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Learning Data Mining With Python

The next step in the information age is to gain insights from the deluge of data coming our way. Data mining provides a way of finding this insight, and Python is one of the most popular languages for data mining, providing both power and flexibility in analysis.
This book teaches you to design and develop data mining applications using a variety of datasets, starting with basic classification and affinity analysis. Next, we move on to more complex data types including text, images, and graphs. In every chapter, we create models that solve real-world problems.
There is a rich and varied set of libraries available in Python for data mining. This book covers a large number, including the IPython Notebook, pandas, scikit-learn and NLTK.
Each chapter of this book introduces you to new algorithms and techniques. By the end of the book, you will gain a large insight into using Python for data mining, with a good knowledge and understanding of the algorithms and implementations.

Learn Adobe After Effects CC for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics, First Edition

Motion graphics are no longer just for movie and television screens. You now see motion graphics anywhere there’s a moving image, including your desktop web browser, your smartphone, and on digital signage when you shop or travel. Creating motion graphics with Adobe After Effects can enhance your value as a creative professional. Learn Adobe After Effects CC by building cool creative projects that teach you how to:
* Apply and customize effects and layer styles, and use animation presets to apply pre-built animations and effect combinations
* Achieve advanced effects quickly using techniques such as green screen background removal, masking, speed changes, motion tracking, and animation in 3D space
* Animate individual layers of still graphics imported from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
* Animate text, including changing type size, letter spacing, rotation, and color over time, and flowing text along a path
* Create a set of visually consistent intro videos for a social media platform, while practicing efficient production techniques
* Export a motion graphics composition once and render multiple versions for different delivery media (such as television, web sites, and smartphones)
* This study guide uses over 7 hours of video integrated with text to help you gain real-world skills that will get you started in your career in motion graphics. It lays the foundation for taking the Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification exam and helps prepare you for an entry-level position in a competitive job market.

Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact

*The second novel in the thrilling LADY HELEN series sees Helen following orders that could bring about betrayal and annihilation. Ages 12+*
**Summer, 1812**
After the scandalous events at her presentation ball in London, Lady Helen has taken refuge at the fashionable seaside resort of Brighton, where she is training to be a Reclaimer with the covert Dark Days Club.
As she struggles to put aside her genteel upbringing and take up the weapons of a warrior, Helen realizes that her mentor, Lord Carlston, is fighting his own inner battle. Has the foul Deceiver energy poisoned his soul, or is something else driving him towards violent bouts of madness? Either way, Helen is desperate to help the man with whom she shares a deep but forbidden connection.
When Mr Pike, the hard bureaucratic heart of the Dark Days Club, arrives in Brighton, no one is prepared for the ordinary evil he brings in his wake. He has a secret task for Helen and Mr Hammond, and the authority of the Prince Regent. They have no choice but to do as he orders, knowing that the mission will betray everyone around them and possibly bring about Lord Carlston’s annihilation.

Knitter’s Lib: Learn to Knit, Crochet, and Free Yourself From Pattern Dependency

Seasoned knitters know: the sassiest garments are often the easiest to stitch -as long as you understand why and what you’re doing. In KNITTER’S LIB, handmade knit designer Lena Maikon applies her learn-as-you-go approach to 20 original designs that provide instant gratification for the most fashionable (and impatient) up-and-coming knitter. Lena’s stylish patterns for bandanas, hats, scarves, bikinis, shawls, sweaters, tanks, bags, skirts, logs, pants, capes, and muffs combine both knit and crochet stitches, inspiring yarn buffs to break out their needles all year round. KNITTER’S LIB is about knitting with open eyes -it’s not about following the pack or even following the pattern. Lena eliminates the mystery of every project’s curve and seam, teaching knitters and crocheters of all abilities how to personalize patterns and create stylish, from-scratch designs with confidence and success.

King Killer: A Paranormal Space Opera Adventure

Adam and his crew of beautiful women are together at last, but now they must circumnavigate the rite of passage that will most likely kill the weretiger captain.As if certain death wasn’t enough, there are hunters coming for both Adam and Eve, and if the team wants to survive, they must battle an elite mercenary army before trying to kill a king.Disclaimer: The Star Justice series contains graphic violence, cursing, and polyamorous/harem situations. The series is not suitable for children.

