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The Italian Duke’s Virgin Mistress

The Italian Duke’s Virgin Mistress by Penny Jordan
Charley would do anything to keep her wages coming in and support her impoverished sisters and nephews—even if that meant working in Italy for the demanding and commanding Duke Raphael Della Striozzi…. Raphael couldn’t understand why a woman like Charley dressed in dime-store clothes.
It was going to be straight off to a designer boutique for her! But it was in Raphael’s bedroom that Charlotte’s complete transformation took place—from shy, dowdy virgin to confident, beautiful…mistress!

The Italian Billionaire’s Ruthless Revenge

Celibate Sara is enjoying her yacht vacation—at least until she runs into the last man on Earth she wanted to see! Guido is a businessman with a godlike body, and also happened to be Sara’s husband, if briefly. Ten years ago, their young marriage fell apart because of his family’s cruel treatment of her. Now that they’ve met again, Guido pressures her to be his mistress! While Sara is unhappy with the proposal, she resolves to let him have her body in order to protect her friends, who could end up in deep debt at Guido’s whim. Oh, but she’ll play the part of an experienced woman to the bitter end…
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It’s Not About The Bike

It is such an all-American story. A lanky kid from Plano, Texas, is raised by a feisty, single parent who sacrifices for her son, who becomes one of our country’s greatest athletes. Given that background, it is understandable why Armstrong was able to channel his boundless energy toward athletic endeavors. By his senior year in high school, he was already a professional triathlete and was training with the U.S. Olympic cycling developmental team. In 1993, Armstrong secured a position in the ranks of world-class cyclists by winning the World Championship and a Tour de France stage, but in 1996, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Armstrong entered an unknown battlefield and challenged it as if climbing through the Alps: aggressive yet tactical. He beat the cancer and proceeded to stun all the pundits by winning the 1999 Tour de France. In this memoir, Armstrong covers his early years swiftly with a blunt matter-of-factness, but the main focus is on his battle with cancer. Readers will respond to the inspirational recovery story, and they will appreciate the behind-the-scenes cycling information. After he won the Tour, his mother was quoted as saying that her son’s whole life has been a fight against the odds; we see here that she was not exaggerating. Brenda Barrera

It Must Be Love

Undercover cop Joe Shanahan’s bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove. She’d blown his cover—brought him down with a can of hairspray—and now his new assignment was to pose as her boyfriend. But spending as much time as possible with the utterly irresistible New Age beauty caused unexpected complications. To make matters worse, his matchmaking sisters are picking out china patterns.Joe’s brooding good looks and T-shirt-straining muscles might be easy on the eyes, but how could Gabrielle be attracted to a straight-laced detective who’s determined to find evidence to arrest her? Still, he invades her dreams and when they share a transcendent lovemaking experience, Gabrielle knows it must be love. Undercover cop Joe Shanahan’s bad luck hit bottom the morning he stared up into the face of sexy suspect Gabrielle Breedlove. She’d blown his cover—brought him down with a can of hairspray—and now his new assignment was to pose as her boyfriend. But spending as much time as possible with the utterly irresistible New Age beauty caused unexpected complications. To make matters worse, his matchmaking sisters are picking out china patterns.Joe’s brooding good looks and T-shirt-straining muscles might be easy on the eyes, but how could Gabrielle be attracted to a straight-laced detective who’s determined to find evidence to arrest her? Still, he invades her dreams and when they share a transcendent lovemaking experience, Gabrielle knows it must be love.


