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HANGSAMAN is Miss Jackson’s second novel. The story is a simple one but the overtones are immediately present. “Natalie Waite who was seventeen years old but who felt that she had been truly conscious only since she was about fifteen lived in an odd corner of a world of sound and sight, past the daily voices of her father and mother and their incomprehensible actions.” In a few graphic pages, the family is before us—Arnold Waite, a writer, egotistical and embittered; his wife, the complaining martyr; Bud, the younger brother who has not yet felt the need to establish his independence; and Natalie, in the nightmare of being seventeen.
The Sunday afternoon cocktail party, to which Arnold Waite has invited his literary friends and neighbors, serves to etch in the details of this family’s life, and to draw Natalie into the vortex. The story concentrates on the next few critical months in Natalie’s life, away at college, where each experience reproduces on a larger scale the crucial failure of her emotional life at home. With a mounting tension rising from character and situation as well as the particular magic of which Miss Jackson is master, the novel proceeds inexorably to the stinging melodrama of its conclusion. The bitter cruelty of the passage from adolescence to womanhood, of a sensitive and lonely girl caught in a world not of her own devising, is a theme well suited to Miss Jackson’s brilliant talent.

Hands-On Recommendation Systems with Python

With Hands-On Recommendation Systems with Python, learn the tools and techniques required in building various kinds of powerful recommendation systems (collaborative, knowledge and content based) and deploying them to the web Key Features Build industry-standard recommender systems Only familiarity with Python is required No need to wade through complicated machine learning theory to use this book Book DescriptionRecommendation systems are at the heart of almost every internet business today; from Facebook to Netflix to Amazon. Providing good recommendations, whether it’s friends, movies, or groceries, goes a long way in defining user experience and enticing your customers to use your platform. This book shows you how to do just that. You will learn about the different kinds of recommenders used in the industry and see how to build them from scratch using Python. No need to wade through tons of machine learning theory-you’ll get started with building and learning about recommenders as quickly as possible.. In this book, you will build an IMDB Top 250 clone, a content-based engine that works on movie metadata. You’ll use collaborative filters to make use of customer behavior data, and a Hybrid Recommender that incorporates content based and collaborative filtering techniques With this book, all you need to get started with building recommendation systems is a familiarity with Python, and by the time you’re fnished, you will have a great grasp of how recommenders work and be in a strong position to apply the techniques that you will learn to your own problem domains. What you will learn Get to grips with the different kinds of recommender systems Master data-wrangling techniques using the pandas library Building an IMDB Top 250 Clone Build a content based engine to recommend movies based on movie metadata Employ data-mining techniques used in building recommenders Build industry-standard collaborative filters using powerful algorithms Building Hybrid Recommenders that incorporate content based and collaborative fltering Who this book is forIf you are a Python developer and want to develop applications for social networking, news personalization or smart advertising, this is the book for you. Basic knowledge of machine learning techniques will be helpful, but not mandatory.
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Hands-On MQTT Programming with Python

Explore the features included in the latest versions of MQTT for IoT and M2M communications and use them with modern Python 3.
Key Features

* Make your connected devices less prone to attackers by understanding security mechanisms

* Take advantage of MQTT features for IoT and Machine-to-Machine communications

* The only book that covers MQTT with a single language, Python

Book Description

MQTT is a lightweight messaging protocol for small sensors and mobile devices. This book explores the features of the latest versions of MQTT for IoT and M2M communications, how to use them with Python 3, and allow you to interact with sensors and actuators using Python.

The book begins with the specific vocabulary of MQTT and its working modes, followed by installing a Mosquitto MQTT broker. You will use different utilities and diagrams to understand the most important concepts related to MQTT. You will learn to make all the necessary configuration to work with digital certificates for encrypting all data sent between the MQTT clients and the server. You will also work with the different Quality of Service levels and later analyze and compare their overheads.

