Space Team: The Holiday Special

Die Hard meets the Nativity – in space! A Space Team novella.Having successfully saved the galaxy on his very first day in space, Cal Carver and the crew of the Shatner drop by the North Star space station for Kroyshuk – an annual celebration of peace and goodwill – and some well-earned rest and relaxation.But the universe has other plans, and Cal soon finds himself playing guardian angel to a mysterious pregnant woman, whose unborn son is being hunted by a malevolent baby-eating king.With the king’s forces closing in, and the woman’s contractions coming at an increasingly alarming rate, it looks like Cal’s first Kroyshuk might just turn out to he his last.A short festive tale packed with space pirates, bounty hunters, Godzilla-lions and Dorothy out of the Golden Girls, Space Team: The Holiday Special provides the perfect entry point to the Space Team universe.“Call off the search – we’ve found the new Terry Pratchett!” – The Independent

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