a nuclear holocaust incinerated the world.
Now it is a dark place of despots…and dragons.
Gabe has lived his entire life behind the walls of Newton, a secure compound housing the humans who survived the apocalypse. Ruled and repressed by the Dominion elite, the captive populace is kept entertained by “Dragon Games”—thrilling battles between monstrous beasts raised from hatchlings out of eggs brought in from the ravaged outside by brave hunters like Gabe’s father Saul. But Gabe wants something more, and his curiosity and restless spirit lead him secretly past the compound gates and into the wasteland with his father’s band of dragon hunters. It is a transgression that earns the boy a dangerous enemy, a painful punishment…and a priceless treasure.
Hiding a strangely colored dragon’s egg that he and Saul discovered, Gabe returns home with a new dream of becoming a dragon trainer. But that is an honor granted only to privileged children of the Dominion. And the creature that eventually hatches will be unlike any dragon Gabe has ever seen, becoming his friend and closest ally on a winding, perilous path that will lead them together through the fires of revolution and revenge. Let the Dragon Games begin!
* * *
Fans of the dystopian future worlds so brilliantly brought to life by Suzanne Collins in her Hunger Games trilogy, Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, and by Pittacus Lore in I Am Number Four, will eagerly welcome the work of another master of YA fantasy. The first book in an ingenious new series, Squawk: Beginnings by Craig Halloran is a coming of age story set in a near-future world destroyed in a nuclear holocaust—a dark, oppressive tomorrow where evil despots rule a diminished human population and dragons roam the ravaged landscape. The epic story of young Gabe, son of a dragon hunter, and Squawk, the miraculous winged creature who becomes his closest companion, starts here, ushering in an exciting new era of YA fantasy fiction.


When Nadia’s family moves to Captive’s Sound, she instantly realizes there’s more to the place than meets the eye. Descended from witches, Nadia can sense that a spell has been cast over the tiny Rhode Island town–a sickness infecting everyone and everything in it. The magic at work is darker and more powerful than anything she’s come across and has sunk its claws most deeply into Mateo . . . her rescuer, her friend, and the guy she yearns to get closer to even as he pushes her away. Mateo has lived in Captive’s Sound his entire life, shadowed by small-town gossip and his family’s tormented past. Every generation, the local legends say, one member of the family goes mad, claiming to know the future before descending into insanity. When the strange dreams Mateo has been having of rescuing a beautiful girl from a car accident actually come true, he knows he’s doomed. Despite the forces pulling them apart, Nadia and Mateo must work together to break the chains of his terrible family curse, and to prevent a coming disaster that even now threatens the entire town, including Nadia’s family, her newfound friends, and her own life. Shimmering with magic and mystery, New York Times bestselling author Claudia Gray’s new novel depicts a dark and unforgettable world of witches, curses, buried secrets, and star-crossed romance.

Spell’s Bells

Welcome to Spellbound, where paranormal is the new normal. When a sleeping dwarf is found entombed in a glass coffin and remedial witch Sophie is blamed, Emma Hart must defend her friend while trying to get to the bottom of the enchantment. The investigation lands Emma smack dab in the middle of Spellbound’s dating scene, where plenty of the town’s residents are eager to make her acquaintance. Emma knows it’s time to kick her witchy skills up a notch if she expects to survive Thursday night speed dating and keep sweet Sophie from a life in paranormal prison. Spell’s Bells is the third book in the Spellbound paranormal cozy mystery series. This is a full-length, humorous cozy mystery novel. Books in the series include: Curse the Day, Book 1 Doom and Broom, Book 2 Spell’s Bells, Book 3 Lucky Charm, Book 4 Better Than Hex, Book 5

Speaking in Tongues

*Two men of words…
One seeking only peace.
The other, violence.*
Tate Collier, once one of the country’s finest trial lawyers, is trying to forget his past. Now a divorced gentleman farmer, land developer, and community advocate in rural Virginia, he’s regrouping from some disastrous mistakes in the realms of love and the law. But controversy — and danger — seem to have an unerring hold on Tate. Even as he struggles to rebuild his life, his alter ego is plotting his demise.
Aaron Matthews, a brilliant psychologist, has turned his talents away from curing patients to far deadlier goals. He’s targeted Tate, Tate’s ex-wife, Bett, and their estranged daughter, Megan, for unspeakable revenge. Matthews, ruthless and hell-bent, will destroy anything that inhibits his plans. When their daughter disappears, Tate and Bett reunite in a desperate, heart-pounding attempt to find her and to stop Matthews, a psychopath whose gift of a glib tongue and talent for coercion are as dangerous as knives and guns. Featuring an urgent race against the clock, gripping details of psychological manipulation, and the brilliant twists and turns that are trademark Deaver, *Speaking in Tongues* delivers the suspense punch that has made this author a bestseller. It will leave you speechless.

Sparrow Hill Road

Rose Marshall died in 1952 in Buckley Township, Michigan, run off the road by a man named Bobby Cross – a man who had sold his soul to live forever, and intended to use her death to pay the price of his immortality. Trouble was, he didn’t ask Rose what she thought of the idea.
It’s been more than sixty years since that night, and she’s still sixteen, and she’s still running.
They have names for her all over the country: The Girl in the Diner. The Phantom Prom Date. The Girl in the Green Silk Gown. Mostly she just goes by “Rose”, a hitchhiking ghost girl with her thumb out and her eyes fixed on the horizon, trying to outrace a man who never sleeps, never stops, and never gives up on the idea of claiming what’s his. She’s the angel of the overpass, she’s the darling of the truck stops, and she’s going to figure out a way to win her freedom. After all, it’s not like it can kill her.
You can’t kill what’s already dead.