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How to Practice Shamatha Meditation

In 1988, Gen Lamrimpa, a Tibetan monk, led a one-year retreat in the Pacific Northwest, during which a group of Western meditators devoted themselves to the practice of meditative quiescence ( *shamatha* ). This book is a record of the oral teachings he gave to this group at the outset of the retreat. The teachings are brought to life by Gen Lamrimpa’s warmth, humor, and extensive personal experience as a contemplative recluse. An invaluable practical guide for those seeking to develop greater attentional stability and clarity, this work will be of considerable interest to meditators, psychologists, and all others who are concerned with the potentials of the human mind.

How to Cook Everything: Simple Recipes for Great Food

**Great Food Made Simple**
Here’s the breakthrough one-stop cooking reference for today’s generation of cooks! Nationally known cooking authority Mark Bittman shows you how to prepare great food for all occasions using simple techniques, fresh ingredients, and basic kitchen equipment. Just as important, ***How to Cook Everything*** takes a relaxed, straightforward approach to cooking, so you can enjoy yourself in the kitchen and still achieve outstanding results.
Praise for ***How to Cook Everything*** by Mark Bittman:
“In his introduction to ***How to Cook Everything***, Mark Bittman says, ‘Anyone can cook, and most everyone should.’ Now, hopefully everyone will — this work is a rare achievement. Mark is in that pantheon of a few gifted cook/writers who make very, very good food simple and accessible. I read his recipes and my mouth waters. I read his directions and head for the kitchen. Bravo, Mark, for taking us away from take-out and back to the fun of food.”
— Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of the international public radio show “The Splendid Table with Lynne Rossetto Kasper”
“Mark Bittman is the best home cook I know, and ***How to Cook Everything*** is the best basic cookbook I’ve seen.”
— Jean-Georges Vongerichten, award-winning chef/owner of Jean-Georges
“Useful to the novice cook or the professional chef, ***How to Cook Everything*** is a tour de force cookbook by Mark Bittman. Mark lends his considerable knowledge and clear, concise writing style to explanations of techniques and quick, classic recipes. This is a complete, reliable cookbook.”
— Jacques Pepin, chef, cookbook author, and host of his own PBS television series
“Sometimes all the things that a particular person does best come together in a burst of synergy, and the result is truly marvelous. This book is just such an instance. Mark Bittman is not only the best home cook we know, he is also a born teacher, a gifted writer, and a canny kitchen tactician who combines great taste with eminent practicality. Put it all together and you have ***How to Cook Everything***, a cookbook that will inspire American home cooks not only today but for years to come.”
— John Willoughby and Chris Schlesinger, coauthors of *License to Grill*

The House of Binding Thorns

**The multi-award-winning author of *The House of Shattered Wings* continues her Dominion of the Fallen saga as Paris endures the aftermath of a devastating arcane war . . .** As the city rebuilds from the onslaught of sorcery that nearly destroyed it, the great Houses of Paris, ruled by fallen angels, still contest one another for control over the capital. House Silverspires was once the most powerful, but just as it sought to rise again, an ancient evil brought it low. Phillippe, an immortal who escaped the carnage, has a singular goal – to resurrect someone he lost. But the cost of such magic might be more than he can bear. In House Hawthorn, Madeleine the alchemist has had her addiction to angel essence savagely broken. Struggling to live on, she is forced on a perilous diplomatic mission to the underwater dragon kingdom – and finds herself in the midst of intrigues that have already caused one previous emissary to mysteriously disappear . . . As the Houses seek a peace more devastating than war, those caught between new fears and old hatreds must find strength – or fall prey to a magic that seeks to bind all to its will. ‘A superb blend of intrigue, mystery and magic and urban fantasy; it’s brilliantly written; and the story is gripping’ Civilian Reader

