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Calcutta Chromosome

A fascinating and seductive writer!’ —The Times In this extraordinary novel, Amitav Ghosh navigates through time and genres to present a unique tale. Beginning at an unspecified time in the future and ranging back to the late nineteenth century, the reader follows the adventures of the enigmatic L. Murugan. An authority on the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Sir Ronald Ross, who solved the malaria puzzle in Calcutta in 1898, Murugan is in search of the elusive ‘Calcutta Chromosome’. With its astonishing range of characters, advanced computer science, religious cults and wonderful portraits of Victorian and contemporary India, The Calcutta Chromosome expands the scope of the novel as we know it, as Amitav Ghosh takes on the avatar of a science thriller writer.

Calculus Workbook for Dummies

Calculus Workbook For Dummies by Mark Ryan
**Your light-hearted, practical approach to conquering calculus**
Does the thought of calculus give you a coronary? You aren’t alone. Thankfully, this new edition of *Calculus Workbook For Dummies* makes it infinitely easier. Focusing “beyond the classroom,” it contains calculus exercises you can work on that will help to increase your confidence and improve your skills. This hands-on, friendly guide gives you hundreds of practice problems on limits, vectors, continuity, differentiation, integration, curve-sketching, conic sections, natural logarithms, and infinite series.
Calculus is a gateway and potential stumbling block for students interested in pursuing a career in math, science, engineering, finance, and technology. Calculus students, along with math students in nearly all disciplines, benefit greatly from opportunities to practice different types of problems—in the classroom and out. *Calculus Workbook For Dummies* takes you step-by-step through each concept, operation, and solution, explaining the “how” and “why” in plain English, rather than math-speak. Through relevant instruction and practical examples, you’ll soon learn that real-life calculus isn’t nearly the monster it’s made out to be.
* Master differentiation and integration
* Use the calculus microscope: limits
* Analyze common functions
* Score your highest in calculus
Complete with tips for problem-solving and traps to avoid, *Calculus Workbook For Dummies* is your sure-fire weapon for conquering calculus!

The Calculating Stars

A meteor decimates the U.S. government and paves the way for a climate cataclysm that will eventually render the earth inhospitable to humanity. This looming threat calls for a radically accelerated timeline in the earth’s efforts to colonize space, as well as an unprecedented opportunity for a much larger share of humanity to take part. One of these new entrants in the space race is Elma York, whose experience as a WASP pilot and mathematician earns her a place in the International Aerospace Coalition’s attempts to put man on the moon. But with so many skilled and experienced women pilots and scientists involved with the program, it doesn’t take long before Elma begins to wonder why they can’t go into space, too – aside from some pesky barriers like thousands of years of history and a host of expectations about the proper place of the fairer sex. And yet, Elma’s drive to become the first Lady Astronaut is so strong that even the most dearly held conventions may not stand a chance.

