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The Case of the Black-Eyed Blonde

She was a good-looking blonde and fighting mad when she came to Perry Mason’s office. She wanted mason to take action against her employer’s stepson, a particularly obnoxious young man who had knocked her down when she resisted his advances.
Perry was sympathetic. he took action at once – and got $1,500.00 for
Diana and a $500.00 fee for himself. Case dismissed.
But the very next night, the girl who shared Diana’s apartment was found murdered. At the scene of the crime, the police found two vital clues: the murder weapon, a pistol covered with Diana’s fingerprints, and her bag containing a receipt for his services, signed “Perry Mason per Della Street”.
Now Perry mason really had a case!

The Case of the Bigamous Spouse

Gwynn Elston learns that her best friend’s husband already has a wife and family, but when he is found murdered Gwynn must ask Perry Mason to defend her against a murder charge.

The Case of the Beautiful Beggar

A beautiful young woman seeks the help of the world-famous lawyer to free her frail, wealthy uncle from the clutches of a conniving half brother. But the police believe she may be a murderer. Could they be right? Or will Perry Mason and his clever assistants, Paul Drake and Della Street be able to prove her innocence?

The Case of the Baited Hook

The Case of the Baited Hook (Perry Mason Series #16) by Erle Stanley Gardner
Did the wealthy Fremont C. Sabin divorce his wife before his untimely death? That’s the multimillion-dollar question. And the right answer will mean a windfall for either the dead man’s angry son or headstrong widow. Each has accused the other of destroying Sabin’s will—and murdering Sabin. But with no document declaring who the affable eccentric intended to leave his fortune to, Perry Mason faces a particularly prickly puzzle.
Even more puzzling, however, is the talking parrot. Casanova was Fremont Sabin’s beloved pet. But the bird found at the crime scene proves to be a foul-mouthed impostor. Suffice it to say that more than a few feathers will be ruffled as Mason sets out to clip a clever killer’s wings. . . .

The Case of the Amorous Aunt

Marriage is a big commitment…and so is murder.
Lorraine Elmore is a well-to-do widow who’s ready to marry again. But nervous Linda Calhoun is certain that the man her aunt Lorraine has fallen for is a fortune-hunting Bluebeard who’s out to make a killing—in more ways than one. Perry Mason alloys Linda’s paranoia—until Detective Paul Drake digs up enough dirt to convince the lawyer that dashing, mysterious Montrose Dewitt is digging a grave for his bride-to-be.
When the amorous aunt and her amour elope, the chase is on. But when Lorraine’s supposedly sinister suitor is the one who ends up murdered, the pressure is on Mason to prove that the blushing bride isn’t the one who drew blood.

A Case of Conscience

A Case of Conscience by James Blish
Father Ruiz-Sanchez is a dedicated man—a priest who is also a scientist, and a scientist who is also a human being. He has found no insoluble conflicts in his beliefs or his ethics . . . until he is sent to Lithia. There he comes upon a race of aliens who are admirable in every way except for their total reliance on cold reason; they are incapable of faith or belief.
Confronted with a profound scientific riddle and ethical quandary, Father Ruiz-Sanchez soon finds himself torn between the teachings of his faith, the teachings of his science, and the inner promptings of his humanity. There is only one solution: He must accept an ancient and unforgivable heresy—and risk the futures of both worlds . . .


They are floating cities with crews of thousands. They are the linchpins of any military strategy, for they provide what has become the key to every battle fought since World War I: air superiority. The mere presence of a U.S. naval carrier in a region is an automatic display of strength that sends a message no potential enemy can ignore. Now, **Tom Clancy** welcomes you aboard for a detailed look at how these floating behemoths function. With his trademark style and eye for detail, Clancy brings you naval combat strategy like no one else can.Carrier includes:* Takeoffs and landings: flying into the danger zone
* The aircraft onboard: their range, their power, their weaponry
* The role of the carrier in modern naval warfare
* Exclusive photographs, illustrations and diagrams
Plus: An interview with the U.S. Navy’s Chief of Naval Operations, **Admiral Jay Johnson**


Carrie White, dix-sept ans, solitaire, timide et pas vraiment jolie, vit un calvaire : elle est victime du fanatisme religieux de sa mère et des moqueries incessantes de ses camarades de classe. Sans compter ce don, cet étrange pouvoir de déplacer les objets à distance, bien qu’elle le maîtrise encore avec difficulté… Un jour, cependant, la chance paraît lui sourire. Tommy Ross, le seul garçon qui semble la comprendre et l’aimer, l’invite au bal de printemps de l’école. Une marque d’attention qu’elle n’aurait jamais espérée, et peut-être même le signe d’un renouveau ! Loin d’être la souillonne que tous fustigent, elle resplendit et se sent renaître à la vie. Mais c’est compter sans la mesquinerie des autres élèves. Cette invitation, trop belle pour être vraie, ne cache-t-elle pas un piège plus cruel encore que les autres ?

