A Disagreement With Death

Strange have been the travels of Wuntvor in his search of a cure for his master the mighty mage Ebenezum’s malady of magicks. Yet, stranger still the road that lies ahead.
For Wunt has caught the cold eye of Death himself, who seeks to add the Eternal Apprentice to the ranks of his morbid millions. To lure the lad to his dread domain, the Relentless Reaper has captured the wizards in his grim grasp.
Now, if the Fates (Mary Jane, Victoria, and Hortense) allow, Wunt will strike out for Death’s Kingdom, to engage the Spooky Spectre in strange and noisy contests, so that Ebenezum might be spared.
But Wunt must walk the alleys and lanes of the Afterlife with caution, lest he stumble into a gutter and lose Death’s game … permanently.

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