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The path to the spiders’ nests

Initially published in 1947, the first novel by one of the twentieth-century’s most famous literary figures–which paints a portrait of a dissolute Italian resistance fighter against the Nazis–includes previously censored passages and the author’s newly translated, unabridged preface. Reprint.

Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening: Month by Month

In this completely revised and updated classic, beloved garden expert Pat Welsh shares how to garden the organic way. This latest edition includes 40 new color photographs; a simple month-by-month format that shows gardeners exactly what to do throughout the year; terrific advice on gardening with drought-tolerant and fire-resistant plants; and plenty of fresh information on organic soils, fertilizers, and pest control. Useful for newbies and seasoned green thumbs alike, *Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening* is the indispensable guide for every Southern Californiagardener.

Pasta Imperfect

IT WAS AN OFFER SHE COULDN’T REFUSE….The discount travel package to Italy seemed like a great deal: Emily Andrew could lead her globe-trotting Iowans on the trip of a lifetime and bring her family to boot. Maybe she should have read the fine print….Sharing their itinerary with a group of hyper-competitive aspiring romance writers is just a prelude to more Machiavellian drama than an Italian opera.First, their hotel burns to the ground. Then, when Emily’s lost luggage turns up found, the disgruntled literary ladies raid her clothing supply like she’s a one-woman Gucci outlet. But the real killer is a contest sponsored by a publishing house — and the depths to which the dime-novel divas will plunge to win a book contract. Amid backstabbing and catcalling, bodies start turning up — in Emily’s favorite outfits! Now, Emily will need more than a phrasebook to say ciao to someone with a hot and spicy passion for murder.

Blackbird Mysteries (for Alpine for You )As funny as anything by…Janet Evanovich [or] Joan Hess….A winner.
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Past Lies

Two opposite men, two different lives, two sets of past lies.With his twenty-year high-school reunion looming, Paul Loughton dreads seeing the one person who could tempt him to stray from his path. Small-town mayor, lawyer and budding politician, Paul can’t – won’t – admit he’s gay, even to himself. Years of denial and lies are now threatened by an inevitable encounter. With his denial slipping, he has to come face-to-face with temptation.Randy Martin left his small-town roots behind before the ink on his diploma was dry. The cliquish world of his childhood didn’t have room for the weird kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Rumors of his sexual preferences made life that much more difficult. Now, twenty years later, he should be anxious to rub his wealth and success in the faces of his former classmates. Except with one of them, the urge to rub something else hasn’t diminished over the years.
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Past Imperfect

Stephen Fry praised Julian Fellowes¿ previous novel, Snobs, as ¿a guilty treat¿. A Sunday Times bestseller, it won praise and an enthusiastic readership across the world. Its successor, Past Imperfect, is another treat, an enthralling comedy of manners, but with an intriguing conundrum at its heart.
Damian Baxter is very rich and dying.He lives alone, attended by chauffeur, butler, cook and a housemaid, a life of everything and nothing. Before he goes he needs to know if he has a living heir. At stake is his fortune ¿ in excess, he reckons, of £500 million. By the time he married he was sterile (the result of adult mumps in his early twenties), but what about before that unfortunate illness? Had he fathered a child as a young man?
An anonymous letter from twenty years before suggests so. But finding the truth will not prove easy, as the only man who knows where to look is Damian¿s sworn enemy.
Often funny and on occasion even shocking, the twists and turns of Past Imperfect will leave readers as intrigued as Damian at the eventual outcome.
Just as in his bestselling book Snobs, Julian Fellowes shows himself a wonderful storyteller with characters superbly observed. Here is the Jane Austen of the twenty-first century with more than an acerbic dash of Evelyn Waugh.
Read by Julian Fellowes

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Passenger to Frankfurt

A classic Christie story read by Hugh Fraser, who plays Captain Hastings in the popular TV series.
Sir Stafford Nye’s journey home from Malaya to London takes an unexpected twist in the passnger loungs at Frankfurt – a young woman confides in him that someone is trying to kill her.
Yet their paths are to cross again and again – and each time the mystery woman is introduced as a different person. Equally at home in any guise in any society she draws Sir Stafford into a game of political intrigue more dangerous than he could possibly imagine.
In an arena where no-one can be sure of anyone, Nye must do battle with a well-armed, well-financed, well-trained – and invisble – enemy…

Partners in Crime

Agatha Christie’s complete Tommy and Tuppence short story collection, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers. Tommy and Tuppence Beresford were restless for adventure, so when they were asked to take over Blunt’s International Detective Agency, they leapt at the chance. After their triumphant recovery of a pink pearl, intriguing cases kept on coming their way: a stabbing on Sunningdale golf course; cryptic messages in the personal columns of newspapers; and even a box of poisoned chocolates.