‘Fictie is de waarheid binnen de leugen, en de waarheid van deze fictie is heel eenvoudig: magie bestaat.’ Stephen King
Een zesjarig jongetje speelt in Derry tijdens een stortbui met een papieren bootje in de goot. Plotseling verdwijnt het bootje. Als het jongetje op zijn knieën in het donkere gat tuurt, staren twee felgele ogen hem aan…
Twee jongens slaan op straat een man meedogenloos in elkaar en gooien hem in het water. Het slachtoffer lijkt door een clown uit het water te worden gehaald…
De Reunie
Bill Denbrough, Mike Hanlon, Richie Tozier, Beverley Marsh, Eddie Kaspbrak en Ben Hanscom komen na jaren bij elkaar in Derry. En dan blijkt dat de demonen uit hun jeugd nog steeds niet zijn verdwenen…
![](https://www.bol.com/nl/upload/images/pages/iconen/info_icon_laptop.jpg) Bekijk ook de film ‘IT: Chapter One’ (2017) over het boek van Stephen King [Klik hier](https://www.bol.com/nl/p/it-chapter-one/9200000080032445/).

In 1957 wordt de 6-jarige George Denbrough op onverklaarbare en gruwelijke wijze vermoord in een riool. Zevenentwintig jaar later volgt een reeks angstaanjagende moorden en bovennatuurlijke gebeurtenissen die het stadje Derby teisteren. De geruchten dat een vreemde clown hier de hand in zou hebben, doen Bill Denbrough, Georges oudere broer, samen met enkele vrienden op onderzoek uitgaan. Stephen King is net als in alle andere landen ter wereld ook in Nederland de best verkochte horrorauteur met een waslijst van titels. Met ‘Het’ heeft hij een roman geschreven die als geheel nogal verward is. Toch bevat deze roman zeer spannende en ingenieuze fragmenten, en is het gehele boek op het obsederende ritme van de rock-and-roll geschreven. Voor de talrijke King-liefhebbers een aanrader, maar zeker niet zijn beste werk. Normale druk.Redactie
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Isle of View

Loveworn Love Lost
Perplexed Prince Dolph, Xanth’s precocious shapeshifter, should be in love but isn’t. Nonetheless, he must chose between two fiancées — Nada the uninterested and Electra the uninteresting — or all three of them will suffer the most dire consequences. Luckily a convenient catastrophe has popped up to distract Dolph form his dilemma — the foal-napping of young Che Centaur by goblins. And the only one who knows where Che is is a nice but remarkably naive elflike gir named Jenny from the World of Two Moons. If anyone can save the missing centaur…she sure can’t.
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The Islands of the Blessed

The crowning volume of Farmer’s bestselling trilogy begins with a tornado. The fields of Jack’s village are devastated, the winter looks bleak, and a monster invades the forest outside of town. But even the direst of prospects are part of the fun as Jack, Thorgil, and the Bard set off on a quest to right the wrong of a death caused by Father Severus. Destination: Notland, realm of the fin folk, and, unfortunately for the adventurers, Not Always There.

Island of the Sequined Love Nun

SUMMARY: Take a wonderfully crazed excursion into the demented heart of a tropical paradise—a world of cargo cults, cannibals, mad scientists, ninjas, and talking fruit bats. Our bumbling hero is Tucker Case, a hopeless geek trapped in a cool guy’s body, who makes a living as a pilot for the Mary Jean Cosmetics Corporation. But when he demolishes his boss’s pink plane during a drunken airborne liaison, Tuck must run for his life from Mary Jean’s goons. Now there’s only one employment opportunity left for him: piloting shady secret missions for an unscrupulous medical missionary and a sexy blond high priestess on the remotest of Micronesian hells. Here is a brazen, ingenious, irreverent, and wickedly funny novel from a modern master of the outrageous.

