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Unbearable Lightness: A Story of Loss and Gain


“Anorexia was my first love,” de Rossi declares in her memoir of her early Hollywood career and the eating disorders that went along with it. Her unflinching self-portrait depicts a cripplingly self-conscious young Australian in LA overwhelmed by the pressure to be thin. Never comfortable in her own skin, a by-product of her status as a closeted lesbian, de Rossi was sure if she ever gained weight (or came out as being gay), the shooting star she’d been cultivating would turn to lead. Weight loss was the key that allowed de Rossi to feel powerful and in control, until dieting became a sickness that nearly killed her and devastated her family. De Rossi’s story and words are not revolutionary, but they are frank, brave, and revelatory of the unhealthy trends that stardom can generate. Although more development of de Rossi’s happy ending (her eventual complete recovery, self-acceptance, coming-out, and marriage to Ellen DeGeneres) would be welcome, the book succeeds as it’s intended: a journal of her sickness and a provocatively sad love affair with dieting. –Annie Bostrom


“Breathtakingly honest, brutal and beautiful.”

—Jonathan Safran Foer

“De Rossi tells her story with genuine insight and unflinching honesty. You will cheer her on.” —Jeannette Walls

“Possibly the best book on the subject ever written. De Rossi is the real deal, a fine writer with a sharp mind and substance. This rich, layered book of remarkable courage, power, and significance will serve as life-changing inspiration for many.”

—Augusten Burroughs

The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

Rice cookers are perfect for how we cook today: Versatile and convenient, they have one-button technology, don’t take up too much counter space, and are a breeze to clean. And they can do so much more than produce foolproof rice, beans, and grains. This new edition takes note of the whole-grain revolution in U.S. kitchens and offers recipes for a host of new (and rediscovered) grains, like quinoa, millet, couscous, kamut, and spelt, whose popularity is rising fast. It focuses on a wider variety of rices, too, with lots of ideas for red, black, basmati, jasmine, and Arborio rices, as well as partially milled white rice, which looks and cooks like white rice but has the nutritional value of brown rice. The authors have also added a complete guide to the newer rice cookers that have come to the market since the original edition, including induction-cooking and pressure-cooking rice cookers and models that replace the old buttons-and-dials approach with more complex digital displays. Alongside many favorites from the first edition, from Carrot Basmati Pilaf and Italian Sausage Risotto to French Polenta and Maple-Cinnamon Rice Pudding, the 10th anniversary edition serves up more than 50 tempting new recipes, from a rich and soothing Sweet Brown Rice with Curry, Carrots, and Raisins to a warm and satisfying Millet, Winter Squash, and Sweet Pea Pilaf.

Typhon Pact #2

Shortly after making the stunning revelation that it has joined with Federation’s newest adversary, the Typhon Pact, the Gorn Hegemony suffers an ecological disaster that destroys the hatchery world that nurtures their civilisation’s warrior caste. The rest of Gorn society quickly tries to find a replacement warrior hatchery world. The Gorn had already been investigating traces of an ancient but powerful quick terraforming technology left behind by a long-vanished race that may have been responsible for habitability of many of the worlds on the Gorn frontier. Such a technology promises to restore the Gorn civilization’s status quo, but if certain Gorn factions gain control of the technology it will upset the balance of power within the Gorn Hegemony and the Typhon Pact. Two galactic quadrants will be in danger – and the civilization on the planet Hranrar will become extinct. The U.S.S. Titanbegins pursuing this potent technology as well, in the hopes of using it to heal the wounds the Federation sustained during the recent Borg crisis (Destiny). Captain Riker must balance his responsibility for his crew’s safety against protecting the Hranrarii. With the Typhon Pact fleet nipping at his heels, Riker must find a way not only to stop the Gorn (without violating the Prime Directive), but also to gain control of the ancient terraforming tech. Of everyone serving aboard Titan, only Commander Tuvok (a witness to Project Genesis’s unintended effects) truly understand how dangerous such planet-altering technology can be, even when used with the best of intentions. . . .
(source: Bol.com)

Two Trains Running

SUMMARY: In his most original and compelling book yet, Andrew Vachss presents an electrifying tale of corruption in a devastated mill town. It is 1959–a moment in history when the clandestine, powerful forces that will shape America to the present day are about to collide.Walker Dett is a hired gun, known for using the most extreme measures to accomplish his missions. Royal Beaumont is the “hillbilly boss” who turned Locke City from a dying town into a thriving vice capital. But organized crime outsiders are moving in on Beaumont’s turf, so he reaches out for Dett in a high-risk move to maintain his power at all costs. Add a rival Irish political machine, a deeply entrenched neo-Nazi “party”, the nascent black power movement, turf-disputing juvenile gangs, a muck-raking journalist who doubles as a blackmailer, the FBI–a covert observer and occasional participant which may itself be under surveillance– and Locke City is about as stable as a nitroglycerin truck stalled on the railroad tracks.

