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Wild Card


When an anonymous e-mail alerts UpLink Technology’s operatives to suspicious activity on an exclusive island resort, Pete Nimec goes undercover to investigate.

Located off the coast of Trinidad, Rayos del Sol is not just a playground for the world’s richest and most powerful people — it’s also the headquarters for a joint fiber optic/oil refinery project run by UpLink and Sedco Oil. What Nimec discovers is a plot to drain oil from the United States strategic petroleum reserve and sell it to outlaw nations. And when the island’s highly trained security force is sent to take Nimec out — heaven on earth erupts into hell…

Wild Card

Wild Card (Elite Ops Series #1) by Lora Leigh
It was supposed to be simple. All Navy SEAL Nathan Malone had to do was rescue three young girls from a Colombia drug cartel, then allow himself to be captured just long enough to draw out a government spy. That was before his mission went disastrously wrong…and before his wife, Bella, was told that Nathan was never coming home.
Bella’s mourned her husband’s death for three long years. But she has no idea he’s still alive. Forced to assume a new identity, the man Nathan *was* is now dead. If he can get back to his wife, can he keep the secret of who he really is…even as desire threatens to consume them? And as danger threatens to tear Bella from Nathan’s arms once more?
** “Leigh writes…tempting, enchanting romance[s] that readers are certain to devour.”**
—*Romance Reviews Today*

The Wild and the Wicked

**A brief foray into a moral thicket, exploring why we should protect nature despite tsunamis, malaria, bird flu, cancer, killer asteroids, and tofu.**Most of us think that in order to be environmentalists, we have to love nature. Essentially, we should be tree huggers–embracing majestic redwoods, mighty oaks, graceful birches, etc. We ought to eat granola, drive hybrids, cook tofu, and write our appointments in Sierra Club calendars. Nature’s splendor, in other words, justifies our protection of it. But, asks Benjamin Hale in this provocative book, what about tsunamis, earthquakes, cancer, bird flu, killer asteroids? They are nature, too.
For years, environmentalists have insisted that nature is fundamentally good. In *The Wild and the Wicked*, Benjamin Hale adopts the opposite position–that much of the time nature can be bad–in order to show that even if nature is cruel, we still need to be environmentally conscientious. Hale argues that environmentalists needn’t feel compelled to defend the value of nature, or even to adopt the attitudes of tree-hugging nature lovers. We can acknowledge nature’s indifference and periodic hostility. Deftly weaving anecdote and philosophy, he shows that we don’t need to love nature to be green. What really ought to be driving our environmentalism is our humanity, not nature’s value.
Hale argues that our unique burden as human beings is that we can act for reasons, good or bad. He claims that we should be environmentalists because environmentalism is right, because we humans have the capacity to be better than nature. As humans, we fail to live up to our moral potential if we act as brutally as nature. Hale argues that despite nature’s indifference to the plight of humanity, humanity cannot be indifferent to the plight of nature.


Wild: The White Wolf Pack by Zoe Perdita
When Wild, a lone omega, stumbles into a trap in the woods, a mysterious alpha saves the little wolf and takes him in. The man cares for Wild’s wounds and offers him a new chance at life. But the sexy wolf stirs feelings the omega has never experienced – making Wild believe this man is his mate. He just has to prove it to the alpha first.
Caleb, a great white wolf, lives alone, and he prefers it that way. He doesn’t need a young, lively whelp keeping him company, no matter how attractive the young man is. Especially when Wild wakes the need for a mate inside him – a need he buried a long time ago.
With a rival wolf pack hungry for Wild’s blood, and a dangerous hunter on the loose – can Caleb protect the little omega without giving into his animal instincts and claiming the young man as his own?
Contains graphic m/m sex scenes.

Wife for Hire

Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich
Hank Mallone knows he’s in trouble when Maggie Toone agrees to pretend to be his wife in order to improve his rogue’s reputation. Will his harebrained scheme to get a bank loan for his business backfire once Maggie arrives in his small Vermont town and lets the gossips take a look?
Maggie never expected her employer to be drop-dead handsome, but she’s too intrigued by his offer to say no . . . and too eager to escape a life that made her feel trapped. The deal is strictly business, both agree, until Hank turns out to be every fantasy she ever had.


