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Memnoch the Devil

SUMMARY: In Anne Rice’s extraordinary novel, the Vampire Lestat–outsides, canny monster, hero-wanderer–is at last offered the chance to be redeemed.He is brought into direct confrontation with both God and the Devil, and into the land of Death.We are in New York. The city is blanketed in snow. Through the whiteness Lestat is searching for Dora, the beautiful and charismatic daughter of a drug lord, the woman who arouses Lestat’s tenderness as no mortal ever has.While torn between his vampire passions and his overwhelming love for Dora, Lestat is confronted by the most dangerous of adversaries he has yet known.He is snatched from the world itself by the mysterious Memnoch, who claims to be the Devil. He is invited to be a witness at the Creation. He is taken like the ancient prophets into the heavenly realm and is ushered into Purgatory.He must decide if he can believe in the Devil or in God. And finally, he must decide which, if either, he will serve.In the first four Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice summoned up for us worlds that are fantastic and distant, making them as resonant, real, and immediate as our own. In this, her most daring and darkest novel, she takes us, with Lestat, into the mythical world that is most important to us–into the realms of our own theology.

Memento Mori

Una cerchia di anziani signori e signore londinesi, tutti agiati membri della migliore società, riceve successivamente una telefonata misteriosa con il seguente messaggio: «Ricorda che devi morire». Questo segnale, che all’inizio appare come un fastidioso disturbo, poi come una scandalosa beffa, alla fine risulterà essere il primo artificio di una vendetta sottilmente escogitata. A poco a poco, l’anonima minaccia rivela una rete di rapporti alquanto sordidi e perversi, come se possedesse la salutare qualità di portare alla luce tutto ciò che un gruppo ben selezionato di persone può celare in fatto di menzogne, tradimenti, invidie, rancori, ricatti, debolezze, violenze, inganni, duplicità, crudeltà. E la narrazione procede con passo leggero e spedito, con magistrali spostamenti di prospettiva, tracciando un percorso che ha l’astratta bellezza di una figura geometrica e insieme una minuta rispondenza psicologica ai vari caratteri. Pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1959, questo gioiello dello humour nero, oggi considerato uno dei romanzi inglesi memorabili degli ultimi decenni, fu così accolto da Graham Greene: «Macabro ed esilarante, mi ha incantato come pochi altri romanzi».

Megan’s Mate

Megan O’Riley and her young son stood on the brink of a new life. All she wanted was to put her shameful past behind her — so she buried her passions beneath businesslike efficiency and vowed never to let her heart lead her astray again.Rugged Nathaniel Fury set his mind on Megan the day they first met — and all her resistance could not divert him. Nathaniel was determined to have a victory they could both enjoy for the rest of their lives!

Meet Me in the Middle

Fool me three times…
Dale Ramsey is looking forward to his twenty-year high school reunion except for one small problem. Adam O’Connor, his old friend—and old flame.
Twice before, Adam has disappeared from Dale’s life. Once after a graduation night fling, and again after a hot reunion years later. When Adam resurfaces this time, single and on the verge of retiring from the Navy, Dale wonders if he’ll want to mend fences…and maybe tear up some sheets.
The spark between them is alive and well, but Dale resists. After all, Adam only seems to come around when his life is in flux, and Dale is through being a placeholder until something better comes along. He wants his friend back, but not if he’ll be deserted a third time.
Inevitably, though, their attempts to rekindle their friendship wind up igniting something much hotter, and stirring up emotions too strong to ignore. Making Dale wonder if he should put his heart on the line…or if this time he should be the one to walk away.
Warning: Let’s face it, Dale’s been sitting quietly (well, kind of) on the sidelines since The Distance Between Us, and he waited patiently through The Closer You Get. Dude is seriously ready for some scorching-hot action, so keep a fire extinguisher and some ice handy. These boys are gonna need it…


La giovane e bellissima dottoressa Song Lee è un’esperta virologa, che ha pagato a caro prezzo il suo desiderio di trasparenza e verità durante l’epidemia di Sars. Non ha rispettato l’ordine di segretezza impartito dal governo di Pechino, e per questo è stata allontanata, segregata a fare il medico generico in una remota provincia della Repubblica Popolare. Ma un tragico evento la richiama al centro della scena: un virus ancora più terribile sta minacciando il mondo, e Cina e Usa hanno unito gli sforzi per trovare un vaccino. Condotta in Florida, la dottoressa Lee partecipa a ricerche febbrili che sono la sola speranza di evitare una pandemia: proprio dal mare, dai suoi abitanti più antichi e misteriosi, le meduse, potrebbe venire la salvezza, come sembrano testimoniare persino alcune leggende. Le fasi finali della ricerca si tengono in un laboratorio segretissimo, nascosto nelle profondità dell’oceano Pacifico. Un laboratorio che però scompare misteriosamente nel nulla, così come tutti i ricercatori che ci lavorano. Solo Kurt Austin e i suoi amici della Numa possono, forse, rintracciarlo, mettere in salvo gli scienziati e impedire la catastrofe. La sfida, però, questa volta è quasi impossibile: il nemico da combattere ha molte facce, ed è molto, forse troppo pericoloso e difficile da scovare…

