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Mad About Metal

Craft metal has endless decorative possibilities. It is pliable and can be wrapped around or adhered to any surface you can imagine. This book is all about using colored craft metal—decorating it by means of embossing, cutting out designs, adding further color, taking away color and filling in 3D designs, and much more—to customize found objects for your home.
You will learn more about the metal and supporting mediums, as well as how to use the tools and familiarize yourself with several techniques—all of which can be applied in making more than fifty decorative and functional items provided in this book. The original projects were designed and created specifically to showcase a variety of techniques and applications, including:
* Transferring and tracing designs
* Creating texture by means of inexpensive handheld tools or manual processes
* Using an embossing machine such as the cuttlebug™ for textures, patterns and die-cuts
* Finishing techniques such as sanding, ageing and painting
* Upcycling and repurposing
* Tips and tricks to simplify processes
The projects range from beginner to advanced levels and from quick ideas to masterpieces that will take longer to complete. Magnificent photographs of the finished objects will inspire you while step-by-step instructions and photographs will help you to get started right away.

Il Macigno: Perché Il Debito Pubblico Ci Schiaccia E Come Si Fa a Liberarsene

Dopo il clamoroso successo conseguito con “La lista della spesa”, Carlo Cottarelli torna a illuminare i conti pubblici italiani, puntando l’attenzione sul debito: come si forma? Perché è così difficile ridurlo? Come mai è così importante per l’economia delle nazioni? Ci si può convivere e come?
Cottarelli ha avuto esperienza diretta di molte crisi generate dal debito pubblico, come quella italiana che portò alla caduta dell’ultimo governo Berlusconi e quella greca degli ultimi anni, e può quindi illustrare rischi e opportunità delle varie, possibili soluzioni del problema: da quella più combattiva (non ti pago!) a quella più ortodossa (l’austerità), fino al cauto ottimismo di una possibile via di buon senso, fatta di credibilità, crescita e attenzione al lungo periodo.

Machine Learning with Python Cookbook

This practical guide provides nearly 200 self-contained recipes to help you solve machine learning challenges you may encounter in your daily work. If you’re comfortable with Python and its libraries, including pandas and scikit-learn, you’ll be able to address specific problems such as loading data, handling text or numerical data, model selection, and dimensionality reduction and many other topics.

Each recipe includes code that you can copy and paste into a toy dataset to ensure that it actually works. From there, you can insert, combine, or adapt the code to help construct your application. Recipes also include a discussion that explains the solution and provides meaningful context. This cookbook takes you beyond theory and concepts by providing the nuts and bolts you need to construct working machine learning applications.

You’ll find recipes for:

* Vectors, matrices, and arrays

* Handling numerical and categorical data, text, images, and dates and times

* Dimensionality reduction using feature extraction or feature selection

* Model evaluation and selection

* Linear and logical regression, trees and forests, and k-nearest neighbors

* Support vector machines (SVM), naïve Bayes, clustering, and neural networks

* Saving and loading trained models

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Machine Learning with PySpark

Build machine learning models, natural language processing applications, and recommender systems with PySpark to solve various business challenges. This book starts with the fundamentals of Spark and its evolution and then covers the entire spectrum of traditional machine learning algorithms along with natural language processing and recommender systems using PySpark.

Machine Learning with PySpark shows you how to build supervised machine learning models such as linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, and random forest. You’ll also see unsupervised machine learning models such as K-means and hierarchical clustering. A major portion of the book focuses on feature engineering to create useful features with PySpark to train the machine learning models. The natural language processing section covers text processing, text mining, and embedding for classification.

After reading this book, you will understand how to use PySpark’s machine learning library to build and train various machine learning models. Additionally you’ll become comfortable with related PySpark components, such as data ingestion, data processing, and data analysis, that you can use to develop data-driven intelligent applications.

What You Will Learn


Build a spectrum of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms

Implement machine learning algorithms with Spark MLlib libraries

Develop a recommender system with Spark MLlib libraries

Handle issues related to feature engineering, class balance, bias and variance, and cross validation for building an optimal fit model

**Who This Book Is For **

Data science and machine learning professionals.