**Da questo libro è tratto l’omonimo film di Steve McQueen con Viola Davis, Michelle Rodríguez, Colin Farrell e Liam Neeson.**
«*Un intreccio perfetto.*»
**The Guardian**
«*Un thriller così pieno di colpi di scena da soddisfare anche i lettori più esigenti.*»
**Library Journal**
«*Lynda La Plante ci regala un romanzo denso e intrigante che illumina il cuore oscuro dell’amicizia, del tradimento e della vendetta.*»
**The Strand Magazine**
**Hanno affrontato la vita da sole. Ma quando si tratta di abbracciare il crimine, scelgono di farlo insieme.**
Per Dolly essere la moglie del noto criminale Harry Rawlins non è mai stato un problema. Negli anni, si è tenuta alla larga dagli affari del marito, ottenendo in cambio tutte le attenzioni che ha sempre desiderato. Ma l’ultima impresa di Harry finisce in tragedia e, con la sua morte, Dolly si ritrova sola di fronte a un destino ogni giorno più incerto. Finché non riceve un biglietto anonimo con precise istruzioni: deve presentarsi in banca sotto falso nome e accedere a una cassetta di sicurezza. Qui, oltre a dei contanti e a una pistola, trova il taccuino di Harry sul quale il marito ha annotato i nomi delle persone con cui ha avuto a che fare e le rapine che ha organizzato, compresa l’ultima. Dolly interpreta questo ritrovamento come un segno. Sta a lei portare a termine ciò che Harry ha iniziato. Lo deve a sé stessa. E, soprattutto, lo deve a suo marito, di cui vuole «onorare» la memoria. Ma non può farcela da sola. Ha bisogno del sostegno di chi, come lei, sa cosa vuol dire vivere al fianco di un criminale con tutti i rischi che comporta. È così che Dolly si rivolge alle uniche persone che è certa non si tireranno indietro: le vedove dei complici di Harry e la scaltra Bella, che si conquista fin da subito la sua stima. Solo unendo le forze e fidandosi l’una dell’altra, le quattro donne riusciranno a farsi strada in un mondo che non fa sconti e premia chi è disposto a mettere a repentaglio la propria vita per ottenere ciò che vuole. Loro sono pronte a tutto e non hanno la minima intenzione di tirarsi indietro. Nemmeno quando le cose non vanno secondo i piani.
Con milioni di copie vendute nel mondo, Lynda La Plante è la regina incontrastata del thriller britannico. Ogni suo romanzo è un successo di pubblico e critica e, a pochi giorni dall’uscita, diventa un bestseller. Ora torna con *Widows. Eredità criminale* da cui è tratto l’omonimo film, con sceneggiatura e regia di Steve McQueen e un cast stellare che conta, tra gli altri, Viola Davis, Michelle Rodríguez, Colin Farrell e Liam Neeson. Una storia sul fascino oscuro del crimine. E sui sacrifici che quattro donne ambiziose e indipendenti sono pronte a fare pur di difendere quello che è loro e sui cui nessuno può mettere le mani.

Widow Need Sex

After the death of the husband and father, the mother and son seek comfort in each other…

Wickedly Twisted: Fairy Tales for Adults

Six hot and wickedly twisted novella inspired by six of your favorite fairy tales, by today’s bestselling authors!
*To Steal a Prince’s Heart* by **Cassidy K. O’Connor** is a twist on the fairy tale *Robin Hood*.
No self-respecting girl starts out wanting to be a thief but that’s what happens when war takes the King and all able bodied men off to war. Robin Hood and her merry band of women steal to feed their village, she never expected the Prince to steal her heart. When her true identity is revealed will the Prince stand by her or will she be forced to rescue herself?
*Celia’s Connection* by **Gracen Miller** is a twist on the fairy tale *Goldilocks and the Three Bears*
Celia Goldilocks just wants to live her life in peace, but when her past comes calling, her life is upended. With a bounty on her head, she escapes to a cabin owned by three bear shifters. Unfortunately, they’re her father’s biggest enemy, but can they be her salvation instead? 
*The Brothers Ménage* by **Louisa Bacio** is a twist on the fairy tale *Two Brothers*
Who says all fairytale princesses are cursed?
As time runs out, the brothers from the wrong side of the tracks must weigh if a lifetime with Daphne is worth sharing their own secret, and if it’ll make a difference.
*Bearskin *by **A. D. Roland** is a twist on the fairy tale *Bearskin*
A dirty hobo who claims he’s wearing the Devil’s magic jacket befriends a slightly skeptical nurse. Can he convince her he’s telling the truth in time for her to break the curse?
*Pan’s Curse* by **Sheri Lyn** is a twist on the fairy tale *Peter Pan*
The race is on. A jealous fairy has put a curse on Peter Pan, and it’s up to Captain James Hook and his crew to follow the clues and save him before time runs out, or he’ll be gone for good. If she can’t have him, no one will. Can James and Peter have their Happily Ever After?
*His Big Bad Wolf* by **Lia Davis** is a twist on the fairy tale *The Boy Who Cried Wolf*
Neal turns to Shannon for help to track down the rogue wolf, but working together stirs emotions neither of them expected, and a fiery passion that makes it impossible for them to stay away from each other. But is Neal ready to learn all of Shannon’s secrets?

Wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the West : a novel

SUMMARY: When Dorothy triumphed over the Wicked Witch of the West in L. Frank Baum’s classic tale, we heard only her side of the story. But what about her arch-nemesis, the mysterious Witch? Where did she come from? How did she become so wicked? And what is the true nature of evil? Gregory Maguire creates a fantasy world so rich and vivid that we will never look at Oz the same way again. Wicked is about a land where animals talk and strive to be treated like first-class citizens, Munchkinlanders seek the comfort of middle-class stability, and the Tin Man becomes a victim of domestic violence. And then there is the little green-skinned girl named Elphaba, who will grow up to become the infamous Wicked Witch of the West, a smart, prickly, and misunderstood creature who challenges all our preconceived notions about the nature of good and evil.

Why Women Have Sex

An unparalleled exploration of the mysteries underlying women’s sexuality that rivals the culture-shifting Kinsey Report, from two of America’s leading research psychologists Do women have sex simply to reproduce or display their affection? When University of Texas at Austin clinical psychologist Cindy M. Meston and evolutionary psychologist David M. Buss joined forces to investigate the underlying sexual motivations of women, what they found astonished them.Through the voices of real women, Meston and Buss reveal the motivations that guide women’s sexual decisions and explain the deep-seated psychology and biology that often unwittingly drive women’s desires—sometimes in pursuit of health or pleasure, or sometimes for darker, disturbing reasons that a woman may not fully recognize. Drawing on more than a thousand intensive interviews conducted solely for the book, as well as their pioneering research on physiological response and evolutionary emotions, Why Women Have Sex uncovers an amazingly complex and nuanced portrait of female sexuality. They delve into the use of sex as a defensive tactic against a mate’s infidelity (protection), as a ploy to boost self-confidence (status), as a barter for gifts or household chores (resource acquisition), or as a cure for a migraine headache (medication). Why Women Have Sex stands as the richest and deepest psychological understanding of female sexuality yet achieved and promises to inform every woman’s (and her partner’s) awareness of her relationship to sex and her sexuality.

The Why of Things

Why was there a meltdown at the Fukushima power plant? Why do some people get cancer and not others? Why is global warming happening? Why does one person get depressed in the face of life’s vicissitudes while another finds resilience?
Questions like these—questions of causality—form the basis of modern scientific inquiry, posing profound intellectual and methodological challenges for researchers in the physical, natural, biomedical, and social sciences. In this groundbreaking book, noted psychiatrist and author Peter Rabins offers a conceptual framework for analyzing daunting questions of causality. Navigating a lively intellectual voyage between the shoals of strict reductionism and relativism, Rabins maps a three-facet model of causality and applies it to a variety of questions in science, medicine, economics, and more.
Throughout this book, Rabins situates his argument within relevant scientific contexts, such as quantum mechanics, cybernetics, chaos theory, and epigenetics. A renowned communicator of complex concepts and scientific ideas, Rabins helps readers stretch their minds beyond the realm of popular literary tipping points, blinks, and freakonomic explanations of the world.

Why Liberalism Failed

Has liberalism failed because it has succeeded?

Of the three dominant ideologies of the twentieth century—fascism, communism, and liberalism—only the last remains. This has created a peculiar situation in which liberalism’s proponents tend to forget that it is an ideology and not the natural end-state of human political evolution. As Patrick Deneen argues in this provocative book, liberalism is built on a foundation of contradictions: it trumpets equal rights while fostering incomparable material inequality; its legitimacy rests on consent, yet it discourages civic commitments in favor of privatism; and in its pursuit of individual autonomy, it has given rise to the most far-reaching, comprehensive state system in human history.Here, Deneen offers an astringent warning that the centripetal forces now at work on our political culture are not superficial flaws but inherent features of a system whose success is generating its own failure.


