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Roc and a Hard Place

The Demoness Metria asks Magician Humfrey for help in solving a perplexing personal problem, but before he can help her, she must search Xanth for a suitable jury for the trial of Roxanne Roc, a noble and virtuous bird charged with a most improbable offense. Reissue.

Fans of the author’s trademark humor will relish this latest jaunt through the wacky world of Xanth; new readers too will enjoy the fun. -Publishers Weekly Another of Piers Anthony’s frothy and delightfully frivolous fantasy novels about the land of Xanth, where puns and playfulness reign supreme. – The Toronto Star
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Robots and Empire

Isaac Asmiov’s classic novel about the decline and fall of Solaria. Gladia Delmarre’s homeworld, the Spacer planet Solaria, has been abandoned – by its human population. Countless robots remain there. And when traders from Settler worlds attempt to salvage them, the robots of Solaria turn to killing…in defiance of the Three Laws of Robotics. Pax Robotica Long ago, Gladia’s robots Daneel and Giskard played a vital role in opening the worlds beyond the Solar system to Settlers from Earth. Now the conscience-stricken robots are faced with an even greater challenge. Either the sacred Three Laws of Robotics are in ruins – or a new, superior Law must be established to bring peace to the galaxy. With Madam Gladia and D.G. Baley – the captain of the Settler traders and a descendant of the robots’ friend Elijah Baley – Daneel and Giskard travel to the robot stronghold of Solaria…where they uncover a sinister Spacer plot to destroy Earth itself.

Robot Visions

The Positronic Robot Stories. From Isaac Asimov, the writer whose name is synonymous with robots and the science of robotics, here are five decades of robot visions–18 of the landmark Asimov Positronic Robot Stories and many of Asimov’s insightful essays, including three rare tales–gathered together in one volume. Meet all of Asimov’s most famous creations: Robbie, the very first robot that his imagination brought to life; Susan Calvin, the original robot psychologist; Stephen Byerley, the humanoid robot; and the famous human-robot detective team of Lije Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw, who have appeared in such bestselling novesl as The Robots of Dawn and Robots and Empire. Let the master himself guide you through the key moments in the fictional history of robot-human relations–from the most primitive computers and movile machines to the first robot to become a man.
Robot Visions • cover and interior artwork by Ralph McQuarrie
Introduction: The Robot Chronicles • essay by Isaac Asimov
Robot Visions / short story by Isaac Asimov
Too Bad! (1989) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Robbie (1940) / short story by Isaac Asimov (variant of Strange Playfellow)
Reason [Mike Donovan] (1941) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Liar! [Susan Calvin] (1941) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Runaround [Mike Donovan] (1942) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
Evidence [Susan Calvin] (1946) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
Little Lost Robot [Susan Calvin] (1947) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
The Evitable Conflict [Susan Calvin] (1950) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
Feminine Intuition [Susan Calvin] (1969) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
The Bicentennial Man (1976) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
Someday (1956) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Think! (1977) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Segregationist (1967) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Mirror Image [Elijah Bailey/R. Daneel Olivaw] (1972) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Lenny [Susan Calvin] (1958) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Galley Slave [Susan Calvin] (1957) / novelette by Isaac Asimov
Christmas Without Rodney (1988) / short story by Isaac Asimov
Essays by Isaac Asimov: Robots I Have Known (1954); The New Teachers (1976); Whatever You Wish (1977); The Friends We Make (1977); Our Intelligent Tools (1977); The Laws of Robotics (1979); Future Fantastic (1989); The Machine and the Robot (1978); The New Profession (1979); The Robot As Enemy? (1979); Intelligences Together (1979); My Robots (1987); The Laws of Humanics (1987); Cybernetic Organism (1987); The Sense of Humor (1988); Robots in Combination (1988).
The volume features many black-and-white illustrations by Ralph McQuarrie.

