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A Dangerous Fortune

A Dangerous Fortune by Ken Follett
**A breathtaking thriller featuring “political and amorous intrigues, cold-blooded murder, and financial crises” (*San Francisco Chronicle*), from the #1 *New York Times* bestselling author of *A Column of Fire***
In 1866, tragedy strikes the exclusive Windfield School when a young student drowns in a mysterious accident. His death and its aftermath initiate a spiraling circle of treachery that will span three decades and entwine many lives.

From the exclusive men’s clubs and brothels that cater to every dark desire of London’s upper class to the dazzling ballrooms and mahogany-paneled suites of the manipulators of the world’s wealth, one family is splintered by a shared legacy. But greed, fed by the shocking truth of a boy’s death, must be stopped, or the dreams of a nation will die.

**Praise for *A Dangerous Fortune***
“A terrific page-turner.”**—*Los Angeles Times* 
**“Political and amorous intrigues, cold-blooded murder, and financial crises . . . old-fashioned entertainment.”**—*San Francisco Chronicle***

“Breathlessly plotted . . . relentlessly suspenseful.”**—*The New York Times***

“Gripping, complex plot . . . sexual intrigue . . . fascinating characters . . . You won’t be able to put down this exciting page-turner.”**—*Lexington Herald-Leader***
“Follett [builds] to a dramatic climax with the same masterful control that guided *Eye of the Needle* and *The Pillars of the Earth*.”—***Playboy***
“I don’t usually enjoy historical thrillers but admit to being totally captivated by Ken Follett’s *A Dangerous Fortune*.”—***Chicago Tribune
***“Highly entertaining . . . Follett’s characters are drawn with broad, realistic strokes . . . this story of greed and retribution should win Follett new fans.”—***Publishers Weekly 
***“Rich, complex, thrilling, suspenseful, well plotted . . . *A Dangerous Fortune* is dangerous reading. You won’t be able to put it down.”—***Authors and Critics ***

Dangerous Data (The Meridian Crew Book 2)

**Amelia and the crew of the Meridian are in the middle of a hostage extraction** in orbit around the moon Titan. The extraction is successful, but the more-destructive-than-expected strategy of the crew leaves them in dire financial straits. In desperation for a job, the team heads to Icarus Station, a former Federation space station that now serves as a hideout for the worst mercenary scum the Sol System has to offer.
A surprise bar fight catches the attention of a mysterious client looking for a team to infiltrate the research headquarters of the independent government of New York, and he thinks Amelia and the rest of the crew are just the right mercs for the job. The data is lifted, but when they’re betrayed, they find themselves on the run not just from their former client, but the New York Navy.
Can a man from Amelia’s past help her and the rest of the crew stay one step ahead of the forces that want to hunt them down at any cost?
***Includes 4 Free Bonus Books (Witch Academy)***

Dangerous Curves Atop Hollywood Heels: The Lives, Careers, and Misfortunes of 14 Hard-Luck Girls of the Silent Screen

“We were like dragonflies. We seemed to be suspended effortlessly in the air, but in reality, our wings were beating very, very fast.” – Mae Murray “It is worse than folly for persons to imagine that this business is an easy road to money, to contentment, or to that strange quality called happiness.” – Bebe Daniels “A girl should realize that a career on the screen demands everything, promising nothing.” – Helen Ferguson In Dangerous Curves Atop Hollywood Heels, author Michael G. Ankerich examines the lives, careers, and disappointments of 15 silent film actresses, who, despite the odds against them and warnings to stay in their hometowns, came to Hollywood to make names for themselves in the movies. On the screen, these young hopefuls became Agnes Ayres, Olive Borden, Grace Darmond, Elinor Fair, Juanita Hansen, Wanda Hawley, Natalie Joyce, Barbara La Marr, Martha Mansfield, Mae Murray, Mary Nolan, Marie Prevost, Lucille Ricksen, Eve Southern, and Alberta Vaughn. Dangerous Curves follows the precarious routes these young ladies took in their quest for fame and uncovers how some of the top actresses of the silent screen were used, abused, and discarded. Many, unable to let go of the spotlight after it had singed their very souls, came to a stop on that dead-end street, referred to by actress Anna Q. Nilsson as, Hollywood’s Heartbreak Lane. Pieced together using contemporary interviews the actresses gave, conversations with friends, relatives, and co-workers, and exhaustive research through scrapbooks, archives, and public records, Dangerous Curves offers an honest, yet compassionate, look at some of the brightest luminaries of the silent screen. The book is illustrated with over 150 photographs.