Killer Chef

**Eat, drink, and be murdered.**
Someone is poisoning diners in New Orleans’ best restaurants. Now it’s up to chef and homicide cop Caleb Rooney to catch a killer–who has an appetite for revenge.
* Novels you can devour in a few hours
* Impossible to stop reading
* All original content from James Patterson

### About the Author
James Patterson has written more bestsellers and created more enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today. He lives in Florida with his family.
Jeffrey James Keyes is a writer, photographer, and producer who resides in New York City. His writing has been featured in several publications and he holds an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts.

Just One More Fight

When aliens assume human form to fight for entertainment, things don’t always go as planned.
The human capacity for touch, taste, and feeling goes beyond anything the bugs have. The best fighter of a generation learns that he can be greater than himself when in the ring for the brief time of the bouts. He lives his life for those slices of life, when he can be more, where he’s found someone who makes him want to be a better man.
As one reviewer said, this is a love song written to someone special within the violence of fights to the death. The author uses the external manifestation of combat as a visual for one man’s internal struggle.

JQuery Mobile

Native apps have distinct advantages, but the future belongs to mobile web apps that function on a broad range of smartphones and tablets. Get started with jQuery Mobile, the touch-optimized framework for creating apps that look and behave consistently across many devices. This concise book provides HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code examples, screen shots, and step-by-step guidance to help you build a complete working app with jQuery Mobile.
If you’re already familiar with the jQuery JavaScript library, you can use your existing skills to build cross-platform mobile web apps right now. This book shows you how.
* Get a high-level overview of jQuery Mobile: how it works and how to use it
* Learn about paging and navigation, including dialogs, Ajax content, and history
* Employ jQuery Mobile’s extensive event system to create rich interactions
* Work with toolbars, buttons, lists, forms, and other UI elements
* Create a variety of visual designs with jQuery Mobile’s sophisticated theming system
* Use the jQuery Mobile API for finer control over elements and interactions
* Put everything together and build a mobile app from start to finish

Jared’s Gift: An Unexpected Gifts Story

Two years after his parents threw him away and his brothers rescued him, Jared is able to pass on some gifts of his own.
This is a short continuation of Unexpected Gifts and Another Gift, but may be read as a stand-alone.

In Arcadia

One does not simply walk onto another planet.  At least not without the help of a daughter who has developed unlikely powers, fought an intra-dimensional war, and then arranged for a family relocation to a futuristic clone of Earth.  Laura Devlin would gladly have paid any price to have her daughter back, so living in a techno-paradise with spaceship views is merely an added bonus.  And a dream come true.
But Arcadian paradises do not come without complications.  Laura’s include a plethora of psychic grandchildren.  Interplanetary diplomacy.  Her daughter’s immense fame.  And KOTIS, the military watchdog that seems to consider Laura’s entire family government property.
Forewarned by her daughter’s experiences, Laura had anticipated as many problems as she could, and didn’t doubt her ability to cope with the rest.  But she had not planned on Gidds Selkie, a military officer ‘chipped from flint’ and not at all the sort of man lifelong geek Laura had ever imagined would find her interesting.
Burned in the past, Laura is surprised to find herself tempted.  Is this a new start to go with a new world?  Or a mismatch doomed to failure?

Imperial Lady

The daughter of a general banished from the Imperial presence accepts her fate as a political tool and turns a marriage of convenience to an aging barbarian chief into a crusade to bring honor to her family and avert a catastrophic war. Her name was Lady Silver Snow, and she lived in a distant land long ago, the hand of fate brought her to the sumptuous court of the Son of Heaven, Emperor of China, to be his concubine. But it was her own intelligent and passionate spirit that led her beyond those sheltered walls and into the “barbarian” grasslands – to be a queen Andre Norton and Susan Shwartz blend Chinese history and folklore to create a stirring, romantic, and unforgettable tale.