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Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

Featured by Tableau as the first of “7 Books About Machine Learning for Beginners” Ready to crank up a virtual server and smash through petabytes of data? Want to add ‘Machine Learning’ to your LinkedIn profile?Well, hold on there…Before you embark on your epic journey into the world of machine learning, there is some theory and statistical principles to march through first. But rather than spend $30-$50 USD on a dense long textbook, you may want to read this book first. As a clear and concise alternative to a textbook, this book provides a practical and high-level introduction to the practical components and statistical concepts found in machine learning. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners Second Edition has been written and designed for absolute beginners. This means plain-English explanations and no coding experience required. Where core algorithms are introduced, clear explanations and visual examples are added to make it easy and engaging to follow along at home.This major new edition features many topics not covered in the First Edition, including Cross Validation, Data Scrubbing and Ensemble Modeling. Please note that this book is not a sequel to the First Edition, but rather a restructured and revamped version of the First Edition. Readers of the First Edition should not feel compelled to purchase this Second Edition. Disclaimer: If you have passed the ‘beginner’ stage in your study of machine learning and are ready to tackle coding and deep learning, you would be well served with a long-format textbook. If, however, you are yet to reach that Lion King moment-as a fully grown Simba looking over the Pride Lands of Africa-then this is the book to gently hoist you up and offer you a clear lay of the land.In this step-by-step guide you will learn: – How to download free datasets- What tools and machine learning libraries you need- Data scrubbing techniques, including one-hot encoding, binning and dealing with missing data- Preparing data for analysis, including k-fold Validation- Regression analysis to create trend lines- Clustering, including k-means and k-nearest Neighbors- The basics of Neural Networks- Bias/Variance to improve your machine learning model- Decision Trees to decode classification- How to build your first Machine Learning Model to predict house values using PythonFrequently Asked QuestionsQ: Do I need programming experience to complete this book?A: This book is designed for absolute beginners, so no programming experience is required. However, two of the later chapters introduce Python to demonstrate an actual machine learning model, so you will see programming language used in this book. Q: I have already purchased the First Edition of this book, should I purchase this Second Edition?A: As majority of the topics from the First Edition are covered in the Second Edition, you may be better served reading a more advanced title on machine learning.Q: Can I get access to the Kindle version of this book?A: Yes. Under Amazon’s Matchbook program, the purchaser of this book can add the Kindle version of this title (valued at $3.99 USD) to their Amazon Kindle library at no cost.Q: Does this book include everything I need to become a machine learning expert?A: This book is designed for readers taking their first steps in machine learning and further learning will be required beyond this book to master machine learning.

Machine Learning Applications Using Python

Gain practical skills in machine learning for finance, healthcare, and retail. This book uses a hands-on approach by providing case studies from each of these domains: you’ll see examples that demonstrate how to use machine learning as a tool for business enhancement. As a domain expert, you will not only discover how machine learning is used in finance, healthcare, and retail, but also work through practical case studies where machine learning has been implemented.

Machine Learning Applications Using Python is divided into three sections, one for each of the domains (healthcare, finance, and retail). Each section starts with an overview of machine learning and key technological advancements in that domain. You’ll then learn more by using case studies on how organizations are changing the game in their chosen markets. This book has practical case studies with Python code and domain-specific innovative ideas for monetizing machine learning.

What You Will Learn


Discover applied machine learning processes and principles

Implement machine learning in areas of healthcare, finance, and retail

Avoid the pitfalls of implementing applied machine learning

Build Python machine learning examples in the three subject areas

Who This Book Is For

Data scientists and machine learning professionals.

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The MacGregor Grooms

SUMMARY: It worked with his granddaughters. Now Daniel MacGregor, powerful patriarch of the MacGregor clan, wants to see his three handsome, eligible—but stubbornly single—grandsons married. So he’s found just the women to tempt, tease and torture D.C., Duncan and Ian all the way to the altar. And you can bet Daniel will be sitting by with his feet up, a glass of whiskey in hand, smugly watching his plans unfold.…

The MacGregor Brides

**In this captivating story, #1 *New York Times* bestselling author Nora Roberts introduces us to the next generation of one of her most popular and celebrated families, as cousins Laura, Gwendolyn and Julia discover what their parents already know — that their busybody grandfather has an unerring instinct for love.**
**Daniel MacGregor is at it again!**
At age ninety, there is nothing the powerful patriarch of the MacGregor clan would like more than to see his three eldest granddaughters happily married — and he’s handpicked three unsuspecting candidates he believes would make perfect husbands. But this might be his biggest matchmaking challenge yet: his granddaughters are so focused on their careers that marriage is the last thing on their minds. It’s a good thing this meddlesome nonagenarian has a few tricks left up his sleeve . . .


