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Cum For Bigfoot 14

It’s six months later and the tribe is on the move, but tragedy strikes and a major character suffers a fatal blow. Reeling from the incident, Leslie is confronted with the reality of being alone, yet, as a nearby tribe arrives for the funeral, she meets a lanky Sasquatch named Harry, who just might be the perfect match for her.
Porsche and Leonard have weathered many storms, separations, and dramas. In “Cum For Bigfoot 14”, there will be even greater challenges that threaten the health and safety of the tribe. This family won’t let the outside world affect them. They will fight for what is theirs and protect their own. Hell hath no fury like an angry Sasquatch.
This story contains orgies, threesomes, double penetration, oral sex, and erotic romance. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+
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Cum for Bigfoot 13

Danger in paradise…
After seeking shelter in a tropical-like cave, Lena finds herself in Leonard’s clutches, as the lusty Sasquatch seduces Porsche’s sister, sharing her with Archie in pleasurable threesomes. Ruthless Bigfoot hunters shatter their peace, but they might have underestimated the apes, as a bloodbath ensues.
This story contains threesomes, an orgy, double penetration, rimming, oral sex, erotic romance, and copious amounts of Sasquatch semen. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

Cum for Bigfoot 12

In the wake of a shocking attack by Bigfoot hunters, the tribe is plunged into chaos, and, when the dust settles, Leslie discovers her Sasquatch baby has been stolen! A continuing threat forces the group to separate, and Lena finds herself with Leonard in an ancient cave. The unexpected oasis allows her to explore her growing attraction to the stoic ape, as their forbidden bond deepens.
This story contains erotic romance, oral sex, threesomes, double penetration, and bondage. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+

Cum For Bigfoot 10

After a reconciliatory orgy, the tribe is surprised to discover the existence of a female Sasquatch. The newcomer has the potential to throw the balance of the group into chaos or, worse, breakup star-crossed lovers. Will Leonard leave Porsche for the ape of his dreams, or are her fears for naught? Mike proposes to the blonde beauty, and she ponders the future, torn between her love for Leonard and the handsome forest ranger, who has stolen her heart.
Changes are on the horizon, with danger and surprises along the way. Look for these in “Cum For Bigfoot 11”.
This story contains erotic romance, orgies, double penetration, rimming, threesomes, virgin sex, and kidnapping. All characters are eighteen and above. Adult 18+
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Cum for Bigfoot

Kidnapped by horny, ape-like creatures in Mt. Hood National Forest, Porsche, Shelly, and Leslie find themselves in a lusty situation, as a tribe of Bigfoots use their willing, nubile bodies to satisfy their monster cocks. How can Porsche leave all of this behind and return to civilization? When she’s in the arms of her Sasquatch, warm and snuggly in his matted fur, the only thoughts going through her mind are of utter bliss. But challenges abound for the star-crossed lovers, including Leonard’s head injury, a devastating wildfire, and a sexy forest ranger named Mike. Will these obstacles shatter the growing love between an ape and its mate or will true love triumph?
“The ‘Bigfoot’ series delivers a great buzz – characters to care about, an interesting plot with story arcs that extend over a couple of books, and down & dirty ape lovin’!” – MaryJaneZigZag, Wild Rose Country, CANADA
“The idea behind Cum For Bigfoot and the rest of Virginia Wade’s Monster Sex books are out there, they are obviously meant for fun and they deliver.This, as well as the others, is well-written engaging from beginning to end fun.” – Michelle, The United States
“What a scream this book was. I’m going to pick up the sequels too. I enjoyed Virginia Wade’s paranormal story “The Demon In Alice” so I was expecting something unusual here. I never thought I’d enjoy Bigfoot sex in a million years but this is so well-written and just plain crazy that I couldn’t help myself. I loved it.” – interloper, UK
“What do you get when you cross an Elephant and a Persian Rug? The male protagonist in this book of course! Shaggy, but well equipped, Leonard has the equipment to make the teenage nympho Porsche squeal with delight.” – Natalia Darque, author of *Forced to Watch: The Breeding of My Wife* and *Blackmailed and Bred by Her Boss*
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Stephen King puts nerve-tearing teeth into the terror of man’s best friend turning into the ultimate beast.With this warning, prepare to meet Cujo, a friendly, playful 200-pound Saint Bernard who chases a rabbit into an underground cavern.When he emerges from the darkness, he is something else. Something that the men, women, and children of Castle rock, Maine, do not suspect. Until is too late. Until the fever of fear rises and spreads. Until no one is safe, and no one can escape the insatiable slavering evil padding on four paws from victim to victim.