Praise for The Calculating Stars This is what NASA never had, a heroine with attitude. –The Wall Street Journal In The Calculating Stars, Mary Robinette Kowal imagines an alternate history of spaceflight that reminds me of everything I loved about Hidden Figures. –Cady Coleman, Astronaut The Lady Astronaut series might be set in an alternate past, but they’re cutting-edge SF novels that speak volumes about the present. –The Verge Fans of [Hidden Figures] will definitely find something to like in this novel. –SF Revu Readers will thrill to the story of this lady astronaut and eagerly anticipate the promised sequels. –Publishers Weekly (starred review) Kowal’s book was revelatory for me, because here is a version of history where men eventually, finally, listen to women. –Tor.com If you like: lady scientists and lady astronauts, space science, lovely romance, the historical fight for equality, if you read or watched Hidden Figures and loved it, if you watched the Netlfix’s documentary Mercury 13 (about the very real 13 women who underwent secret testing to become Astronauts in the 60s), please don’t miss this one. –Kirkus A fine balance of integrating historical accuracy–including mid-twentieth-century sexism, racism, and technology–with speculative storytelling. –Booklist Readers will be hooked. –Library Journal I couldn’t put this paperback down, and I was mad at everything that kept me away from it. –While Reading and Walking This is a book about fortitude, about preservation, and strength in the face of injustice, resilience as a flag against oppression and politics. Parts of this book makes me cry. I cry in rage, in defiance, in support, and in triumph. –Utopia State of Mind An engrossing alternate history with a unique point of view, The Fated Sky dramatically demonstrates the technical problems with going to Mars–but the technical problems are the not the only ones. Never backing down from vital issues of race and gender, The Fated Sky confronts the human issues of space travel in a United States made increasingly desperate by a massive meteor strike. Plausible, convincing, and ultimately moving. –Nancy Kress, author of the Hugo Award-winning Yesterday’s Kin
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**Order the sequel to the #1 *New York Times* bestselling novel *Firefight* today!**
From the bestselling author of the Mistborn series and *Words of Radiance* comes *Calamity,* the final book in the #1 *New York Times *bestselling Reckoners series: *Steelheart*, *Firefight*, and *Calamity*.
    When Calamity lit up the sky, the Epics were born. David’s fate has been tied to their villainy ever since that historic night. Steelheart killed his father. Firefight stole his heart. And now Regalia has turned his closest ally into a dangerous enemy.
    David knew Prof’s secret, and kept it even when Prof struggled to control the effects of his Epic powers. But facing Obliteration in Babilar was too much. Once the Reckoners’ leader, Prof has now embraced his Epic destiny. He’s disappeared into those murky shadows of menace Epics are infamous for the world over, and everyone knows there’s no turning back. . . .
    But everyone is wrong. Redemption is possible for Epics—Megan proved it. They’re not lost. Not completely. And David is just about crazy enough to face down the most powerful High Epic of all to get his friend back. Or die trying.

**Praise for the Reckoners Series:**
**#1 *New York Times* Bestselling Series**
“The **suspense is relentless** and the **climax explosive**.” —James Dashner, #1 *New York Times* bestselling author of the Maze Runner series
“**Another win for Sanderson** . . . he’s **simply a brilliant writer.** Period.” —Patrick Rothfuss, author of the *New York Times* and *USA Today* bestseller *The Name of the Wind*

“**Action-packed.**” —EW.com

“**Compelling**. . . . Sanderson uses plot twists that he teases enough for readers to pick up on to distract from the more dramatic reveals he has in store.” —*The A.V. Club*

Caini E Spalloni: Storie Di Finanzieri, Contrabbandieri E Cani

Sergio Scipioni è un maresciallo della Guardia di Finanza in pensione che ha vissuto da protagonista le vicende legate al contrabbando di sigarette sul confine Italo – Svizzero della provincia di Varese. In questo libro racconta storie a lui realmente accadute che gli hanno lasciato un ricordo indelebile nel cuore. Parla di un periodo in cui Finanzieri e contrabbandieri non erano nemici ma semplici avversari. Un periodo in cui il rispetto per le persone era fondamentale nonostante si trovassero su fronti opposti. Dal contrabbandiere che molla il carico per soccorrere il Finanziere ferito ai Finanzieri che perdono l’appetito per una settimana preoccupati dalla sorte di uno Spallone che ha serie
difficoltà in famiglia, le storie vere raccontate in “CAINI E SPALLONI” fanno riflettere seriamente su un’ epoca non molto lontana nella quale rispettarsi a vicenda era cosa dovuta. Il libro è reso ancora più accattivante dalla presenza di foto originali ed inedite dell’epoca che testimoniano ulteriormente la gara a chi era più scaltro nell’inventare nuovi sistemi per “fregare la Finanza” piuttosto che altri per fermare gli Spalloni. Dagli inseguimenti mozzafiato a bordo delle mitiche “Giulia 1750” per rincorrere le “Fiat 125” che sullo sterrato diventavano quasi imprendibili, agli appostamenti con temperature sotto lo zero per braccare i contrabbandieri che sbarcavano nottetempo sulla battigia del Lago Ceresio e passando dai piccoli miracoli di furbizia contadina per far passare indisturbate le “bricolle” attraverso la rete di confine.
A tratti commovente ed allo stesso tempo divertente, questo libro è sicuramente tra quelli da leggere “tutto d’un fiato”.

