Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine

From an Epic Award winning author comes a sprawling tale of brass buttons, ray guns, and two-fisted adventure! In an alternate empire filled with mechanical men, women scientists, and fantastic contraptions powered by steam, a high ranking officer in the Victoriana Defense League betrays his country when he steals an airship and awakens an alien weapon that will soon hatch into a walking factory of death. Commander Jeremiah Willstone and her team must race through time in a desperate bid to stop the traitor’s plan to use the alien weapon to overthrow the world’s social order. With time running out, Jeremiah may have to sacrifice everything she is to save everyone she loves. “Addictive, sassy, sexy, funny, intense, brilliant.” -Bitten By Books, on *Frost Moon* Epic Award winner Anthony Francis writes the Dakota Frost, Skindancer series and the Jeremiah Willstone series while working on robots for “the Search Engine Which Starts with a ‘G’.”

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