A path-breaking book, boldly argued and expressed in terms that might justifiably be called prophetic in character. -Wilfred M. McClay, G.T. and Libby Blankenship Chair in the History of Liberty, University of Oklahoma — Wilfred M. McClay Liberalism is clearly in everybody’s sights, and Why Liberalism Failed will be an important contributor to the conversation, suggesting that we cannot work within the existing paradigm anymore. The philosophers will not solve our problems; working with our neighbors will. -Joshua Mitchell, Professor of Political Theory, Georgetown University — Joshua Mitchell Deneen writes with clarity, candor and superior scholarship to create one of the most absorbing political philosophy books of the past decade. No one who reads it, no one who considers its substance, will be able to think about the dynamics and the consequences of the American democratic experiment in quite the same way. –Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, author of Author of Strangers in a Strange Land — Charles J. Chaput This courageous and timely book is a major contribution to understanding the rude awakening in the Trump moment. It shows that we must transcend the death grip of the two oscillating poles of classical liberalism (of Republican and Democratic parties) and examine the deep assumptions that hold us captive. It also reveals that if we remain tied to liberalism’s failure, more inequality, repression, and spiritual emptiness await us. -Cornel West, Professor of the Practice of Public Philosophy, Harvard — Cornel West
(source: Bol.com)

Why Is Sex Fun?: The Evolution of Human Sexuality

To us humans the sex lives of many animals seem weird. In fact, by comparison with all the other animals, we are the ones with the weird sex lives. How did that come to be?Just count our bizarre ways. We are the only social species to insist on carrying out sex privately. Stranger yet, we have sex at any time, even when the female can’t be fertilized (for example, because she is already pregnant, post-menopausal, or between fertile cycles). A human female doesn’t know her precise time of fertility and certainly doesn’t advertise it to human males by the striking colour changes, smells, and sounds used by other female mammals.Why do we differ so radically in these and other important aspects of our sexuality from our closest ancestor, the apes? Why does the human female, virtually alone among mammals go through menopause? Why does the human male stand out as one of the few mammals to stay (often or usually) with the female he impregnates, to help raise the children that he sired? Why is the human penis so unnecessarily large?There is no one better qualified than Jared Diamond,renowned expert in the fields of physiology and evolutionary biology and award-winning author,to explain the evolutionary forces that operated on our ancestors to make us sexually different. With wit and a wealth of fascinating examples, he explains how our sexuality has been as crucial as our large brains and upright posture in our rise to human status.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans

SUMMARY: When Bobby Jones goes to retrieve his wayward golf ball at the bottom of a cliff, he little expects that he will find a dying man there. With his last breath the man gasps, “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” Looking for a handkerchief in the man’s pocket Bobby pulls out a photograph of an attractive young woman.Intrigued by the question and the photograph Bobby and his vivacious friend Frankie Derwent set out to solve the mystery—putting their own lives in great danger along the way.

The Whole Enchilada

Caterer and sleuth extraordinaire Goldy Schulz jumps from the frying pan into the fire as she tries to solve a puzzling murder that is much too close to home, in this latest entry in the*New York Times* bestselling series from “today’s foremost practitioner of the culinary whodunit” (*Entertainment Weekly*)*The Whole Enchilada *Goldy Schulz knows her food is to die for, but she never expects one of her best friends to actually keel over when she’s leaving a birthday party Goldy has catered. At first, everyone assumes that all the fun and excitement of the party, not to mention the rich fare, did her in.But what looks like a coronary turns out to be a generous serving of cold-blooded murder. And the clever culprit is just getting cooking.When a colleague—a woman who resembles Goldy—is stabbed, and Goldy is attacked outside her house, it becomes clear that the popular caterer is the main course on a killer menu. With time running out, Goldy must roll up her sleeves, sharpen her knives, and make a meal out of a devious murderer, before that killer can serve her up cold.
(source: Bol.com)

Who’d Have Thought

Top neurosurgeon Samantha Thomson needs to get married fast and is tightlipped as to why. And with over $200,000 on offer to tie the knot, no questions asked, cash-strapped ER nurse Hayden Pérez isn’t about to demand answers.
The deal is only for a year of marriage, but Hayden’s going into it knowing it will be a nightmare. Sam is complicated, rude, kind of cold, and someone Hayden barely tolerates at work, let alone wants to marry. The hardest part is that Hayden has to convince everyone around them that they’re madly in love and that racing down the aisle together is all they’ve ever wanted. What could possibly go wrong?