Leashed 4: Tangled Leashes

Sometimes we get what we never wanted, and Meg never wanted to be grand dame. Now that she’s got the job, she’s doing her damnedest to do it right. But it’s far from a one-woman show.Michael is the one who really should be running the show, but his newly discovered magic powers make managing his own life almost too much to handle. Then there’s Rudy. Sweet Rudy who is all about doing everything he can, but who’s just too young and inexperienced to be much help. So what’s a busy grand dame to do?Lucky for Meg, she’s got one more shape-shifter to lean on. Connections, personality, and background make Logan uniquely suited to be Meg’s righthand man, at least in the public eye. Problem is, he claims to be in love with her. It’s not that she doesn’t think he’s great–because she does–but there’s no more room in her bed or her heart for another man.

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