Medium Raw

A lot has changed since Kitchen Confidential. For the subculture of chefs and cooks, for the restaurant business as a whole—and for Anthony Bourdain. Medium Raw explores those changes, taking the reader back and forth—from the author’s bad old days—to the present. Tracking his own strange and unexpected voyage from journeyman cook to globe travelling professional eater and drinker, Bourdain compares and contrasts what he’s seen and what he’s seeing, pausing along the way for a series of confessions, rants, investigations, and interrogations of some of the more controversial figures in food. Always returning to the question: “Why cook? “ Or the harder to answer: “Why cook well?”
Beginning with a secret and highly illegal after-hours gathering of powerful chefs he compares to a Mafia summit, the story follows the twists and eddies through subjects ranging from:
• “The Friends of David Chang” an incredibly undiplomatic discussion with (and peek into the mind of) the hottest, most influential chef in America.
• “Don’t Ask Alice”: Alice Waters. Good . . . or Evil?
• The Big Shake Out: The restaurant business in post economic meltdown America. How it’s changing. How it might change even more.
• And, Heroes and Villains. (With a few returning favorites.)

Meditation Techniques of the Buddhist and Taoist Masters

A guide to the mental disciplines and visualizations that Masters have used for ages in their quest for illumination.
* An insider’s view of specific meditation techniques and the steps necessary for a wide variety of * Buddhist and Taoist meditation practices.
* By the author of *Tantric Quest* (15,000 sold) and *Desire: The Tantric Path to Awakening*.
The esoteric practices followed in the quest for divinity generally remain a secret to the world–kept cloistered away for only the most ascetic practitioners. Now Daniel Odier, having immersed himself in the life and spiritual practices of Buddhist and Taoist monasteries throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Japan, reveals actual teachings passed on by the sages who are living expressions of their tradition.
Looking beyond doctrine, dogma, and philosophical treatises that ignore direct experiences of the practice, Odier provides a direct path to the heart of the religious experience that can be discovered through meditation. Beginning with the simple and fundamental steps necessary to prepare for meditation, Odier guides the reader through the specifics of the mental disciplines and visualizations that Buddhist and Taoist masters have used for ages in their quest for illumination. To devote oneself to meditation, in the sense understood by Buddhists and Taoists, is to realize the understanding of how every fiber of our being converges with all creation. *Meditation Techniques of the Buddhist and Taoist Masters* is a valuable guide to all who are in search of that realization.

Meditation in Action

Meditation in Action by Chogyam Trungpa
This classic teaching by a Tibetan master continues to inspire both beginners and long-time practitioners of Buddhist meditation. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche shows that meditation extends beyond the formal practice of sitting to build the foundation for compassion, awareness, and creativity in all aspects of life.
He explores the six activities associated with meditation in action-generosity, discipline, patience, energy, clarity, and wisdom-revealing that through simple, direct experience, one can attain real wisdom: the ability to see clearly into situations and deal with them skillfully, without the self-consciousness connected with ego.


In un mondo tecnologico postatomico un gruppo di esploratori va alla ricerca della reliquia più sacra della loro religione trafugata da una banda di predoni ma scopre una realtà allucinante.
### Sinossi
In un mondo tecnologico postatomico un gruppo di esploratori va alla ricerca della reliquia più sacra della loro religione trafugata da una banda di predoni ma scopre una realtà allucinante.

Mech 4

A human settlement clings to life on the deadliest planet ever colonized. The indigenous creatures of Faust have never accepted any invaders–but today, new arrivals haunt their skies.
The Black Ship is a predatory vessel. Built for stealth, she glides undetected among the stars, seeking colonies along the Faustian Chain that are ripe for raiding–or outright conquest.
These three forces: the colonists, the alien life forms, and the cyborg crew of the Black Ship, are on a collision course in this thrilling military SF adventure.
THE BLACK SHIP is a Novella of classic military science fiction by B. V. Larson. The stories in this series can be read in any order.

