Is This Apocalypse Necessary?

Way back when they were in wizards’ school together, Elerius was the best student the teachers had ever seen, but Daimbert barely managed to get out with a diploma, after all that embarrassment with the frogs. Now, years later, Elerius has served as Royal Wizard at a series of larger and more powerful kingdoms, while Daimbert has remained wizard of the tiny kingdom of Yurt.
Now the old Master of the wizards’ school is dying, and Elerius is ready to succeed: if his plans work out, he’ll not just be in control of institutionalized wizardry, but also all western kingdoms, cities, farms, even the church. Once messy individual initiative is eliminated, everything will be run *perfectly.* Daimbert may be the only person who can make the world safe for mediocrity.
But how can he oppose the best wizard of his or any generation? Daimbert has to find a solution somewhere, though his search will take him to the fabled Land of Dragons, to the exotic East, and even through Hell….

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