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Cast Long Shadows

Matthew Fairchild is the Consul’s son and the golden-haired boy of the Nephilim. He has the love of his family and his parabatai James Herondale, and nothing to wish for, except excitement and artistry and beauty that do not seem to fit in with a warrior’s way of life. Matthew gets more than he bargained for at the Shadow Market, where he commits the greatest sin of his life—something he can never tell his parabatai, or any of the honorable Shadowhunters around him.Praise for the The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices Series:“This crowdpleaser’s tension-filled conclusion ratchets towards a new set of mysteries.”— Kirkus Reviews“[C]ompulsively readable…you can bet your sword newcomers to the world will be rushing to read what they’ve missed.”— Booklist“The action-heavy plot takes off from the first page, propelling readers toward a dramatic conclusion…”— SLJCassandra Clare was born to American parents in Teheran, Iran and spent much of her childhood traveling the world with her family. She lived in France, England and Switzerland before she was ten years old. Since her family moved around so much she found familiarity in books and went everywhere with a book under her arm. She spent her high school years in Los Angeles where she used to write stories to amuse her classmates, including an epic novel called “The Beautiful Cassandra” based on the eponymous Jane Austen short story (and from which she later took her current pen name).After college, Cassie lived in Los Angeles and New York where she worked at various entertainment magazines and even some rather suspect tabloids. She started working on her YA novel, City of Bones, in 2004, inspired by the urban landscape of Manhattan, her favorite city.In 2007, the first book in the Mortal Instruments series, City of Bones, introduced the world to Shadowhunters. The Mortal Instruments concluded in 2014, and includes City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, and City of Heavenly Fire. She also created a prequel series, inspired by A Tale of Two Cities and set in Victorian London. This series, The Infernal Devices, follows bookworm Tessa Gray as she discovers the London Institute in Clockwork Angel, Clockwork Prince, and Clockwork Princess.The sequel series to The Mortal Instruments, The Dark Artifices, where the Shadowhunters take on Los Angeles, began with Lady Midnight, continues with Lord of Shadows and will conclude with Queen of Air and Darkness.Other books in the Shadowhunters series include The Bane Chronicles, Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, and The Shadowhunter’s Codex.Her books have more than 36 million copies in print worldwide and have been translated into more than thirty-five languages. Visit her at cassandraclare.com.Sarah Rees Brennan was born and raised in Ireland by the sea, where her teachers valiantly tried to make her fluent in Irish (she wants you to know it’s not called Gaelic) but she chose to read books under her desk in class instead. The books most often found under her desk were Jane Austen, Margaret Mahy, Anthony Trollope, Robin McKinley and Diana Wynne Jones, and she still loves them all today.She lived briefly in New York and somehow survived in spite of her habit of hitching lifts in fire engines. She began working on The Demon’s Lexicon while doing a Creative Writing MA and library work in Surrey, England. Since then she has returned to Ireland to write and use as a home base for future adventures. Her Irish is still woeful, but she feels the books under the desk were worth it.Sarah is also the the author of the Lynburn Legacy series, and the novels Tell the Wind and Fire and In Other Lands. Find her online at sarahreesbrennan.com · @sarahreesbrenna

Casino Red

When Maria offers to treat Amanda to a fun night out in the famous Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, Amanda accepts eagerly, wearing the red dress that Maria picked out for her for the New York Ball.
A night of fun and gambling turns into more than she had suspected when Amanda spots some other Magi taking advantage of the unsuspecting patrons of the Casino.
Unable to let this happen, Amanda take it upon herself to put a stop to it.
* * *
The Tales of the Magi Saga are supplementary short stories set within the world of the Magi Saga.
The stories usually take place somewhere in the time line of the main Magi Saga books, but can be read separately as well.
Casino Red takes place between Magi Omen and Magi Edge, books 3 and 4 of the Magi Saga.