The Dangerous Book for Boys

If ever there were a book to make you switch off your television set, The Dangerous Book for Boys is it.
How many other books will help you thrash someone at conkers, race your own go-cart, and identify the best quotations from Shakespeare? The Dangerous Book for Boys gives you facts and figures at your fingertips – swot up on the solar system, learn about famous battles and read inspiring stories of incredible courage and bravery. Teach your old dog new tricks. Make a pinhole camera. Understand the laws of cricket. There’s a whole world out there: with this book, anyone can get out and explore it.
The Dangerous Book for Boys is written with the verve and passion that readers of Conn Iggulden’s number one bestselling novels have come to expect. This book, his first non-fiction work, has been written with his brother as a celebration of the long summers of their youth and as a compendium of information so vital to men of all ages. Lavishly designed and fully illustrated in colour and black and white throughout, it’s set to be a perfect gift for Father’s Day and beyond.
Chapters in The Dangerous Book for Boys include: The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, Conkers, Laws of Football, Dinosaurs, Fishing, Juggling, Timers and Tripwires, Kings and Queens, Famous Battles, Spies, Making Crystals, Insects and Spiders, Astronomy, Girls, The Golden Age of Piracy, Secret Inks, Patron Saints of Britain, Skimming Stones, Dog Tricks, Making a Periscope, Coin Tricks, Marbles, Artillery, The Origin of Words and The Solar System.

Dancing With Myself

This collection contains sixteen stories and science articles by the remarkable author, Charles Sheffield. A mix of SF short stories and science fact essays, the ideas explored here in fact and fiction, nanotechnology, the future of space flight, and more, are going to shape our world as surely as communications and electronics have been shaping our present. The stories range in length from being barely a page (‘The Seventeen-Year Locusts’) to long novelettes (‘The Courts of Xanadu’). They also range in mood from the very silly to very somber. Each of them provides a unique and highly imaginative look at the impact of technology on the human condition. Sheffield’s longer works include Earthwatch, Man on Earth, Cold as Ice, and Brother to Dragons.
Introduction (Dancing With Myself) • essay by Charles Sheffield
Out of Copyright (1989) / short story by Charles Sheffield
Tunicate, Tunicate, Wilt Thou Be Mine? (1985) / novelette by Charles Sheffield
Counting Up (1988) • essay by Charles Sheffield
A Braver Thing (1990) / novelette by Charles Sheffield
The Grand Tour (1987) • short story by Charles Sheffield
Classical Nightmares …… And Quantum Paradoxes (1989) • essay by Charles Sheffield
Nightmares of the Classical Mind (1989) / novelette by Charles Sheffield
The Double Spiral Staircase (1990) / short story by Charles Sheffield
The Unlicked Bear-Whelp: A Worm’s Eye Look at Chaos Theory (1990) • essay by Charles Sheffield
The Seventeen-Year Locusts (1983) / short story by Charles Sheffield
The Courts of Xanadu (1988) / novelette by Charles Sheffield
C-Change [Probability Zero] (1992) / short story by Charles Sheffield
Unclear Weather: A Miscellany of Disasters (1988) • essay by Charles Sheffield
Godspeed (1990) / short story by Charles Sheffield
Dancing With Myself (1989) / short story by Charles Sheffield
Something for Nothing: A Biography of the Universe • essay by Charles Sheffield

Dancer’s Lament

It was once a land ravaged by war, minor city states, baronies and principates fight for supremacy, and then the rival cities of Tali and Quon formed an alliance and so Quon Tali came into being. However that was generations ago, that dynasty has collapsed and the regional powers are now clawing at each others’ throats once more. But at the heart of Quon Tali lies the powerful city state of Li Heng which has for centuries enjoyed relative stability under the guidance of the powerful sorceress known as the “Protectress”. She is not someone likely to tolerate the arrival of two particular young men in her domain: one is determined to prove he is the most skilled assassin of his age; the other is his quarry – a Dal Hon mage who is proving annoyingly difficult to kill. The sorceress and her cabal of five mage servants were enough to repel the Quon Tali Iron Legions, so how could two such trouble-makers upset her iron-fisted rule? And now, under a new and ambitious king, the forces of Itko Kan are marching on Li Heng from the south. His own assassins, the Nightblades, have been sent ahead into the city, and rumours abound that he has inhuman, nightmarish forces at his command. So as shadows and mistrust swirl and monstrous beasts that people say appear from nowhere, run rampage through Li Heng’s streets, it seems chaos is come – but in chaos, as a certain young Dal Hon mage would say, there is opportunity…