Required reading.’Books Distinctly worthwhile.’New York Times Sherlock Holmes, John Thorndyke, Father Brown and even Poirot are amiably parodied, and once or twice the solution as well as the dialogue is deliberately facetious.’Times Literary Supplement
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The Partner

The Partner by John Grisham
They watched Danilo Silva for days before they finally grabbed him. He was living alone, a quiet life on a shady street in Brazil; a simple life in a modest home, certainly not one of luxury. Certainly no evidence of the fortune they thought he had stolen. He was much thinner and his face had been altered. He spoke a different language, and spoke it very well.But Danilo had a past with many chapters. Four years earlier he had been Patrick Lanigan, a young partner in a prominent Biloxi law firm. He had a pretty wife, a new daughter, and a bright future. Then one cold winter night Patrick was trapped in a burning car and died a horrible death. When he was buried his casket held nothing more than his ashes.From a short distance away, Patrick watched his own burial. Then he fled. Six weeks later, a fortune was stolen from his ex-law firm’s offshore account. And Patrick fled some more.But they found him.
*From the Hardcover edition.*

Parker Pyne Investigates

A collection of short stories featuring the redoubtable heart specialist’, Parker Pyne. This volume, in its contemporary Agatha Christie Collection livery, perfectly illustrates Agatha Christie’s critically-acclaimed foray into light-hearted, romantic mysteries. Mrs Packington felt alone, helpless and utterly forlorn. But her life changed when she stumbled upon an advertisement in The Times which read: ARE YOU HAPPY? IF NOT, CONSULT MR PARKER PYNE’. Equally adept at putting together the pieces of a marriage or the fragments of a murder mystery, Mr Parker Pyne was possibly the world’s most unconventional private eye – and certainly its most charming.

Crimes of the heart were his forte.’Observer
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The Paris Enigma

> In the tradition of Caleb Carr’s *The Alienist* and Eric Larsen’s *The Devil in the White City* comes a gripping tale of murder and the art of crime solving, atmospherically set during the 1889 Paris World’s Fair.
It is 1889, and the entire world breathlessly anticipates the Paris World’s Fair and the opening of Monsieur Eiffel’s iconic tower. The Twelve Detectives—a society of the twelve most famous, compelling, and dazzling detectives from around the world—have been asked to discuss the secrets of their trade as part of the fair’s lineup of events. The Twelve travel to Paris to convene as a single body for the first time, but also, if some whispers are to be believed, to debate the very philosophy that underlies their pursuit of the world’s most wanted criminals.
But one detective is conspicuously absent: the legendary founding member of The Twelve, Renato Craig, will not attend. In his place he sends his novice assistant, Sigmundo Salvatrio—son of a shoemaker, a lifelong detective-arts devotee, and the only remaining student of Craig’s famed Academy for Detectives in Buenos Aires. Salvatrio arrives in Paris, carrying a secret message meant only for Craig’s best friend and cofounder of The Twelve, the brilliant, brooding, and fiercely competitive Viktor Arzaky.
When a member of The Twelve is discovered dead at the foot of the gleaming Eiffel Tower, the first in what turns into a series of grisly murders, Arzaky and Salvatrio find themselves in a race against time around glorious fin de siècle Paris, encountering all manner of secret societies, solving philosophical puzzles, while also trying to save a dangerously beautiful woman.
The pair soon realizes that the stakes involved are unimaginably high; they must not only catch the stalking murderer but also alter the fate of their precious brotherhood.
Written in a strikingly original voice, and poignantly evoking a world about to lose its innocence forever, The Paris Enigma opens a window onto crime solving’s early days, when wit, common sense, and intelligence were the only tools a detective could rely on.

The Pariah

The quaint little seaside town of Granitehead seemed like a perfect place for John and Jane Trenton to start their life together. But disaster strikes and Jane and their unborn child are killed. John’s grief is total, so when he starts to see the ghostly apparition of his wife he almost welcomes this supernatural phenomenon.