A Hopscotch Summer

A colourful Birmingham 1930s saga of a family torn apart . . .
### Book Description
Emma Brown is a happy-go-lucky child, content to work hard at school, and to play hopscotch with her friends on the pavement outside her house in the run-down Nechells area of Birmingham. As long as everything is alright at home with her Ma and Pa, her little sister Joyce and brother Sid, then life is good. But after Em’s mother Cynthia has her baby she just doesn’t seem to be able to cope. Her life-long friend and neighbour Dot helps as much as she can, but she has children of her own, and no man to hand; Cynthia’s husband Bob, too, does his best, but begins to feel that he’s losing the wife he has loved so much; and little Em just can’t find enough hours in the day to do all the washing and cleaning. Soon, it seems, the only thing is for Cynthia to go and stay across the city with her tyrannical older sister. With Cynthia away, life only gets harder for Em. Her best friend Kate ostracizes her, leaving only poor, stinky Molly Fox at her side, and when the Board Man comes to call, wanting to know why she’s not at school, things are really bad. When Bob stays out later and later in the evenings, always the worse for wear, and spending too much time with a local very merry widow, Em decides to travel across Birmingham to fetch her mother home, but the mother she discovers is a far cry from the proud, upright and loving figure she has known so well . . .
### From the Author
‘A Hopscotch Summer’ is the first story in what will be a trilogy. The story concentrates on Emma Brown and her family, and what happens to them while Em is quite young. It is also, overall, however the story of three school friends in Birmingham in the 1930s and how their lives entwine and develop.If I had decided to cram all their stories into one book it would have taken very well developed muscles to hold it up to be read! So I am writing three instead. In the next book, ‘Soldier Girl,’ to be published next year, we follow further the story of Molly Fox, who you will met in this book, though we do not lose sight of Em and her family, or Katie O’Neill, whose story will be told in the third book. So if you don’t find out everything you’d like to know about them in this story, there is plenty more to come. Happy reading.

Hollywood Scandals

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Details in the back of this book or on her website.


“Fans of Janet Evanovich will love this spin off of the High Heels Mysteries!” – Jen. B, avid reader

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Gemma Halliday…

Tina Bender is the gossip columnist at the infamous L.A. Informer tabloid. She knows everything about everyone who’s anyone. And she’s not afraid to print it. That is, until she receives a threatening note, promising, “If you don’t stop writing about me, you’re dead.” Now her managing editor, Felix Dunn (from the High Heels Mysteries), has her teaming with a built bodyguard, a bubbly blonde, and an alcoholic obituary writer to uncover just which juicy piece of Hollywood gossip is worth killing over.



“This first book in Halliday’s new Hollywood Headlines series is a fun story with intriguing characters and a good mystery. The action is fast paced, the hero is delightful and the heroine is spunky and independent but smart enough to know when she needs help.”
– Romantic Times

“(HOLLYWOOD SCANDALS) is fresh, funny, and has just enough heart to balance the snark.”
– All About Romance

“Gemma Halliday’s witty, entertaining writing style shines through in her new book! I look forward to seeing lots more of Tina as this series continues. A fun read!”
– Fresh Fiction
### About the Author
Gemma Halliday is the author of the High Heels Mysteries, as well as the Hollywood Headlines Mysteries series. Gemma’s books have received numerous awards, including a Golden Heart, a National Reader’s Choice award and three RITA nominations. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where she is hard at work on several new projects.

The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

When Earth is destroyed to make way for a Hyperspatial express route, Arthur Dent discovers that space is big, as he is taken on a hair-raising tour of the Galaxy and its very strange inhabitants, by his friend Ford Perfect.

His Beloved Criminal

*The clock is ticking, and Tristan has to make the choice of a lifetime – does he play it safe, or give everything he has to love?*
Tristan is devastated when his lover, Nicolas, leaves two days before Thanksgiving and doesn’t come back. He knows that Nicolas is into some shady things, but he doesn’t know whether or not Nicolas meant to leave him, and the worry drives him mad. But just as suddenly as he left, Nicolas is back, and Tristan has a decision to make…
This is a contemporary short story of approximately 5000 words, or 20 book pages.


