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Un Uomo Finito

Un’infanzia solitaria e pensosa; un’adolescenza di sogni tormentosi, illuminata dalle letture; e una giovinezza rivoluzionaria, tra battaglie, giornali, illusioni e disillusioni. *Un uomo finito* (1913) è il romanzo-autobiografia intellettuale nel quale Papini racconta i primi trent’anni di vita di un giovane «nato con la malattia della grandezza». Affascinato da Bergson e dal titanismo di Nietzsche, lo spirito inquieto e geniale dell’autore, alla perenne ricerca della verità, rivive in un racconto sincero animato da una prosa ricca e brillante, con accenti di profonda poesia. Un’opera imprescindibile per cogliere la temperatura ideale, l’entusiasmo e la delusione della generazione di intellettuali che inaugura il Novecento.

Un uomo chiamato Magobion

Da ragazzo, Laurie Linton sentiva delle voci e aveva delle strane, spettrali apparizioni, come quella di un uomo che tentava di dargli un urgente, importante messaggio: uccidi Magobion! Anni dopo, come agente della squadra speciale antinarcotici, Laurie Linton si ritrova a investigare, assieme alla bella Carol Kennedy, sul caso misterioso di una ragazza tossicodipendente, dedita a una droga che le permette di teletrasportare gli oggetti e le dà altre facoltà superumane. Sarà proprio questa investigazione a fornire a Laurie Linton la risposta al mistero delle voci che sentiva da fanciullo: un’investigazione che porterà Laurie e Carol in un incredibile labirinto dove il passato e il futuro si scambiano e si fondono insieme, dove la pace internazionale barcolla, dove un folle megalomane è a capo di un progetto segretissimo che cerca di utilizzare tremende droghe e poteri superumani per i propri scopi di potenza, un uomo che si chiama Piers Magobion!

Un esperienza personale

Tori-bird è chiamato così perché sembra sempre in fuga da tutto, da tutti e da ogni responsabilità, fino a quando il destino lo pone di fronte a un caso drammatico: un figlio nato con una grave malformazione cerebrale. Tori-bird, inizialmente incapace di reagire, si augura che il bambino muoia al più presto, ma via via comprende che questo altro non sarebbe che l’ennesimo modo per sfuggire alla realtà e si convince che di fatto ciò che lo trattiene sull’orlo del baratro è proprio il pensiero della lotta solitaria del suo bambino sfortunato. Dal contenuto autobiografico, il romanzo è anche una metafora del Giappone del dopoguerra e un’analisi della condizione umana nel secolo di Hiroshima.

Manuale Di Relatività Ristretta (UNITEXT)

Una moderna presentazione della teoria della Relatività Ristretta, specificatamente progettata per i nuovi corsi della Laurea Triennale in Fisica. Un testo essenziale ma autosufficiente, che adotta lo stile e il linguaggio delle lezioni svolte in aula, e che introduce alle trasformazioni di Lorentz, alla formulazione covariante dell’elettromagnetismo e alle basi della cinematica e dinamica relativistiche. Include una discussione della cinematica dei processi d’urto e una derivazione dettagliata dell’effetto Cherenkov.

Dietro La Maschera

Chiunque sostenga che una secchiona non sia in grado di stare al gioco non ha mai conosciuto Trina Abbot…
La stella del football Brice è oggetto di attenzioni da parte di molte donne, ma nessuna è mai riuscita a coinvolgerlo in modo tale da instaurare una relazione – fino al giorno in cui nota Tina in un costume estremamente sexy, diretta a un raduno. Nonostante la veda tutti i giorni da quasi due anni, Brice non ha mai pensato che ci potesse essere una donna così sexy dietro quei vestiti sformati e quegli occhiali orrendi. Ma, una volta scoperta la sexy e bollente donna dietro la maschera, è determinato a fare qualsiasi cosa per renderla sua.

Witches Be Crazy

Stacy Justice is called on to help a sassy southern witch when her spell goes haywire.

Wiring and Lighting

Wiring and Lighting provides a comprehensive guide to DIY wiring around the home. It sets out the regulations and legal requirements surrounding electrical installation work, giving clear guidelines that will enable the reader to understand what electrical work they are able to carry out, and what the testing and certification requirements are once the work is completed. Topics covered include: Different types of circuits; Types of cables and cable installation under floors and through joists; Isolating, earthing and bonding; Accessory boxes and fixings; Voltage bands; Detailed advice on safety-manual handling, working at height, electrical shock risk; Schedules for inspection, testing and certification, and relevant sections of the Building Regulations. An essential reference manual for anyone wishing to carry out safe DIY electrical installation. Covers wiring for a wide range of tasks by examining the components of electrical systems and installations. Fully illustrated with 100 colour photographs and 150 diagrams giving step-by-step details. Chris Kitcher is an experienced installation professional with over forty years in the electical industry.