The Case of the Velvet Claws

Criminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. His most popular books starred the incomparable attorney-sleuth Perry Mason. And the first time the world heard the name Perry Mason was in 1933 with the publication of the novel that has become an enduring classic… The Case of the Velvet Claws Thanks to a bungled robbery at a fancy hotel, the already-married Eva Griffin has been caught in the company of a prominent congressman. To protect the politico, Eva’s ready to pay the editor of a sleazy tabloid his hush money. But Perry Mason has other plans. He tracks down the phantom fat cat who secretly runs the blackmailing tabloid — only to discover a shocking scoop. By the time Mason’s comely client finally comes clean, her husband has taken a bullet in the heart. Now Perry Mason has two choices: represent the cunning widow in her wrangle for the dead man’s money — or take the rap for murder.

The Case of the Vagabond Virgin

Platinum blonde, Veronica Dale, is arrested on a charge of vagrancy, yet she has a hotel reservation in her name. Addison, head of a department store, booked the room for her and is now being blackmailed. Perry Mason can’t decide who is hiding what and then comes murder and one of Mason’s toughest trial scenes.

The Case of the Terrified Typist

Perry hires a temporary typist who flees in a panic, leaving behind a pair of diamonds hidden in a wad of chewing gum. Down the hall from Perry’s office, a co-owner of a gem importing company has been charged in a smuggling scheme, and with murdering his accomplice. Mason agrees to defend the accused man, who would rather die than cooperate. And he just might–unless Mason can track down the terrified typist.

The Case of the Sun Bather’s Diary

The blonde wandering nude at the Remuda Golf Club tells Perry Mason a strange story: While she peacefully sun-bathed near the course, someone made off with her Cadillac, her trailer, and all her belongings–including her precious diary.
The woman blames the police, who suspect her of having stashed away nearly half a million dollars allegedly stolen by her father, who is now in prison. She swears that both she and her father are innocent. So who is bankrolling her leisurely lifestyle? Why is she so desperate to find her diary? And who, if not Mason’s beautiful client, would murder a key witness? In a virtuoso courtroom performance, Mason exposes the staggering truth.
*From the Paperback edition.*

The Case of the Sulky Girl

The Case of the Sulky Girl (Perry Mason Series #2) by Erle Stanley Gardner
Criminal lawyer and bestselling mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote nearly 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Now, the American Bar Association is bringing back his most famous and enduring novels—featuring criminal defense lawyer and sleuth Perry Mason—in striking trade paperback editions.
Bratty heiress Frances Celane visits Perry Mason to inquire about an odd codicil in her father’s will, stating she would be disinherited if she married young. Her uncle is the trustee, and stands to inherit everything if Frances marries—which she has. And when her uncle is found murdered, her groom is accused.
The Case of the Sulky Girl combines hard-boiled detective work with the first trial in the novels.

The Case Of The Stuttering Bishop

The Case of the Stuttering Bishop (Perry Mason Series #9) by Erle Stanley Gardner, Alexander Cendese
Julia Branner insists her marriage was sabotaged by her millionaire father-in-law, who forced her to give up her baby girl for adoption. Now, years later, a young woman appears, claiming to be Julia’s long-lost daughter. But Julia insists the heir-apparent is a fake—and vows to keep the family fortune from falling into the wrong hands.
Abetted by a bishop with questionable credentials, Julia plans to expose the imposter. But things take a devilish turn when the curious cleric vanishes and Julia’s father-in-law is murdered. Charged with the killing, Julia turns to Perry Mason. But with overwhelming odds against him, Perry may not have a prayer.…

The Case of the Sleepwalker’s Niece

Peter Kent’s niece hires Perry Mason to help protect him from the attempts of his wife and business partner to take control of his assets, but when a bloody knife is found under Kent’s pillow, he becomes a murder suspect

