Delphi Complete Works of Joseph Conrad (Illustrated)

This is the definitive digital Edition of the great modernist’s works, with every published novel, short story, novella and literary essay written by Joseph Conrad. One of the most significant writers of the 20th Century is accessible in his entirety for the first time in digital format. (Current version: 3)* ALL 19 novels, with perfect formatting* Links to famous film and TV adaptations* even the rare unfinished novel Suspense, not available anywhere else as a digital book* ALL 28 short stories, collected and perfectly formatted* ALL of the memoirs and literary criticism* Many images throughout the eBook relating to Conrad’s life and works* Informative and brief introductions to Conrad’s famous novelsPlease visit to browse through our range of exciting titles CONTENTS: The Novels and NovellasALMAYER’S FOLLYAN OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDSTHE N****R OF THE NARCISSUSLORD JIMTHE INHERITORSTYPHOONHEART OF DARKNESSROMANCENOSTROMOTHE SECRET AGENTUNDER WESTERN EYESCHANCEVICTORYTHE SHADOW-LINETHE ARROW OF GOLDTHE RESCUETHE NATURE OF A CRIMETHE ROVERSUSPENSE The Short StoriesTHE BLACK MATETHE IDIOTSTHE LAGOONAN OUTPOST OF PROGRESSTHE RETURNKARAIN: A MEMORYYOUTHFALKAMY FOSTERTO-MORROWTHE END OF THE TETHERGASPAR RUIZTHE INFORMERTHE BRUTEAN ANARCHISTTHE DUELIL CONDEA SMILE OF FORTUNETHE SECRET SHARERFREYA OF THE SEVEN ISLESPRINCE ROMANTHE PLANTER OF MALATATHE PARTNERTHE INN OF THE TWO WITCHESBECAUSE OF THE DOLLARSTHE WARRIOR’S SOULTHE TALE The MemoirsTHE MIRROR OF THE SEAA PERSONAL RECORD The EssaysNOTES ON LIFE AND LETTERSLAST ESSAYSPlease visit to browse through our range of exciting titles

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