Twitter Wit: Brilliance in 140 Characters Or Less

SUMMARY: New York Magazine proclaims, “Twitter is the hot web company right now…the Next Big Thing;” the New York Times calls it “one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet;” Time magazine claims “Twitter is on its way to becoming the next killer app;” and Newsweek notes that “Suddenly, it seems as though all the world′s a-twitter.” Since its creation in March 2006, Twitter has unleashed a torrent of self-expression from its six million members around the world, who send and read each others′ “tweets,” messages up to 140 characters in length. Friends use the site to make plans; relatives use it to stay connected; politicians use it to lobby for votes; and humorists use it to perfect their craft. In fact, Twitter users have reinvented the classic medium of the witticism in a site where anyone can be a Dorothy Parker or an Oscar Wilde. Twitter Wit is the first compilation of Twitter aphorisms, with submissions ranging from quotidian vignettes like “I bet in Sweden the Ikea instructions are in English” to bumper sticker-type quips like “I think the bird of love is the dove. My husband thinks it′s the swallow,” and contributors ranging from celebrities like Shaquille O′Neal, Jimmy Fallon, Penn Jillette, John Cleese, and Steven Fry to regular people with previously unappreciated sharp tongues. Featuring a foreword by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, this authorized anthology of the thousand most most clever and memorable “tweets” relates the diversity of human experience in hilarious bite-sized pieces.

The Twits

How do you outwit a Twit? Mr. and Mrs. Twit are the smelliest, ugliest people in the world. They hate everything — except playing mean jokes on each other, catching innocent birds to put in their Bird Pies, and making their caged monkeys, the Muggle-Wumps, stand on their heads all day. But the Muggle-Wumps have had enough. They don’t just want out, they want revenge.

Twist Of Faith

Uneasy Peace. Worlds In Flux. Tests Of Faith. The Final Episode Was Only The Beginning. The Dominion War is over…or is it? Three months after the Allied victory against the invaders from the Gamma Quadrant, a surprise attack awakens the fear of renewed hostilities. At the same time, a senseless murder sets a space station commander on a path that will test the limits of her faith…while a strange discovery within the plasma storms of the Badlands propels an old soldier toward a rendezvous with destiny. Elsewhere, amidst the ruins of an ancient civilization, a young man is about to embark on a dangerous quest to fill the hole in his life — one left by the loss of his father. So begins the unprecedented, authorized continuation of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine®, springing from the seven-year television odyssey of Captain Benjamin Sisko and his crew aboard a Federation starbase at the edge of the final frontier. Following the serial format and evolving character arcs that were the hallmarks of the TV series, the new Deep Space Nine novels pick up where the show left off, daring to imagine what happened after the final episode. Now the first five tales of that critically acclaimed storyline are collected in one massive volume. Originally published as the two-part Avatar, Abyss, Demons of Air and Darkness, and the novella “Horn and Ivory,” Twist of Faith revisits the aftermath of the Dominion War, the pivotal planet Bajor, its mysterious connection to the timeless Prophets of the wormhole, as well as the familiar faces, new friends, and uncertain allies whose fates intertwine at the crossroads of the galaxy. With an introduction by New York Times bestselling author David R. George III (Mission: Gamma — Twilight; The Lost Era: Serpents Among the Ruins; the Crucible trilogy), Twist of Faith takes the Deep Space Nine saga to a new level…exploring what was left behind, and what awaits beyond.

The Twilight Watch

Walking the streets of Moscow, indistinguishable from the rest of its population, are the Others. Possessors of supernatural powers and capable of entering the Twilight, a shadowy world that exists in parallel to our own, each owes allegiance either to the Dark or the Light. Three years have passed since the events of The Day Watch. Svetlana has left the Night Watch to raise her and Anton’s daughter Nadya, now a precocious two-year-old. With mother and daughter spending the summer on a dacha not far from Moscow, Anton is working on uneventfully, dreaming of a holiday, when his boss Gesar asks him in for a private meeting. Gesar has received an anonymous note, stating that an Other has revealed the full truth about their kind to a human, and now intends to do the impossible: convert that human into an Other. Even more worryingly, the note has been sent to Zebulon and to the Inquisition’s offices in Berne – and only the highest-level mages and sorcerers know the address. So the Inquisition has ordered the Night Watch to cooperate with the Day Watch and unmask the culprit. Anton will be the Night Watch representative, while the Day Watch is sending Kostya Saushkin, once Anton’s teenage neighbour and idealistic friend, now a High Vampire and, at the age of twenty, the youngest in Europe…

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

SUMMARY: The classic tale of Captain Nemo and the submarine the Nautilus, this is the quintessential translation by the internationally renowned Verne scholar, William Butcher. This edition of Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea reports the very first study of Verne’s manuscript and is packed with detail on artistic and scientific references.