Hunter Killer

> Saudi Arabia, the world’s leading producer of oil, is on the brink of revolution. Inside the opulent palaces and lavish mansions, the royal family is ransacking the country’s dwindling coffers while the desert kingdom seethes with unrest. Appalled at his family’s extravagant lifestyle, Crown Prince Nasir vows to end the careless and destructive rule, and sets in motion a top-secret operation to destroy the Saudi oil industry and bankrupt the monarch. To do so, he must enlist the help of an ally, a naval power willing to help in return for a share of the wealth. Nasir turns to France, with its fleet of lethal Hunter Killer submarines, capable of inflicting devastating damage on the massive oil installations along the shores of the Red Sea and in the Persian Gulf. Objective: To shift the power structure of the world’s oil giant. Under the command of the mysterious and lethally effective Colonel Jacques Gamoudi — nicknamed “Le Chasseur,” or “The Hunter” — the ferocious battle for the desert kingdom begins. As the world’s oil markets plunge into chaos, Admiral Arnold Morgan, former Security Adviser to the President, and Lieutenant Commander Jimmy Ramshawe are summoned to the White House, where they learn that Gamoudi has been joined by none other than Morgan’s archenemy, Hamas General Ravi Rashood, in the battle for the capital city of Riyadh. Now Le Chasseur becomes the hunted, by both French and American Special Forces — one trying to assassinate and silence him forever, the other desperate to take him alive and to force a public confession of France’s subversive actions.

Hunter Killer

A submarine captain races to prevent World War III in this thrilling adventure. Below the polar ice cap, an American nuclear submarine moves quietly in the freezing water, tailing a new Russian sub. But the usual, unspoken game of hide-and-seek between opposing captains is ended when the Americans hear sounds of disaster and flooding, and the Russian sub sinks in a thousand feet of water. The American sub rushes to help, only to join its former quarry in the deep. The situation ignites tensions around the world. As both Washington and Moscow prepare for what may be the beginnings of World War III, the USS Toledo — led by young, untested Captain Joe Glass — heads to the location to give aid. He soon discovers that the incident was no accident. And the men behind it have yet to make their final move. A move only Glass can stop. Previously Published As Firing Point

How to Build Your Own Cafe Racer

Find out how to build your very own Café Racer!
This book contains a number of different tips and tricks that you can use in order to take an older motorbike and convert it into a Britbike that everyone can be impressed with. Take it anywhere on the planet and you will feel like you’re the king of the road.
You can’t deny that café racers, when put together correctly, are very attractive. They look very smooth, and they can move pretty quickly if you put the time into the engine. Even with the small amount of horsepower that they have, they look and drive better than any other rice rocket that you see on the roads today.
Don’t be intimidated by it either! Building your own bike isn’t as scary as it seems. We give you all of the instructions that you need in order to build it effectively, and with some time and patience on your end, you will be able to turn that old bike into the café racer that you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t take as much time as you’d think either – with a bit of time every day, you can get your work done in a month or so! And the fruit of your efforts will be a beautiful bike that doesn’t cost much – the best café bikes cost less than $3,000 to completely finish.
**Reading this book you will:**
1\. Gain knowledge on the foundation of these bikes
2\. Understand the parts that comprise your bike
3\. Find affordable tricks to get tools
4\. Learn the history of Café Racers
5\. Understand functions and café racing lingo
6\. Most importantly learn how to build your Café Racer
**What others have to say:**
“I recently lost my cruiser and was looking into what bike I should get next. I heard a lot about the Café Racer and did my research. This book was a one-stop shop. It was pretty affordable compared to my cruiser and I had the pleasure of being able to build this one. I am in love with my racer!” – Alex Hernandez
“I always wanted to build a bike I just didn’t know where to start. This book is a great guideline to do just that. I successful bought, assembled, and built my own custom café racer. Very easy read and simple enough to not get lost through translation.” – Joshua Bruno
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How to Build a Chopper Vol. 1

In How To Build A Chopper Vol.1 we provide a basic and easy to follow guide on how to build a motorcycle. A chopper style motorcycle. It is not an a-z guide. It is an overview of what you need, and what steps are taken to successfully build a motorcycle. By the end of it you will have more confidence in what it takes to build a motorcycle from the frame to a road worthy bike, and you’ll be able to speak intelligently about how choppers and motorcycles are are built.
Here is table of contents:
Introduction. 5
1\. The components piece by piece. 5
Forks. 5
Hardware. 9
Plumbing. 11
Brakes. 12
Wheels. 15
Tires. 16
The Powertrain. 17
Drivetrain. 21
The Electrical System.. 23
2\. An Assembly. 30
Appendix 1 – A checklist