Caine’s Mutiny

A new entry in the critically acclaimed Caine Riordan science fiction series by three-time Nebula nominee Charles E. Gannon! Science fiction on a grand scale. Prequels Raising Caine, Trial by Fire and Fire with Fire were all Nebula Award finalists. Charles E. Gannon is also the winner of the Compton Crook Award.Caine Riordan, fresh from serving as envoy to the aliens known as the Slaasriithi, has been given yet another daunting task: apprehend raiders that are terrorizing a distant planet.As difficulties mount, Caine becomes aware that the mission his superiors sent him to perform may not be the one they actually hope he will achieve. Which means Caine may be forced to choose between honoring a promise to friends or following orders—a choice that could ultimately put him in front of a board of inquiry. Or a firing squad.At the publisher’s request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).About Raising Caine: “Raising Caine unveils a lot of thought-provoking ideas but ultimately this is a space opera adventure. There are space battles, daring emergency landings, desperate quests, hand-to-hand combat, and double-and-triple crosses. It’s an engrossing read. You owe it to yourself to read the two previous books in order. Then enjoy Raising Caine. It’s an intergalactic thrill-ride.”—Fantasy and Science Ficton Book and Audiobook Reviews”This is science-fiction adventure on a grand scale.”—Kirkus”Gannon’s harrowing . . . military space opera (following Trial by Fire) builds well on his established setting . . . Gannon’s signature attention to developing realistic alien worlds makes this installment satisfying.”—Publishers Weekly“. . . an incredibly active book . . . as our protagonists are confronted by the beautiful, terrible, and sometimes lethal variety of the universe and its inhabitants. . . . a whole mess of fun . . . that manages to be scientifically accurate while refraining from excessive wonkiness. Those who value meticulous world-building . . . will certainly have their needs met.”—BN Sci-Fi and Fantasy BlogAbout Nebula-nominated second entry, Trial by Fire:“I seriously enjoyed Trial by Fire. This one’s a tidal wave—can’t put it down. An excellent book.” —Jack McDevitt on the prequel”Gannon’s whiz-bang second Tales of the Terran Republic interstellar adventure delivers on the promise of the first (Fire with Fire) . . . The charm of Caine’s harrowing adventure lies in Gannon’s attention to detail, which keeps the layers of political intrigue and military action from getting too dense. The dozens of key characters, multiple theaters of operations, and various alien cultures all receive the appropriate amount of attention. The satisfying resolution is enhanced by the promise of more excitement to come in this fascinating far-future universe.”—Publishers Weekly Starred Review” . . . definitely one to appeal to the adventure fans. Riordan is a smart hero, up against enormous obstacles and surrounded by enemies. Author Gannon does a good job of managing action and tension to keep the story moving, and the details of the worlds Riordan visits are interesting in their own right..”—Analog ” . . . offers the type of hard science-fiction those familiar with the John Campbell era of Analog Science Fiction will remember. Gannon throws his readers into an action-packed adventure. A sequel to Fire With Fire, it is a nonstop tale filled with military science-fiction action.” —Daily News of Galveston CountyAbout Compton Crook Award-winner for best first novel,Fire with Fire:“Chuck Gannon is one of those marvelous finds—someone as comfortable with characters as he is with technology, and equally adept at providing those characters with problems to solve. Imaginative, fun, and not afraid to step on the occasional toe or gore the occasional sacred cow, his stories do not disappoint.”—David Weber “If we meet strong aliens out there, will we suffer the fate of the Aztecs and Incas, or find the agility to survive? Gannon fizzes with ideas about the dangerous politics of first contact.”—David Brin”The plot is intriguing and then some. Well-developed and self-consistent; intelligent readers are going to like it.”—Jerry Pournelle”[T]he intersecting plot threads, action and well-conceived science kept those pages turning.”—SF CrowsnestAbout Starfire series hit, Extremis, coauthored by Charles E. Gannon:“Vivid . . . Battle sequences mingle with thought-provoking exegesis . . . ”—Publishers Weekly”It’s a grand, fun series of battles and campaigns, worthy of anything Dale Brown or Larry Bond ever wrote.” —AnalogAbout Charles E. Gannon:”Chuck Gannon writes the kind of science fiction we all grew up on: rousing, mind-expanding, pulse-pounding sagas of spaceships and aliens. He’s a terrific writer, and we’re lucky to have him.”—Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo and Nebula award winning author of Quantum Night and Flashforward”[A] strong [writer of] . . . military SF . . . [much] action going on in his work, with a lot of physics behind it. There is a real sense of the urgency of war and the sacrifices it demands.” —Locus