The Case of the Singing Skirt

The Case of the Singing Skirt: A Perry Mason Mystery by Erle Stanley Gardner, Morrow
Ellen Robb does more than just sing for her supper — she also dances and sells cigarettes in a two-bit gambling parlor in a one-horse town. But when she hits a sour note with her scheming employer by refusing to help fleece a fat-cat customer in a crooked card game, she finds herself out of all three jobs. That’s when she sings her song of woe to Perry Mason, who promises to turn her blues into greenbacks with the help of his crack team, Della Street and Paul Drake, and a hefty lawsuit.
Things are humming along just fine — until murder interrupts the merry melody of Mason’s crafty legal maneuvers. When the vindictive wife of Ellen Robb’s not-so-secret lover turns up shot to death, Mason is certain it’s a frame-up — and that his songbird client’s belligerent boss is to blame. Until his own gun is found at the scene. The cocksure Mason will have to change his tune — and do some quick thinking — or else this case could be his swan song.
The Perry Mason Novels
Criminal lawyer and all-time #1 mystery author Erle Stanley Gardner wrote close to 150 novels that have sold 300 million copies worldwide. Today, the great Gardner tradition continues with many of his classics back in print, as well as brand-new additions to the ever-popular series starring the incomparable Perry Mason.

The Case of the Silent Partner

Successful florist Mildred Faulkner finds that the flower business is no bed of roses when arch-competitor Harry Peavis secretly buys stock in her small, family-owned corporation. While Peavis proposes a partnership, Mildred suspects he’s really plotting a power play.So to keep the scurrilous shareholder from muscling her out, she seeks Perry Mason’s expertise.
But even the legendary legal eagle may be stymied when Mildred’s company is plundered by her ne’er-do-well brother-in-law to pay off a gambling debt. The money trail leads to a nightclub hostess and her boss. And when one is poisoned, and the other murdered, the trail of evidence leads right back to Mildred. Mason know the feisty florist is no shrinking violet…but does she have the pluck to be a cold-blooded killer?

The Case of the Shapely Shadow

When a restless and sexually adventurous tycoon sets himself up for blackmail, Perry Mason finds an eyeful of glamour means a fistful of trouble…
Was the shapely shadow that followed Morley Theilman, his beautiful ex-showgirl wife…his attractive ex-wife who still carried a torch…or his pretty secretary disguised as a Plain Jane?
And which of these lovelies would kill the goose that laid the golden egg?
In the courtroom the DA is poised for the knockout but Perry beats the punch with some fast legal footwork…

The Case of the Screaming Woman

The Case of the Screaming Woman by Erle Stanley Gardner
Joan Kirby doesn’t believe her husband’s story about picking up a stranded woman in the middle of the night and dropping her off at a hotel. She asks Perry Mason to cross-examine him. Mason uncovers a much murkier trail involving murder, illegal adoption, stolen narcotics and blackmail.

The Case of the Runaway Corpse

The Case of the Runaway Corpse (Perry Mason Series #44) by Erle Stanley Gardner
Her husband was stealing her money, while accusing her of a plot to poison him — or so claims the frightened young Mrs. Myrna Davenport. She wants Perry Mason to find the incriminating note her husband left for the authorities accusing her of murder — especially now that Davenport is dying.
Perry finds the envelope, but it’s filled with blank paper. Then Davenport does die, or so everyone thinks until his alleged corpse climbs out a window and drives away — straight into a prepared open grave in another county.
With Davenport finally dead, Perry could become a possible accessory to murder. And though the victim died twice, Perry gets only one clear shot at saving his client — and himself.

The Case of the Reluctant Model

The Case of the Reluctant Model by Erle Stanley Gardner, Alexander Cendese
Art student Maxine Lindsay, as the guest of her mentor, art dealer Colin Durant, attends a reception aboard the yacht of millionaire Otto Olney, who is unveiling his newest purchase, a $130,000 Gauguin. When Durant confides that the painting is a fake, Maxine becomes involved in a complicated series of deceptions. Soon gallery owner Leslie Rankin threatens Maxine. Perry Mason is called in, a beatnik artist is accused of painting the fake, and Durant is found fully clothed in Maxine’s shower, shot dead with her pistol.