He was clinically dead after the accident—but was miraculously revived. Now Hatch Harrison and his wife approach each day with a new appreciation for life.

But something has come back with Hatch from the other side. A terrible presence that links his mind to a psychotic’s, so that a force of murderous rage courses through him.
### From Publishers Weekly
After a near-fatal car accident, a Californian must deal with the deranged killer with whom he now shares visions. Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club selections in cloth.
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.
### From School Library Journal
YA– Koontz’s latest thriller sits at the intersection of the weird and the ordinary. Once again, he explores a “what if” scenario in a most satisfying fashion. In this case, a near-death survivor accidentally carries a piggy-backing evil spirit through an open door from the afterlife. Hatch Harrison, the typical good-guy hero, is revived by a brilliant team of doctors more than an hour after drowning. Strange visions and half-waking dreams soon convince him that his recovery is not at all normal. His fears are soon magnified when people who have annoyed him are murdered, and he knows that he is somehow responsible. Paralleling the story of Hatch’s recovery is the unfolding revelation of a young man so evil that ordinary people cannot imagine his existence. As he skulks about selecting victims to murder and mutilate, a bizarre bond develops between the two men. Gory incidents tumble one after another as the two men become locked in first a psychic and then a physical battle between good and evil. The violent climax is symbolically set in an abandoned amusement park where at last the true duel identity of the murderer is revealed. Once again, evil is resoundingly defeated, but as any Koontz fan knows, the victory is only temporary.
*-Carolyn E. Gecan, Thomas Jefferson Sci-Tech, Fairfax County, VA*
Copyright 1992 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Hidden Away

When Jenna first meets millionaire hotel entrepreneur Morgan Drake, he had just witnessed her fight off an attacker with ease, standing wet through in the rain it is obvious there is a chemistry between them.
Jenna is keeping a huge secret, she is hiding from the people who killed her family in New York they believe her to be dead so opening herself to anyone runs the risk of being discovered.
Jenna finds herself drawn to Morgan but fights the desire that could threaten them both.
Eventually the feelings overwhelm both of them and her whole world and the identity she has fought to conceal is blown open.
This passionate love story has fight, intrigue surprises and lots of sex all the ingredients for a great summer read. please enjoy

A Hero for All Seasons



Something in Savannah King’s crystal-blue eyes spoke to Sam as she desperately pleaded for his help in finding her child. Detective Sam Walters knew he was this frightened woman’s last hope, but he vowed not to get too close. Until she made a spot for herself on the investigation and in his life. No woman had ever affected this loner so instantly as Savannah. But once Sam found her daughter-and he would-he knew he would face his toughest case yet: winning Savannah’s heart, so he could be her hero for all seasons!

When a child is missing and a heart need mending, it’s time to call ChildFinders, Inc.

(source: Bol.com)

Heretic: Archangel Project. Book Three

The day of reckoning is coming …
Commander Noa Sato has almost reached the Kannukah Cloud. Within hours her crew may be able to reach Sol System through a hidden time gate. If they make it, she and her crew won’t just save their own lives–they’ll save millions from genocide at the hands of Luddeccean fanatics.
But the Luddeccean “fanatics” may not be as mad as Noa believes.
If the Ark reaches Sol, Professor James Sinclair will be revealed as the imposter he is. Designed to be the perfect spy, James’s love for Noa seems to be the only thing truly his own. But what can love be to an agent of the gates?
When the final confrontation occurs, and the truth of the gates is revealed, James and Noa will have choices to make … Choices that may divide them forever and lead to the destruction of the human race. **
### Sinossi
The day of reckoning is coming …
Commander Noa Sato has almost reached the Kannukah Cloud. Within hours her crew may be able to reach Sol System through a hidden time gate. If they make it, she and her crew won’t just save their own lives–they’ll save millions from genocide at the hands of Luddeccean fanatics.
But the Luddeccean “fanatics” may not be as mad as Noa believes.
If the Ark reaches Sol, Professor James Sinclair will be revealed as the imposter he is. Designed to be the perfect spy, James’s love for Noa seems to be the only thing truly his own. But what can love be to an agent of the gates?
When the final confrontation occurs, and the truth of the gates is revealed, James and Noa will have choices to make … Choices that may divide them forever and lead to the destruction of the human race.