Winter Solace

After escaping Hell, Faye, Amy and Khael come home to Faye’s devastated home town. It’s the only place she’s ever known and after all they have been through, it’s a blow to her confidence on any chance that they can win against the demons.
Khael insists they move on from there, since the demons know that Faye will return. In their travels, the group realizes they are being followed. A mysterious man reveals himself having escaped Hell on their coattails. Khael is cautious, but knows that they need all the help they can get.
As the team grows, so does the impending threat to humanity. Faye and Amy feel the weight of responsibility and seriousness of their mission and grow up quickly. Among secrets and lies, the girls must find a way to become the heroes they are meant to be.

Winter Magic

Between college and her part-time job, Faye Winter has enough on her plate. When she is forced to look after her ten-year-old niece, Amy, she makes do as best she can.
Living together, Faye quickly realizes that Amy is a very special child as strange magical phenomena begin to occur in her apartment.
With fire-hurling strangers hunting them, a mysterious man who claims to only want to help, Faye and Amy must rely on each other to stay alive, to save themselves, and possibly, the world.


Witchcraft and Wicca for a modern, mystical world, from YouTube vlogger and Instagram sensation Harmony Nice
The face of the witch is changing. The rise of social media has opened up a whole new world of learning and connection for devotees of real Wicca. For the “witch-curious” and for beginners looking for an accessible guide to Wiccan beliefs, YouTuber and Instagram sensation Harmony Nice reveals how you can explore natural magic and healing for yourself.

Complete with beautiful illustrations, Harmony introduces Wicca and its benefits, and what life is like for a modern-day Wiccan. She explores the positive impact that ritual and meditation can have on your confidence and mental health, and how the practice can help you to find your true self, build inner strength, and establish a harmonious connection with nature. For those just getting started, she offers practical guidance on:

  • using crystals, wands, tarot cards, and magical…
  • Whitewash

    It’s the pesticide on our dinner plates, a chemical so pervasive it’s in the air we breathe, our water, our soil, and even found increasingly in our own bodies. Known as Monsanto’s Roundup by consumers, and as glyphosate by scientists, the world’s mpopular weed killer is used everywhere from backyard gardens to golf courses to millions of acres of farmland. For decades it’s been touted as safe enough to drink, but a growing body of evidence indicates just the opposite, with research tying the chemical to cancers and a hof other health threats.
    In *Whitewash* , veteran journalist Carey Gillam uncovers one of the mcontroversial stories in the history of food and agriculture, exposing new evidence of corporate influence. Gillam introduces readers to farm families devastated by cancers which they believe are caused by the chemical, and to scientists whose reputations have been smeared for publishing research that contradicted business interests. Readers learn about the arm-twisting of regulators who signed off on the chemical, echoing company assurances of safety even as they permitted higher residues of the pesticide in food and skipped compliance tests. And, in startling detail, Gillam reveals secret industry communications that pull back the curtain on corporate efforts to manipulate public perception.
    *Whitewash* is more than an exposé about the hazards of one chemical or even the influence of one company. It’s a storyof power, politics, and the deadly consequences of putting corporate interests ahead of public safety.


    Drawing on a rich trove of research from psychology, biology and economics, Pink reveals how best to live, work and succeed. How can we use the hidden patterns of the day to build the ideal schedule? Why do certain breaks dramatically improve student test scores? How can we turn a stumbling beginning into a fresh start? And what is the ideal time to quit a job, switch careers, or get married? **

    Wheels and Heels

    As a teenager, Ira Bedford fled a troubled home life and people who didn’t understand his penchant for feminine things. In the city, he fell in with Cedric, who found him work as an underage stripper. It took him years to escape Cedric’s influence and try to build a life of his own.
    Now, he just wants to be left alone to create his art. But Cedric’s on-going harassment means Ira had to drop out of art school, is squatting in a friend’s apartment, and is still relying on his allure as a sexy, skirt-wearing exotic dancer to pay his bills.
    Then he meets Jed. Part-time bartender and the apartment building’s superintendent, Jed is just the right mix of strong, kind, and protective to pull Ira out of hiding. He also welcomes Ira into his chosen family at the Hen and Hog Pub. But Ira yearns for more. Still, he doesn’t dare to hope that Jed will want him and his questionable past, his skirts and high heels, his hang-ups, and the profession he seems unable to escape. But Jed will do anything to prove him wrong.

    Welding Basics and Chopper Frame Fabrication!

    This document is designed for the Professional and the Novice.
    Welding Basics and Chopper Frame Fabrication:
    As a Professional, you may have been welding for years, but may have
    forgotten some things or perhaps have slipped into some undesirable
    habits. This will re-introduce you to safety issues, processes used, and
    assembly refreshers.
    On the other hand, if you are new to Chopper Fabrication and just starting out, this document will introduce you to some very important issues relating to the Chopper Fabrication process.
    ATTENTION: This was formatted from the pdf version of our guide and it’s not perfect. It’s not bad either. But we want to be upfront with you in the fact that some of the formatting will be off a bit, however the overall guide I believe you will find to be very useful and helpful. If you don’t think so please request a refund 🙂

    Welcome to Witchhood

    When college plans go awry, Mirabelle finds herself in rural Pennsylvania living on her sister’s farm. Strange things begin to happen, and Mirabelle is thrown into a new world full of magic, realms, and soul mates.