Robot Operating System Cookbook

**Leverage the power of ROS to build exciting collaborative robots.**
#### Key Features
* Delve into an open source, meta-operating system for your robot
* Get acquainted with tools and libraries for building and running code on multiple platforms
* Use Gazebo to model your robot and create a virtual environment
#### Book Description
This book will leverage the power of ROS with an introduction to its core and advanced concepts through exciting recipes. You will get acquainted with the use of different synchronous and asynchronous communication methods, including messages, services, and actions. You will learn how to use the various debugging and visualization tools used in development and how to interface sensors and actuators with the ROS framework.
Firstly, you will get to grips with ROS simulation frameworks, such as Gazebo and RotorS for modeling and simulating any physical robot and virtual environment. You will also cover mobile robotics, micro-aerial vehicles, and robotic arms, which are the leading branches of robotic applications. Robot Operating System Cookbook will also guide you in the development of an autonomous navigation framework for both mobile robots and micro-aerial vehicles.
Finally, you will explore ROS-Industrial, an open source project that extends the advanced capabilities of ROS software to manufacturing industries.
#### What you will learn
* Explore advanced concepts, such as ROS pluginlib, nodelets, and actionlib
* Work with ROS visualization, profiling, and debugging tools
* Gain experience in robot modeling and simulation using Gazebo
* Understand the ROS Navigation Stack for mobile robots
* Configure a MoveIt! package for a manipulator robot
* Develop an autonomous navigation framework for MAV using ORB SLAM and MoveIt
* Integrate sensors, actuators, and robots into the ROS ecosystem
* Get acquainted with the ROS-Industrial package with hardware support, capabilities, and applications
#### Who this book is for
If you’re a researcher or engineer with an interest in the problems, solutions, and future research issues that you may encounter in the development of robotic applications, this book is for you. Basic knowledge of C++ and Python programming with the GNU/Linux environment is strongly recommended to assist with understanding the key concepts covered in the book.

Robot Dreams

Robot Dreams by Isaac Asimov
**From the Bestselling Author of *I, Robot***

 “His name is synonymous with all that is best in science fiction.”—*The New York Times*

In a career spanning nearly fifty years, Isaac Asimov—science writer, historian, and futurist—accurately predicted how technological breakthroughs would be developed and utilized, years before they became reality. His foresight envisioned calculators, computerized cars, and advances in the field of robotics in such popular books as *I, Robot*; *Robots and Empire*; and *The Robots of Dawn*.

*Robot Dreams* spans the body of his fiction from the 1940s to the mid-1980s, featuring all of the classic Asimovian themes—from the scientific puzzle and the extraterrestrial thriller to the psychological discourse—presented by the author in an introductory essay.

In addition to the title story (a *Locus *poll winner, and Hugo and Nebula Award finalist), this collection features several of Asimov’s robot tales. A robopsychologist must outwit a machine determined to stay hidden in “Little Robot Lost;” a woman’s talent for “Light Verse” overshadows her true accomplishments with her robot servants; and “The Last Question” presented to computer after computer over a hundred billion years may remain forever unanswered.

**“Classic science fiction . . . includes many of Asimov’s best.”—*Chronicle* **

** “The collection gathers 20 of Asimov’s greatest (with Asimov, the word ‘great’ is no mere hyperbole), older short stories, plus one new tale written especially for this book, and an important essay which opens the book.”—*Starlog***

Robot Builder’s Bonanza

The bestselling guide to robot building-fully updated for the latest technologies Learn to build fun and interesting robots-from kits, pre-made parts, or from scratch-using the hands-on information contained in this practical guide. The book clearly explains the essential hardware, circuits, and brains and contains easy-to-follow, step-by-step plans for low-cost, cool robotics projects. Robot Builder’s Bonanza, Fifth Edition contains more than 30 new projects for hobbyists of all ages and skill levels. The projects are modular and can be combined to create a variety of highly intelligent and workable custom robots. Along the way, you will discover the wonders of mechanical design, electronics, and computer programming. Who knew learning could be so fun! *Includes working robot plans for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BBC micro:bit *Online content includes source code and extended project plans *Written by a dedicated hobbyist, robotics expert, and experienced author
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Robinson Crusoe

EDITORIAL REVIEW: ENDURING LITERATURE ILLUMINATED BY PRACTICAL SCHOLARSHIP The acclaimed tale of a shipwrecked Englishman who finds himself stranded on an island off the coast of South America — a story of survival, self-reliance, adventure, and faith. THIS ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES: • A concise introduction that gives the reader important background information • A chronology of the author’s life and work • A timeline of significant events that provides the book’s historical context • An outline of key themes to guide the reader’s own interpretations • Detailed explanatory notes • Critical analysis, including contemporary and modern perspectives on the work • Discussion questions to promote lively classroom and book group interaction • A list of recommended related books and films to broaden the reader’s experience Enriched Classics offer readers affordable editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and insightful commentary. The scholarship provided in Enriched Classics enables readers to appreciate, understand, and enjoy the world’s finest books to their full potential.