* * *
******He’s the best cop they’ve got. **
****When a drug bust turns into a bloodbath it’s up to Inspector Macbeth and his team to clean up the mess.
**He’s also an ex-drug addict with a troubled past. **
* * *
****He’s rewarded for his success. Power. Money. Respect. They’re all within reach.** **
**But a man like him won’t get to the top.**
****Plagued by hallucinations and paranoia, Macbeth starts to unravel. He’s convinced he won’t get what is rightfully his.
**Unless he kills for it. **
**‘The king of all crime writers’**
*****Sunday Express*
### Recensione
**Praise for *Macbeth*:
**“Inventive and deeply satisfying…[Nesbo] offers a dark but ultimately hopeful *Macbeth*, one suited to our troubled times.” 
—James Shapiro, *New York Times Book Review* (cover)
“Nesbo manages the balancing act of being true to the original play without slighting his own interests as a writer: bleak settings, loyalty (or the lack thereof) among crooks, clever escapes from tight spots, the affinities between policemen and the criminals they chase.”
—*The Washington Post***
**”Nesbø has adhered to his contract, delivering a book that plays off of Shakespeare’s work but succeeds as his own.”
“The legions of readers who adore the dark Scandinavian noir of Jo Nesbø will also love *Macbeth*, his adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous play.”
—*USA Today*
“*Macbeth* is a modern-day drug-war, power-struggle, double-cross, lawmen-versus-gangsters recast of Shakespeare’s Scottish play.”
—*Associated Press*

“Nesbø infuses the mythic elements of the tragedy with bold strokes of horrific, Don Winslow–like drug-war realism. The result displays in a strikingly original way both the timelessness of Shakespeare’s art and the suppleness of noir to range well beyond the strictures of formula.”
—*Booklist* (starred)
Praise for Jo Nesbø: **

“Jo Nesbø is my new favorite thriller writer.”
—Michael Connelly

“Nesbø’s much-heralded gifts are on display–using his talent for conjuring the chilly Munch-like atmospherics of Oslo in the winter and his eye for grisly, alarming details that slam home the horror of the evil that men do.”
—*New York Times Book Review*

“The world is dark and frozen, according to Nordic noir, and so is the human heart. But it’s the magic Nesbø works with the genre’s tropes that matters. . . . [He] might be my favorite of the lot.”
—*Chicago Tribune*
* *
“Nesbø writes like an angel. As in Lucifer.”
—*The Philadelphia Inquirer*

“Nesbø explores the darkest criminal minds with grim delight and puts his killers where you least expect to find them. . . . His novels are maddeningly addictive.”
—*Vanity Fair*
* *
“In the crowded field of Scandinavian crime fiction, Nesbø’s books stand out. . . . Nesbø likes to rip plots up . . . to play with the conventions of his genre.”
—*The New Yorker*
* *
“[Nesbø is] the writer most likely to take the ice-cold crown in the critically acclaimed—and now bestselling—category of Nordic noir.”
—*Los Angeles Times*
* *
“I am the world’s greatest living crime writer. [Jo Nesbø] is a man who is snapping at my heels like a rabid pitbull poised to take over my mantle when I dramatically pre-decease him.”
—James Ellroy

“The next Munch or Ibsen could be Jo Nesbø”
* * *
* * *
### Descrizione del libro
**The gripping new thriller from the author of *The* *Snowman ***
* * *
* * *
* * *

Lusus Naturae: A Dark Days Club Novella

Experience Lord Carlston and Lady Helen’s first meeting from Lord Carlston’s point of view in this compelling novella, a companion to The Dark Days Club.

Combining Jane Austen’s high society and Cassandra Clare’s supernatural underworld, Alison Goodman’s Lady Helen trilogy will delight fans of historical fiction and fantasy. Now readers can enjoy an exclusive insight into Lord Carlston’s world and his initial perceptions of much-loved heroine Lady Helen in this novella.

London, April 1812. Lord Carlston, a man of dubious reputation and infuriating manners, has recently returned from the Continent. He is in London to assess whether Lady Helen Wrexhall has inherited her mother’s Reclaimer abilities, which would mark her as a protector of society. These abilities would also take Lady Helen from the glittering ballrooms and bright lights of her first Season into a world of demonic creatures and deadly power. Not the usual aspirations for a young lady in Regency society…

Perfect for longstanding fans and readers new to the series, the novella also includes a chapter from The Dark Days Club, so you can experience the same scene from Lady Helen’s point of view.

