Small Wars

Small Wars: A Novel by Sadie Jones
“Sadie Jones has a long literary future ahead of her.” —Tracy Chevalier, author of *Girl with the Pearl Earring*
Fresh off her triumphantly assured debut novel *The Outcast*, award-winning author Sadie Jones has again delivered a quiet masterpiece in *Small Wars*. Set on the colonial, war-torn island of Cyprus in 1956, Jones tells the story of a young solider, Hal Treherne, and the effects of this “small war” on him, his wife Clara, and their family. Reminiscent of classic tales of love and war such as *The English Patient *and *Atonement*, Jones’s gripping novel also calls to mind the master works of Virginia Woolf and their portrayal of the quiet desperation of a marriage in crisis. *Small Wars* is at once a deeply emotional, meticulously researched work of historical fiction and a profound meditation on war-time atrocities committed both on and off the battlefield.

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