Cuck Storm Horizon

Cuck Storm Horizon by David McManus
Dave Martens has to fill in for his boss and deliver the presentation of his career. All the while knowing that his young wife Ashley is back in New York with her new lover Mike in their marriage bed. Mike, the guy Dave met in a cuckold chat room, whom Ashley believes is an old friend from summer camp. The real challenges await Dave upon his return. Mike’s woven himself into the fabric of Dave’s marriage. He’s taken over Dave’s bedroom and wants to dunk him in the cuckold deep-end. Dave resolves to stand up for himself, hoping a big heart-to-heart with Ashley will pull the brakes on this runaway train. Meanwhile he must pretend everything’s perfect. As they go out on the town with another couple, attend a family cookout. Even just saying hello to his doorman becomes a trial as Dave struggles to project normalcy. But his troubles are just beginning. Mike has a birthday coming up, and Ashley has an unusual gift in mind. The story of Cuck Storm Horizon begins the morning after the end of McManus’s first novel, Reluctant Cuckold.

Cuck Reluctant: 3 Story Bundle

**This 18K word, 3-story bundle** *features stories of women who drag their men kicking and moaning into the action!*
Marla’s on a camping trip with her two favorite guys in the world. One is her boyfriend, who she loves; the other is a sexy college friend she desperately wants to have.
But it’s okay, because she brought some sleeping pills, and hopefully they’ll keep her boyfriend asleep while she seduces her way to a crazy, infidelitous night!
What could go wrong?
Missy is the private girl of the president of the motorcycle club. She likes him well enough, but he’s nothing compared to Wes, the incredibly hot, and very reluctant second-in-command.  If he won’t give her what she wants, then she decides to take it.  When she discovers a strange website written on the wall of the bathroom, her world gets turned upside down as she gains the power to hypnotize anyone at will.  But this is a lot of power for someone who’s not careful, and things can get out of hand very quickly…
In the beginning, God created Adam and Lilith. When Adam got tired of her, she was banished, and Adam called in for the replacement we all know as Eve.
Now, what’s a girl to do all alone in the Garden of Eden?

Well, befriend Lucifer, of course! He’s a lot more accepting than her last guy and boy does he have a world of wondrous sin to introduce her to!

Cube Route

For nearly three decades, Piers Anthony’s bestselling Xanth series has been delighting tens of thousands of fantasy fans around the world. Now, with Cube Route, the series’ twenty-seventh adventure, Anthony has penned a tale that adds another dimension to this exciting saga.
In the magical land of Xanth, wishes are far more than mere words. So when a Plain Jane called Cube whispers a wistful wish to be beautiful, she finds herself leading a company of colorful companions on a search for the mysterious Cube Route–a perilous path that leads to danger, adventure, and perhaps her heart’s desire as well.
This curious quest takes them all over Xanth, into the mythical realm of Phaze, and even to our own world, where Cube rescues a beautiful human woman from a very ugly situation, ending at last in a mysterious Counter-Xanth where things can be transformed into their opposites in the wink of an eye.
A rollicking tale brimming with laughter, wonder, and enchantment, Cube Route is also a moving exploration of the beauty that dwells within all of us.

CSS Visual Dictionary

Over 200 visual diagrams explaining all CSS properties and values currently supported by all major browsers in common use.

CSS Pocket Reference

More proof that good things come in small–and sometimes even inexpensive–packages: the CSS Pocket Reference has been completely revised and updated to reflect the latest Cascading Style Sheet specifications, CSS2 and CSS2.1.
An indispensable reference for web designers and developers, this slim little book covers the essential information needed to effectively implement CSS, with an introduction to the key concepts of CSS and a complete alphabetical reference to the CSS2 and CSS 2.1 properties. And since browser incompatibility is the biggest CSS headache for most developers, it also includes an invaluable chart displaying detailed information about CSS support for every style element across all browsers. For anyone who wants to correctly implement CSS, this book condenses all the details in its companion volume, Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide, into one easy-to-use cheat-sheet.
The CSS Pocket Reference delivers just the CSS details that you need to complete the task at hand. When you’re stuck and want an answer quickly, the tiny CSS Pocket Reference is the book you’ll want by your keyboard or in your back pocket. (Yes, it really does fit in a back pocket, but it’s too useful to stay there long.)
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The Crystal City