Carpe Jugulum

EDITORIAL REVIEW: It is rare and splendid event when an author is elevated from the underground into the international literary establishment. In the case of England’s best-known and best-loved modern satirist, that event has been long overdue. Terry Pratchett’s profoundly irreverent Discworld novels satirize and celebrate every aspect of life, modern and ancient, sacred and profane. Consistent number-one bestsellers in England, they have garnered him a secure position in the pantheon of humor along with Mark Twain, Douglas Adams, Matt Groening, and Jonathan Swift. Even so distinguished an author as A. S. Byatt has sung his praises, calling Pratchett’s intricate and delightful fictional Discworld “more complicated and satisfying than Oz.” His latest satiric triumph, * Carpe Jugulum,* involves an exclusive royal snafu that leads to comic mayhem. In a fit of enlightenment democracy and ebullient goodwill, King Verence invites Uberwald’s undead, the Magpyrs, into Lancre to celebrate the birth of his daughter. But once ensconced within the castle, these wine-drinking, garlic-eating, sun-loving modern vampires have no intention of leaving. * Ever.* Only an uneasy alliance between a nervous young priest and the argumentative local witches can save the country from being taken over by people with a cultivated bloodlust and bad taste in silk waistcoats. For them, there’s only one way to fight. Go for the throat, or as the * vampyres* themselves say… Carpe Jugulum

Carnivores of Light and Darkness

The tall herdsman/warrior Etjole Ehomba of the Naumkib tribe lives by the sea. When a number of strange warriors wash up dead on the sand, only the nobleman Tarin Beckwith survives long enough to whisper a dying request: It seems that the Visioness Themaryl of Laconda has been abducted by Hymneth the Possessed and carried off to the remote land of Ehl-Larimar. Etjole accepts the dead man’s entreaty to rescue her, and sets off on a very long journey. Etjole speaks the languages of animals, his bearing is courteous, his aspect modest and reasonable, and he solves problems by negotiation. A friendly snake provides him with an immunity to poison. He acquires a sidekick, the garrulous treasure-hunter Simna Ibn Sind. He outfaces a sentient tornado to save Ahlitah, a large black cat that, feeling obligated, joins the expedition. Finally, after various adventures involving floating ponds, dolphins, tiny warriors, a hostile animated sand dune, the mirage-palace of a soul-eater, and a gigantic walking wall, he’s menaced by the evil, light-eating eromakadi; fortunately, being an eromakadi himself (one who eats darkness), Etjole simply inhales the eromakadi. Inventive and packed with flavorsome incident.

A Caribbean Mystery

“Would you like to see a picture of a murderer?” So asks a stranger of Miss Jane Marple while she is vacationing on luxurious St. Honore. Before she has a chance to answer, the mystery man vanishes, only to be found dead the following day. Now Miss Marple is asking the questions: What happened to the curious photo: Why is the hotelier prone to nightmares? Why doesn’t the most-talked-about guest, a reclusive millionaire, ever leave his room? Any why is Miss Marple fearing for her own life?

A Caress of Twilight

** *“I am Princess Meredith, heir to a throne—if I can stay alive long enough to claim it.”
* **After eluding relentless assassination attempts by Prince Cel, her cousin and rival for the Faerie crown, Meredith Gentry, Los Angeles private eye, has a whole new set of problems. To become queen, she must bear a child before Cel can father one of his own. But havoc lies on the horizon: people are dying in mysterious, frightening ways, and suddenly the very existence of the place known as Faerie is at grave risk. So now, while she enjoys the greatest pleasures of her life attempting to conceive a baby with the warriors of her royal guard, she must fend off an ancient evil that could destroy the very fabric of reality. And that’s just her day job. . . .
*From the Paperback edition.*