You will write Python 3.x code to control a vehicle with MQTT messages delivered through encrypted connections (TLS 1.2), and learn how leverage your knowledge of the MQTT protocol to build a solution based on requirements. Towards the end, you will write Python code to use the PubNub cloud-based real-time MQTT provider to monitor a surfing competition.

In the end, you will have a solution that was built from scratch by analyzing the requirements and then write Python code that will run on water-proof IoT boards connected to multiple sensors in surfboards.
What you will learn

* Learn how MQTT and its lightweight messaging system work

* Understand the MQTT puzzle: clients, servers (formerly known as brokers), and connections

* Explore the features included in the latest versions of MQTT for IoT and M2M communications

* Publish and receive MQTT messages with Python

* Learn the difference between blocking and threaded network loops

* Take advantage of the last will and testament feature

* Work with cloud-based MQTT interfaces in Python

Who this book is for

This book is for developers who want to learn about the MQTT protocol for their IoT projects. Prior knowledge of working with IoT and Python will be helpful.

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Hands-On Data Visualization With Bokeh

Hands-on Data Visualization with Bokeh by Kevin Jolly
**Learn how to create interactive and visually aesthetic plots using the Bokeh package in Python **
#### Key Features
* A step by step approach to creating interactive plots with Bokeh
* Go from installation all the way to deploying your very own Bokeh application
* Work with a real time datasets to practice and create your very own plots and applications
#### Book Description
Adding a layer of interactivity to your plots and converting these plots into applications hold immense value in the field of data science. The standard approach to adding interactivity would be to use paid software such as Tableau, but the Bokeh package in Python offers users a way to create both interactive and visually aesthetic plots for free. This book gets you up to speed with Bokeh – a popular Python library for interactive data visualization.
The book starts out by helping you understand how Bokeh works internally and how you can set up and install the package in your local machine. You then use a real world data set which uses stock data from Kaggle to create interactive and visually stunning plots. You will also learn how to leverage Bokeh using some advanced concepts such as plotting with spatial and geo data. Finally you will use all the concepts that you have learned in the previous chapters to create your very own Bokeh application from scratch.
By the end of the book you will be able to create your very own Bokeh application. You will have gone through a step by step process that starts with understanding what Bokeh actually is and ends with building your very own Bokeh application filled with interactive and visually aesthetic plots.
#### What you will learn
* Installing Bokeh and understanding its key concepts
* Creating plots using glyphs, the fundamental building blocks of Bokeh
* Creating plots using different data structures like NumPy and Pandas
* Using layouts and widgets to visually enhance your plots and add a layer of interactivity
* Building and hosting applications on the Bokeh server
* Creating advanced plots using spatial data
#### Who this book is for
This book is well suited for data scientists and data analysts who want to perform interactive data visualization on their web browsers using Bokeh. Some exposure to Python programming will be helpful, but prior experience with Bokeh is not required.

Hands-On Cryptography With Python

Learn to evaluate and compare data encryption methods and attack cryptographic systems Key Features Explore popular and important cryptographic methods Compare cryptographic modes and understand their limitations Learn to perform attacks on cryptographic systems Book DescriptionCryptography is essential for protecting sensitive information, but it is often performed inadequately or incorrectly. Hands-On Cryptography with Python starts by showing you how to encrypt and evaluate your data. The book will then walk you through various data encryption methods,such as obfuscation, hashing, and strong encryption, and will show how you can attack cryptographic systems. You will learn how to create hashes, crack them, and will understand why they are so different from each other. In the concluding chapters, you will use three NIST-recommended systems: the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA), and the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA). By the end of this book, you will be able to deal with common errors in encryption. What you will learn Protect data with encryption and hashing Explore and compare various encryption methods Encrypt data using the Caesar Cipher technique Make hashes and crack them Learn how to use three NIST-recommended systems: AES, SHA, and RSA Understand common errors in encryption and exploit them Who this book is forHands-On Cryptography with Python is for security professionals who want to learn to encrypt and evaluate data, and compare different encryption methods.
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Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT

**Build smarter systems by combining artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things―two of the most talked about topics today**
#### Key Features
* Leverage the power of Python libraries such as TensorFlow and Keras to work with real-time IoT data
* Process IoT data and predict outcomes in real time to build smart IoT models
* Cover practical case studies on industrial IoT, smart cities, and home automation
#### Book Description
There are many applications that use data science and analytics to gain insights from terabytes of data. These apps, however, do not address the challenge of continually discovering patterns for IoT data. In Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT, we cover various aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implementation to make your IoT solutions smarter.
This book starts by covering the process of gathering and preprocessing IoT data gathered from distributed sources. You will learn different AI techniques such as machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and natural language processing to build smart IoT systems. You will also leverage the power of AI to handle real-time data coming from wearable devices. As you progress through the book, techniques for building models that work with different kinds of data generated and consumed by IoT devices such as time series, images, and audio will be covered. Useful case studies on four major application areas of IoT solutions are a key focal point of this book. In the concluding chapters, you will leverage the power of widely used Python libraries, TensorFlow and Keras, to build different kinds of smart AI models.
By the end of this book, you will be able to build smart AI-powered IoT apps with confidence.
#### What you will learn
* Apply different AI techniques including machine learning and deep learning using TensorFlow and Keras
* Access and process data from various distributed sources
* Perform supervised and unsupervised machine learning for IoT data
* Implement distributed processing of IoT data over Apache Spark using the MLLib and H2O.ai platforms
* Forecast time-series data using deep learning methods
* Implementing AI from case studies in Personal IoT, Industrial IoT, and Smart Cities
* Gain unique insights from data obtained from wearable devices and smart devices
#### Who this book is for
If you are a data science professional or a machine learning developer looking to build smart systems for IoT, Hands-On Artificial Intelligence for IoT is for you. If you want to learn how popular artificial intelligence (AI) techniques can be used in the Internet of Things domain, this book will also be of benefit. A basic understanding of machine learning concepts will be required to get the best out of this book.
#### Table of Contents
1. Principles and Foundations of IoT and AI
2. Data Access and Distributed Processing for IoT
3. Machine Learning for IoT
4. Deep Learning for IoT
5. Genetic Algorithms for IoT
6. Reinforcement Learning for IoT
7. GAN for IoT
8. Distributed AI for IoT
9. Personal and Home and IoT
10. AI for Industrial IoT
11. AI for Smart Cities IoT
12. Combining It All Together

Hands on Machine Learning With Python

Hands On Machine Learning with Python by John Anderson
#### ***BUY NOW (Will soon return to 27.45) ******Free eBook for customers who purchase the print book from Amazon***
* * *
#### Are you thinking of learning more about Machine Learning using Python?
This book is for you. It would seek to explain common terms and algorithms in an intuitive way. The authors used a progressive approach whereby we start out slowly and improve on the complexity of our solutions.
This book and the accompanying examples, you would be well suited to tackle problems which pique your interests using machine learning.
#### From AI Sciences Publisher
Our books may be the best one for beginners; it’s a step-by-step guide for any person who wants to start learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from scratch. It will help you in preparing a solid foundation and learn any other high-level courses.
To get the most out of the concepts that would be covered, readers are advised to adopt a hands on approach which would lead to better mental representations.
#### Target Users
The book designed for a variety of target audiences. The most suitable users would include:
* Anyone who is intrigued by how algorithms arrive at predictions but has no previous knowledge of the field.
* Software developers and engineers with a strong programming background but seeking to break into the field of machine learning.
* Seasoned professionals in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning who desire a bird’s eye view of current techniques and approaches.
#### What’s Inside This Book?
* Overview of Python Programming Language
* Statistics
* Probability
* The Data Science Process
* Machine Learning
* Supervised Learning Algorithms
* Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
* Semi-supervised Learning Algorithms
* Reinforcement Learning Algorithms
* Overfitting and Underfitting
* Python Data Science Tools
* Jupyter Notebook
* Numerical Python (Numpy)
* Pandas
* Scientific Python (Scipy)
* Matplotlib
* Scikit-Learn
* K-Nearest Neighbors
* Naive Bayes
* Simple and Multiple Linear Regression
* Logistic Regression
* Generalized Linear Models
* Decision Trees and Random Forest
* Neural Networks
* Perceptrons
* Backpropagation
* Clustering
* K-means with Scikit-Learn
* Bottom-up Hierarchical Clustering
* K-means Clustering
* Network Analysis
* Betweenness centrality
* Eigenvector Centrality
* Recommender Systems
* Multi-Class Classification
* Popular Classification Algorithms
* Support Vector Machine
* Deep Learning using TensorFlow
* Deep Learning Case Studies
* * *
#### Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this book for me and do I need programming experience?
A: If you want to smash Machine Learning from scratch, this book is for you. If you already wrote a few lines of code and recognize basic programming statements, you’ll be OK.
Q: Does this book include everything I need to become a Machine Learning expert?
A: Unfortunately, no. This book is designed for readers taking their first steps in Machine Learning and further learning will be required beyond this book to master all aspects of Machine Learning.
Q: Can I have a refund if this book is not fitted for me?
A: Yes, Amazon refund you if you aren’t satisfied, for more information about the amazon refund service please go to the amazon help platform. We will also be happy to help you if you send us an email at [email protected]
**If you need to see the quality of our job, AI Sciences Company offering you a free eBook in Machine Learning with Python written by the data scientist Alain Kaufmann at http://aisciences.net/free-books/**

