The Complete Revanche Cycle

Control the papacy, rule the world.
As Pope Benignus withers on his deathbed, conspiracies swirl across the empire. Bounty hunters and assassins flock to the frozen north, searching a city of thieves for an exiled politician while a storm of war and witchcraft brews on the horizon. As gambits play out, contenders die and the dominoes fall, a rare few will determine the course of history.
**Livia Serafini.** Pious. Zealous. Driven. With her sights set upon her father’s throne, Livia refuses to be a pawn of the conspirators that surround her. She’ll risk it all to rise above the tempest and lead her people to peace. Her pure-hearted ambitions may cost more than she knows: her reputation, her life, even her very soul.
**Mari Renault.** Honorable. Brutal. Lost. A war orphan from a land under a conqueror’s yoke, Mari is haunted by the horrors of her past and an impossible dream of knighthood. When she finds her dark savior, she’ll learn how dreams can come true…and how a ragged refugee girl can become a champion of the night.
**The Owl.** Brilliant. Ruthless. Sadistic. The witch and her disciples, on a mission of vengeance, are lured into the battle for control of the papacy. Despite all of her well-laid plans, the Owl soon finds herself walking a strange and twisted road. One that pits her against the most deadly foe of all — her own coven — and rekindles passion in her ice-sheathed heart.
**Renata Nicci.** Honest. Devoted. Daring. She’s just a dockside tavern barmaid. That’s what everyone tells her. That’s all anyone ever expected her to be. But when her lover Felix is swept into a battle between banking families and the machinations of a criminal kingpin, she’ll take up a blade and cross a war-ravaged land to save him.
Four women, four lives on a collision course. When the dust settles, their world will never be the same…if anyone is still alive to see it.
Collected for the first time, this omnibus includes all four books (roughly 400,000 words) of the Revanche Cycle: *Winter’s Reach* , *The Instruments of Control* , *Terms of Surrender* , and *Queen of the Night* , all at a special box-set price.

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