Cain His Brother

SUMMARY: “A TRIUMPH . . . A model of the richness and subtleties of relationships, characters, and story construction.” –Chicago Sun-Times In his family life, Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving; in business, a man of probity; and in his relationship with his twin brother, Caleb, a virtual saint. Now Angus is missing, and it appears more than possible that Caleb–a creature long since abandoned to depravity–has murdered him. Hired to find the missing man, William Monk puts himself into his shoes, searching for clues to Angus’s fate and his vicious brother’s whereabouts. Slowly, Monk inches toward the truth–and also, unwittingly, toward the destruction of his good name and livelihood. . . . “MASTERFUL . . . DARKLY CHILLING . . . Perry eloquently delivers to her readers the flavor of Victorian England. . . . Readers will be kept entertained and guessing–right up to the final pages.” –Milwaukee Journal Sentinel “JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU HAVE IT FIGURED OUT, THINK AGAIN! No one can capture and bring to life the drama, excitement, and feel of Victorian England like Perry.” –Mostly Murder A Main Selection of the Mystery Guild


A fabulous journey through the mind of the master of dark imaginative fiction, Clive Barker. The nightmare had begun…. Boone knew that there was no place on this earth for him now; no happiness here, not even with Lori. He would let Hell claim him, let Death take him there. But Death itself seemed to shrink from Boone. No wonder, if he had indeed been the monster who had shattered, violated and shredded so many others’ lives. And Decker had shown him the proof – the hellish photographs where the last victims were forever stilled, splayed in the last obscene moment of their torture. Boone’s only refuge now was Midian – that awful, legendary place in which gathered the half-dead, the Nightbreed…

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C#: A Beginner’s Guide

**Publisher’s Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product.********
#### Essential Skills–Made Easy!
*C#: A Beginner’s Guide* offers a step-by-step approach to learning object-oriented programming with C# and the .NET Framework while preparing you for data driven-development. More than 150 easy-to-follow examples are included. The book covers Visual Studio for developmentand debugging, collections and advanced C# structures,LINQ and traditional database development, as well as file, XML, and JSON handling. By the end of the book, you’ll have the foundation you need to begin developing advanced data-driven applications in any C#-based platform.
**Designed for Easy Learning**
* **Key Skills & Concepts**–Chapter-opening lists of specific skills covered in the chapter
* **Try This**–Hands-on exercises that show you how to apply your skills
* **Notes**–Extra information related to the topic being covered
* **Tips**–Helpful reminders or alternate ways of doing things
* **Cautions**–Errors and pitfalls to avoid
* **Self Test**–End-of-chapter quizzes to reinforce your skills
* **Example code** with commentary that describes the programming techniques being illustrated
Ready-to-use code at www.mhprofessional.com

