Revenge of the Fluffy Bunnies

CHEER the hapless heroism of Captain Crusader! JEER… the wanton wickedness of Antoinette, Mistress of Evil! FEAR the animated assault of the fearsome fluffy bunnies! A terrible change has come to the Cineverse. In all its many movie worlds, bad guys win, good guys perish, and boy doesn’t even get girl. Only Captain Crusader (until recently plain old Roger Gordon) can put things right — but the Captain has problems of his own. His sweetheart has been abducted by an amorous slime monster. His mother’s been transformed into a whip-cracking archvillainess. And his faithful sidekicks are stranded amidst the swords and sandals of an Italian gladiator flick. What’s a superhero to do? From the accelerating excitement of a cop-movie car chase to the fiendish heart of the Citadel of Dread, Roger must survive to the last act — or else the Forces of Darkness will meddle with movies better left unmade!

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