Handle with care: a novel

EDITORIAL REVIEW: **Things break all the time.Day breaks, waves break, voices break.Promises break.Hearts break.** Every expectant parent will tell you that they don’t want a perfect baby, just a healthy one. Charlotte and Sean O’Keefe would have asked for a healthy baby, too, if they’d been given the choice. Instead, their lives are made up of sleepless nights, mounting bills, the pitying stares of “luckier” parents, and maybe worst of all, the what-ifs. What if their child had been born healthy? But it’s all worth it because Willow is, well, funny as it seems, perfect. She’s smart as a whip, on her way to being as pretty as her mother, kind, brave, and for a five-year-old an unexpectedly deep source of wisdom. Willow is Willow, in sickness and in health. Everything changes, though, after a series of events forces Charlotte and her husband to confront the most serious what-ifs of all. What if Charlotte should have known earlier of Willow’s illness? What if things could have been different? What if their beloved Willow had never been born? To do Willow justice, Charlotte must ask herself these questions and one more. What constitutes a valuable life? Emotionally riveting and profoundly moving, *Handle with Care* brings us into the heart of a family bound by an incredible burden, a desperate will to keep their ties from breaking, and, ultimately, a powerful capacity for love. Written with the grace and wisdom she’s become famous for, beloved #1 *New York Times* bestselling author Jodi Picoult offers us an unforgettable novel about the fragility of life and the lengths we will go to protect it.

A Handful of Men

The Aurora Award–winning author of the Man of His Word novels returns to the magical realm of Pandemia with this high fantasy series.

In these four epic novels of sword and sorcery, discord rages throughout the land of Pandemia and the rightful rulers fight an unjust imperor.

The Cutting Edge: For fifteen years, Queen Inos and King Rap have ruled Krasnegar peacefully, but now darkness encroaches. When a royal family grows tyrannical and armies wage war along the Impire’s borderlands, Rap ignores them—until he learns the Protocol, a treaty controlling the use of magic, is in danger of being destroyed.

Upland Outlaws: The mad dwarf, Xinixo, rules as the imperor, enchanting his subjects and enemies to believe he is Shandie, the rightful ruler. Wielding the combined power of all the sorcerers under his control, he destroys or enslaves any who oppose him. But his greatest enemies, King Rap and the true Shandie, will stop at nothing to end his reign.

The Stricken Field: The sorcerer Xinixo still rules the Impire, but King Rap and Shandie continue to resist his reign, enlisting the help of the remaining free sorcerers of the world to destroy him. Their chances of victory remain slim . . . until a young pixie girl decides to join their cause.