C# 7.0 Pocket Reference: Instant Help for C# 7.0 Programmers

When you need answers for programming with C# 7.0, this tightly focused reference tells you exactly what you need to know—without long introductions or bloated examples. Easy-to-browse and ideal as a quick reference, this guide will help experienced C#, Java, and C++ programmers get up to speed with the latest version of the C# language.
All programs and code snippets in this book are available as interactive samples in LINQPad. You can edit these samples and instantly see the results without needing to set up projects in Visual Studio. Written by the authors of *C# 7.0 in a Nutshell*, this pocket reference covers C# 7.0 without skimping on detail, including:
* All of C#’s fundamentals
* Features new to C# 7.0, including tuples, pattern matching, and deconstructors
* Advanced topics: operator overloading, type constraints, iterators, nullable types, operator lifting, lambda expressions, and closures
* LINQ: sequences, lazy execution, standard query operators, and query expressions
* Unsafe code and pointers, custom attributes, preprocessor directives, and XML documentation

By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept: A Novel of Forgiveness

SUMMARY: From Paulo Coelho, author of the international bestseller The Alchemist, comes a poignant, richly poetic story that reflects the depth of love and life. Rarely does adolescent love reach its full potential, but what happens when two young lovers reunite after eleven years? Time has transformed Pilar into a strong and independent woman, while her devoted childhood friend has grown into a handsome and charismatic spiritual leader. She has learned well how to bury her feelings . . . and he has turned to religion as a refuge from his raging inner conflicts. Now they are together once again, embarking on a journey fraught with difficulties, as long-buried demons of blame and resentment resurface after more than a decade. But in a small village in the French Pyrenees, by the waters of the River Piedra, a most special relationship will be reexamined in the dazzling light of some of life’s biggest questions.

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

An old woman in a nursing home speaks of a child buried behind the fireplace…
When Tommy and Tuppence visited an elderly aunt in her gothic nursing home, they thought nothing of her mistrust of the doctors; after all, Ada was a very difficult old lady.
But when Mrs Lockett mentioned a poisoned mushroom stew and Mrs Lancaster talked about ‘something behind the fireplace’, Tommy and Tuppence found themselves caught up in an unexpected adventure involving possible black magic…

By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only by Dorothea Benton Frank
The Lowcountry of South Carolina is where *By Invitation Onl*y begins at a barbecue engagement party thrown by Diane English Stiftel, her brother Floyd, and her parents to celebrate her son’s engagement. On this gorgeous, magical night, the bride’s father, Alejandro Cambria, a wealthy power broker whose unbelievably successful career in private equity made him one of Chicago’s celebrated elite, discovers the limits and possibilities of cell phone range. While the mother of the bride, Susan Kennedy Cambria, who dabbles in the world of public relations and believes herself deserving of every square inch of her multimillion-dollar penthouse and imaginary carrara marble pedestal, learns about moonshine and dangerous liaisons.
Soon *By Invitation Only* zooms to Chicago, where the unraveling accelerates. Nearly a thousand miles away from her comfortable, familiar world, Diane is the antithesis of the bright lights and super-sophisticated guests attending her son Fred’s second engagement party. Why a second party? Maybe it had been assumed that the first one wouldn’t be up to snuff? Fred is marrying Shelby Cambria, also an only child. The Cambrias’ dearest wish is for their daughter to be happy. If Shelby wants to marry Frederick, aka Fred, they will not stand in her way—although Susan does hope her friends won’t think her daughter is marrying more than a few degrees beneath her socially. At the same time, Diane worries that her son will be lost to her forever.
*By Invitation Only* is a tale of two families, one struggling to do well, one well to do, and one young couple—the privileged daughter of Chicago’s crème de la crème and the son of hard -working Southern peach farmers.
Dorothea Benton Frank offers a funny, sharp, and deeply empathetic novel of two very different worlds—of limousines and pickup trucks, caviars and pigs, skyscrapers and ocean spray—filled with a delightful cast of characters who all have something to hide and a lot to learn. A difference in legal opinions, a headlong dive from grace, and an abrupt twist will reveal the truth of who they are and demonstrate, when it truly counts, what kind of grit they have. Are they living the life they want, what regrets do they hold, and how would they remake their lives if they were given the invitation to do so?
*By Invitation Only* is classic Dorothea Benton Frank—a mesmerizing Lowcountry Tale that roars with spirit, humor, and truth, and forces us to reconsider our notions of what it means to be a Have or a Have Not.

