L’attaque du dragon

**Scattered across a continent and scarred by their harsh experiences on the path to adulthood, the three dragon siblings are among the last of a dying breed — the final hope for their species’ survival.**
After being separated by the dwarf slave traders who found their nest, the brothers and sister — AuRon, the rare scaleless gray; Wistala, the green female; and Copper, the embittered cripple — are reunited. But their renunion is not a happy one, since the three find themselves at odds over the coming human war. AuRon thinks dragons should have no part of the affairs of humans. Wistala believes dragons and men can peacefully coexist. And Copper has designs of his own for the world.
And the civilizaed humans who have turned to Copper for assistance against their savage enemies have just given him the perfect opportunity to fulfill his plans.

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