Dancer’s Lament

Taking Malazan fans back to that troubled continent’s turbulent early history. The opening chapter in Ian C. Esslemont’s epic new fantasy sequence, the Path to Ascendancy trilogy.
For ages warfare has crippled the continent as minor city states, baronies, and principalities fought in an endless round of hostilities. Only the alliance of the rival Tali and Quon cities could field the resources to mount a hegemony from coast to coast — and thus become known as Quon Tali.
It is a generation since the collapse of this dynasty and regional powers are once more rousing themselves. Into this arena of renewed border wars come two youths to the powerful central city state that is Li Heng. One is named Dorin, and he comes determined to prove himself the most skilled assassin of his age; he is chasing the other youth — a Dal Hon mage who has proven himself annoyingly difficult to kill.
Li Heng has been guided and warded for centuries by the powerful sorceress known as the “Protectress”, and she allows no rivals. She and her cabal of five mage servants were enough to repel the Quon Tali Iron Legions — what could two youths hope to accomplish under their stifling rule?
Yet under the new and ambitious King Chulalorn the Third, Itko Kan is on the march from the south. He sends his own assassin servants, the Nightblades, against the city, and there are hints that he also commands inhuman forces out of legend.
While above all, shadows swirl oddly about Li Heng, and monstrous slathering beasts seem to appear from nowhere to run howling through the street. It is a time of chaos and upheaval, and in chaos, as the young Dal Hon mage would say, there is opportunity.

Dance Upon the Air

SUMMARY: From the #1 New York Timesbestselling author-the first book in the reissued Three Sisters Island trilogy is a tale of friendship, fate, and the mysterious ways of the heart.

Dance to the Piper

EDITORIAL REVIEW: Book 2 in *The O’Hurley Collection* **A New York Times Bestseller** Though her name was up in lights, Maddy O’Hurley cared nothing for the trappings of stardom. All that mattered was dancing. But Reed Valentine’s only passions were wealth and power . . . until Maddy engaged the mesmerizing mogul in the daring dance of love.

Dance of the gods

SUMMARY: In the second volume in Roberts’ paranormal Circle Trilogy, the Circle of Six prepare to battle for their lives–and their hearts–against the one vampire determined to rule the earth. Original.

Dan Deadman Space Detective – the Complete Adventures

“The new Dresden Files!” – Amazon Review
**All three books in the Dan Deadman Space Detective series in one great value collection!**
Detective Dan Deadman has a problem. Several of them, actually. He’s dead for one. He shares an office with a foul-mouthed cross-dressing space leprechaun, for another. More importantly, he’s the only one in his city able and willing to stand against the pan-dimensional monsters waiting to eat its inhabitants whole.
Whether saving kidnapped children, investigating grisly ritual murders, or being thrown head first through a wall by something multi-armed and ferocious, Dan Deadman would give his right nut to be a real detective.
If he still had nuts.
Collecting all three part of the darkly funny scifi detective noir series, **Dan Deadman Space Detective – The Collected Adventures** features alien serial killers, the most violent gameshow in the galaxy, and a tiny Irishman inserting himself somewhere uncomfortable.
**Includes the bestselling:**
“Dial D for Deadman”
“Dead Inside”
“Dead in the Water”

Dan Alexander, Pitcher (Bottom of the Ninth)

Fed up with cheating women, Dan Alexander, star pitcher for the New York Nighthawks, grew restless. Searching for something more than a bar babe, he zeroed in on a girl in the stands. He never expected to see a beautiful chick pushing frankfurters. But the hot dog girl looked as smokin’ as the food she was selling. Holly Merrill found a place to hide in plain sight, as a vendor at Nighthawks’ stadium. Keeping her secret safe and simply happy to stay alive, she never considered finding love an option. After all, a bad girl doesn’t deserve a decent guy, does she? Coming off his best season ever, Dan went into the playoffs, hell bent on winning the pennant and playing in the World Series. But could he maintain his focus on the field, where everything was going right, when off the field everything was falling apart? Caution: Locker room language. This is book 1 of the Bottom of the Ninth series. The other books in ther series: 2) Matt Jackson, Catcher 3) Jake Lawrence, Third Base 4) Nat Owen, First Base 5) Bobby Hernandez, Second Base 6) Skip Quincy, Short Stop 7) Will Grant, Center Field

Damned if You Don’t

**Queenie is back and better than ever!**
Abbey’s recent experiences have changed her, but is it for the better? She’s learned the truth about the Seraphim, and General Kett’s betrayal has left her to wonder if there’s anyone outside of the Rejects she can trust.
When the Nephilim begin their assault on the Republic, and her daughter is caught in the cross-fire, she’ll have no choice but to depend on Captain Mann to do what he can to help. As much as Abbey wants to go home, she has an entire galaxy to protect and a mission whose outcome could determine the fate of trillions:
Find the Keeper.
Restore the Covenant.
Save the Universe.
It’s all in a day’s work for the Rejects.
**Long live the Queen!**
*Damned If You Don’t* is the fifth novel in the Chaos of the Covenant series:
1. Hell’s Rejects
2. Fire and Brimstone
3. The Devils Do
4. Kill the Queen!
5. Damned If You Don’t

Daily Writing Resilience

Chances are, whether you’re a seasoned author or an aspiring scribe, you’ve grappled with your share of rejection, setbacks, and heartbreak. However, literary agents say the number one key to writing success is perseverance in the face of disappointment.