Cards on the Table

A BBC Radio full-cast dramatization starring John Moffatt as Hercule Poirot, with Stephanie Cole and Donald Sinden. Hercule Poirot, along with three other luminaries from the world of crime detection, is invited to dinner by the renowned London socialite Dr. Shaitana. Also on the guest list are four members of what Shaitana calls his Black Museum–a collection of murderers who have each succeeded in “getting away with it.” After midnight, when the guests prepare to leave, they make a terrible discovery. Their host is dead in his armchair, stabbed in the chest. The four sleuths are thus faced with one murder and a quartet of likely suspects. Working both together and independently, they investigate the past of the Black Museum’s finest in order to determine the most likely killer. Poirot finds that many distractions are thrown in his way, as he attempts to read the meaning of the cards which each suspect has placed on the table.

Cardiopatie Congenite Dell’Adulto

Tra le malattie congenite, le cardiopatie sono quelle piu frequentemente riscontrate, e hanno infatti un’incidenza dell’1% nulla popolazione mondiale. Grazie alle moderne terapie, i portatori di queste patologie diventano oggi adulti, ma necessitano di essere costantemente seguiti dagli specialisti e monitorati dai medici di famiglia. Questo testo, offrendo una panoramica completa delle informazioni relative ad esse relative e e al loro trattamento, si propone appunto di essere una guida facilmente consultabile e utile sia per l’esperto del settore sia per coloro che solo saltuariamente si confrontano con le problematiche legate alla cardiopatia congenita dell’adulto. Grazie alle numerose figure e tabelle, alla semplicita dell’esposizione e alla completezza dei dati riportati, il volume potra essere un utile strumento di lavoro anche per il personale paramedico e per tutti gli operatori coinvolti nella gestione di questi pazienti.
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The Car Hacking Handbook

“The world needs more hackers, and the world definitely needs more car hackers. We’re all safer when the systems we depend upon are inspectable, auditable, and documented—and this definitely includes cars.” —Chris Evans, from the Foreword “By turns funny, scary, and intriguing, The Car Hacker’s Handbook is a practical guide for tinkerers and a fantastic overview for people who want to know what’s going on when they strap themselves into a multi-ton, high-speed computer.” —Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing “The Car Hacker’s Handbook describes, in meticulous detail, how your car’s components talk both to one another and to diagnosticians—outlining all the ways good and bad guys can modify or attack the systems.” —The Wall Street Journal Modern cars are more computerized than ever. Infotainment and navigation systems, Wi-Fi, automatic software updates, and other innovations aim to make driving more ­convenient. But vehicle technologies haven’t kept pace with today’s more hostile security environment, leaving ­millions vulnerable to attack. The Car Hacker’s Handbook will give you a deeper understanding of the computer systems and embedded software in modern ­vehicles. It begins by examining vulnerabilities and providing detailed explanations of communications over the CAN bus and ­between devices and systems. Then, once you have an understanding of a ­vehicle’s communication network, you’ll learn how to intercept data and perform specific hacks to track vehicles, unlock doors, glitch engines, flood communication, and more. With a focus on low-cost, open source hacking tools such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Kayak, can-utils, and ­ChipWhisperer, The Car Hacker’s Handbook will show you how to:-Build an accurate threat model for your vehicle-Reverse engineer the CAN bus to fake engine signals  -Exploit vulnerabilities in diagnostic and data-logging systems -Hack the ECU and other firmware and embedded systems -Feed exploits through infotainment and vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems -Override factory settings with performance-tuning techniques  -Build physical and virtual test benches to try out exploits safelyIf you’re curious about automotive security and have the urge to hack a two-ton computer, makeThe Car Hacker’s Handbook your first stop.


Daniel is one of the last existing humans in the universe. Sold into sexual slavery by the very beings who destroyed Earth, he lives day by day, surviving by yielding to his master. That is, until he’s captured and stolen from the whorehouse he called home by one of the men who aided in his planet’s destruction.
Galec has been sent to find Daniel—and the map the human wears on his arm. A mythic treasure of untold value lays at the end, if they can only decipher it. He captures the human, hoping the male knows more about the prize.
What Galec doesn’t expect is to fall for the human. Suddenly, the treasure isn’t as valuable as what he’s already found.
But can the human accept him—one Daniel claims helped destroy the world?