Hell’s Kitchen

Writing as William Jeffries, *New York Times* bestselling author Jeffrey Deaver, the “master of ticking-bomb suspense” ( *People* ), delivers a thrilling novel that “exposes the brutal side of the Big Apple” ( *Publishers Weekly* ). Every New York City neighborhood has a story, but what John Pellam uncovers in Hell’s Kitchen has a darkness all its own. The Hollywood location scout and former stuntman is in the Big Apple hoping to capture the unvarnished memories of longtime Kitchen residents—such as Ettie Washington—in a no‑budget documentary film. But when a suspicious fire ravages the elderly woman’s crumbling tenement, Pellam realizes that someone might want the past to stay buried. As more buildings and lives go up in flames, Pellam takes to the streets, seeking the twisted pyromaniac who sells services to the highest bidder. But Pellam is unaware that the fires are merely flickering preludes to the arsonist’s ultimate masterpiece, a conflagration of nearly unimaginable proportion, with Hell’s Kitchen­—and John Pellam—at its blackened and searing epicenter.

Hard to Defend

**Some men are just hard to trust.**
**Others have been burnt one too many times…**
Eric Brooks has been through hell and back, and he made a promise to himself a long time ago…
He would never let his guard down again.
But when gorgeous and domineering Hunter Price walks into his life, Eric finds it hard to stay away from him. Hunter is a notorious playboy billionaire who rules the entertainment industry and everyone in it.
The second they meet, their chemistry is palpable. But Hunter isn’t interested in just a relationship; he’s interested in something much, much bigger…
**Making Eric his man.**
Does a mundane office assistant like Eric really stand a chance against temptation this powerful, with a suitor this seductive, and painfully gorgeous?
Will Eric lose at love yet again or will Hunter Price surprise everyone, even himself, with how far he will go for love?
**HARD TO DEFEND is the steamy fourth installment in the MAKE ME YOUR MAN series.**
****PLEASE NOTE: This book contains a bonus series, THE BILLIONAIRE’S TERMS, by Caleb Stone.*** *

Hanging On

Copyright 1973, published by a small press publisher M. Evans and Company, First edition with full 1-9 line. There was never a second printing or a book club printing. Original price was $6.95.

Guns N’ Boys: He Is Mine

Guns n’ Boys needs to be read in order.
**\— Home sweet hell. —**
A wedding should be a joyful affair, but it is far from that for Seth Villani. Thrust into an arranged marriage, back under the same roof with serpents and wolves who are his family, Seth has to watch his back if he is to survive until the despised event. Though with his love affair with Domenico Acerbi slipping out of his grasp, and his father forcing blood on his hands, sometimes Seth wishes the dark waves of the sea nearby could swallow him whole.
Coming back home to Italy is full of bitterness and regret for Domenico. He knows he will have to see Seth, the first man who’s found a way to his heart in years, walk down the aisle and marry. Seth belongs with Domenico, and having him ripped out of his arms is an offense he cannot bear. Yet despite the tension between them, and the growing resentment, Domenico still needs to watch Seth’s back, because there’s a target on it, and no matter how much Domenico doesn’t want Seth to marry, he will not have him dead.
**Themes:** Enemies to lovers, mafia, homophobia, assassin, organized crime
**Genre:** Dark, twisted erotic romance / crime thriller
**Erotic content:** Explicit gay sex, coercion
**Length: ~90,000 words**
**WARNING: Adult content. If you are easily offended, this book is not for you.
‘Guns n’ Boys’ is a gritty story of extreme violence, offensive language, abuse, and morally ambiguous protagonists. Behind the morbid facade, there is a splash of inappropriate dark humor, and a love story that will crawl under your skin.**