The Twelfth Imam

The Twelfth Imam by Joel C. Rosenberg
**2011 Retailers Choice Award winner!**
As the apocalyptic leaders of Iran call for the annihilation of Israel and the U.S., CIA operative David Shirazi is sent into Tehran with one objective: use all means necessary to disrupt Iran’s nuclear weapons program, without leaving American fingerprints and without triggering a regional war. At extreme personal risk, Shirazi executes his plan.
A native Farsi speaker whose family escaped from Iran in 1979, he couldn’t be better prepared for the mission. But none of his training has prepared Shirazi for what will happen next. An obscure religious cleric is suddenly hailed throughout the region as the Islamic messiah known as the Mahdi or the Twelfth Imam. News of his miracles, healings, signs, and wonders spreads like wildfire, as do rumors of a new and horrific war.
With the prophecy of the Twelfth Imam seemingly fulfilled, Iran’s military prepares to strike Israel and bring about the End of Days. Shirazi must take action to save his country and the world, but the clock is ticking.


Comme jeune roi de l’Egypte est couronné, un tueur vicieux attend dans l’ombre. . . .
prochaine Pharaon de l’Egypte, le jeune Toutankhamon, est prêt à revendiquer son droit d’aînesse-un empire immense, puissant et sophistiqué. Il devrait être à la hauteur de sa gloire, mais il est troublé par les guerres de longue durée à l’étranger, la dissidence publique, et les luttes internes. Avec sa nouvelle femme, Ankhesenamun, la fille de Néfertiti, Toutankhamon engage un plan audacieux pour consolider son pouvoir et retourner la tolérance et de l’illumination à sa terre. Mais tout le monde ne veut que le nouveau Pharaon ambitieux pour réussir, et “cadeaux” bientôt sinistres commencent à apparaître dans les objets d’un palais royaux mal conçus pour terrifier les dix-neuf-année-vieux roi.
Râhotep, le chef de Stalwart détective de la division Thèbes, est convoqué au palais pour enquêter. Comme il commence à rassembler les indices, il se rend compte que les dons mystérieux ont beaucoup en commun avec une série de meurtres sadiques dont souffre la ville. La détermination de Râhotep pour protéger le roi vulnérables et la reine lui rend une cible, aussi, et il est bientôt empêtré dans une toile d’intrigues et de danger qui atteint à partir de la commande top de l’armée au cœur sombre du gouvernement de l’empire. Ce qu’il découvre va changer sa vie et de mettre tout ce qu’il aime à risque.
Dans ce deuxième roman convaincant, réglez contre l’éblouissante splendeur de l’âge d’or des Pharaons, Nick Drake prend un regard imaginatif et historiquement exacts à l’un des règnes les plus fascinantes de l’histoire ancienne. Dessin sur les dernières preuves archéologiques, il artisanat un thriller sophistiqué et de préhension qui explore l’un des plus grands mystères non résolus de l’Egypte ancienne, la mort prématurée de jeune Toutankhamon.
(source: Bol.com)

