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Japanese Visual Culture

Born of Japan’s cultural encounter with Western entertainment media, manga (comic books or graphic novels) and anime (animated films) are two of the most universally recognized forms of contemporary mass culture. Because they tell stories through visual imagery, they vault over language barriers. Well suited to electronic transmission and distributed by Japan’s globalized culture industry, …

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Manga Art

Best-selling artist and art instructor Mark Crilley, whose YouTube manga instruction videos have received more than 10 million views and counting, presents the most complete look yet at the variety of creative options available in the world of manga. Crilley fills each chapter with gorgeous, original artwork created with a variety of tools and in …

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A Desirable Residence

***From the author of the sensational bestselling Sophie Kinsella novels and the *New York Times *bestsellers *The Wedding Girl *and *Sleeping Arrangements, *comes a wicked comedy of adultery, angst, and modern marriage *** The asking price for this house includes a stunning renovation of hearts and dreams….Liz and Jonathan Chambers were stuck with two mortgages, …

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The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist: No. 32

The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist: – Sherlock Holmes ILLUSTRATED EDITION Another adventure by the brilliant Sherlock Holmes, the world’s most famous detective is presented for mental stimulation and your enjoyment. Once again Holmes will come to the “only logical conclusion” as he solves yet another mystery. After all, “It’s elementary, Watson!” Sure to be …