Daily Writing Resilience provides advice, inspiration, and techniques to help you turn roadblocks into steppingstones. You’ll find tips and support through exercises such as meditation, breath work, yoga, stress management, gratitude, de-cluttering, sleep, exercise, mindful eating, and more. These 365 meditations will help you navigate the ups-and-downs of your writing practice, creating positive habits that will guide you toward the success and fulfillment that you’ve been seeking.


”Every person with that little voice in their head—the one that tells them to write everyday—must own this book. Every page is full of hope and reality, just what we all need to keep us going.”—Steve Berry, New York Times and # 1 Internationally bestselling author of The Patriot Threat

”For every type of writer—new, old, fresh, tired, impassioned, cynical, hopeful . . . this gem is flat out inspiring”—M.J. Rose, New York Times bestselling author of The Secret Language of Stones

”Bryan Robinson’s Daily Writing Resilience is not only wise but also marvelously practical. The daily mantras he offers, taken from the experiences of those who’ve kept to the path, will provide much needed encouragement along the way. Take this book to heart, and then take it with you wherever you go.”—William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of the multi-award winning Ordinary Grace and the Cork O’Connor series.

”I urge both fledgling and experienced writers to get their hands on Daily Writing Resilience and keep it nearby for handy reference. Bryan Robinson knows his way around the head and heart of the working writer, and this book is a wonderful companion and a balm to the writer’s soul.”—John Lescroart, New York Times bestselling author

”You don’t have to be a writer to treasure Daily Writing Resilience, a unique and uplifting meditation book. It’s chock full of insights so profound you’ll be tempted to gobble it up in one bite instead of savoring each daily portion as intended, slowly and appreciatively. For writers, it’s a must-have!”—Cassandra King, author of The Sunday Wife and Moonrise

”This must-have collection of inspirational nuggets will nudge you free of writer’s block, garden variety or worse. Even if you’re not blocked, a morning commune with some of writing’s great minds will put you in the right creative space.”—Sara Gruen, bestselling author of At the Water’s Edge and Water for Elephants

”I loved this book. Every page offered reasons to hope or reflect, to try harder or feel connected to writing’s grand traditions. Seasoned pro or beginner—it doesn’t matter. This book should be on every writer’s desk.”—John Hart, New York Times bestselling author and back-to-back Edgar Award winner

”If you expect to speed-read these pages as the reading addict you are, reaching the end won’t be your reward. This book is the Fountain of ”Youcandoit” that will sustain you as a writer day after day (recyclable for new insight year after year)—for as long as you reward yourself each day with one premeasured cupful of wisdom.”—Chris Roerden, author of Agatha Award-winner Don’t Murder Your Mystery

”Bryan Robinson’s daily compendium is like a gift you can open again and again. Full of wisdom, insight, and advice from acclaimed authors on the front-lines of publishing, this book will allow writers to soldier on in the face of the inevitable setbacks, delays, and frustrations of this writing life.”—Jenny Milchman, Mary Higgins Clark and Silver Falchion award winning author of Cover of Snow, Ruin Falls, and As Night Falls

”The author’s voice makes this book of meditations a true stand-out. Robinson offers a wellspring of wisdom shared with refreshing candor through daily doses of inspiration. A must-read for any author, whether at the start of the writing journey or well along the path of publication.”—Wendy Tyson, author of the Greenhouse Mystery Series and the Allison Campbell Mystery Series

”In this thoughtful and inspirational treasure, Bryan Robinson connects writers of all levels and provides exactly what every author needs: intellectual fuel and emotional sustenance. Don’t start your writing day without it!”—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark award-winning author

”At last! A real tool for real writers, a reference book that should be on every writer’s desk next to their Thesaurus and Strunk & White Elements of Style. A practical guide that can be used as a daily devotional or motivational tool to hold your hand, to guide you, to encourage you, and to pull you back from the ledge. I can’t wait to get my finished copy to put front and center on my desk.”—Karen White, New York Times bestselling author of Flight Patterns.

(source: Bol.com)

The Daily Telegraph: Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals& Herbal Supplements

The Daily Telegraph: Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals& Herbal Supplements by Sarah Brewer
A bewildering range of vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements are now available, but legislation means that information about their health benefits cannot be given on packaging as it would constitute a health claim.
Using a A – Z format Dr Sarah Brewer’s guide details everything you need to know about the main vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements. It describes their benefits, possible side effects and contra-indications, together with research evidence to back their effectiveness.
The second half of the book deals with over 150 individual health problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, menopause symptoms, chronic fatigue and arthritis, and suggests which supplements are likely to help.