Me Talk Pretty One Day

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
*ME TALK PRETTY ONE DAY* contains far more than just the funniest collection of autobiographical essays – it quite well registers as a manifesto about language itself. Wherever there’s a straight line, you can be sure that Sedaris lurks beneath the text, making it jagged with laughter; and just where the fault lines fall, he sits mischievously perched at the epicenter of it all.
No medium available to mankind is spared his cultural vision; no family member (even the dynasties of family pets) is forgotten in these pages of sardonic memories of Sedaris’s numerous incarnations in North Carolina, Chicago, New York, and France.
One essay, punctuated by a conspicuous absence of s’s and plurals, introduces the lisping young fifth-grader David “Thedarith,” who arms himself with a thesaurus, learns every nonsibilant word in the lexicon, eludes his wily speech therapy teacher, and amazes his countrified North Carolina teachers with his out-of-nowhere and man-size vocabulary.
By an ironic twist of fate, readers find present-day Sedaris in France, where only now, after all these years, he must cling safely to just plural nouns so as to avoid assigning the wrong genders to French objects. (Never mind that ordering items from the grocer becomes rather expensive.) Even the strictest of grammarians won’t be able to look at the parts of speech in the same way after exposing themselves to the linguistic phenomena of Sedarisian humor. Just why is a sandwich masculine, and yet, say, a belt is feminine in the French language? As he stealthily tries to decode French, like a cross between a housewife and a shrewddetective, he earns the contempt of his sadistic French teacher and soon even resorts to listening to American books on tape for secret relief.
What David Sedaris has to say about language classes, his brother’s gangsta-rap slang, typewriters, computers, audiobooks, movies, and even restaurant menus is sure to unleash upon the world a mad rash of pocket-dictionary-toting nouveau grammarians who bow their heads to a new, inverted word order.

McGraw-Hill Education Handbook of English Grammar & Usage

**The go-to guide for perfecting your grammar and communication skills in every situation**
English teachers aren’t the only ones who expect careful and correct language choices. Precision in language can be the deciding factor when it comes to getting a job or winning a promotion. Whether your skills need drastic improvement or a quick brush-up,* The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage* will get your grammar back on the right track. 
Written by two expert grammarians, the book provides bottom-line definitions, tips, and simple rules that summarize the essentials you need to know. You’ll find clear examples of usage and as well guidance on communication via text, email, and social media. 
The new, third edition of* The McGraw-Hill Handbook of English Grammar and Usage *features: 
•Straightforward explanations of common mistakes and why they happen
•Hundreds of correct and incorrect sentence examples, with errors clearly marked
•Quick tips for fixing your most stubborn grammatical mishaps
•Catchy memory aids for writing correctly the first time, and more

McGraw-Hill Education GRE 2019

**We Will Help You Get Your Best Score!**
With more than 125 years of experience in education, McGraw-Hill Education is the name you trust to deliver results. This MHE guide is the most comprehensive and relevant prep tool on the market. We will help you excel on the GRE with:
•6 full-length practice tests: 3 in the book and 3 more online
•A thorough review of the math concepts essential to the GRE
•Extensive practice questions for both the Verbal and Quantitative Sections
•Techniques for success on Data Interpretation questions
•Practice and sample high-scoring essays for Analytical Writing assignments
•Unique test-taking strategies to help you avoid the test maker’s traps
•Invaluable shortcuts to help you save time and minimize mistakes
Study on the go with 6 practice tests, and learn how to solve key problems with 18 instructional videos.
Customize your own study schedule based on diagnostic test results.
Learn unique tips developed by the author to help you avoid the test maker’s traps.

The Mayor of Casterbridge

**From the author of *Tess of the D’Urbervilles* comes a story of great psychological insight into a man who was at once violent and selfish but also magnanimous and humble.**
Michael Henchard gets drunk at a fair and sells his wife and child for five guineas to a sailor. By the time he has realized his terrible mistake, it is too late to save his family. Eighteen years later, after swearing off alcohol altogether, his wife and daughter return to the town where he is now mayor. Will their presence send Henchard spiraling backward into his old life? Will he be able to hold on to what he has so carefully built for himself?
This novel is part of Brilliance Audio’s extensive Classic Collection, bringing you timeless masterpieces that you and your family are sure to love.

Max. Maximum Ride

Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman e Angel sono stati vittime di un esperimento che ha mutato per sempre il loro DNA. Cresciuti in un laboratorio e, una volta fuggiti, costantemente braccati dai loro stessi creatori, i ragazzi sono costretti a combattere non solo per se stessi, ma per la salvezza del mondo intero… Non si può certo dire che Max e il suo gruppo di amici “alati” abbiano avuto una vita tranquilla. Ma stavolta c’è addirittura di mezzo la vera mamma di Max – la sua mamma “umana” – ritrovata dopo mille avventure e peripezie e adesso caduta nelle mani di un folle assassino, il cui obiettivo finale è scatenare una catastrofe ecologica su scala mondiale. I sei ragazzi sono più che disposti a collaborare con la Marina degli Stati Uniti, in prima linea nella caccia all’uomo che sta mettendo in pericolo la sopravvivenza della Terra, ma, per farlo, dovranno spingersi là dove si nasconde la fonte del male, cioè negli abissi dell’oceano. E può esserci qualcosa di più terrorizzante – per individui che sono al novantotto per cento umani e al due per cento uccelli – dell’essere costretti a combattere in un mondo fatto unicamente d’acqua, gelido, oscuro e insondabile?


“The remnants of the Expeditionary Force stranded on the alien-controlled planet ‘Paradise’ get a chance to prove themselves, in a simple off-world training mission with a ship full of teenage alien cadets. When the mission goes horribly wrong and the survival of everyone on Paradise is at risk, the Merry Band of Pirates may have to come to the rescue. Unless they get killed first…” — Page [4] of cover.