Evolucion Del Hombre: La Hipotesis Del Cazad.

“For millions of years we have survived as hunters. In the few short millennia since our divorce from that necessity there has been no time for significant biological change – anatomical, physiological, or behavioral. Today we have small hope of comprehending ourselves and our world unless we understand that man still, in his inmost being, remains a hunter.”
Robert Ardrey once again skates across decades of cutting-edge anthropological research, guiding the reader on a profound journey of discovery through twenty million years of man’s prehistory: from the days when his ancestors first emerged from the forests of Africa during the benevolent warmth and rains of the Miocene, through the unremitting drought of the Pliocene, and the dramatic climatic shifts of the Pleistocene, down to those few thousand years past when man emerged at last onto the stage of recorded history, a fully evolved hunting animal.
Published in 1976, Ardrey’s final work in the Nature of Man series is the capstone of a momentous achievement. His work deeply influenced figures like Stanley Kubrick, Sam Peckinpah, Strother Martin, and James Schlesinger, and lodged itself permanently in the public imagination. It will forever influence our answer to the fundamental question: Why is man man?

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