Buzz Off

When beekeeper Story Fischer is on the case, you can run – but you can’t hive . . . It’s September – National Honey Month – in Moraine, Wisconsin, and things are looking up for Story Fischer. Her messy divorce is final, the honey from her beekeeping business has been harvested, and the market she owns is thriving. Life seems pretty sweet . . . until Manny, her mentor in the honey business, is found stung to death in his apiary. Story is still trying to explain to the panicked locals that her honeybees had nothing to do with Manny’s death, when another body is found floating in the Oconomowoc River. This time the evidence points to Story’s ex. Sure, he’s a womanizer and a buzzkill – but a murderer? Desperate to save her bees and her business (and, okay, her ex), it’s up to Story to find a way out of a very sticky situation. ‘A stellar debut . . . Once readers get a taste of the Queen Bee Mysteries, they will be swarming for more.’ Cleo Coyle, national bestselling author of the Coffeehouse Mysteries’You won’t want to put it down.’ Julie Hyzy, award-winning author of Eggsecutive Ordersand Grace Under Pressure’Action, adventure, a touch of romance, and a cast of delightful characters.’ Lorna Barrett, New York Timesbestselling author of the Booktown Mysteries

Buy Jupiter and Other Stories

Întemeietorii (1975) (titlu original Buy Jupiter and Other Stories) este o culegere de povestiri a scriitorului american Isaac Asimov.
* Sala de biliard darwiniană (Darwinian Pool Room)
* Ziua vânătorilor (Day of the Hunters)
* Ban C. Uls-Lab (Shah Guido G.)
* Button, Button (Button, Button)
* Degetul maimuței (The Monkey’s Finger)
* Everest (Everest)
* Pauza (The Pause)
* Să nu (Let’s Not)
* Fiecare este un explorator (Each an Explorer)
* Nimic! (Blank!)
* Ce-i pasă unei albine? (Does a Bee Care?)
* Smintiții (Silly Asses)
* La bună vedere, Jupiter! (Buy Jupiter)
* O statuie pentru tata (A Statue for Father)
* Pleacă, pleacă, ploaie rea! (Rain, Rain, Go Away)
* Întemeietorii (Founding Father)
* Exil pe Iad (Exile to Hell)
* Elementul-cheie (Key Item)
* Studiul cuvenit (The Proper Study)
* 2430 A.D. (2430 A.D.)
* Bunul cel mai de preț (The Greatest Asset)
* Bățul de chibrit (Take a Match)
* Tiotimolina către stele (Thiotimoline to the Stars)
* Poezie imaterială (Light Verse)

Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas

All across the country, butterflies are becoming as popular as birds and wildflowers, especially among people seeking to enjoy the rich natural resources that Texas possesses. John and Gloria Tveten have been studying butterflies in Southeast Texas for thirty-five years, and here they offer their considerable knowledge to everyone who shares their passion for butterflies.
In this easy-to-use field guide, the Tvetens describe and illustrate more than 100 species of butterflies that live in Southeast Texas and can often be found across the state. Striking color photographs of living butterflies and caterpillars (a unique addition) show the key marks and characteristics necessary for field identification. The Tvetens’ enjoyable and authoritative text describes each species’ life history, habits, flight patterns, and characteristic markings.
An account of the different butterfly families, from swallowtails to longwings to skippers, precedes the descriptions of the species within each family. The Tvetens also include an interesting discussion of butterfly biology, a complete checklist of area butterflies, an index of butterfly-attracting plants, and pointers to other butterfly resources.
This field guide is the first to focus exclusively on Southeast Texas butterflies. It will be the essential reference for everyone seeking a reliable way to identify these butterflies, from field observers to apartment dwellers who wonder what is fluttering around the pot plants on the balcony.
(source: Bol.com)