Yet all is not what it seems, and this sinister spirit is not Jane, but something altogether evil and terrifying. In a bid to rid himself of this horrific spectre he soon finds that many more in the town have been victims of unwanted visitations. And when he discovers the body of a local busybody, impossibly impaled on a still hanging chandelier, he knows something must be done. But how do you kill the undead?

As he searches for an explanation he uncovers a link to a mysterious ship, lost around the time of the nearby Salem witch trials. For three centuries the rotting wreck of the David Dark has lain beneath waves, but an awful secret is concealed in the chill waters…

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Paradox (Rogue Angel Series #21) by Alex Archer
Archaeologist Annja Creed reluctantly accepts an assignment on behalf of a covert arm of the U.S. Government. She is to lead an expedition to the top of Mount Ararat to find the truth about what is thought to be the remains of Noah’s Ark. But while she doubts the massive anomaly is really the Ark, she can’t help but wonder what is up there. Annja must escort a group of militant fundamentalists through civil unrest in eastern Turkey, but the impending war is nothing compared to the danger that lies hidden within the team. With lives at stake, Annja has no choice but to protect the innocent…and get them out of there alive. Legend says the Ark once saved mankind, but this time it could kill them all.

Paper Money

Paper Money by Ken Follett
**An explosive novel of high finance and underworld villainy from Ken Follett, the grand master of international action and suspense.** **Look out for Ken’s newest book, *A Column of Fire*, available now.**
Crime, high finances, and journalism are interconnected in this early thriller by the author of *On Wings of Eagles *and *Lie Down With Lions*. In one suspenseful, action-packed day, fortunes change hands as an ambitious young reporter scrambles to crack the story. A suicidal junior minister, an avaricious tycoon, and a seasoned criminal with his team of tough guys all play their parts in a scheme that moves “paper money” around at a dizzying pace.

Paper Ghosts

‘Gripping’ The Times ____________ Long ago, Carl Feldman was acquitted of murder. Now he lives alone in Texas with a few fading memories. Until the day his daughter arrives and takes him away. Only she’s not his daughter . . . This woman is sure Carl’s a murderer, and that he’s killed others. Including her sister Rachel. Now they’re visiting old crime scenes to see if Carl remembers any of it. To discover what happened to Rachel. Has Carl really forgotten what he did or is he only pretending? Has this young woman made a terrible mistake? Because if Carl really is a serial killer, she’s in a very bad place . . . ____________ ‘Wonderful . . . creepy . . . a work of art’ Sunday Express ‘A beautifully written and extraordinary book’ Sophie Hannah ‘Strong characterisation, haunting images, a wonderful sense of place . . . well worth the read’ Guardian