(source: Bol.com)

Luring a Lady

SUMMARY: Nothing in Sydney Hayward’s background of wealth and privilege prepared her to take the helm of her family’s corporation. And her new responsibilities left no room for complications. Earthly and entirely masculine, Mikahil came from a world entirely different from her own but the way she felt when he put his strong, work-hardened hands on her was wreaking havoc with Sydney’s resolve…

The Lunatic Cafe

‘You don’t volunteer for slugfests with vampires. It shortens your life expectancy.’And you don’t fall in love with a werewolf. It interferes with your work. Especially when you’re a preternatural expert, like me. My name is Anita Blake. My business brings me up close and personal with all shapes and sizes of monsters. And not all of them want to kill me.Take, for instance, the local pack of lycanthrops – they’re werewolves to you. A number of them are missing, and they’ve come to me for help. Maybe because I’m dating the leader of the pack. I’ve survived a lot – from jealous vampires to killer zombies – but this love thing may kill me yet.

Luminosa tenebra

Estate 1808. Nel caldo soffocante l’esercito napoleonico occupa la Prussia e tenta di mettere le mani sulla sua ricchezza piú grande: l’ambra. Ma una maledizione sembra calare sulle raccoglitrici della preziosa resina, donne forti e splendide che cadono sotto i colpi di un assassino efferato e maniacale.
Mentre i loro corpi, lasciati nudi e stranamente mutilati sulle spiagge del Baltico, sembrano comporre un oscuro disegno, spetta di nuovo a Stiffeniis, il detective allievo di Kant, affrontare l’ignoto, e un pericolo piú vicino di quanto lui stesso possa immaginare.

Torna il procuratore Hanno Stiffeniis, che il lettore ha già incontrato nel fortunato Critica della ragion criminale. Questa volta si mette, per conto della Grande Armée, sulle tracce di un killer ossessivo. Con la fredda ostilità tra prussiani e francesi che si fonde con i nuovi entusiasmi per la scienza e le piú ancestrali paure pagane.
Su tutto, onnipresente, l’ambra. Fonte di ricchezza e cupidigia, finestra su un passato lontano, speranza di rivalsa per il presente. Avrà bisogno di affinare ogni sua facoltà, Stiffeniis, per allontanare dalle sensuali ragazze dell’ambra la minaccia di una mente che sembra coniugare la luce della ragione con la piú crudele e primordiale tenebra.

‘Michael Gregorio ha scritto un altro thriller storico meravigliosamente gotico, il suo migliore in assoluto, che apre una finestra sulla storia da un punto di vista inedito’.

‘Luminosa tenebra è uno di quei libri che ogni vero fan di crime amerà. Questo è il terzo libro e anche il migliore della serie scritta dalla coppia di marito e moglie Michael Jacob e Daniela De Gregorio… Intelligente, abilmente costruito e scritto in modo elegante’.
Boston Globe and Mail

‘Divertimento granguignolesco’.

(source: Bol.com)

Lullaby: a novel

EDITORIAL REVIEW: Ever heard of a culling song? It’s a lullaby sung in Africa to give a painless death to the old or infirm. The lyrics of a culling song kill, whether spoken or even just thought. You can find one on page 27 of **Poems and Rhymes from Around the World**, an anthology that is sitting on the shelves of libraries across the country, waiting to be picked up by unsuspecting readers.Reporter Carl Streator discovers the song’s lethal nature while researching Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and before he knows it, he’s reciting the poem to anyone who bothers him. As the body count rises, Streator glimpses the potential catastrophe if someone truly malicious finds out about the song. The only answer is to find and destroy every copy of the book in the country. Accompanied by a shady real-estate agent, her Wiccan assistant, and the assistant’s truly annoying ecoterrorist boyfriend, Streator begins a desperate cross-country quest to put the culling song to rest.Written with a style and imagination that could only come from Chuck Palahniuk, **Lullaby** is the latest outrage from one of our most exciting writers at work today.

Luke’s Present

A Morning Report story

Lost Cow Ranch foreman Simon Bryan is worried about Luke, his boss and possessive partner of twelve years. Reeling from the flood that took his horse, Luke has postponed surgery on his knee, and his nightmares have been escalating. Worse, he is pulling away from Simon emotionally. Desperate to help his lover cope, Simon plans a special Christmas gift, but it is Luke’s present that changes their relationship forever.

(source: Bol.com)

Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn

Earth officials were hard on the heels of the mysterious Sirian spy, Agent X, when he blasted off in a stolen spaceship. But before they could catch him, the master spy jettisoned the capsule that held his report into the icy rings of Saturn. In a flash, Lucky Starr and Bigman Jones found themselves in a race with the Sirian war fleet to recover it.
When the Sirians couldn’t find the capsule, they kidnapped Lucky and Bigman, bringing them to their secret military base on Titan. There the arrogant Sirian commander offered Lucky a terrible choice: turn traitor to Earth—or Bigman would die!
It was not an idle threat.