Turn Left At The Trojan Horse

“Turn Left at the Trojan Horse had me howling with laughter and nodding at the razor-sharp observation.” –Tahir Shah, author of The Caliph’s House”Go away. Figure it out,” she was saying. “Don’t come back until you do.” She looked at the calendar. “You have thirty-one days.”With these words, like Helen of Troy launching a thousand ships across the Aegean, Brad Herzog’s wife launched a Winnebago Aspect onto the open road. A modern-day Odysseus in Kerouac clothing, Brad Herzog plunges into a solo cross-country search for insight. With middle age bearing down on him, he takes stock: How has he measured up to his own youthful aspirations? In contemporary America, what is a life well lived? What is a heroic life? From the foothills of Washington’s Mount Olympus, through the forgotten corners of America, and finally to his college reunion in Ithaca, New York, Brad shares his personal odyssey. Stopping in classically named towns, he meets everyday heroes, including a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse in Troy, Oregon; a modern-day hobo in Iliad, Montana; and a bomb-squad soldier in Sparta, Wisconsin. These encounters and Brad’s effortlessly infused musings make for an exciting, one-of-a-kind ride. “A truly epic journey.” –A.J. Jacobs, author of The Year of Living Biblically”As we sit in Herzog’s passenger seat, we cannot help but stare out the window and even see our own reflection in the glass.”–Liz Robbins, author of A Race Like No OtherBrad Herzog lives on California’s Monterey Peninsula with his wife and their two sons. He has been described as a “modern-day Steinbeck” and a “Picasso of the Winnebago,” and Lonely Planet has ranked his travel memoirs among eight classics of the genre, along with books like Travels with Charley and On the Road. As an award-winning freelance writer, he has chronicled some of the nation’s most unusual and intriguing subcultures, from nudists to North Pole explorers and from Pez collectors to pro mini golfers. Praise for Turn Left At The Trojan Horse “Thank you Brad Herzog for taking me on a great cross-country journey. To quote another storyteller, his words winged like arrows to the mark.” –AJ Jacobs, author of The Guinea Pig Diaries and The Year of Living Biblically “Turn Left at the Trojan Horse had me howling with laughter and nodding pensively at the razor sharp observation. His epic road trip, tinged with local culture and flavored with the Greek myths, is the stuff of legend itself and puts Herzog at the forefront of the genre.” –Tahir Shah, author of The Caliph’s House and In Search of King Solomon’s Mines “Brad Herzog is the perfect travel companion: funny, wise and as good a storyteller as you’ll find on the open road. You can’t help but want to spend a month in his passenger seat after reading this book.” –Chad Millman, author of The Detonators and The Odds “A midlife quest that while grounded in mythology, transports the reader along a redemptive, poetic journey through small-town America.” –Doreen Orion, author of Queen of the Road “Herzog cleverly reinvents the original ‘road trip’ in his new book, one that is more than just a timeless journey of self-discovery. As we sit in Herzog’s passenger seat, we cannot help but stare out the window and even see our own reflection in the glass.” –Liz Robbins, author of A Race Like No Other “Turn Left at the Trojan Horse is a soulful consideration of not only the life journey of one man, but of us all–not just those of us living in the here and now. The mythological characters of ancient Greece walk through the pages of this book like unruly guests at History’s cocktail party. . .The travails of these gods and goddesses are always interesting and offer important lessons, attesting to their ability to hold humanity’s collective attention for millennia.” –Robert Leonard, author of Yellow Cab Editorial Reviews “Herzog is that rare person blessed with an innovative spirit and creative mind, persistence in pinpointing the heart of the issue . . . and skill in applying his reflections to paper.” –Houston Chronicle “Herzog’s third travel memoir follows the highways cross-country examining the idea of the hero along the way. He captures stunning details of the American landscape. The hero’s return, is irresistible. . .a near-perfect ending.” –Kirkus


“Pray God our aim is true and each arrow finds its mark.”King Raven has brought hope to the oppressed people of Wales–and fear to their Norman overlords. Deceived by the self-serving King William and hunted by the treacherous Abbot Hugo and Sheriff de Glanville, Rhi Bran is forced again to take matters into his own hands as King Raven.Along the way Friar Tuck has been the stalwart supporter of the man behind the legend–bringing Rhi Bran much-needed guidance, wit, and faithful companionship.Aided by Tuck and his small but determined band of forest-dwelling outlaws, Rhi Bran ignites a rebellion that spreads through the Welsh valleys, forcing the wily monarch to marshal his army and march against little Elfael.This epic trilogy dares to shatter everything you thought you knew about Robin Hood as Stephen R. Lawhead conjures an ancient past while holding a mirror to contemporary realities. Filled with unforgettable characters, breathtaking suspense, and rousing battle scenes, Stephen R. Lawhead’s masterful retelling of the Robin Hood legend reaches its stunning conclusion in Tuck.

Try Fear

SUMMARY: For Ty Buchanan, defending a suspected drunk driver named Carl Richess seems routine enough. But when his client ends up dead, an apparent suicide, there’s nothing routine about it. Because the cops suspect it’s murder, and arrest Eric Richess, Carl’s brother, for the crime. Now Ty, at the desperate urging of Eric’s mother, agrees to defend him. But it won’t be easy. Because there’s DNA on the gun that matches Eric’s, and a history of conflict between the brothers.Then Ty, assisted by Sister Mary Veritas, begins to uncover tentacles of corruption that reach into the citadels of city power. But he’s being watched. Because somewhere in the dark labyrinth of LA is someone who will do anything to keep from being found out, someone who believes that when warnings don’t work, try fear.

Truths Unveiled

EDITORIAL REVIEW: How do you deal with someone you can’t avoid and who makes it their business to constantly irk you? And how do you forgive yourself for getting involved with them in the first place? How do you forgive yourself for surviving a fatal accident when deep inside, you believe you were the cause, and then someone unknown to you exploits that belief in order to keep you from discovering the truth? Pam Harrington and Tom Jarrod shared a past that tore them apart fourteen years ago. Since then, they have separately struggled to right the individual wrongs they’d committed. Then an opportunity presents itself which could give them a second chance at love and a life together. But only if they can finally resolve the issues from their pasts. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

The Truth

William de Worde is the accidental editor of the Discworld’s first newspaper. New printing technology means that words just won’t obediently stay nailed down like usual. There’s a very real threat of news getting out there…

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