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Star Force: Nexus

The arrival of the H’kar brings many changes, with Star Force being opened up to new possibilities as the lizards continue to slowly surround the ADZ with conquered systems.
Nexus is the 57th episode in the series.
Word Count: 30,100

Star Force: Newbslayer

Jenna and her apprentice dive into the chaotic planet of Tieor as the invasion continues, looking for the answer to the Skarron walker mystery as the Marauders continue to fight for the world under contract.
“Newbslayer” is the 64th episode in the Origin Series.
Word Count: 31,200

Star Force: Marauders

The galaxy is a wild, chaotic place, and for every system that Star Force civilizes there are many more just as dangerous beyond their reach. On the frontier between the two, Brayden’s Marauders dwell, bringing honor to the name of ‘Mercenary.’
“Marauders” is the 63rd episode in the Origin Series.
Word Count: 30,200

Star Force: Liberation

With the ADZ civil war continuing to escalate, Star Force looks to find a way to bring more stability to the region in the long term…via a population boom.
“Liberation” is the 56th episode in the series.
Word Count: 30,100

Star Force: Internecine

With the war inside the ADZ heating up, the quest to discover the mystery of the bioweapon attack continues as the Archons strive to hold onto the undermanned fronts.
“Internecine” is the 55th episode in the series.
Word Count: 30,300

Star Force: Instinct

The long war with the V’kit’no’sat is over, and it’s time to launch Star Force into a bright and bold new future…but at a cost.

Star Force: Initiation

With the time being right, Star Force launches its first major attack against lizard territory in its campaign to reclaim Calavari space.
“Initiation” is the 61st episode in the Origin Series.
Word Count: 30,100

Star Force: Hamoriti

A powerful secret in the Sety’s past is revealed, bringing to light the true reason for the Nexus’s existence…and far more.
“Hamoriti” is the 62nd episode in the Origin Series.
Word Count: 30,300

Star Force: Fracture

The Rim Consortium brings many surprises to the V’kit’no’sat as their border colonies come under sudden, coordinated attack.

Star Force: Forsaken

Abandoned during the chaos of war, a Wass’mat system must make a hard choice or face certain destruction at the claws of the lizards.

Star Force: Excursion

With more and more refugees fleeing into the Alliance Defense Zone, the battle lines are beginning to be drawn ever more clearly as the former Calavari Empire crumbles into dust, leaving Star Force, the Hycre, and the Protovic as the primary gatekeepers holding the Skarron and lizard threats at bay.
“Excursion” is the 46th episode in the series.
Word Count: 32,100

Star Force: Evacuation

With the Skarrons beginning to overrun Nestafar territory the Elarioni are also brought into jeopardy. Faced with a defensive effort that they know they cannot survive, they request the aid of the Alliance to evacuate their race into the ADZ.
“Evacuation” is the 50th episode and marks the halfway point in the series.
Word Count: 30,600

Star Force: Essence

The ever-growing peace and order in the galaxy has nearly run its course as a new series of events begin to take shape. Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, because Kansas is going bye bye…

Star Force: Equity

As the war to conquer Star Force progresses, the fighting shifts away from the Uriti and space battles to the ground…where planets are won or lost based on the supersized warfare of mechs vs. dinosaurs.

Star Force: Empire

With the threat of two massive enemies encircling the ADZ, Star Force continues to take on more of the defensive load with every part of the empire doing its bit to fuel the juggernaut.
“Empire” is the 58th episode in the series.
Word Count: 30,400

Star Force: Dominance

Over 100,000 years have passed with Star Force growing into a dominant position as rulers of the Rimward half of the galaxy, but lurking in the shadows are threats of old waiting for the right time to strike.