The Living God: The imposter Xinixo continues to rule as war wages in the Impire. The troll sorcerers have joined the resistance and Rap is rallying the elves to his cause. His wife, Queen Inos, and Shandie negotiate with gnomes while the sorcerers of Thume and the pixie girl secretly organize a resistance to Xinixo’s rule. But the odds are against them as the prophesied Longday draws nearer.

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Hand Tool Basics: Woodworking Tools and How to Use Them

**Everything you need to start woodworking with hand tools!**
Hand tool woodworking can be a source of great pride, satisfaction and amazing results–not to mention less noise and sawdust. But there’s a lot to learn, what with a seemingly endless array of chisels and mallets to workbenches and handplanes. You’ll learn proven methods for sharpening your tools, prepping your stock and timeless joinery techniques including mortise-and-tenon joins, dovetails, rabbets and others. Within these pages you’ll find:
Advice for selecting the tools you need and setting up shop
Complete instructions for using the tools you’ll reach for time and again
Tuning processes for keeping your tools sharp and precise
Technique variations and alternate methods so you can decide what works best for you
Take the mystery out of hand tools and experience the satisfaction of crafting something truly handmade.

The Hand of Ethelberta

Adventuress and opportunist, Ethelberta reinvents herself to disguise her humble origins, launching a brilliant career as a society poet in London with her family acting incognito as her servants. Turning the male-dominated literary world to her advantage, she happily exploits the attentions of four very different suitors. Will she bestow her hand upon the richest of them, or on the man she loves? Ethelberta Petherwin, alias Berta Chickerel, moves with easy grace between her multiple identities, cleverly managing a tissue of lies to aid her meteoric rise. In The Hand of Ethelberta (1876), Hardy drew on conventions of popular romances, illustrated weeklies, plays, fashion plates and even his wife’s diary in this comic story of a woman in control of her destiny.

The Hand of Ethelberta is … a portrait of two artists – Ethelberta Petherwin and Thomas Hardy … –Tim Dolin The Hand of Ethelberta is a portrait of two artists Ethelberta Petherwin and Thomas Hardy Tim Dolin The Hand of Ethelberta is a portrait of two artists Ethelberta Petherwin and Thomas Hardy Tim Dolin The Hand of Ethelberta is … a portrait of two artists – Ethelberta Petherwin and Thomas Hardy … –Tim Dolin
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Hand in Glove

Hand in Glove (Roderick Alleyn Series #22) by Ngaio Marsh
Who had a hand in the murder of a country gent?
All manner of friction fills the English country house shared by genteel retiree Percival Pyke Period and fuddy-duddy lawyer Harry Cartell. Until one of them, after a flamboyant dowager’s treasure hunt party, is found murdered-face down in the mire of an open drain. Which of Superintendent Roderick Alleyn’s suspects-linked by a tangled set of relationships-wore a crucial, missing pair of gloves to commit this dirty deed?


Among Shakespeare’s plays, “Hamlet” is considered by many his masterpiece. Among actors, the role of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is considered the jewel in the crown of a triumphant theatrical career. Now Kenneth Branagh plays the leading role and co-directs a brillant ensemble performance. Three generations of legendary leading actors, many of whom first assembled for the Oscar-winning film “Henry” V, gather here to perform the rarely heard complete version of the play. This clear, subtly nuanced, stunning dramatization, presented by The Renaissance Theatre Company in association with “Bbc” Broadcasting, features such luminaries as Sir John Gielgud, Derek Jacobi, Emma Thompson and Christopher Ravenscroft. It combines a full cast with stirring music and sound effects to bring this magnificent Shakespearen classic vividly to life. Revealing new riches with each listening, this production of “Hamlet” is an invaluable aid for students, teachers and all true lovers of Shakespeare — a recording to be treasured for decades to come.