Roadwork by Stephen King
Only Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman, can imagine the horror of a good and angry man who fights back against bureaucracy when it threatens to destroy his vitality, home, and memories. “Under any name King mesmerizes the reader” (*Chicago Sun-Times*).
*“I listened to myself. But people talk a different language inside.” *
It’s all coming to an end for Barton Dawes. The city’s Highway 784 extension is in the process of being constructed right across town and inexorably through every aspect of Bart’s existence—whether it’s about to barrel over the laundry plant where he makes a living, or soon to smash through the very home where he makes a life. But as a result, something’s been happening inside Bart’s head that a heartless local bureaucracy isn’t prepared for—a complete and irrevocable burnout of the mental circuit breaker that keeps a mild-mannered person from turning to violent means. As the wheels of progress and a demolition crew continue unabated throughout Bart’s neighborhood, he’s not about to give everything up without a fight. As a matter of fact, he’s ready and waiting to ignite an explosive confrontation with the legislative forces gathered against him….

The Road to San Giovanni

A major testament by an essential 20th century writer composed of five strikingly elegant “memory exercises” about his life and work–now available in paperback. With visionary passion, the author traces pieces of his childhood and adolescence, his experiences during WWII, and more. “Storytelling at its best.”–Chicago Tribune.
*From the Trade Paperback edition.*

The Road Not Taken

In this biography of Edward Lansdale (1908-1987), the man said to be the model for Greene’s The Quiet American, Max Boot demonstrates how Lansdale pioneered a ‘hearts and minds’ diplomacy, first in the Philippines, then in Vietnam. It was a visionary policy that, as Boot reveals, was ultimately crushed by America’s giant military bureaucracy, steered by elitist generals who favoured napalm bombs over winning the trust of the people.

Through dozens of interviews and access to never-before-seen documents, Boot recasts this cautionary American story, tracing the bold rise and the crashing fall of Lansdale from the battle of Dien Bien Phu to the humiliating American evaculation in 1975. Boot rescues Lansdale from historical ignominy and suggests that Vietnam could have been different had we only listened.

With reverberations that continue to resonate, this is a biography of profound historical consequence.


‘A thoroughly engaging and enlightening biography’ Military History Monthly. ‘Provides new perspective on a murky period in American history’ Choice magazine. ‘Judicious and absorbing’ New York Times Book Review. ‘Controversial in some of its conclusions, perhaps, as Lansdale’s arguments were in their day, and essential reading for students of military policy and the Vietnam conflict’ Kirkus starred review. ‘Brilliant … offers important lessons for the present day’ David Petraeus, former Director of CIA. ‘A fascinating portrait of Lansdale … superb’ Philip Caputo, author of A Rumor of War. ‘I couldn’t stop reading this’ Karl Marlantes, author of Matterhorn.
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The River of Time

The River of Time brings together eleven short stories, including “The Crystal Spheres” (WINNER: Hugo Award Best SF Short Story 1985), and four new stories published here for the first time.
Here are powerful tales of heroism and humanity, playful excursions into realms of fancy, and profound meditations on time, memory, and our place in the universe.
The Crystal Spheres
The Loom of Thessaly
The Fourth Vocation of George Gustaf
Senses Three and Six
Toujours Voir
A Stage of Memory
Just a Hint
Tank Farm Dynamo
Thor Meets Captain America
The River of Time

The River of Adventure

**Enid Blyton’s much-loved classic series, packed full of adventure and mystery.**
A river cruise through ancient desert lands will be an adventure in itself, think Philip, Dinah, Lucy-Ann and Jack. An adventure it certainly is, especially when Bill disappears and the children, along with Kiki the parrot, are trapped beneath a forgotten temple where no one has set foot for 7,000 years.
First published in 1955, this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.