Terrific. Impeccable plotting * Barry Forshaw * A truly compelling tale of the fragility of memory and elusive redemption * Kirkus Reviews * Black-Eyed Susans is a masterful thriller that shouldn’t be missed . . . and in terms of suspense, characterizations and storytelling… is outstanding. Heaberlin’s work calls to mind that of Gillian Flynn. Both writers published impressive early novels that were largely overlooked, and then one that couldn’t be: Flynn’s Gone Girl and now Heaberlin’s Black-Eyed Susans. Don’t miss it * Washington Post * Sophisticated, disturbing and with plenty of red herrings * Woman and Home * Creepy and compelling, Black-Eyed Susans is a shadowy and crooked journey to a very dark place indeed, a twisty fairytale that deceives you just when you think you’ve cracked it and a thriller to make you remember why you love thrillers. Don’t miss it * Observer, Thriller of the Month * Black Eyed Susans is a compelling read, especially for Serial fans * Cosmopolitan * One of the classiest thrillers you’ll read this year — Charlotte Heathcote * The Express * It’s a terrific plot, matched by the quality of the writing and superbly paced tension * The Times BOOK OF THE MONTH * Praise for Black-Eyed Susans * – * Utterly compelling . . . the writing is mesmeric — Ali Land * Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Me Bad Me * This book haunted me. Such a gripping exploration of obsession and loss: of those we love, but also our memories and sense of self. The writing is beautiful and chilling, laced with a subtle dark humour, and the multiple twists build to a perfect icy shiver of an ending. I loved it! * C J Tudor, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk Man * The timing is perfect, the layers of the story both peel away and deepen as the search into the mind of a killer takes turns no one is expecting * RT Book Reviews * A rich hybrid work that’s at once a zany dialogue-propelled town-hander, a murder mystery, a road trip, a pair of psychological case studies and a meditation on photography * Sunday Times Paperbacks Round Up * A beautifully written, gripping and extraordinary book — Sophie Hannah * bestselling author of The Narrow Bed * A clever tale about finding closure * The Sun * Heaberlin knows exactly how to create a feeling of suspense. The kind of fear that that creeps up on you from behind. It is a compelling and sinister, character-driven read. — Cheryl M-M’s Book Blog Utterly compelling . . . the writing is mesmeric — ALI LAND * Sunday Times bestselling author of Good Me Bad Me * This book haunted me . . . The writing is beautiful and chilling, laced with a subtle dark humour, and the multiple twists build to a perfect icy shiver of an ending. I loved it! — C J TUDOR * Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk Man * Strong characterisation, haunting images, a wonderful sense of place * Guardian * A dialogue propelled two-hander, a murder mystery, a road novel, a pair of psychological case studies. It would make a fine indie movie, although screen adaption would entail sacrificing Heaberlin’s evocative prose — THRILLER OF THE MONTH * The Sunday Times * The tension crackles . . . it had me changing my mind so often, my head was spinning. A work of art. * Sunday Express * Readers cannot tell fact from fiction. The timing is perfect, the layers of the story both peel away and deepen as the search into the mind of a killer takes turns no one is expecting * RT Book Reviews * Beautifully written and wonderfully chilling — Sarah Pinborough Gripping . . . dementia suits crime fiction. Is the suspect lying or has a medical reason for his amnesia? * The Times * Heaberlin’s works beautifully evoke the texture and landscape of the state of Texas . . . Their road trip across Texas results in profound revelations, strange occurrences, and a surprisingly heartwarming ending — Molly Odintz * Crimereads * Wonderful . . . creepy . . . it elevates the often tawdry genre of the serial killer novel to a work of art * Sunday Express * A tale of murderous obsession . . . Heaberlin, author of the impressive Black-Eyed Susans, plays her cards close to her chest, careful to give away little about the motivations of either of her characters, as her heroine edges closer to the truth’ — A THRILLER OF THE MONTH * The Guardian * Every journey reaches its end, and the one in Paper Ghosts comes on fast and furious. Signposts along the way warn of angst, secrets and deadly plot twists, but you’ll never see what’s coming . . . * Washington Post * Heaberlin’s latest thriller is at once a zany, dialogue-propelled two-hander, a murder mystery, a road trip, a pair of psychological case studies and a meditation on photography * The Sunday Times *
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From one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, an innovative and comprehensive account of religion in the ancient Roman and Mediterranean world In this ambitious and authoritative book, Jorg Rupke provides a comprehensive and strikingly original narrative history of ancient Roman and Mediterranean religion over more than a millennium–from the late Bronze Age through the Roman imperial period and up to full-fledged Christianization. While focused primarily on the city of Rome, Pantheon fully integrates the many religious traditions found in the Mediterranean world, including Judaism and Christianity. This generously illustrated book is also distinguished by its unique emphasis on lived religion, a perspective that stresses how individuals’ experiences and practices transform religion into something different from its official form. The result is a radically new picture of both Roman religion and a crucial period in Western religion–one that influenced Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and even the modern idea of religion itself. Drawing on a vast range of literary and archaeological evidence, Pantheon shows how Roman religion shaped and was shaped by its changing historical contexts from the ninth century BCE to the fourth century CE. Because religion was not a distinct sphere in the Roman world, the book treats religion as inseparable from developments in political, social, economic, and cultural life. The narrative emphasizes the diversity of Roman religion, offers a new view of central concepts such as temple, altar, and votive, reassesses the gendering of religious practices, and much more. Throughout, Pantheon draws on the insights of modern religious studies, but without modernizing ancient religion. With its unprecedented scope and innovative approach, Pantheon is anunparalleled account of ancient Roman and Mediterranean religion.

Pantheon is a genuinely fascinating and innovative book that proposes a radically new way of thinking about individual religious experience in the Roman world. . . . I recommend this book to you most warmly.—Peter Thonemann, Wall Street Journal
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