Ham on Rye

In *Ham on Rye*, what is widely hailed as the best of his many novels, Charles Bukowski details the long, lonely years of his own hardscrabble youth in the raw voice of alter ego Henry Chinaski. From a harrowingly cheerless childhood in Germany through acne-riddled high school years and his adolescent discoveries of alcohol, women, and the Los Angeles Public Library’s collection of D. H. Lawrence, *Ham on Rye* offers a crude, brutal, and savagely funny portrait of an outcast’s coming-of-age during the desperate days of the Great Depression.

Very funny, very sad, and despite its self-congratulatory tone, honest in most of the right places. In many ways, Bukowski may have been the perfect writer to describe post-war southern California – a land of wide, flat spaces with nothing worth seeing, so you might as well vanish into yourself. In an age of conformity, Bukowski wrote about the people nobody wanted to be: the ugly, the selfish, the lonely, the mad. * * The Observer * * Sometimes funny and always sad, Ham on Rye is written in an admirably hard, bare, vivid style. It offers grim insights into the construction of masculinity and American life between the wars. Doyle’s introduction is excellent. * * Times Literary Supplement * * Both powerful and, where appropriate, extremely funny. * * Sunday Telegraph * * The largely autobiographical Ham On Rye is also suprisingly reflective, humane, tremendously evocative and absorbingly readable. * * The Times * *
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Hallowe’en Party

Famous crime novelist Ariadne Oliver, visiting her friend Judith Butler in the little town of Woodleigh Common, is invited to a Hallowe’en Party put on by society hostess Mrs Rowena Drake for the local teenagers. During her preparations for the party, the conversation turns to Ariadne’s grisly novels. One of the teenagers, Joyce Reynolds, boasts that she once witnessed a murder, although she didn’t realise at the time what she’d seen. Convinced that she is just trying to attract attention, no-one believes her – but later she is found tragically drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. Distraught, Ariadne decides to call upon the services of her old friend Hercule Poirot to solve the case. Assuming that Joyce was killed because of what she said, Poirot knows he must find out if the teenager was telling the truth. If so, there is not just one death for him to investigate, but two… Starring John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot, with Stephanie Cole as Ariadne Oliver.
2 CDs. 1 hr 30 mins.

Half the Blood of Brooklyn

SUMMARY: “One of the most remarkable prose stylists to emerge from the noir tradition in this century.”–Stephen King“Hard-boiled horror, pulp noir vampires, decaying urban souls– you’re gonna need a shower after this one. . . . [Huston] kicks down the door of horror.”–Fangoria, on Already DeadThere’s only so much room on the Island, only so much blood, and Manhattan’s Vampyre Clans aren’t interested in sharing. So when the Vyrus-infected dregs of New York’s outer boroughs start creeping across the bridges and through the tunnels, the Clans want to know why. Bad luck for PI and general hard case Joe Pitt. See, Joe used to be a Rogue, used to work off his own dime, picked his own gigs, but tight times and a terminally ill girlfriend pushed him into the arms of the renegade Society Clan. Now he has all the cash and blood he needs, but at a steep price. The price tonight is crossing the bridge, rolling to Coney Island, finding the Freak Clan, and figuring out what’s driving that bunch of savages to scratch at the Society’s door. No need to look far. The answer lies around the corner in Gravesend. Convenient, all those graves.From uptown to the boardwalk, war drums are beating. Murderous family feuds and personal grudges are being drawn and brandished, along with the long knives. Blood will spill and, big surprise, Joe’s in the middle. But hey, why should this night be different from any other?Sunset to sunrise: put off a war, keep your head attached to your neck, and save your girl. Check. Joe’s on the case. Praise for Charlie Huston and his Joe Pitt novels“In conceiving his world (a New York City divided by vampire clans, each with different reasons to hate Pitt), Huston gives a fading genre a fresh afterlife. [Grade:] A.”–Entertainment Weekly “[Huston] creates a world that is at once supernatural and totally familiar, imaginative, and utterly convincing.”–The Philadelphia Inquirer