Island Beneath the Sea

From the sugar plantations of Saint-Domingue to the lavish parlours of New Orleans at the turn of the 19th century, Isabel Allende’s latest novel tells the story of a mulatta woman, a slave and concubine, determined to take control of her own destiny in a society where that would seem impossible. Born a slave on the island of Saint-Domingue, Zarite – known as Tete – is the daughter of an African mother she never knew and one of the white sailors who brought her into bondage. Though her childhood is one of brutality and fear, Tete finds solace in the traditional rhythms of African drums and the voodoo loas she discovers through her fellow slaves. When twenty-year-old Toulouse Valmorain arrives on the island in 1770, it’s with powdered wigs in his trunks and dreams of financial success in his mind. But running his father’s plantation, Saint Lazare, is neither glamorous nor easy. Against the merciless backdrop of sugar cane fields, the lives of Tete and Valmorain grow ever more intertwined. When the bloody revolution of Toussaint Louverture arrives at the gates of Saint Lazare, they flee the island that will become Haiti for the decadence and opportunity of New Orleans. There, Tete finally forges a new life – but her connection to Valmorain is deeper than anyone knows and not so easily severed. Spanning four decades, Island Beneath the Sea is the moving story of one woman’s determination to find love amid loss, to offer humanity though her own has been so battered, and to forge her own identity in the cruellest of circumstances.

Island Beneath the Sea is a seductive, intoxicating saga. It starts with slavery, forbidden relationships and rebellion in Haiti, and expands to include struggles over secret children, racial castes and family heirs in Louisiana. Isabel Allende’s latest novel is sweeping, provocative and impossible to put down. Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes Praise for The Sum of Our Days: ‘No amount of acrobatics can outdo the absolute core of Allende’s talent: her gift for writing. She can bring even the most inert subjects to life, breathing vitality into them through her prose; if only books were people, her beloved daughter Paula would once again be alive and well.’ The Times ‘The reader is swept along by the energy of her prose, her brilliance as a story-teller, and the sheer force and warmth of personality.’ Michael Jacobs, Independent ‘If she wrote Paula as a redemptive exercise in grieving, The Sum of Our Days is written in the spirit of thanksgiving. Allende looks on with powerless awe as her grandchildren grow up and out of her control. As ever, her writing glows with generosity and affection for all those around her.’ Sunday Telegraph ‘Full of life and candid self-revelation The Sum of Our Days is a fine vivacious and inspiring memoir about moving on from tragedy and making life bright again.’ Melissa Katsoulis, FT ‘Positively bursting with love, hilarity and crazy good times: sex, drugs and lesbian Buddhist monks abound in this rollicking tale of the Allende clan’s life in their Californian castle, and you’ll feel a hundred times richer for reading.’ Sunday Telegraph, ‘Summer Reading’ ‘Her cast is vibrant: a courtesan and the French officer who marries her; Valmorain’s second wife, a Louisiana Creole; Zarite’s rebel lover!Allende brings women to the forefront of the story of rebellion’ Gauiutra Bahadur, Scotsman
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Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit by Daniel Quinn, Mdaniel Quinn
**One of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever published, *Ishmael *has earned a passionate following among readers and critics alike. This special twenty-fifth anniversary edition features a new foreword and afterword by the author, as well as an excerpt from *My Ishmael*.**
Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person.
*It was just a three-line ad in the personals section, but it launched the adventure of a lifetime.*
So begins an utterly unique and captivating novel. In *Ishmael*, which received the Turner Tomorrow Fellowship for the best work of fiction offering positive solutions to global problems, Daniel Quinn parses humanity’s origins and its relationship with nature, in search of an answer to this challenging question: How can we save the world from ourselves?

**Praise for *Ishmael***
“As suspenseful, inventive, and socially urgent as any fiction or nonfiction you are likely to read this or any other year.”**—*The Austin Chronicle***
“Before we’re halfway through this slim book . . . we’re in [Daniel Quinn’s] grip, we want Ishmael to teach us how to save the planet from ourselves. We want to change our lives.”**—*The Washington Post***
“Arthur Koestler, in an essay in which he wondered whether mankind would go the way of the dinosaur, formulated what he called the Dinosaur’s Prayer: ‘Lord, a little more time!’ *Ishmael* does its bit to answer that prayer and may just possibly have bought us all a little more time.”**—*Los Angeles Times***

Isaac Asimov’s Guide to Earth and Space

A thrilling nonfiction tour of the cosmos that brings the universe down to Earth, from one of the all-time masters of science fiction.