A River in the Sky

1910. Having brought Egypt firmly under her thumb, Amelia Peabody turns her attention to a harder challenge: Palestine, a province of the crumbling, corrupt Ottoman Empire and the Holy Land of three religions. Hearing that Morley, an English adventurer, has raised money to mount an expedition to search for the vanished treasures of the Temple in Jerusalem, Emerson and Amelia are persuaded to go after him in order to prevent a catastrophically inept excavation and the possibility of armed protest by the infuriated members of all three religions who view the Dome of the Rock as sacred. The War Office is concerned about increasing German influence in Palestine and insists that Morley is secretly working for German intelligence. Emerson doesn’t believe it, but could he be mistaken? In the meantime, their son Ramses has been working on a dig at Samaria, north of Jerusalem, where he encounters an unusual party of travellers. One is a female German archaeologist, and the other a mysterious man of unknown nationality and unknown past. Ramses’s insatiable curiosity leads him to a startling discovery about the pair. He must now pass the information on to his parents in Jerusalem – but only if he can get there alive… Praise for the Amelia Peabody series: ‘I can’t wait for the next Peabody story… I really do think [Elizabeth Peters’] books are great entertainment.’ Angela Rippon ‘A writer so popular that the public library has to keep her books under lock and key.’ Washington Post Book World ‘The most potent female force to hit Egypt since Cleopatra.’ Philadelphia Enquirer ‘Think Miss Marple with early feminist gloss crossed with Indiana Jones… accomplished entertainment’ Guardian

Think Miss Marple with early feminist gloss crossed with Indiana Jones * Guardian * Elizabeth Peters’ books are great entertainment. — Angela Rippon * Angela Rippon *
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Rising tides

SUMMARY: “New York Times” bestselling author Nora Roberts presents the second novel in the dramatic trilogy of three men who return home to honor their father’s last wish–to care for Seth, a troubled boy in need of a family. Coming home has taught the brothers more than they ever dreamed about the meaning of family and responsibility. Now it is time to learn the meaning of acceptance and love… Of the three brothers, it was Ethan who shared his father’s passion for the Maryland shore. And now with his father gone, Ethan is determined to make the family boatbuilding business a success. But amidst his acheivements lie the most important challenges of his life… There is young Seth, who needs him more than ever. And a woman he has always loved but never believed could have. But beneath Ethans’s seemingly still waters is a dark and painful past. He must learn to see around the shadows to accept who he is. Because through Ethan’s past lies the future–and his one chance at happiness…

Rise of Magic Boxed Set Two: A Kurtherian Gambit Series

**The Complete Second Arc Of The Rise Of Magic**
*Even heroes need a vacation.* 
**Unfortunately, Hannah and her friends chose the wrong beach.**
The Oracle needs help. She’s dying, and only Ezekiel knows that the world will die along with her. 
Hannah and her team take up the call without hesitation.
**The only problem? It takes a freaking long time to cross the world.**
While putting their quest on hold for a much needed rest stop and resupply, Karl, Hadley and Laurel get captured by some angry locals, who accuse them of kidnapping their leader’s son.
*Hannah and Parker head to the rescue, leaving Gregory alone to guard the airship on a remnant infested hilltop.*
**What could possibly go wrong?**
*Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, The Rise of Magic tells an entirely new story of the future of our world, and of the heroes and villains who battle for control of its destiny.*
*Read now and discover the Rise of Magic…*
The *Rise of Magic* (Boxset 2) includes the second full arc of the series (books 5-8):
Unlawful Passage
Darkness Rises
The Gods Beneath

Rise of Magic Boxed Set One: A Kurtherian Gambit Series

**”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” Arthur C. Clarke **
*She didn’t mean to use magic*
*She didn’t even know she HAD magic*
*She just wanted to save her brother, who was dying in her arms.*
**Accused of using illegal magic, and sentenced to a cruel death at the hands of the Arcadian Guards, Hannah has no choice but to trust in the aid of a strange old wizard who offers her the gift of unimaginable power.**
But power has consequences, and soon Hannah is at the center of a city-wide war to take back the future that was stolen from them. Can she control the power that courses through her? Can she unite a team of heroes from different walks of life? Can she bring justice to Arcadia?
*The Rise of Magic* is an epic fantasy, set in the *far* future, **where magic and monsters ravage the land of Irth and only the strong survive. **
Set on the foundation laid by the Kurtherian Gambit Series, The Rise of Magic tells an entirely new story of the future of our world, and of the heroes and villains who battle for control of its destiny.
Read now and discover the *Rise of Magic*…
*The Rise of Magic* (Boxset 1) includes the first full arc of the series (books 1-4):