Using the lore and the folk-magic of the men and women who settled North America, Orson Scott Card has created an alternate world where magic works, and where that magic has colored the entire history of the colonies. Charms and beseechings, hexes and potions, all have a place in the lives of the people of this world. Dowsers find water, the second sight warns of dangers to come, and a torch can read a person’s future—or their heart.
In this world where ”knacks” abound, Alvin, the seventh son of a seventh son, is a very special man indeed. He’s a Maker; he has the knack of understanding how things are put together, how to create them, repair them, keep them whole, or tear them down. He can heal hearts as well as bones, he build a house, he can calm the waters or blow up a storm. And he can teach his knack to others, to the measure of their own talent.
Alvin has been trying to avert the terrible war that his wife, Peggy, a torch of extraordinary power, has seen down the life-lines of every American. Now she has sent him down the Mizzippy to the city of New Orleans, or Nueva Barcelona as they call it under Spanish occupation. Alvin doesn’t know exactly why he’s there, but when he and his brother-in-law, Arthur Stuart, find lodgings with a family of abolitionists who know Peggy, he suspects he’ll find out soon.
But Nueva Barcelona is about to experience a plague, and Alvin’s efforts to protect his friends by keeping them healthy will create more danger than he could ever have suspected. And in saving the poor people of the city, Alvin will be put to the greatest test of his life—a test that will draw on all his power. For the time has come for him to turn to his old friend Tenskwa-Tawa, the Red Prophet who controls the lands to the west of the Mizzippy. Now Alvin must take the first steps on the road to the Crystal City that was shown to him in a vision so long ago.

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

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The Cry of the Halidon

SUMMARY: Alex McAuliff has just received an offer he can’t refuse. A company called Dunstone Ltd will pay him two million dollars for a geological survey of Jamaica’s interior – and they require his absolute secrecy. But British Intelligence are aware of the deal and they’ve let Alex in on a secret of their own: the last survey team Dunstone dispatched to Jamaica vanished without trace. Now it’s too late to turn back. From the moment he lands in Jamaica Alex is a marked man. He already knows about Dunstone…which means he knows too much.

The Cruel Stars

*A stand-alone set during the Ark Royal Era*.
The Royal Navy never expected to fight a full-scale interstellar war.  Everyone knew the Great Powers would never risk everything on armed conflict, when there was plenty of room for everyone in outer space.  But when a hostile alien force stumbles across humanity’s handful of colony worlds, the Great Powers must set aside their differences and fight to preserve humanity from utter destruction.
Desperate for starships and manpower, the Royal Navy embarks upon an ambitious plan of converting freighters into makeshift carriers and recruiting reservists and criminals to fill the ranks.  Classed as expendable, the small carriers will be given the most dangerous missions to slow a remorseless alien foe …
… And the pardons their crews have been offered will be meaningless if they die.


**”Trust Christina Bauer to deliver a super bad-ass heroine and majorly page-turning plot line. This series is definitely a must read for you guys who love paranormal romance or urban fantasy.”*** – The Four Eyed Cat Reviews*
At last, Elea has found the love of her life. Unfortunately, the evil Tsar Viktor is about to unleash an army of twisted mages bent on killing everyone Elea cares about… including the man who’s stolen her heart.
So what’s a powerful witch to do? Why, fight back, of course!
Elea goes on a mission to find the Sword of Theodora, the only weapon that can destroy Viktor. That’s challenge enough, but on the eve of battle, Elea realizes that her true enemies may be far more powerful than even Viktor: The deities Oni and Yuri could be out to destroy her as well. With major battles brewing on two fronts, Elea’s not sure that she’ll win, but with true love to inspire her, she’s certainly ready to fight.
**”This is the kind of series installment that you wait for.”**- *The Genre Minx*
*Perfect for readers who love sword and sorcery filled with magic, necromancy, witches and wizards. This series combines fierce females, paranormal romance and epic fantasy. Enjoy!
***BEHOLDER series order**
1. Cursed
2. Concealed
3. Cherished
4. Crowned
5. Cradled
**Read all the series from author Christina Bauer:**
– Angelbound Origins (YA Dark Fantasy)
– Angelbound Offspring (YA Dark Fantasy)
– Angelbound Worlds (YA Dark Fantasy)
– Beholder (YA Dark Fantasy)
– Dimension Drift (YA Urban Fantasy )
– Fairy Tales of the Magicorum (YA Urban Fantasy)

The Crown

From the national bestselling author of the acclaimed fantasy trilogy The Sword, the Ring, and the Chalice.

Forsaking her spirit for her heart, Lea, sister of the emperor Caelen, has fallen in love with her kidnapper, Lord Shadrael, a man with no soul. Despite growing attachment to his captive, Shadrael hands over Lea to the corrupt Vindicant priests for the promise of redemption.

But when the Vindicants renege on their pledge, Lea and a gravely wounded Shadrael are forced to escape into the Hidden Ways of the shadow realm, where evil threatens to consume all it touches. Now, in order to survive, Lea has to find the balance between her light and Shadrael’s darkness before the shadows destroy them both.

Praise for Deborah Chester’s novels

“Fantastic.”—The Best Reviews

“Epic fantasy at its romantic best.”—Midwest Book Review

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