No one makes sense out of science like Isaac Asimov. Are you puzzled by pulsars? Baffled by black holes? Bewildered by the big bang? If so, here are succinct, crystal-clear answers to more than one hundred of the most significant questions about the essential nature of the universe—questions that have fired the imagination since the beginning of history.

Over the course of this fantastic voyage, the origins, the discoveries, and the stunning achievements of astronomy will unfold before your eyes. You will experience close encounters with giant planets, exploding stars, distant galaxies, and more. For anyone who has ever asked the ultimate questions, who has ever looked up at the sky and asked What in heaven is going on?, Isaac Asimov’s unique vision, skill, and authority will bring the big picture into focus.

“A fine introduction to modern astronomical theory.”—Library Journal

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Isaac Asimov’s Caliban

In a universe protected by the Three Laws of Robotics, humans are safe.The First Law states, A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.When an experiment with a new type of robot brain goes awry, the unthinkable happens. Caliban is created… A robot without guilt or conscience. A robot with no knowledge of or compassion for humanity. A robot without the Three Laws.Caliban is a searing examination of Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, a challenge welcomed and sanctioned by Isaac Asimov, the late beloved genius of science fiction, and written with his cooperation by one of today’s hottest talents, Roger MacBride Allen, New York Times bestselling author of Ambush at Corella, The Modular Man, and The Ring of Charon.

Is This Apocalypse Necessary?

Way back when they were in wizards’ school together, Elerius was the best student the teachers had ever seen, but Daimbert barely managed to get out with a diploma, after all that embarrassment with the frogs. Now, years later, Elerius has served as Royal Wizard at a series of larger and more powerful kingdoms, while Daimbert has remained wizard of the tiny kingdom of Yurt.
Now the old Master of the wizards’ school is dying, and Elerius is ready to succeed: if his plans work out, he’ll not just be in control of institutionalized wizardry, but also all western kingdoms, cities, farms, even the church. Once messy individual initiative is eliminated, everything will be run *perfectly.* Daimbert may be the only person who can make the world safe for mediocrity.
But how can he oppose the best wizard of his or any generation? Daimbert has to find a solution somewhere, though his search will take him to the fabled Land of Dragons, to the exotic East, and even through Hell….

Iron Council

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from China Miéville’s Embassytown.

Following Perdido Street Station and The Scar, acclaimed author China Miéville returns with his hugely anticipated Del Rey hardcover debut. With a fresh and fantastical band of characters, he carries us back to the decadent squalor of New Crobuzon—this time, decades later.

It is a time of wars and revolutions, conflict and intrigue. New Crobuzon is being ripped apart from without and within. War with the shadowy city-state of Tesh and rioting on the streets at home are pushing the teeming city to the brink. A mysterious masked figure spurs strange rebellion, while treachery and violence incubate in unexpected places.
In desperation, a small group of renegades escapes from the city and crosses strange and alien continents in the search for a lost hope.
In the blood and violence of New Crobuzon’s most dangerous hour, there are whispers. It is the time of the iron council. . . .

The bold originality that broke Miéville out as a new force of the genre is here once more in Iron Council: the voluminous, lyrical novel that is destined to seal his reputation as perhaps the edgiest mythmaker of the day.

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Irish Thoroughbred

SUMMARY: It was a dream come true for Irish Lass Adelia “Dee” Cunnane to work with her uncle, a horse trainer at the Royal Meadows, one of the most renowned stables in the world. But there was a catch, and his name was Travis Grant. He was the stable’s owner and a man as proud, as passionate and as opinionated as…herself!

Irish Rose

SUMMARY: Erin McKinnon was a bold beauty, and thought she knew what she was letting herself into when she accepted Burke Logan’s loveless proposal and his cool promise of security and wealth.But could this ravishing Irish Rose win her hard-hearted husband’s love?